The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 147 Collective intelligence

Old Man Choi, a native Naju farmer and priest of life and abundance belonging to the Mansinjeon, has been Leon’s believer since his first visit.

How many years had it been for me to stare at the land that had become barren because it was contaminated by demons?

There are dozens of people who lost their land in Naju, continued to pour expensive purifiers from the Mage Tower, and suffered from debt.

Where can I be? Many places in Korea were contaminated with demonic oxen, and it was said that it was not just farmers, but also many people who had lost their place to live and were living in a foreign country.

Their hope is that someday a powerful purifying agent will come out to purify the polluted land and be saved.

However, Naratnim was unable to do anything about the land contaminated with demonic energy, and had no choice but to wait and believe in empty promises with no promise.

“I am the Lion Heart King. He is the one who represents the gods and the king of knights who represents the knights of glory.”

But then, He appeared.

He purified the land that even the wizards of the Mage Tower couldn’t do, and brought the goddess of life and abundance to this land.

The excitement of consuming the blessed crop for the first time is indescribable.

Back pain in his later years, as well as liver cirrhosis and teeth replaced with dentures, were all new. I heard that old man Kim from the next town got his dementia cured.

The population in rural areas is mostly elderly. In today’s smart age, the lack of young people is common throughout the world.

Elderly people get sick quickly and are easily injured. Leon’s presence is the beginning of a new era for them, who have let go of the prime of their lives and wait for the day they will die.

They are young, healthy, and have strength they did not have in their prime.

Various blessings came to them just by consuming the crops blessed by the goddess and following the lofty decrees of the gods.

“Inspiring Choi!”

“Oh, Mr. Park.”

Choi approached Mr. Park’s workshop, which repairs agricultural tools and tractors in the village.

While running a hardware store and repairing broken tractors, he benefited greatly from the Pantheon, and the quality of the iron and blacksmith’s god Heto greatly improved.

“What are you doing?”

“I was fixing some of Lord Yapi’s improved tractor this time.”

Yapi was educating the followers of the pantheon every week using hologram drones.

Among them, Mr. Park was undergoing accelerated training as an iron and blacksmith priest.

“Aren’t there some noblemen preparing vegetable gardens in their homes? I made a sickle and a hoe to use there. What do you think? How many do you want to buy?”


Young Choi was in trouble. In doctrine, ten structures are applied to the production of land, but the tax rate is not applied to small gardens of about 12 pyeong.

When I asked His Majesty why, it seems that private gardens are not seen as an extension of farmland on the mainland, but as a personal hobby.

Now that he could be called the highest priest of the Demera Church in Naju Plain, he realized that the doctrine of the pantheon was not as strict as he thought.

‘It’s not about maintaining social order with rules and regulations, it’s relying on conscience and good will.’

It is a somewhat loopy system that can be exploited as much as one wants to exploit. However, Choi rather saw it as a blind spot.

After the unclean ones die, their souls will be torn apart.

“Hey, how are you?”

It was then. A white man with a nose that doesn’t fit in the rural countryside of Korea came.

“Ew? Who are you?”

“Oh, my name is Dennis, UN inspector.”


“Why, didn’t you say that the inspection team or something was coming this time?”

Come to think of it, Priestess Hari of the Pantheon said she heard that an inspection team or something was coming from the United Nations.

With the absurd accusation that Manshinjeon is ‘repressing human rights’.

The eyes of Choi and Mr. Park narrowed.

“It’s nothing else——”

Dennis continued to ask questions in a friendly manner to the locals as much as possible.

They are the followers of the Mansinjeon, which enforces ten structures. Clearly there can be no complaints!

“How come~ European nobles are very interested in our village~”

“Hungry Udeol Village is doing well these days~”

The voices were friendly, but the eyes of the two old men were as sharp as hawks. Then Dennis carefully led the topic.

“The people who work here. Apparently, there are a lot of exotic people. Are they all foreign workers?”

Dennis knew their identities. yes it is They are half man and half horse. In other words, it was because they were his seniors who were followers of the devil.

It brings tears to my eyes when I see them being mobilized for forced labor in this stinky countryside.

“No. His Majesty has given us to make things a little easier for old people like lumberjacks~”


You’re right! The corners of Dennis’s mouth went up.

“Are they members of the pantheon?”


Choi was silent with a smile on his face. Dennis raised the level of his question a bit more, even as he was taken aback by the grumpy old man’s gaze.

“Ask me a few questions about the salary, the working environment—”

“Huh~ This nobleman’s hairy boy? How could His Majesty be so interested in the situation?”

Dennis is taken aback by Mr. Park’s hot voice.

“Oh, no, that’s not it…”

“No, what’s wrong! That idiot is exploiting those Chun-siks!!”

When Mr. Park suddenly raised a scythe and attacked him, Dennis backed away in a panic. Crazy old man, what are you doing with a weapon imbued with holy power!

“If you feed me and put me to sleep on time, you’ve done everything you could!

“Stop it.”

“Inspiring Choi…!”

“Uh huh, isn’t it embarrassing to His Majesty that I can’t control my hair?”


Choi looked disapprovingly at Dennis with ax eyes.

“Let’s talk about Mr. Yuen again later. I’ll go out and take you around the Childhunt Village.”

“Ah, yes… yes…”

Dennis had no choice but to step down because of Mr. Park, who was so polar. Gazing at his back, old man Choi said.

“Mr. Park.”


“Children, take your tools. Tonight, I have to perform a ritual.”

UN inspectors. They had to feel the horror of a closed society in the countryside.

* * * *


Residents who did not like the UN Survivors’ Human Rights Inspectorate prowling their surroundings raided their lodgings in the middle of the night and hung Officer Louise and the inspectorate staff.

“I’ll kill you!”

“I’ll hang the devil!”

“I’m going to have to burn those things to death!”

Louise could not understand the mad collective intelligence and violence of the residents.

Is this really Korea, one of the developed countries?

No matter how rural it is, you hang the inspection team dispatched from the UN like this?


In the meantime, while doing human rights investigations, Louise had repeatedly encountered soldiers who threatened her life or used force to steal data.

But I never saw him clinging to death like this.

“Everyone, calm down. What the hell is going on? If we’ve done anything wrong, we apologize.”

Louise first tried to calm the mob. But her desperate cries didn’t work at all. The language didn’t work.

‘right! I left my interpreter!’

The interpreter handed to me by Hari. I couldn’t come to the car because I was being dragged in a hurry. It looks like it will be burned at the stake without being able to move like this–


It was then.

A dainty, minimal-sized mechanical spider approached the UN inspectors who were about to be burned at the stake.

“Sir Yapi!”

“Has the knight come!”

When Yapi appears, the residents split apart all at once. The bloodshot gaze that had been full of madness until just now was replaced by respect and respect.

-What’s going on?

“They are fiends!”

Mr. Park exclaimed. Residents sympathize with his voice.

“Those guys were going around asking if His Majesty of the Pantheon didn’t abuse people!”

“The things that are so mean. We couldn’t stand it because we were unfair when they tried to report biasedly, saying that it was a very stupid thing!”

“What, what…!”

Louise was embarrassed. Isn’t that what reporters do to visit the surrounding area?

Of course, even if this stabbed their blind spot, it usually ended in shutting their mouths or kicking them out.

It makes no sense to hang people like this!

“Hey, Sir Yacht Spinner! Do you want to see such unjust atrocities!”

Louise pinned her hopes on the mechanical spider, who would at least make a rational decision.

Yes, even if the residents do, you shouldn’t do that!

-Kick. start the trial


“Mi, crazy! It’s crazy!”

“We belong to the United Nations! What law are you going to judge us for?”

-This machine is the Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon.

“Yes? How is that?”

-The Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon is above the law.

“What? What kind of nonsense is that!”


“Judge the demons!!”

A protest drowned out by the cheers of angry residents. Yaffy immediately started a heresy trial.

-The judge will interpret in real time for the defendants. in front of the witness.

The first to respond to Yapi’s words was Mr. Park at the hardware store.

He is getting good grades while listening to Yapi’s hologram lecture, and first bends his back 90 degrees to Yapi, the Holy Grail Knight of the god of iron and blacksmithing.

“Schoene is Park Chang-ho, who runs a local hardware store.”


Alright, let’s hear what you’re saying. Louise and the UN staff listened to Mr. Park’s words in unison, but he suddenly shouted with his finger.

“Those bitches are possessed by demons!”


“No, what kind of a thing is that all of a sudden! It’s a devil!”

Mr. Park glared fiercely at the protests of the UN staff.

“That pathetic bastard! Unlucky-looking blue-eyed bastard suddenly came to visit us! It’s such a pity! Didn’t His Majesty abuse innocent people!”

“Ah, no, I didn’t say it so directly…!”

“What kind of person is Your Majesty! Aren’t you the one who saved our village from ruin! Aren’t you the one who connected the gods with us!”

You are accused of human rights violations against such a person! Does this make sense!

“”That’s right!””

There was no logic in Park’s words. But that was enough for the fanatical inhabitants.

– The next witness.

“I am Demera Choi, a humble servant who serves Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.”

Choi, who led the riot, looked at the UN inspectors clinging to him with a sullen gaze and then continued talking.

“They are demons.”

– What is the basis?

“The devil is called a devil. My intuition tells me so.”

“What a crazy inspiration!”

“They came! Are you crazy?!”

“Did that poor bastard dare to curse old Choi?”

“Kill him! Take out the devil and burn him with fire!”

The inspectorate who made a natural protest but was beaten back. They shrank in an increasingly harsh atmosphere.

“There is another reason why I doubted them.”

-What is it?

“When I saw half-horses, their eyes were the eyes of a devil. The eyes of an evil, nasty, dirty devil. But…”

Choi pointed to Dennis in a quiet but confident voice.

“Even those sheep have dark eyes, which is the color of the devil’s eyes!”

“What are you talking about, you senile old man! My eyes are normal!”

“Shut up, devil eyes!”

Dennis felt like he was going crazy. No, that old man guessed like a ghost, but it looks like a devil’s eyes, so is it a devil?

Isn’t it a nonsense that gave away logic!

“My intuition is telling me. Those bitches must be devils!”

After Choi’s testimony was over, residents cheered with pickaxes and shovels, and forced testimonies continued.

“Yellow in my house hasn’t eaten since those devil bitches came!”

“It’s obvious that the devil is doing Yellowy’s not eating!!”

“No, why is it our fault that your cow doesn’t eat?”

“Shut up, devil!!”

– King!

“Look at how our housekeeper barks at those devils! Aren’t those proof that they are devils!”

“Gorum! Aren’t dogs magical animals! Recognizing the devil!”

“What do you do with a dog barking—”

“Shut up, devil!!”

– Defendants. Any objections?

When Yapi gave him a chance, Louise exclaimed urgently.

“It’s unfair! We’re not devils!”

Louise, as a UN official who values human rights, spoke about what she has been doing all her life.

A world where even criminals need to respect their human rights and excessive penalism.

Her logical and systematic refutation was understandable to everyone.

-recognition. Not logically unreasonable.

Yapi acknowledged their logic. A monster of mechanical logic does not deny reasonable logic.


“Those bastards are fiends. I’ve seen them.”

“Admit it. Admit the devil.”

“That’s a devil, but I’ll put my wrist on it!”

Disordered collective intelligence. That far-fetched claim——

-recognition. Need to check for sure. blast furnace.

Yapi looked reasonable and withheld judgment. No matter who sees it, the trial that was close to violence was not dismissed!

“What, what are you thinking? Me, are you trying to torture us! The world will never admit that——”

– Burn it in the fire.



“As expected Sir Yapi! It’s a great judgment!”

Sudden sentence of burning. The complexion of Louise and the UN staff became pale.

– If it burns, it’s a devil. or a person

“Hey, you iron bastard!!”

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