The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 149 Kill The Devil

The murder of the UN inspectors at the pantheon was quickly buried as a demonic sweep took place at the UN.

[United Nations Headquarters. Many demons found. The international community is astonished.]

[Sabotage of the Devil Spy. Is it okay like this?]

It has been very rare for demons to infiltrate human society and get caught.

There are detectives with good touch, hunters with talent, and survivors with keen senses of the devil.

Over the past 30 years, it has been quite common for demons to sneak into human society and be repulsed.

But this situation was different from before.

At the United Nations Headquarters, which can be called the world government, the devil and over 300 devil followers have infiltrated the key place.

Although demon followers were often caught performing rituals of dishonor, this was the first time they had been discovered on such a large scale in the depths of human society.

– The commander of the UN peacekeeping force was also a devil follower.

-crazy… is this ok?

– There is no one to trust.

South Korea was horrified that half of the inspection team at Hankuk University came to sabotage the pantheon as demon followers, and countries around the world began to criticize the United Nations.

And above all–

‘Is my country okay?’

‘Isn’t there a demon follower hiding among the government officials?’

Naturally, these suspicions were directed to the upper echelons of society.

-Like that little devil. So I guess!

-I wrote the scenario and sat down! I have proof!

Demons lurk in society. Or there is a group that follows the devil. At that time when society was in chaos as each other doubted each other, Manshinjeon’s official channel on social media, including Yub Tube, made a statement.

[How to identify demons]

[How to be saved from the evil hand of the devil]

[You can too. How to report a demon.]

The right video was uploaded at the right time.

It was conducted under the auspices of the Korean and Japanese governments, which actually captured demons, and it was a video showing symptoms of radiation exposure called sexual rejection by demons and their followers who ate blessed crops.

[The demons who ate the crops blessed by Goddess Demera. Can’t stand it.]

[The more the Sanctuary of the Pantheon, the easier it is to distinguish demons.]

[Report No. XXX-XXXX. Report suspected demons to the Pantheon!]

Ahead of the autumn harvest season, Mansinjeon was shipping a large amount of blessed crops. Naturally, the sales of blessed crops skyrocketed, the number of people who followed the faith of the pantheon increased, and above all, millions of reports of suspicions of the devil came in.

Of course, most of them are indiscreet reports that are no different from the logic of a witch hunt. A large-scale operation that would take months to triage, even with a governmental response.

-Kick! Analyzing data.

However, Yakt Spinner, a strong artificial intelligence of Manshinjeon, classified the reports at a tremendous speed and thoroughly grasped the Internet access records, call volumes, and CCTV movement records of the suspects.

Isn’t it a human rights violation? The strong artificial intelligence from the cyberpunk future world doesn’t know that.

There are quite a few cases where you get caught while analyzing such a large amount of data.

– Discovery of the real demon follower Suspect. Join the secret club. Network hacking through proprietary networks. Data analysis complete.

[Damn it, you fools are prowling around here and there.]

[They say to eat the blessed crop. What should I do?]

[Prepare a fake. If I can somehow get past this time, I can hold out for a while. What are the intentions of the great people?]

-Kick! Confirmation of a group of demon followers. Know all networks in your club. All 27 people identified as the ‘Nephilim’, a demon follower group.

As demon followers gathered in the middle of Europe, Yapi’s logic systems weighed their options.

-Option A. Assassination. Assets invested in stealth satellites. MK.3 Stealth Killer platform available.

-refusal. 88% progress on that platform. When a high-risk group appears, the possibility of concealing assets is greatly reduced.

-Option B. Exposure warfare using media outlets. Focus on loss of social status and property of risk groups.

-refusal. According to the legal interpretation of the uncivilized society, there is a high possibility that he will be released without guilt.

-The assassination inside the detention center?

– Overinvestment of assets.

-Option C. Snipe with ultra-precise charged particle cannons through stealth satellites. Later disguised as a gas explosion. It is possible to disclose the poor facility condition of the building through the ghost media of this machine established in the region.

– Possibility of controlling public opinion?

-79%. After covering the issue through option B, the rate soars to 98%.

According to the agreement of the logical systems, option C was decided.

The main system of strong artificial intelligence preached the thorough principle again.

– The planet control ability of this machine and the pantheon has not reached its target yet. Thoroughly hide the appearance of the pantheon. allowed up to reasonable doubt.




– Commencement of worldwide evil construction operation. Kill The Devil

Secretly, the demons of the world were being destroyed one by one.

* * * *

The land of Naju, where the Mansinjeon is located, is developing into a very unique location in Korea.

On the one hand, it is in the limelight as a sacred place and tourists come and go, and on the other hand, it is becoming a military base where more than 5,000 man-at-arms and 200 knight cadets train.

In the nearby Yeongsan River, the Kikkiruk tribe lived and commuted to and from work to the Mansinjeon.

Related workers, surrounding merchants, and even their families flocked to it, adding about 50,000 more people than before the establishment of the Mansinjeon.

As the population of a fairly small city has flowed in, it is developing day by day, and the political world has argued that it should be upgraded to a ‘special city in Naju’.

The Mansinjeon, which is developing day by day, has recently been able to relax in a spacious atmosphere.

“Whoa~ The mugwort latte is awesome…”

“The truth is mango flatccino. Admit it?”

Although the weather is cool with an autumn breeze, Jaehyuk sips through a straw wearing an aloha shirt and sunglasses. Next to him, Suho also chews on a set of hamburgers as if they were together.

The knight cadets who were given the right to eat freely after the knight inauguration ceremony… Now official knights, they hadn’t enjoyed that right for a while.

A challenge to catch a giant as a serf with a knighthood. After that, it was thanks to continuing the poor field life at the gate of Lionheart Kingdom.

Anyway, Leon wasn’t without cases to the point of being tight with them who came back after a lot of hardship.

“It’s so sweet because there’s a special vacation during the harvest season.”

“Because His Majesty paid for the rice cakes.”

With the national holiday Chuseok approaching, Leon issued a vacation order for the entire pantheon of gods. Originally, Lionheart takes a break during the harvest season as well.

It seems that it is customary for kings and lords to come out and bestow generous entertainment expenses during this holiday period, which is called the Demera season.

-one! two!

-one! two!

At that time, muscular men who took their upper bodies off from the entrance side entered while cantering. It is a common sight in this place, which is also a military base.

“You two knights, are you taking a break!”

Captain Kim Do-hyeok saluted and greeted.

“Uh, yes. Were you doing canter training?”

“Yes! I was training with Knight Gu Dae-seong.

“Oh, it’s not an official article yet.”

Goo Dae-sung waved his hand and expressed disapproval. He was the only one among the first-generation knight cadets who was not appointed as an official knight.

“Oh~ Mr. Goo Dae-seong!”

Jae-hyeok recognized Koo Dae-seong, who was training, and greeted him happily, but he felt awkward.

Among the 1st class knight cadets who were appointed as Kingdom Knights, Hari, Soyeon, Jaehyuk, and Suho are in a special position.

Cheon So-yeon serves as the current knight commander, and Hari is the fourth-ranked S-class hunter in the pantheon, excluding Leon, Beatrice, and Yaphi.

Jaehyuk and Suho also experienced the gate of the Lionheart Kingdom and achieved rapid growth with the acquisition of the sacred object.

De facto S-class powers. Among the knights, four of them have achieved remarkable growth, and Goo Dae-seong is still just a pilgrim knight who has not even grown to a B rank.

“Then… we’ll be on our way.”

While Koo Dae-seong awkwardly greeted and returned home, Su-ho made a pitiful expression.

“He’s a hard worker, but something doesn’t follow him.”

“Well, the problem of talent is not something that can be done.”

Manshinjeon established a knighthood and accepted new knight cadets, but Daesung Koo was still at a standstill.

At first, he raised expectations by briefly lifting Sir Geobrick’s hammer, but even if he hit it well, he was at the top of the C-class.

“After all, when will Sir Geobrick’s hammer be lifted?”

“Well. The Holy Relics we’ve inherited haven’t properly acknowledged us as their owners yet, so what?”

Suho received the shield of Amalek, the Holy Grail Knight of Light and Justice, and Jaehyeok received the spear of the Cape, the Holy Grail Knight of Heaven and Thunder.

The succession ceremony was held under Isabelle’s mediation, but the two epic items did not fully acknowledge the two.

To be precise, the two of them did not yet have the skills to handle these unprecedented epic items.

“Because Sir Geobrick’s hammer is an even greater item.”

Whoever holds this hammer will gain the power of Geobrick.

In other words, it prophesies that the moment you lift the hammer, you will awaken as a Holy Grail Knight. No one knows how great a person must be to be able to do that.

“You won’t show up for the rest of your life, will you?”

“Uh… I really might.”

Holy Grail Knight.

At least the four people in the pantheon knew its true face.

The final war, the knights of the great gods sacrificed there.

Only the magician queen who was at the pinnacle of a world or a noble machine that had carried out a thousand-year quest were given that honored position.

Indeed, on this earth, can someone with such honor and glory appear?

No matter how much the gods lowered the cut-off, how many people in the human world could claim that unapproachable glory?

It was a vague story. The two of them tried to change the subject.

“By the way, what is His Majesty doing?”

“It seems you’ve been busy with the queen lately.”

“I can’t see you two taking a rest, Sir Yapi.”

“Recognize it.”

Yapi, a machine Such doubts were answered by rumors that Suho had heard from his sister one day.

“I heard that both of you, Your Majesty, are making sure to relieve stress, right?”

“Do you know anything?”

“My sister said that. Those… you two are very, very good at relieving stress.”


At this point, Jaehyuk also realized what Suho meant.

In this popular tourist destination,

At this military base where thousands of people train,

Just as there is darkness where there is light, there exists a shadow that is only allowed for three people.

“Ugh… I wonder if the serfs would be better off just dying.”

“Serfs are fine… they die. But they’re not.”


Jaehyuk shudders. He pretended not to notice and sipped his drink.

“I don’t know~”

“Yes? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sometimes in the world, there are times when it’s better to pretend you don’t know.

* * * *

In the basement of the Manshinjeon, there is an air defense facility in accordance with the Building Act… A so-called basement layer is formed.

In order to build a building with a total floor area of 200 square meters on the ground floor, the building code stipulated that a basement floor for air defense protection should be created, but it is usually used by building a new facility in the basement.

However, the basement of the main building of the Manshinden is not being used for any purpose. It is reporting that it is being used as an underground air defense shelter in accordance with the Building Act.

Of course, the Mansinjeon is using this underground facility. It wasn’t a semi-basement rental room or additional facilities like in the world, but a magician’s ‘workshop’.


The screams of the soul are blocked by thorough soundproofing.

Hildir, the sorcerer of the beast god, who can be said to be a senior prisoner here, sighed, saying that one demon is dying today.

-Jerbuck! that buck!

At that time, all the inmates stiffen their bodies. Someone has descended underground!


Hildir immediately fell to his knees and prostrated himself in a posture of submission. There are only three ‘people’ who can enter this place.

At least, you can be relieved that it is not a machine step, but if you go wrong, everyone here will die.

“Your Majesty, are you here?”

The beautiful magician queen who opens the door from the deepest workshop to greet him. The Magician Queen, who deliberately created a somber place and created an atmosphere of fear among the prisoners, greeted the Lion Heart King with a smile.

“It’s always a place with a lot of junk. It’s not a place that deserves a noble status like you.”

“I have ventilation in my studio.”

“Shouldn’t we be walking here?”

“Because it’s not possible to give a comfortable environment to the villains just to be comfortable.”

“It is truly a tearful sacrificial spirit….”

What are these crazy assholes saying?

They are the ones who live in a harsh environment, so why do they talk like they are sacrificing themselves?

In the first place, Beatrice’s studio is connected to the first floor by an elevator. In other words, there is no reason to step on the dingy and dirty cell floor unless you come down this passage like Leon did.

It’s been like that for a long time, but these Lionheart fanatics don’t treat people like everyone except for them.

How many tribes of beast gods were taken to Lionheart Kingdom and died as serfs.

It was said that the seeds of the tribe had dried up at the time when the Grail Knight Gratas’ serf festival was popular every year.

“By the way, Viche. What is the reason you called Jim?”

“Huh, this is news that will make His Majesty happy.”

Beatrice twisted the corners of her lips and smiled coquettishly. Soon, the ‘name’ that came out of her voice made some demons tremble.

“I’ve found a way to search for the Holy Grail Knight, Lord Vulcanus.”

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