The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 152: Gob, the Great Demon of Wisdom

eyes are felt

Gob felt someone had his back.

‘The barrier must have been spread… !’

It is the barrier opened by the archevil of wisdom and exploration. In order to infiltrate through this, you must be at least a Great Devil of the same level as yourself——

‘No! No! Trust my intuition!’

Gob walked down the aisle slowly, not unnaturally.

A hallway without a single light looks long like a distorted boundary. The chilly aura that I felt with every step I took made my spine tingle.

‘There is! An assassin of considerable skill!’

The world of demons seems to be unified at first glance, but in reality, they are struggling to bring each other down.

Depending on the lineage, the race of origin, and who is the senior, the hell itself is full of conspiracy tricks.

Gob, who is also from Goblin and is the last of the last of the last demons of wisdom, was often challenged by even the highest demons, saying, ‘If that’s enough, I’ll be able to beat him.’

‘The one who came to assassinate me!’

It is not unnatural for Gove to come to this conclusion. Rather, it was Gob who had been challenged many times.

Then who are you? Senior Archdemon trying to rob his papers?

The great demon of slaughter, which was admired by the rise of goblins as great demons?

Are they high-ranking demons of wisdom who want to take my place once I get rid of them!

“Kiki kit…!”

But it doesn’t matter. Gob put the situation together in an instant and smiled meanly.

“You’re not the first assassin to come kill me. And you won’t be the last.”

Gob, the great demon of wisdom. With a majestic voice, he extended his wand to the assassin behind him.

“Holy power! Swallow my enemies!!”

In an instant, the staff hurled a fierce light. A radioactive ray that melts demons just by touching them!

go! Holy Power Cannon!

Gob, who had dealt with numerous rivals with this power, expected that the assassin behind his back would have melted away.



However, contrary to expectations, an assassin who is so fine. He tilted his head and stared at Gob.

“You bastard…”


It was a trauma. The soul slayers feared by all demons.

The knights of the gods who do not allow immortality, whether they are lower demons or major demons… Even if it is a monarch, it will be annihilated regardless.

“You lowly green beast! Did you think you would live even if you ran away? I swear by the king that I will rip off your snout and kill you!”

Gob remembers. memories of that terrible past.

‘Lord, die!’

The moment Gob felt his death——

“Using holy power… wasn’t it a goblin?”


Gob noticed the situation quickly turned to Leon’s questionable attitude.

Convinced that he was a demon assassin, he fired the Holy Power Cannon.

For Leon, it would have been dismissed as an existence that uses holy power in the middle of the demon realm.

then… !

“Are you a savior?”

“……How could the original king be your savior?”

Alright, you’re not putting the knife first. There is hope for this!

“That’s a legend passed down in our tribe! They said that a knight of the goddess would come to save us from suffering!”

“…talk about it.”

The white goblin in front of Leon denounced the legend that was desperately created.

While the goblin tribe, who are enslaved by the orcs and are forced to live a life of slavery by demons, one day a savior will come to free them.

The story was plausible. I was puzzled that goblins worshiped a god.

Leon asked.

“So, what’s your god’s name?”

“No, I’m going to sit down!”

“…that’s a very strange name.”

“Well, the language of our tribe is twisted!”

Gob tried to appeal as much as possible that he was a cleric from another dimension. An intentionally twisted name is an example of that.

But Leon was not easy.

“Recite the decree of the god you believe in.”

Let’s take a moment here to introduce Gob.

He was an exceptionally wise and inquisitive mutant in a race of goblins that the entire race regarded as stupid and cunning.

Truly one of the greatest geniuses in the entire history of the race. No, a unique mutation.

On top of that, after awakening as the Great Devil, the wisdom and insight he had accumulated over 200 years played a decisive role in helping him survive in this world of the weak.

In that moment of instantaneous moment, it’s about creating a code that doesn’t exist and reciting it. If you overheat your head, you can do anything!

“Hmm. I can’t believe there is another believer in this filthy land.”

Leon inferred that this goblin-like creature might be a follower brought from another dimension.

Surprisingly, his personality without prejudice brought about this misunderstanding.

Otherwise, how could this thing that looked like a lowly beast use holy power?

“But, how are you, Gobla, in a place like this?”

Leon called him by the pseudonym Gob had given him.

“When I prayed to Mr. Rjak-sit-bool-heh-nim, he said that a nobleman would come to this place! So he took a risk and came here like this!”


Leon was increasingly drawn to the words of this goblin-looking priest.

Even though they are believers of different faiths, I never thought there would be such clear and upright believers in this savage land!

Not denying Yahweh, Buddha, or Allah even on Earth, he tolerated faith in another dimension.

“It’s dangerous here. Honey, go with Jim.”

“Old? It’s okay—”

“Haha, don’t be burdened. There are many things I want to know about you tribe.”

Gob sensed that he could not refuse Leon’s proposal with a smile, given the setting he had created.

‘Say, save me!’

want to go home.

* * * *

On the way back to the cave, Leon said.

“Anyway, you remind me of someone I know.”

“Old? What do you mean by that…”

“In the past, there is a goblin that Jim tried to tear out his mouth and kill.”

– Hot!

“That lowly green beast was a man with a soft tongue and a cunning disposition. I’m sorry to compare it to something like this.”

“Oh, no!”

Whoa, Gob let out a sigh of relief. The last time I met Leon was 230 years ago, around the time of his awakening as the Great Devil.

After that, even during the Lionheart invasion, Gob unconditionally applied for a distant attachment to Lionheart, and as soon as he heard the news that the Lord of Wisdom had died, he quickly fled to the Demon Gate.

‘At that time, because my mouth was torn by this bastard, I can only make short sounds with my tongue even now!’

Another fortunate thing is that there is a big difference between Gob then and now.

Gob, an excellent wizard with white skin through demonization, created an artifact that hides his demonic energy.

He had saved his life by meaninglessly carrying around a special product he had made for Raynald Schellman.

“You’re here. Um? Your Majesty?”

Beatrice’s gaze turned to the white goblin Leon had brought.

“They say he’s the priest of the rooster.”

“Are you sitting down?”

Aren’t you a goblin? Beatrice tilted her head as she looked at the white goblin Leon had gladly brought.

“My name is Gob! Dear nobles! I will serve you wholeheartedly!”

Gove took care of the two with all his might and took on the role of attendant.

Intermittently, Leon, Beatrice, and Gob asked for stories about their faith and tribe, and each time, they somehow dealt with it with spirited adlibs.

“By the way, doesn’t your god show himself?”

“Yes, old! You are the one who wants to mature through trials rather than directly helping!”

“I see. There are certainly not a few divinities of that type. Does the chaos of your holy power represent that divinity?”

The decisive reason why Leon and Beatrice do not suspect Gob.

It was thanks to the holy power contained in Gob’s staff.

After a long study, all kinds of holy power were entangled and absorbed into one, and Leon had become a holy power that could not be identified.

In the process, her body, which had become accustomed to holy power, was able to avoid doubt even more.

‘I thought I was falling behind every time I researched holy power, but I really did well!’

Who would have known that research to defeat competitors targeting him would lead to such results.

Long live the great and wise Gob Archdemon!

“No! No! I’ve prepared a meal for you two here!”

“Damn it! I’ve prepared the bed! Have a good rest!”

Gob offered himself as their servant in order to avoid suspicion and buy favor.

I never thought it would be so helpful to study Lionheart Kingdom etiquette to become the king of the goblins!

“The more you look at it, the more amazing it is. Being in a different dimension far away is such a great way of etiquette.”

“I wonder if it’s a Manryu noble species? Thanks to you, I’m living comfortably.”

“No! Hehe…”

I, the greatest genius of the goblin race, as the archevil of wisdom and exploration, with infinite knowledge, I am praised as a servant!

Gob wanted to bite his tongue right away, but his desire to survive forced him to be superhumanly patient.

three days like that

Prowling around the cave, Gove noticed a cavalry of two-wheelers raising a cloud of dust, like something out of an end-of-the-century movie.

“at las…!”

They are the Goblin Mad Max Cavalry. It was a bodyguard that he had raised with great care.

He must have come looking for him since he lost contact with the Territory Reconnaissance Unit annihilated three days ago!

‘Excellent puppies! I live now… me?’

for a moment. Can you live on your own just because they’re coming?

Gob recalled the maximum speed of the cavalry and the maximum speed of Leon he remembered from the past.

‘That bastard… Even if I rode a wyvern and ran away, it was a crazy bastard who chased after me with my bare body!’

When I thought of the madman who had been chasing after me and running to rip my jaw, I felt chills all over my body.

right then–

“Gobla! Come on!”

Leon’s voice came from inside. I hurriedly entered the cave in case Leon found me and my bodyguards.

“You’re here.”

Beatrice was waiting there with the swinging gate open.

‘I just found the coordinates!’

It was something I realized after watching for three days that their purpose was to find a place in the demon realm.

Finding it in such good time! Hurry up and disappear into the gate!

“Go, you’re going!”

“That’s right. I want to take you too.”

“Oh, no! It’s okay!”

Are you crazy and follow me there? Gob waved his hand and struggled to refuse.

“I didn’t expect to meet another faith like you in a place like this.

“It’s Ma-chan’s guidance!”

“Yes, it must be the guidance of that god.”

Leon tapped Gob on the shoulder and said.

“Jim will return here one day. He will come back and tear apart the filthy, filthy bastards.”

wait until then

It was a word of encouragement from Leon, but it was a shocking curse to Gob.

‘Ojitaste! It tastes really good!’

Please, where do you go and do a guest house? To the earnest Gob, Leon had to make a declaration like a heavenly army.

“It’s too bad we’re parting like this. Jim will give you a blessing. Give me that wand.”



In other words, it is the sound of granting some kind of blessing with holy power.

An ordinary human being would have to bow down and take it as a lifetime honor, but it worked completely differently for the devil.

Blessings imbued with holy power are like the ultimate curse to the devil! Leon said he would throw a radioactive fuel rod into Gob’s mouth.

‘Oh, if I refuse, I’ll be damned!’

But now it is impossible to refuse. If you refuse here, you will be suspicious, and this Lion Heart King will have enough to tear himself limb from limb before he crosses the gate.

“Ah, thank you…”

“Haha, I knew that.”

With trembling hands, Gob handed over the staff that had been with him for 250 years.

“Goddess of light.”

A blessing falls on the staff in Leon’s hand. Blessings from someone at the level of the Lion Heart King are literally no different from a blessing from a god.

‘Hello wand… … .’

No matter how much holy power he had been accumulating, it was always accumulated inside the wand.

But now, with Leon’s blessing, the staff that became a sacred object no longer resembles a devil’s staff.

“Come on, take it. If you do this, it will be a considerable force in this polluted land.”


You want me to hold that radioactive lump in your hand? do you mean die?

Gob shook his head with the utmost restraint.

“Lungs, lungs…! Come to think of it, I want to give this staff to His Majesty!”

“What? Why?”

“With Your Majesty’s blessing, it has become a very prominent item in this land!”

At those words, Leon also felt sorry for him. Why didn’t he use the sex method until he created the gate?

To avoid being noticed by demons. But now, since he had a staff he had blessed himself with, it was no longer something that Gob could easily carry around.

“Jim made a mistake.”


Gob would rather have Leon take the wand. If you dump such a concentrated holy relic on this land, the land will be polluted endlessly.

And that will be the responsibility of the one who was sent to clear this land.

“Jim will take this wand.”

‘It’s done!’

It was time for Gob to sing the joy of relief.

“Instead, I’ll give you a blessing.”


There is still one step left.

Leon put his hand on Gob’s head. he says with a benevolent smile.

“Do not refuse, my friend.”

The next moment, Gob was blessed by Leon’s hand. His sincere blessing, which was in line with the Great Sacred Law, was Leon’s sincere protection. But–


Gob, whose brain was being ripened by holy power, desperately swallowed the boiling foam.

The reddened face and trembling body look like a frog corpse undergoing an electrode experiment.

“Hahaha, are you happy?”

‘This, a bird that’s more devilish than this devil!!’

Leon’s blessing continued for about 30 seconds.

* * * *

The goblin cavalry found the light leaking from the cave and rushed into it.


“There is a POS!”

Loyal goblin riders spotted Gob walking out of the cave, only to be struck back by the terrifying aura that emanated from him.

“Pos, Poss!”

“What the hell happened!”

Gob had a terrible look.

The whole body was cooked bright red, and the smoke boiling from the top of the head made one wonder if it was still alive.

If Gob hadn’t been able to resist to a certain extent because he was studying his holy power, he might have really died.


The guards shed tears as they saw him limp all over.

“What kind of things do you miss our kisses!?”

At those words, Gob exclaimed in amazement.

“Oh no! Absolutely not!”

The cavalry commander nodded at his attitude.

“Shouldn’t it be cooked?”

“If you attack, we’ll die! Never think about fighting, just jump like this! Never provoke them!”


The cavalry looked at them with puzzled eyes, but Gob knew.

If they attack like this, they will be massacred!

how long has it been like that? Gob sighed as he realized that there was no sense of presence in the cave.


Gob gasped and headed into the cave. The two disappeared before they knew it.

“Pos! What is this?”

“They leaped into the gate! Gone good! Hahahaha!”


The cavalry commander gave his opinion while snooping around as if wondering.

“If you jumped to the gate, wouldn’t Poss be able to chase you? Shall we chase you?”

Gob screamed in disgust at the words of the cavalry commander.

“Crazy! Just pretended not to know! We didn’t see anything, did we?”


“Think about it! What will happen if we report this to the top! They will definitely tell us to go after them! If that happens, both you and I will lose our lives!”

Gob is a survivor. He never does anything that puts his life at risk.

Especially when it comes to Lionheart, he has precise convictions.

“It’s best not to just have a relationship! Did you know?!”


After that, Gob quickly boarded one of the SS’s motorcycles.

“Let’s go now! Everything that happened today should be treated as nothing!”

“”yes! Poss!!””

the sun goes down

The direction the motorcycle disappears. The goblin cavalry roared through the exhaust.

‘Poem, sitpal…’ I survived today… … .’

It was autumn.

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