The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 153: Lion Heart King’s Agent

Beyond the space where Beatrice jumped after searching for the coordinates was a pure white ‘glacier’.


Huge ice from the ground underfoot to the horizon. A vast glacier spreads as if the entire continent was frozen.

“It’s amazing. It’s like a land of ice…”

“Isn’t it cold?”

Leon was worried about Beatrice during the unusual chill.

“It’s okay. If you raise your body temperature with magic—”

Beatrice used magic to raise her body temperature, but realized that the effect was less than expected.

“Magic… There are restrictions on the operation of magical power. The consumption rate has increased, and the effect has decreased.”

“It’s the same with Jim. Relics don’t summon. The Holy Law doesn’t unfold properly.”

The look on Beatrice’s expression was disappointing. Unlike his own magic, Leon’s holy law is a different level of power.

A restriction that blocks even that power? What kind of space is this place that can do this?

“Don’t get me wrong. The sex method itself can be used if you want to.

“It’s good. First of all… Shall we go back? I can open the gate once if I add all my mana.”

“No, nothing will change even if you go back. The power to freeze this space is a powerful force that conforms to the Holy Law. It’s not something that can be overcome by wearing a coat.”

In other words, this place must take this penalty and explore it.

“Biche, you don’t use any magic and keep it intact. In case you need to open the gate.”

“I guess so. More than that, Your Majesty…”

Beatrice showed Vulcan’s ceremonial dagger she had in order to open the gate.

The old dagger is burning more vividly than before. The lava-like flames flowing from the inside slowly reveal themselves.

“We’re getting closer to Lord Vulcan. His dagger will be a milestone leading us.”

Leon received the dagger from Beatrice and started walking on the glacial continent.

* * * *

The glacial continent gave the two various penalties.

There are not many things the two can do in the characteristic of ‘freezing time and space’. I had no choice but to walk aimlessly in the direction of Vulcan’s ceremonial dagger.

However, it is not only the cold ice continent that bothers the two.

“It’s an ice storm.”

Beatrice clicked her tongue at the blizzard she had already encountered several times.

This glacial continent is trying to destroy all living things with endless abnormal weather.


Even without direct contact, the chill penetrated deep into the bones. Only a handful of superhumans can survive here.


“Are you okay?”

“Yeah… But, we’ll have to dodge in a hurry. I’m sorry.”

“It was Jim who sealed your magic. Don’t blame yourself.”

Beatrice, who sealed her magic to preserve her magical power, is no different from an ordinary woman.

“For now, avoid the ice storm.”

turn around and go back It is not even easy to walk on the land of frozen glaciers. Is it any consolation that it doesn’t slide well because the snow is piled up?

But every time I walked, my eyes locked up to my ankles. By the time she reached Beatrice, her knees were locked and she couldn’t move.

“Forgive me for the rudeness.”

“your majesty…?!”

Leon picks up her and walks away. Her purple eyes widened in surprise, but Leon didn’t care.

“It’s an emergency. I want you to bear with it.”

“It’s me… It’s okay, but Your Majesty…”

Of course, just because Leon hugged a woman wasn’t enough to worry about his stamina.

“You are as light as a feather to worry about Jim.”

“Hehe, isn’t this an obvious story for a woman?”

“Oops. Did Jim’s remark sound like a pretense?”

Beatrice gave herself into Leon’s arms with a wide smile.

“No, I’m light.”

“Haha. You’re surprisingly calm about saying shameless things.”

“It’s a logical fact.”

Two people flirting more than usual. In such a harsh environment, you instinctively know that having a companion is comforting.

“If I had known this would happen, I would have brought him at least.”

“Because Ms. Hari’s talent is outstanding.”

Of course, what Hari can do, Leon can do better. However, in order to minimize the consumption of holy power, he needed someone who would consume the holy power instead of Leon.

“He’s very talented. It’s a rare case when he’s favored by two gods.”

“If you become the new Holy Grail Knight in the Pantheon, will you be Miss Hari or Miss Soyeon?”

Beatrice asks a question she has been curious about.

All of the Holy Grail Knights in the Pantheon are survivors.

Not to mention Leon, himself and Yaphie are survivors whose karma they have accumulated so far is enough to call themselves heroes.

But Leon needed more Holy Grail Knights. The number of Holy Grail Knights seen at the gate of the Lionheart Kingdom is not even half of the Lionheart in its heyday.

“Hmm… Both of them are talented enough to be Holy Grail Knights.”

“Do you rate it highly?”

“There are talented people everywhere. But few actually achieve it.”

Talent as a Holy Grail Knight. Their talents are few and far between, but those who are recognized as Holy Grail Knights are even more rare.

“The Holy Grail Knight is not a position that can only be reached through talent. Strength and talent… may be irrelevant.”

Leon remembered the oldest Holy Grail Knight.

An old knight who was noble and faithful. The faith and trust he protected until the end eventually made him a knight of the goddess.

“Sir Zereah…”

As Leon was about to recall his memories, the sound of light breathing rose up through his chest.

Beatrice, who had fallen asleep soundly, looked exhausted in many ways.

“I must hurry.”

After fixing the sleeping Beatrice, Leon hurriedly started walking on the ice continent.

* * * *

The mass occurrence of gates spread rapidly enough to be realized not only by associations and hunter guilds, but also by civilians.

– A gate appeared in front of my crazy house.

-What color is it?


– No big deal. It’s orange.

-I live in LA, but it’s crazy here too. The National Guard went all out and went wild.

-I came on a trip to Turkey, but it was closed because there was a gate in the middle of the tourist attraction… … .

Gates are popping up all over the world, not just in Korea. It felt like a precursor to something.

“No, why is there a gate in the middle of the sea!”

“Isn’t that the Dragon Palace?!”

At the gate that appeared off the coast of Mokpo, the Coast Guard’s patrol ships went into an emergency.

The fishermen were returned early and a warning was issued to the shipyard.

“Isn’t Yonggung the first priority to be cleared? After that dungeon break, this side of the sea will die!”

“It’s been such an uproar all over the country right now, but if the raid team is to be dispatched…”

3009 Captain Oh Gyeong-jeong stomped his feet and stared at the gate that appeared on the surface of the water.

In a situation where the raid team is short of hands right now, is there a raid team that can clear the already tricky dragon palace gate?

“Huh? Oh Sergeant! Look at the radar!”

It was then. The Coast Guard, who was checking the radar of the guard ship, reported to him.

“We’ve seen a lot of movement on our radar! A Chinese fishing boat… no, it’s coming from the direction of Mokpo!”


Are they guard ships? No, the size observed by the radar is too small and too large for that.

“Distance 100! 90! 70! No, what’s so fast?!”

astonished coast guards. Observed by radar, they are approaching ship 3009 at a speed faster than that of a speedboat!

“Chu, collision?”

“Arm ready!”

At the command of the captain, the 3009 ship’s 40mm twin-firing guns and 20mm Vulcans headed in that direction. But there are no traps on the surface. In other words, it is a submersible… … .

‘Are submersibles of this size operating on a large scale in the middle of Korea? Is it North Korea?’

But how can a North Korean submarine come all the way to the waters off Mokpo? on such a large scale.

It is said that there is no information from North Korea lately, but is there any reason to launch such a sudden offensive?

“Captain! Permission to fire…!”

In the midst of an urgent situation, Oh Gyeong-jeong tried to give an attack order. But then something flashed through the mind of Oh.

“Bar, stop firing! Get your hands off these guys!”

Almost simultaneously with Oh’s urgent voice. Something came up on the surface.

It was a mini submersible. It weighs 500 tons, similar to the Korean Navy’s Dolphin-class infiltrating submersible, which has evaded about 10 people.


The hatch of the submersible opens and what emerges is a familiar mascot in Mokpo. They are of the Krashatria tribe.

Fully armed with large claws and distinctive ‘cannon armor’, the Kikkiruk warrior saluted in a human way and asked how they were doing.

-Kick! Messy look! Squeaky look!

The warrior’s words were transmitted in real time to the interpreter machine.

“I’m Greymion Andrew Maximus Kligent, a high-ranking warrior belonging to the 1st Assault Landing Squadron.”

“Uh, mo, Captain Oh Kang-tae of ship 3009 belonging to the Mokpo Coast Guard.”

After confirming each other’s affiliations, the warrior said.

“The enemy force along the coast of Mokpo is scheduled to be annihilated by this unit. It is dangerous, so it is recommended to withdraw from the operational area.”

“That, it can’t be! This is our sea, so we… No, more than that, acting like this without maritime operational control…”

“Savior. Directly directed by Sir Yacht Spinner. Permission taken from the Hunter Association. I am also the Hunter Association Official Hunter. No legal issues.”

It’s real. His colorful and dignified name and official certification as a B-class hunter were embedded in the hunter layer shown by the Kikkiruk warrior.

“Keuheum…! Then, this ship will go on a mission to return the fishing boats that have not yet evacuated. Gree… Immion, a senior warrior, please clear the dragon palace gate.”

“No problem.”

Then, the Kikkiruk warrior enters the submersible again. Dozens of submersibles that had stopped are starting to move again.

“Whoa… when did you make something like that?”

“I almost shot myself.”

It was at that time that the Coast Guard breathed a sigh of relief.


A huge wave hit the 3009 ship. It was a wave big enough to shake a 3,000-ton medium ship.

“What, what!?”

“What’s gone down there?!”

It took some time for them to realize their true identity.

* * * *

The Korean Hunter Association issued a general mobilization order.

Everyone knew the reason why the Hunter Association, which had noticed that it could not interfere with the usual private guild, urgently called the 10th guild.

“A riot is not an ordinary riot.”

Hwang Geum-cheol, the head of the Golden Lion Guild, gave an eyewitness testimony of the gate he had seen.

“I heard there are two gates in Bundang alone. Who catches them?”

“The auction hasn’t started yet, but the process is complicated.”

He came by helicopter, but it was Lee Yong-wan who confirmed that the nationwide uproar was not an ordinary one. The deputy guild leader, Hayuri, is even contemplating at the head office which gate to bid on first.

“Everyone is here.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association who called the 10 guilds, entered the room looking tired. Behind him, Yapi and Hari enter together.

-What is it, Lion Heart King and Magician Queen?

-Are you away?

-Aren’t you attacking another gate?

Needless to say, the face madam of the pantheon was Leon. Sometimes, when Leon was busy, Beatrice took over.

But the two are invisible and what kind of robot takes their place? Everyone was surprised by the appearance of Yapi, who had been out of touch in public places until now.

And there are people who feel good about such a yappy calmly occupying a seat at the round table.

“No matter how multicultural they are, do we have to treat machines as human beings?”

“Senior Kim Jin-cheol!”

Jincheol Kim of the Shark Guild. He was the largest and most dangerous-looking man in this place, his entire body covered in tattoos.

A former thug, unlike other relatively decent guild leaders, he is unstoppable in his actions.

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, would not have brought him to the place where Kim Jin-cheol was if Leon had existed.

We have to stop one person from dying.


However, despite Kim Jin-cheol’s booing, Yapi sat Hari in the seat instead and stood on top of him.

“Shoe, will you do this at meetings too?”

– Any complaints? organism?


Hari thought the yafi on top of her was like a monster from an old creature movie. A thriller that rides on a person’s head and controls the person’s brain.

-Stand upright, organism. Field of view level warning.


Harry sat up straight.

“Huh… that’s too much. I’m now an S-class hunter and a priestess who serves two gods…”

-This machine is the Holy Grail Knight. It is a supreme being above the law.

“No, Lord Yapi? Isn’t the Most High His Majesty?”

-Your Majesty now?

“……isn’t it?”

Yafi didn’t say anything more and slapped Hari on the cheek with a mechanical leg.

-Let’s do it well.


Lee Yong-wan, who watched the scene, thought.

‘… … The end of the human era has arrived.’

I realized that the terrifying killing machine could not be controlled without the Lionheart.

“These bastards are ignoring me now!”

bang! A man of enormous size rises from the round table. Kim Jin-chul walked toward Yapi and Hari with a stern expression.


Oh Kang-hyeok watches the scene. He sighs and pretends not to know.


Kim Jin-cheol, who seemed to see it as a tacit disregard, looked down at Yapi, who was riding on top of Hari’s head.

“I don’t know if it’s Cheongju’s killing machine or the pantheon’s Holy Grail Knight, but don’t talk wildly about machines in front of humans. Bring someone!”

“I-I’m a human too?”

Kim Jin-chul yelled at Hari who cautiously raised her hand.

“The association’s end is tight!”


Hari shrinks from the S-rank Hunter’s scolding. Looking at Hari like that, Yapi didn’t like something, so the camera eye shone red.

“Grandpa president of the association. Is it okay for a machine to come out in a place like this? Huh?”

“Sir Yacht Spinner is well qualified. His Majesty Lionheart has guaranteed it.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, secretly stared at Yapi. Yapi was obviously looking at Kim Jin-cheol.

“What do you think? About the machine.”

– Combining and considering conversational paragraphs suitable for the intellectual abilities of ancient organisms.


-Complete combination. Proper sentence completion.

Yapi’s eye emoticon was distorted in a savage way. Just like learning Kim Jin-cheol.

– Fucking bastard, you’re fucking stupid.

It was a problem even if I studied too well.

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