The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 146 UN Human Rights Commission

The serfs clung to hope until the arrival of UN inspectors.

Depending on the results of the inspection, you can get out of this hell?

If the UN presses the Korean government and the Korean government presses the pantheon, they might be free?

When they encountered that hope, they whispered a plan.

-Let’s collect evidence. Proof that we are being abused.

-The video collector will be the strongest evidence. Aren’t there similar items here?

-There are smartphones that the knights carry. It’s a specification that works even at the gate.

-Okay, let’s steal one and record it.

They were fully prepared, and they planned to contact the UN inspectors behind the lion’s heart. But–

“A few days later, the UN inspection team came. Forbid them to say anything.”

It was a ‘command’ like a thunderstorm. Even after that, Yapi dictated the actions of the serfs in detail, and they were enslaved by the power of the sun and judgment, and they could not disobey the orders of the higher beings.

Operation ‘I’m Happy’ started like that.

The serfs could not say anything in front of the inspectors who had come to rescue them.

‘Hehehe…’ !’

‘These vicious bastards… !’

That’s why they had to put on such a cheap play without being able to confess their inhumane treatment and unreasonable environment with any words.

‘Please notice!’


While everyone desperately begged for help, Secretary Louise, the head of the inspection team, made a puzzled expression.

‘Is it because of my mood?’

It was then that she felt something strange and was about to say something.



The mechanical sound of the yakt spinner that appeared like a ghost made them hard.

“Yakt… Sir Spinner?”

Louise greeted the survivor Yacht Spinner, who was the target of inspection this time.

“This is Louise Foster, UN Secretary General. Nice to meet you.”

-Kick! It is meal time. moving wind.

“Oh, I see.”

I didn’t refuse to prepare the meal at the pantheon, but it was faster than I thought.

Louise didn’t know. This steel spider has a camera eye on her back, threatening her serfs with a skull emoji from a blind spot she doesn’t know.

The protruding cannon was a bonus.


The serfs shivering and keeping their mouths shut. In the meantime, the UN inspection team was moved to the dining table.

“The dining facilities are unique.”

The restaurant at Manshinjeon is not a neat interior in an intelligent building, but a scene that would be present at a banquet in a rural area.

It was actually rural.

– There are many things to set, so active meals are recommended.

Yapi shared a meal with the residents one after another. Then, Louise spoke.

“We will dine with half-mans.”

She came to investigate their reality. I didn’t come here to find special meals only for VIPs.

“It doesn’t matter, right? Sir Yacht Spinner.”

– Doesn’t matter.

Louise proudly heads to the serfs’ dining hall, followed by UN staff from the Inspector Corps.

They are half-mans. If they are being treated unfairly, I intend to fix anything.

Having seen dictators and underdeveloped countries that imposed harsh conditions on uncivilized survivors saying dog food was enough, she has fought to defend human rights.

She was soon able to find a place to eat with half-mans.


Meals were better than expected.

Rice and vegetables that seemed to be produced locally. I was a little puzzled that there was no meat side dish, but considering the food culture of this country, it’s not that strange.

“Oh, would you like to eat here? Today I prepared strong soybean paste and ssambap.”

“Cheap, ssambap?”

I don’t know what it was, but the meal didn’t look strange. Louise and the inspectors sat down and ate the meal the peasants cooked together.

Miso ssambap is a very awkward dish for her as a German, but… Wouldn’t it be okay to think of it as a well-being diet?


The moment the vegetables and rice passed through her mouth, Louise felt a refreshing feeling as if her mind was clearing up.

Warm rice and the salty taste of the fermented soybean paste nestled in it harmonize with the fresh green vegetables.

If it was only that, they would have talked about the mystery of the East, calling it Orientalism.

But this meal was different.

‘Come to think of it… Blessed crops, the greatest specialty of the Pantheon… … .’

The miracle food that cures cancer and makes you healthy just by eating it is famous in Europe.

In the European mail order, a small amount of blessed crops are sold on a reservation basis.

However, I heard that it is a high-end product that is in short supply and costs hundreds of thousands of won per kg.

And Louise’s impression after eating it was, indeed, inexplicable.

‘My head has cleared, and the accumulated fatigue from the long flight has completely gone. It’s like going to a three-hour full course massage.’

According to reviews that were famous on the Internet, it is said that you do not get sick just by eating it once.

‘The staff are being fed this precious food casually.’

Lionheart King… What are you… … .

According to the report that the human rights of the anti-demons were being violated, it was said that it was an absurd story that they were eating their meals with terrible sugar salt water.

However, the report must be wrong.

No matter how much I cheated and prepared meals like this for just one day, the blessed crop right in front of me is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If it was really a vicious employer who oppresses human rights, he would have served a more colorful and ordinary meal.

It is not a food material that looks simple on the outside but has great value.



At that time, in Louise’s gaze, she saw some of her colleagues making humble faces before the meal.

“Don’t you guys eat it? It’s a very healthy taste, but it’s an amazing ingredient.”

“That, that’s…”

Dennis, who had asked for a tip, which was the trigger for this inspection, raised his palm and humbled himself.

“I can’t eat fermented food…”

“Oh, I see. What about the others?”

“me too…….”

“It doesn’t suit my taste.”

Some employees did not eat, perhaps because they were resistant to the oriental vegetable diet, and the employees who finished the meal, including Louise, admired the amazing efficacy.

“Did everyone enjoy their meal?”

Hari is approaching boldly. Louise answered.

“Yes, it was a very valuable experience.”

“Ah, that’s a relief. If you don’t mind, would you like to take a walk and talk? Your Majesty is waiting for you.”

“It is.”

Louise wakes up with the inspectorate staff. Louise was sure that the information would be false if it was a pantheon that served such excellent meals at every meal.

Of course, I still need to investigate further.

‘Whoa~ I was really satisfied. On the way back, a bag of rice… Okay, that would be a bribe. I’ll buy it later when it’s released on the market.’

Was it because the meal was so satisfying? Louise didn’t see it.

Some of the serfs, who were eating more ‘delicious’ meals than anything else in the world, collapsed with their faces on the table.

– Hee!

-It’s the radiation exposure again… !

Their collapsed figures were hidden behind a solid iron door.

* * * *


That’s what Inspector Dennis said.

“What do you mean Dennis?”

Dennis raised his voice as Louise looked at her with a puzzled look.

“Did you see their gaze and expression? It was not normal for anyone to see!”

“That’s right! It was clear that he was being forced into something!”


Louise recalled the atmosphere at that time. It was definitely dubious.

Everyone talked about happiness awkwardly as if they were reading a Korean book, and their eyes were somber.

“But there’s no housing, no job, no place to complain about. Of course, it’s not the time to draw conclusions.”

It is true that more investigation is needed. Louise has no intention of going back any longer.

“Because there is still time left. Each investigator, please continue exploring the surroundings, centering on the Pantheon.”

After Louise concluded that, Dennis left the dormitory provided by the Temple of God and got into the car and headed downtown.

how far away was that? Dennis’ vehicle is filled with darkness, and a sympathetic voice flows from the other side.


“Oh, great being…!”

When I stop driving, I feel a presence from the back seat. Behind the rearview mirror, a great being, ‘malignant itself’, and a contracted being could be seen in silhouette.

Beings of a different class from oneself, who are merely followers. Dennis started reporting to the malignant beyond.

“As you ordered, it was not difficult to dispatch a Human Rights Commission inspection team to the pantheon.”

[Good job. The flimsy idealism of humans has really fallen into weakness.]

It was none other than Dennis, an insider, who informed the UN.

Demon followers are all over the world. Not only in the private sector, but also in key positions in the government, and in the gaps of the World Union… everywhere they exist

[The things that talk about human rights and the right to live are easy to move.]

“That’s right. Who would have known that the Orc expansion would turn out so well.”

It was their ruse that moved the United Nations Human Rights Commission for Survivors to expand Orc human rights guarantees worldwide.

Orcs have strong fighting power, but are as violent and antisocial as they are.

They often try to solve it with violence and do not listen to orders from opponents weaker than themselves. The same goes for executive orders and law enforcement agencies.

Such Orcs are also good at fertility, so they randomly increase their numbers and expand into the mainstream race in the area.

Dennis and the devil’s followers actively accepted these orcs, accelerated the terraforming of magic stones by clearing the gate, and started to devastate countries around the world that valued human rights.

The ultimate goal is to adjust the age for exercising the right to vote for different races.

Basically, Orcs were considered adults at a similar age to humans, but the plan was to significantly lower the voting age, citing the fact that the physical age would be completed at the age of five.

If you shed some tears while talking about democracy and orc human rights by promoting multinationalism, Western hypocrites will have no choice but to expand the voting rights of the orcs in the end.

From then on it was simple.

They incite simple orcs to gather votes, and politicians, conscious of the votes of the orcs, expand orcism.

The destruction of the earth will accelerate as much as there is no way the world where orcs are the majority will work properly.

“Stupid humans will never overcome the great immortals after all.”

The devil’s plan will be completed under the support of the high-ranking officials who know this will happen but will be hypocritical because of their political ambitions and those who will mistakenly believe that they are doing great justice.

“By the way, great being.”

[What happened?]

“I’m not trying to challenge the plan of the Great One, but I don’t think the Korean government will impose sanctions if our inspectors reveal the reality of the pantheon. That’s why the relationship between the pantheon and the government is so close.”

In the first place, from the beginning, the Korean Hunter Association Oh Kang-hyeok decided and supported.

Even the president was supporting him with a bipartisan move.

From what I’ve heard, it seems that they made a deal saying that they would do anything if they didn’t participate in politics, but that’s not official.

[It doesn’t matter. It was enough if I could move public opinion and tie my feet.]

“I don’t think that would work that well——”

[Did you know that this is only for me? Your fate is also at stake! Look!]

A finger moved in the dark. Then a video appears.

– Kaang! Caang!

There, he saw serfs mining huge star iron. Demon followers like Dennis, they are prisoners taken from the devil’s domain.

“I know this far.”

It was then. The star iron that had been shaken by the pickaxe split and turned into falling rocks that attacked the serfs.



The serfs exploded like porridge with a dizzying sound. The Kikkiruk tribe supervisor approached such serfs.


what are you stopping work, slave

Those untranslated words were as clear as their meaning, making Dennis clenched his fists.

“Those who will be punished…”

The next scene was a video inside the factory. The serfs, whose skins were burned as they were exposed to the divine power of Byeolcheol, looked gloomy.

Then pick! Even if he fell down, the supervisors of the Kikkiruk tribe forcibly raised him up with a whip.

“Poisonous bastards…”

What gate was next?

Perhaps sharing the view of one of the serfs, a horrifying scene was playing in real time.

[Load the serf ballista!]

A serf ballista? That’s right… … .


Horrible. this… You mean this is what people do!

The shared vision weeps and fills with tears. Weeping, he left a farewell message to his fellow serfs.

[Remember me… !]

[[I will remember… !]]

That was the last video.

[Did you see it? This is the future ruled by the Lion Heart King! You guys will die after being consumed like expendable items by that psychopath maniac!]

It was a ploy to build some kind of motivation, and the ploy was very effective.

“More, filthy fanatics… Revolution! We need a Revolution!”

A very large bamboo spear was needed.

“But great one… if you’re going to do it right, won’t you get caught by him?”

[It’s okay! If it’s the artifacts that were handed out to you guys, they’ll be fine during the inspection period!]

“I see! I’m relieved!”

Dennis was relieved and burned a sense of mission. I will punish this wicked classist!

And thus will open a new world of demons!

… …

“I’ll kill you!”

“I’ll hang the demons!”

“I’m going to have to burn those things to death!”

why… … .

-Kick! start the trial

did this happen?

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