The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 151: The youngest great devil

The gate opened inside the cave.

“Fortunately, it’s out of sight of them.”

“The last time I came, this is the place I prepared in case I come back.”

“I really wonder what it would have been like if it wasn’t for you.”

Leon, relieved, looked around the devastated territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter.

“It’s worthwhile to thoroughly destroy it.”

When I came here last time with the Korea-Japan combined raiding party, I raided the surrounding villages and thoroughly destroyed the surroundings while taking the devil followers as prisoners.

Thanks to this, it seems that new villages are not being built and demons are not resident.


At that time, a group of demons appeared vaguely in Leon’s field of vision. Even with his superhuman vision, at this level, it must be about 5 to 60 km away.

“There are no demons.”

“Are they the ones who came to settle the territory?”

“Maybe so. Viche, look at this rather than that.”

Leon took out the dagger from his waistband and showed it.

“The dagger of Lord Vulcanus…”

His ceremonial dagger, a knight of war and flame, was stirring a faint ember.

“It’s a phenomenon of resonance between star iron arms and holy power. It’s something that happens with weapons that have built a long relationship. That dagger has a pretty… special relationship with Sir Vulcanus.”

“Does that mean there is Lord Vulcan nearby?”

At that, Leon shook his head.

“At the level of a Holy Grail Knight, you can express your presence even across continents. If it’s Lord Vulcan, it will resonate even on the other side of the planet.”

Therefore, this alone cannot be certain that Vulcan is nearby.

“But if you get close, this dagger could be a milestone.”

“Okay, but that’s enough. To find the coordinates within the gate.”

Beatrice intended to open the gate to the coordinates of Vulcanus in this demon realm.

Just like Sir Antoc and Space Leap, avoiding the Lord of Wisdom at the gate of the previous Lionheart Kingdom.

“I think it will take some time until we find the coordinates. Could you wait for us here as a base?”

“Then Jim will take a look around and come back. There’s something to check.”

“Before that, Your Majesty. There’s something I need to do.”


There was a light touch.

The touch of your fingers at a distance where your breath touches.

The magic power contained in the queen’s white fingers touches Leon’s forehead.

The fingers touching his forehead were pleasantly soft.

“The veil of illusion, cover the light.”

A whispering voice tickled Leon’s ears.

There is magic in the voice, and every action will have a special meaning, especially for a magician.

Although it was just a tickling time for Leon, who is not a magician.

“It’s done.”

After the exchange, which was a bit regrettable, ended, Beatrice smiled.

“I hid your majesty’s holy power. It’s a small camouflage that can be solved by taking out the holy relic or using the holy law.”

“is it.”

Beatrice’s eyebrows rose at Leon’s short-answer question.

“Are you sorry?”

Leon smiled at her provocative eye smile, knowing his own charm better than anyone else, and raised his hand in surrender.

“A man who is not sorry for the temptation of a beautiful person like you is a man without a heart.”

“Your Majesty is accustomed to the words that please the lady.”

“Isn’t that a virtue of court life?”

Beatrice sincerely sympathized with those words. After all, the royal family is the center of the social world.

“Please be careful and act on what I warned you about. This place is in the middle of enemy territory. You can open the gate and retreat if necessary, but they will buy their guard.”

“I know. I will not use the Holy Relics and the Holy Law.”

After saying that, Leon left the cave and looked around.

‘There is no other movement around here.’

Even if it was a territory of demons, the surroundings were mercilessly destroyed and the land area was not normal.

I’m not sure about the real estate situation of the demons, but due to the nature of the species, the number of individuals shouldn’t be very large.

At least around this cave it’s safe. Beatrice had chosen the coordinates very well.

‘She’s a wise woman.’

Since childhood, Leon himself has steadily studied and accumulated knowledge as the son of a grand duke, as an attendant of the goddess, and as the chosen Lionheart, but his wisdom was not comparable to Yacht Spinner or Beatrice.

Lion Heart King is not a civil servant, but a military commander. Its position is close to that of a noble knight and the final weapon of the kingdom.

‘Castile was a wise woman too. It helped me a lot.’


Then, the voice of the goddess whispered to Leon. Leon shook his head.

“Don’t say that. It’s not the time yet.”

A voice uttered, “That’s how you always pass on the advice of your goddess.”

Isn’t that more like something else than advice, thought Leon.


Leon looked all around the cave and stared at the ruined wilderness beyond.

tens of kilometers from this point. A group of people are doing suspicious work in a ruined village.

If there is a living being, that group is the only one.

* * * *

The territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter was ruined and Akasha disappeared.

It would have been natural for her to disappear after being captured by them, but there was a need to deal with it anyway.

However, no one tried to rectify the ruins of the Grand Duke’s territory.

-Me? why?

-Do I go in there because I’m crazy? What if they open the gate again!

-Ah, I’m busy with work… … .

The demons were shocked by the fact that they had been invaded for the first time in history, and were even more shocked that the invader was Lionheart Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

-crazy. Lionheart Why is that bastard here?

-Dae, did you catch and kill the grand duke? Uh, when are you coming back?

– Aaaagh! We are all dead!

They were demons who had invaded the Lionheart Kingdom.

Before the last Demon Gate was destroyed, they barely survived and managed to escape, and they were traumatized by Lionheart and the Holy Grail Knights.

And it’s not just the demons that invaded your world that have trauma.

– Up to the Magician Queen? Beatrice, that witch bitch is here?

-Oh, it hurts… Hair, body, leather… ! teeth!

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

The demonic nature of corruption marked by the demons of pleasure and corruption. A being born of coquetry.

In order to corrupt the magician queen and awaken her as a corrupt lord, the grand duke of the devil, Quay, and the great devil, Androgyn, have been plotting for a hundred years.

Even before that, the Magician Queen was famous.

Wasn’t he the one who set up a plan to plant ‘trauma’ in order to stop the immortal demons from coming back?

Thanks to this, all the demons who died of shock in the torture that only gave pain were afraid of the magician queen.

One was a destroyer who consumed the soul itself, and the other was a witch who inflicted pain on the soul.

To the demons who have dealt with many strong people, those two are toxic fears.

Anyway, back to the main point.

‘No one’s taking over!’

No great demon is in charge of rectifying the ruined land of Akasha, Grand Duke of Slaughter.

The Great Demon of Wisdom and Inquiry gnashed his teeth at the surrounding Great Demons shaking hands at the meeting.

These were the conspirators who would have set out to take over the Grand Duchy, where countless treasures would remain even if they had been plundered normally.

However, there is only one thing they do not enter the Grand Duchy.

It was because they feared the return of the Lion Heart King and the Magician Queen.

Isn’t it Oba?

Not logically either.

Earth’s united raid team opened the gate and entered the territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter.

That means the coordinates here have been exposed.

If you stay near coordinates that have already been exposed once, you will be the first target.

Of course, the demons did not think of entering the Grand Duchy, and even the demons in the surrounding territories chose to evacuate.

At one time, the territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter and its surroundings, which had renewed super-high prices even in the Pandemonium, were ruined due to a series of real estate collapses.

In this atmosphere, someone has to deal with the Grand Duchy. At least they needed a facility to send a signal if they invaded in earnest later.

[Hey youngest.]


A senior great devil looking at himself during magic communication. The jet-black wings fluttering in his shadow are the majesty of the Great Demon of Wisdom itself.

However, apart from such dignity, the great devil of wisdom called ‘the youngest’ sweated profusely.

[Let’s do well?]


Wherever you go, the lowest part is the one in charge of chores.

“Move quickly!”

The Goblin Archdemon of Wisdom, Gob, urged the half-man, half-demon with a whip.

“We’ll complete the restoration of this area today!”

The territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter was wide and rich, but it was destroyed as if a swarm of locusts had passed by.

“Aagh! Pollution level 85%! I can’t stand it!”

“This, these heavenly wrathful bastards…! They poured holy power on the ground and left!”

For demons, holy power is the power of superlative nature. The traces of the Holy Law spread by the Knights, including Leon, contaminated the territory of the Demon Realm.

“Three, my God…! The grass! The grass is growing!”

“Unbelievable! Such a terrible…!”

The demon followers are horrified as if they are seeing a deformed plant contaminated with radiation.

To them, green vegetation is no different from humans facing radioactive contamination.

“Gather the soil stained with holy power in one place!”

Gob ordered his slaves to collect the soil stained with holy power in one place.

“Lord, Master… What are you going to do by gathering all this terrible dirt in one place…”

“Everything is useful!”

Gob used the power of mystical magic to extract holy power from the soil. Then, the condensed holy power flocked to his staff.

“Master, what is that wand?”

“Haha! This is what I’ve been collecting holy power for 250 years.”

“Dae, why the hell would you do such a thing?”

stupid stuff. You don’t even know how useful the holy power is.

This is why he is the ultimate devil and those idiots are half-horse braggarts.

Gob made the slaves work and headed to his office.

But why? strangely irritable

It’s not just because of coming to a purified land that is no different from radioactive contamination to the devil.

Monga… monga is anxious Why? Strangely enough, his survival instinct was warning him.

‘It’s strange. Monga is strange!’

It was an illogical thought for being the great devil of wisdom and inquiry, but it was his own instinct that survived even the lion heart king.

Gove passed the time in his makeshift office looking through the materials of the destroyed village.

‘Come to think of it, I forgot to check the current status of the Earth.’

The Jewel of Wisdom is the demons’ arrangement to summon the Great Demon through a dimensional invasion. However, the former person in charge of the Jewel of Wisdom abandoned his duties and ran away when he sensed Leon’s appearance.

Thanks to that, Gob, who had time to spare, took on the job, but… … .

‘Bastard Raynald. No matter what I order, everything is strangely twisted!’

Gob was insecure and forbade Reynald to even go to Korea. If the Jewel of Wisdom were to be cut off by the Lion Heart King’s sword, even the person whose soul was connected would be cut off.

Recently, due to unexpected work, I have been unable to contact him, but as soon as I return, I will check the location of the Lion Heart King in real time and warn him.

When the night comes like that–

– Whoops!

A groan heard somewhere. Gob got out of bed not knowing what it meant.


When I came out into the hallway, I felt no presence. Only faint moonlight illuminates the corridors of the ruined building.

There, Gob found the slaves feeling strange.

‘It’s strange. Weird… … .’

Why are there no people like this? Even if you say you have time to rest, the slaves are busy working… … .

– Siik

It was then. Gob realized that something was wrong with the barrier he had created. A movement so quiet that an ordinary archetype would not have noticed.

However, it was a momentary sense of incongruity that he could feel because he was a goblin whose survival instinct had reached its peak.

‘Mo, Monga… .’

Gob sensed that his survival warning had reached its peak. It’s illogical, but he always saved himself.

‘There is! there is! Something’s behind me!’

Some eyes were staring at him.

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