The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 15

D-class hunter Koo Dae-seong visited the association again this year to measure his rank.

“Uh~ Ms. Gu. Did you come this year too?”

A middle-aged man who is happy to meet him. This is team leader Kim Do-han, who worked for the gate mining team several times.

“Long time no see.”

“Mr. Gu is also a very hardworking family.”


At team leader Kim Do-han’s words, Goo Dae-seong let out an awkward laugh.

He is thirty-two this year. It has been more than 10 years since I awakened as a Hunter.

Talented people usually awaken their magical powers in middle school and receive the right to enter the academy.

However, he awakened at the age of 22. The measurement grade is D, and there are no unique skills.

“How is this year? Do you think your rank will rise?”

“Ha ha… I have to try.”

10 years. Goo Dae-sung was a D-class for 10 years. It is said that the limit of those without talent is C-class, but he is not C-class for 10 years, but D-class for 10 years.

“Why don’t we work as a team instead? Goo will be sincere.

Not all hunters have a combat job just because they have awakened their magical powers.

There was a production line, a research line, and there were quite a few cases of working in the existing industry rather than the hunter job.

However, the majority of Hunters who have neither talent nor special talent are porters of raiding parties or mining teams that stop right before gate closing to start mining items.

It was possible because he was much stronger than normal people, but in the end, he was a laborer.

Koo Dae-sung had been doing manual labor for 10 years, but he still couldn’t give up.

Even a D-class hunter could not compare the profits earned from dungeons with manual labor.

‘I need to make more money. If it’s not a dungeon attack with a strong life allowance, it’s hard to pay interest.’

He had debts, an old mother to take care of, and younger siblings to be responsible for. To the extent that I couldn’t afford it without my income as a Hunter.

But there is hope. To someday awaken your own unique skills and become a hunter who attacks high-level gates as a member of a raid team.

Imagine your future to shine as an Awakener someday.

However, the reality was grim, and now even the thinnest hope was fading away.

“I’ll have to try.”

Having said that, I don’t have any expectations. His goals are now realistic, and it’s a good idea to somehow get out of the porter’s life by becoming a C-class.

“Hmm? A young friend is coming?”

Then, someone enters the association’s waiting room. It seems that the rare blonde is a foreigner.

“Are you from Europe?”

“You look like royalty.”

All eyes in the lobby turn to the blond man.

-Wow, he’s handsome.

-Oh, Mr…. You look so damn handsome

It was definitely a striking look.

A straight gaze and gorgeous blonde hair. The elegance and atmosphere that makes you feel noble like a nobleman.

Above all, in a place full of black hair, a blonde man has no choice but to stand out.

“Are you a foreign worker?”

“Are you European?”

“Ah~ All of Europe is prosperous? There must be some poor countries.”

Even after the cataclysm, Korea was a fairly well-to-do developed country.

It is not a bad country for foreign workers to come to work, except for the fact that food self-sufficiency is so low that it has to rely on imports for most of its food.


For some reason, Mr. Kim approached the blond man with his characteristic far-sightedness.

“Hey, young man. How are you?”

“Don’t talk carelessly, something vulgar.”



For a moment, I thought I had heard it wrong. After talking once, the intensity of the verbal abuse that came back was so intense that I forgot what to say.

“Ha, did you learn Korean in a strange way?”

“That’s right.”

Mr. Kim returns without even asking what to say. At that time, the blonde man’s gaze crossed with Goo Dae-sung.


I’m out of breath. A feeling of pressure that can be felt just by looking at it. A huge presence seems to suppress it.


The reason Koo Dae-sung was able to breathe was thanks to the association staff who called his number 57.

“No. 57 Goo Dae-sung!”

“Yes, yes! I’m going!”

Goo Dae-seong hurriedly ran to the association staff. The gaze from behind his back was strangely cold.

* * * *

‘All of them are mean people.’

Leon, who turned his head all the way in the lobby of the association, looked at the people gathered and gave a merciless evaluation.

weak. At the level of Leon, he penetrates the inside of a human with just his gaze and senses the energy gathered within it.

However, the energy within them was pitiful and small.

Those who come to the level test in the first place are low-level hunters who have been in their 10th year or those who are just about to receive the awakening tester.

They are ignorant people whose ‘talent’ cannot be found unless they are from the academy.

But Leon didn’t come looking for the strong.

‘It’s lamentable that there aren’t enough people to serve as soldiers.’

He didn’t come here looking for an article. A soldier to follow and assist the knight… He came to summon Man-at-Arms.

Of course, the standards for knights and soldiers are vastly different. He wasn’t a serf soldier, and he wasn’t going to use it as a meat shield, so he should have his own talent, but he couldn’t even pass that small threshold.

‘I saw one useful person, but.’

What he sees is not just the inner energy. Coronation, scars, traces of life lived.

If you’re on the level of Leon, you can get an estimate of that person just by looking at their face.

Most of them are adults who will be able to take care of themselves, but there was not a trace of hardship on their faces.

At least there had to be people with skilled muscles, but even so, it was a job… No, it’s barely usable as a handyman.

‘I can’t be satisfied from the start.’

When his turn was called, Leon stood up and headed to the interview room.

“No. 77 Leon… Mr. Dragonia Lionheart?”

The interviewers were employees of the association. Of course they know Leon is a survivor. But I didn’t know his personality.

“Call me your majesty, commoner.”


The association staff paused and nodded at the manager stabbing his side.

“Hmm… Lung, Your Majesty…”

Leon listened to the civil servants’ respect with satisfaction. He also knows that his common sense is against the common sense of the earth, but he has a reason for forcing his own justice and etiquette nonetheless.

‘The royal family doesn’t have to consider the commoners’ laws.’

Although he is an Earthling, he reigned for 300 years. He was a knight with noble status and blue blood.

The royal family is not bound by the rules of the lower ones. Even if it is a cultural difference beyond the world, there is no reason for him to be considerate.

“Then, please put your hand on the measuring instrument here for testing.”

The rank test of hunters is done in two stages.

First, unique skills and job aptitude through measuring instruments.

Usually, the occupational aptitude that followed the unique skill was the majority of warriors or swordsmen, and in very rare cases, when a mage aptitude appeared, the Mage Tower was contacted.

After that, the final grade is determined by taking a practical test at the gate maintained by the association.

Since they had heard rumors that Leon was a very strong survivor, the association staff were very curious about what his unique skills might be.

“What a fool!”


But what came back was Leon’s furious scolding.

“How can a commoner test a knight’s honor!”


“Tsu, it’s not us that measure it, it’s the magic tool meter. This is pretty accurate…”

“How can a machine measure the capabilities of a knight? Only honorable knights and gods can tailor a knight.”


Association staff were also puzzled. Survivors with bizarre personalities were numerous, but this was because they were the first to refuse the test itself.

“Umm, then, then… in the very next test… No. You refused the test itself…”

Then why are you here?

“I came here to find useful soldiers, but even the judges are criminals like this.”

‘Hey, headhunting? So openly?’

That’s why many guilds, including the 10th guild, hire scouts to recruit talented hunters.

But to come here for headhunting while refusing the test so openly?

“I haven’t found anyone I like yet. What’s the next test?”

“There is a practice test at the… gate.”

“Okay. Bondi skills come from constant training and real battles. I’ll observe.”


Participation, not observation… I guess? However, the manager had no choice but to nod when the manager stabbed his side again.

* * * *

Each gate has its own concept.

Dungeon type and field type are the largest categories, but there are also several subcategories such as quest type and strategy type.

Normally, it is common to close gates that have been cleared and get rid of them.

However, some gates intentionally do not catch the boss even after completing the raid, or there are cases where the closing condition is not met and maintained, and the Seoul Station gate is the case.

“Everyone doesn’t have symptoms of dizziness, right? Some people feel motion sickness when passing through the gate.”

The Seoul Station gate was a field gate with a green meadow.

Goo Dae-sung sighed softly as he looked at the gate of Seoul Station, which he had already visited for the 10th time.

This year’s measurements were not significantly different from last year’s. There were no unique skills, and there was no rise in stats.

In order to reverse the evaluation, I had to play an active part in this actual test.

And party members are also important for active performance. Koo Dae-sung examined the faces of the party members who joined this test.

“Wow~ This is the gate. Oppa, this is a hot place.”

“Jinmiya, let’s turn off the phone first.”

‘Two raw beginners… … .’

I see a blonde guy there. It was the foreign worker I saw in the waiting room earlier.

‘ha… … .’

The fact that he came to test his rank at that age is likely to be a case of late awakening. Academy graduates are tested separately.

In a party of five, the three of them are no different from being newbies… Koo Dae-seong turned his eyes toward the last hope, but the old man who looked good was there.

“Heh heh, the air is so good.”

An old man who would have passed his 60th birthday. He may have been awakened during the cataclysm 30 years ago, but among the first-generation hunters, all the strong things were famous.

That means that the old man is nothing more than a C-class or D-class hunter like himself.

‘I didn’t expect… … .’

In the first place, it was inevitable that they would come for a separate grade test because they were newbies or late-year D-levels.

“Then, Hunters, even if something dangerous happens, I, a B-class hunter, will step in, so don’t worry and attack the gate freely.”

Goo Dae-seong stepped forward, leaving behind the association staff who declared observation.

“Then… let’s all say our names and check the position first.”

Even at times like this, I had to raise my rating by serving as the party leader.

“I’m Goo Dae-seong. I’m a 10-year-old hunter and my job is a warrior. My main position is a dealer.”

“I’m Shin Tae-hun. I woke up this year, and I use a shield and a spear.

“I’m Shin Na-yeon, my younger sister~ I mainly use daggers, but these days I’m learning a bow too~”

It is said that they are beginners who have not yet found their aptitude. Goo Dae-seong carefully asked the question.

“Did you two go to school separately?”

Those who could not attend the Hunter Academy due to age restrictions tend to attend training centers run by veteran hunters.

It’s not systematic like an academy, but it’s more like a kind of academy.

“Me and my younger brother went to school for three months each.”

Totally newbie. Goo Dae-seong approached the old man because he did not expect it.

“Elderly. Elderly…”

“This old man is 5 years old and his name is Kang-Tae Oh.

The weapon is a gauntlet. He has less experience than his age.

Besides, it’s a glove… No matter how much a martial artist has a job, it must be difficult to overcome a lich that is pushed back compared to a sword or spear.

“Huh… Then, the last foreign worker there? Do you speak Korean?”


blonde guy… Leon stared blankly at Goo Dae-sung’s question for a while.

“Jim does not fight.”

“Uh… You say you fight well? Did you learn Korean in reverse?”

“You can’t use a dragon slaying knife to catch a chicken.”

I learned Korean strangely. Goo Dae-seong scratched his head as if embarrassed and decided on his position.

“Then… Mr. Taehun will be the tanker in the front line, and I and the elder man will be the main dealers.

While the hunters who entered the gate brought their own weapons, Leon had no weapon.

“Hey… foreign young man. Didn’t you bring your weapon?”

weird. Even the association would lend me some weapons.

“Hey handsome brother? May I borrow your weapon?”

At that time, Shin Na-yeon, who was holding a dagger and a bow, cautiously invited her. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at Leon, whose atmosphere seemed to transcend humanity somewhere.

“Which would you like to use, a dagger or a bow? Ah, my main focus is a dagger… Would you like to use a bow here? Do you know how to shoot a bow?”

Shin Na-yeon handing over a bow. It is a new product that is called smart bow, which is hot these days, and has automatic aiming and tension control.

“Are you going to use it for the king?”

“Yeah~ You can write it all down and return it.”

Leon stared blankly at the bow given to him. As if I heard something I couldn’t hear.

Then, as if he had been insulted, he frowned and threw the handed bow to the floor.

“Ouch! My bow!”

“Hey, what are you doing!”

Shin Tae-hoon gets angry when his younger brother’s bow is thrown to the floor. However, the King of Knights was equally angry at being insulted.

Of course, the reason for that anger is something lowly commoners can’t understand.

“Knights do not use cowardly ranged weapons.”

I’ll be thrilled

Goo Dae-sung touched his forehead.

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