The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 148: Heresy Trial

– If it burns, it’s a devil. or a person

Hey, what bullshit is this?

The UN staff, including Louise, were stunned.

What a burn! Are you going to set us on fire!

“Hey, you crazy piece of scrap metal!”

However, the mechanical spider did not pay attention to such a voice, and only gave inorganic orders.

– Bring the fire.


The villagers rushed to the village at once and brought torches. Madness shining in the shimmering flames illuminates everyone.

“Now, wait a minute! Wait a minute!”

One of the employees exclaimed desperately. Yafi stops holding a torch at this.

-An objection?

“Everything, of course there is! Where in the world is there such a law! A devil! Burning people because they think they are possessed by a devil!”

That’s right!

The irony of the UN inspectors was that very few people shared this natural voice of reason.

– There is a law.

“There’s such a dog-like law?!”

-The Holy Grail Knights, who served as the heretical judges under the authority of Tatar, the god of the sun and judgment, established the correct ‘how to hunt demons’.

“Oh, how to hunt demons?”

This was the knowledge that Yapi had acquired by entering the Lionheart Gate and saving numerous Lionheart books as data.

-Three or more suspected demon followers will be burned first for any reason.

What is that!

Isn’t this the way fanatics write about in the savage Middle Ages!

If you die by burning, you’re a witch, and if you don’t die, you make a contract with the devil and kill it! It is no coincidence that in a similar way, all kinds of cruel punishments that were scattered in the era of witch hunts came to mind.

-This machine is to test suspected demon followers according to proper procedure. This has been proven with data.

It’s all over, so of course you think it’s right!

Is this what happens when a ruthless and inflexible killing machine governs the law! Isn’t the coming AI judge law actually a wrong choice of mankind?

“What about Shinto!”


At someone’s words, Yapi’s camera eye turned toward it.

Her name is Dana. He was the youngest and most recent member of the inspection team.

“I-I am a follower of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice!”

“He groaned and sat down!”

“Shut up, devil!”

“You’re cornered, you liar!”

“Gee, it’s real!”

– Jeongsuk.

Yapi quickly searched for the downloaded Lionheart Kingdom Code and found an applicable case.

and conclusions drawn.

– Believers must go through the trial process according to the lawful procedure.

“I’m pretending to be a believer because I’m going to die!”

“It’s blasphemy!”

– Quietly. It is not something that this company can decide.

At that, the UN staff came up with the same trick.

“I-I’m also a fan of the Pantheon! As of yesterday!”

“me too!”

“I’ll believe you from now on!”

Myeonpiseong faith to escape the situation. The residents hated their false faith with all their eyes open, but the mechanical Holy Grail Knight thoroughly distinguished that proof was the responsibility of the plaintiff.

– This judge will proceed with the trial based on legitimate grounds. To be objective and fair according to existing precedents.

Oh oh!

You finally have something to say! It was a time when hope was visible on the faces of UN staff.

– ㅇㅋ Light it up.

“No, what the fuck has changed!”

– What else are you complaining about?

“No no! The conclusion hasn’t changed! Lighting a fire and seeing it is the same!”


What’s different!

Seeing Louise’s eyes wide open, Yappy crossed her eyes with a cold camera eye and said clearly.

-If you lack faith, you will be burned to death, and if you are faithful, you will not be burned to death. Data proves this.


Louise realized. These lunatic fanatics… that they have no intention of saving themselves.

– A business card to light a fire.


“Follow the words of the Holy Grail Knight!!”

“Let’s burn and purify the devil!”

The villagers were the first to approach Dennis with the torch they had received from Yafi. He screamed and struggled, but it was a futile resistance.

“Everyone, you guys are crazy! Crazy!!”

Whether Louise did it or not, the villagers’ torches ignited the firewood.

Wow! and raging flames. Dennis screamed.

“Kuaaaaaagh! Save me, save me!”

Dennis, who caught fire in an instant, screamed at his throat.

The scream that echoed in the agony of being burned alive was a scream drawn from the depths of the abyss to the point where it felt terrifying.

No matter how strong the firepower is, Dennis burns down without leaving a single bone fragment. Residents cheered.


“Killed the devil!”

“One hundred years old Yakt spinner! Long live Lionheart! Long live the pantheon!”

When his name is called, he cheers, and Yappy saves it with a chuckle. He continued the trial as an impartial judge.

– Light the next fire.


One by one, UN staff were burned to death. Not even the remains of people were left in the terrible and painful screams.

Eventually, Louise’s turn came.

-Five left. Recommend to hurry.

It’s over. It’s really over now. As the fire caught under her feet, Louise shouted in despair as if cursing.

“The United Nations won’t stand still! It won’t let you go!”

Leon, who leads these savage and unscrupulous fanatics, must be a lunatic! The world must realize the identity of this crazy fucking racist as soon as possible!

“How are you guys different from demons!

Firewood burns. The firewood lit by the torch burned brightly under Louise’s feet.

Its firepower is enough to melt people’s skin and turn their ashes into ashes. however… … .

“Why don’t you ride?”

Black smoke was thick and the whole body was on fire, but rather than burning to death, it was hot. Just like when I first came to Korea and went to a jjimjilbang called a cultural experience course.

If the jjimjilbang had caused a sweltering and sticky heat, now this flame was wrapping itself with extremely warm and comforting warmth.

– Louise acquitted. Start the next defendant.

Louise was shocked to see the UN staff burning in flames one after another. Indeed, some workers were in the midst of the blazing fire and the fire did not harm them!

“This, what is this…”

-4 out of 8 defendants died. As expected.

“As expected… as expected?”

Yacht Spinner uploaded a video with a hologram. It was at the dinner table on the first day that Louise came to the pantheon.

“Uh, when was that…”

-Dennis and the purified trio. Meals were not consumed.

“That, that’s it…”

Come to think of it, from the first day she arrived at the Pantheon, Louise had enjoyed a luxurious health life by eating the blessed crops to her heart’s content.

Among them, there were some who ordered something else or withdrew, saying that it did not suit their taste.

Four people, including Dennis. In other words, those four employees who were now burned to death.

-Crops imbued with holy power. Lethal to malignant species. They couldn’t stand the flames of Petos.

“God of War and Flame…”

At those words, Louise realized that the flame that burned them was not an ordinary flame.

A flame of purification that purifies evil. The fire of the god of war is not to burn innocent civilians.

“Well, then maybe they’re…”

– Demon Followers. Just like the serfs, the wicked serve the demons.

“Demons were infiltrating the United Nations?”

It was an unbelievable fact. However, there is no doubt in front of the miracle that happened right in front of my eyes.

Of course, the pantheon didn’t use some magical trick to burn themselves… There is a possibility that he would have staged a show called, but there is no benefit to be gained by doing so.

“So, then… are you going to release them?”

– Acknowledge not guilty.

Yapi ordered the villagers to free them.

That was it.

* * * *

“You had a lot of trouble last night.”

“Oh, no.”

The next morning, Louise nodded cautiously in front of Leon’s presence.

“Yes, there were evil species among the inspectors.”

“……I can’t believe it. They were followers of demons.”

They were colleagues who worked hard for human rights by sharing the joys and sorrows for a long time. Their evil screams were surprisingly identical to ‘them’.

“Your Majesty, those in Her Highness’ workshop are…”

“These are the things I captured in the last Demon Gate. Queen Beatrice caught them as an experiment.”

After the commotion of the night before, Louise was guided by Yapi to visit Beatrice’s workshop.

And like demon followers, it showed a scene of burning a demon with a divine flame, and the screams of the soul, which I thought was a whim, were surprisingly the same.


Louise was not a hopeless idealist to the extent of demanding the human rights of demons.

“But Your Majesty. I must report on these demons when I return.”

“You can see their response. There must be people who say human rights or something and say we have to save even the demons.”

“……It is a precious value in our world.”

“No, watch out for those who talk like that, Officer Louise. Humans hate evil in any world. Those who are tolerant of evil are usually the wicked.”

Leon handed over a water-soaked necklace from a glass that felt auspicious.

“I, as a UN official, bribery…”

“How can a thousand objects refuse the king’s bounty? Accept it and keep it as it will continue in effect for a while.”

Leon also bestowed many blessed crops. and said

“I know you’re a wise woman. You’ll know how to use it yourself.”


Louise was dumbfounded when she realized Leon’s intentions. no way?

“Sir Spinner.”


“The guest is passing away. Can you escort him home?”

-No problem.

On the way back to UN Headquarters. Louise gripped the necklace tightly with trembling hands.

* * * *

A UN Human Rights Commission inspectorate visited the Mansinjeon and four people were killed.

This fact stirred not only the Korean government but also the United Nations Headquarters.

“These savages…!”

From the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the heads of affiliated organizations. to the commander of the UN peacekeeping force.

Each of them went into a state of emergency and condemned the atrocities of the pantheon.

“The demons… There was a group of demons among my colleagues.”

“That doesn’t sound like anything! Secretary Louise, don’t spread baseless rumors recklessly!”

“We have to rescue the half demons of the pantheon right now!”

Louise, who was called to the superiors, was reprimanded by them and made her testify in detail about what had happened.

After a long meeting and hearing, it was time for a meal.

“Everyone, please eat.”

Simple sandwiches are prepared for the long hearing.

When it was distributed to the staff, Louise watched closely as some staff broke into cold sweats and refused to eat.

“I-I have a packed lunch…”

“I have no appetite, so I will eat later.”

Louise felt a sense of déjà vu at that refusal. That’s also true, because that sandwich was made from the ‘crop’ he brought.

“I… Officer Harrison.”

“Why… is that so? Secretary Louise.”

Louise was in anguish. But I remembered Leon’s words. If it is true that the United Nations has been encroached upon by demons… … .

“Rain, let there be light!”

It was then. Louise’s necklace suddenly emitted a flash of light, covering the entire hearing room.

“Stop, flashbang?!”

“Officer Louise, what are you doing——!”

The staff covered their eyes in amazement at Louise’s sudden action. At that very moment, an unbelievable sight unfolded before their eyes.


“Kiye eh !!”

Officer Harrison and other employees who refused the sandwich screamed in pain and burned their bodies.

“Do you, Officer Harrison?”

The change was instantaneous. The blessing of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and the light emitted from the necklace immersed in holy water revealed the true nature of evil in disguise.

– Jjiik!

– Jjiik!

A person’s skin peels off and bloody wings spread.

The ferocious teeth and nails, and the sympathetic eyes were never human.

“Oh, the devil?!”


A demon brandishing sharp claws at the first person to react. But the devil’s breasts couldn’t reach him.

– Whirik!

Steel wire whipped with a whip sound. It cuts the demon’s body in an instant.

Devil’s blood was splattered all over the place, and their gazes turned to one place at once.


A minimal-sized steel knight who appeared in Louise’s bag. The yakt spinner’s mechanical arm stretches out and the steel wires whip like a whip.

“You bastard!”


It took less than two seconds for the demons that appeared at the hearing to be slaughtered.

Patter! chunks of falling meat. The spirits of the demons killed by the wire filled with holy power scream and disappear.

A demon that appeared out of nowhere in the hearing hall and a steel knight who slaughtered those demons. While everyone was dumbfounded, Yacht Spinner declared with an inorganic mechanical sound.

– The demon eradication operation commenced.

The happening that started with the Human Rights Infringement Inspection Team at the Manshinjeon Hall led to a sweeping battle in which the demons at the United Nations Headquarters were wiped out.

Incident of a Demon Appearing at the United Nations Headquarters.

Quickly overpowered by Holy Grail Knight Yacht Spinner.

Eliminate 337 Demons and Demon Followers.

-The end of the world. Squeak!

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