The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 154 Who threatened with a knife?

Yapi’s learning data comes from the vast big data of the Internet world.

Class system, social system, law, hierarchy… It infers the most suitable, rational, and logical results based on big data that can be said to be infinite.

Even in religious life it is the same.

If you set people on fire, they die. If you light a fire for trial, you recognize it as an irrational accident, but when an additional code called ‘divine’ is entered, it ignores even the laws of physics.

The next part is living with people, and even in this part, Yapi is surprisingly logical.

The Holy Grail Knights are above the law, and their authority is valid even in the earthly world.

The reason authority prevails is because the Holy Grail Knights are super strong.

Even in the world of Yapi, who came from a future world far more developed than this modern earth, no matter what modernization or civilized world, power is power.

Respect comes from authority, and authority comes from strength.

In that sense, the yapi is an apex predator that needs nothing to say in this earth’s ecosystem.

Wisdom means wisdom, knowledge means knowledge, and force means power. There is no point in comparing oneself with mere organisms.

There are even two more beings more powerful than you who have obtained the power of divinity in strong artificial intelligence, and those two are your ‘hinge’.

Yapi analyzed Kim Jin-cheol.

Guild leader of the Shark Guild, one of the top 10 guilds in Korea.

34 years old. 8 criminal convictions. Even now, he is a criminal himself who commits splendid crimes such as tax evasion, assault, harassment, and drugs.

The reason why he is respected as the guild leader of the top 10 Korean guilds is because he has more power than others and has social authority.

Wealth earned by going back and forth between legal and illegal businesses.

The power to receive protection by bribing political forces.

His own strength and a force capable of mobilizing two hundred high-ranking hunters.


You bastard, what are you doing to me?

It is inevitable that the machine can come to the conclusion that

Wealth? The wealth Kim Jin-cheol has earned throughout his life can be earned in a week by Yapi.

authority? Politicians related to Kim Jin-cheol can be socially buried right away.

force? It is also ridiculous to discuss force in front of the Holy Grail Knight.

No matter how much you think about it, this bastard isn’t in the class to mess with you, but he’s messing around.


Yapi understood. The growth process of Kim Jin-cheol and the character formed by it.

he is a thug It’s a knave. be a bully

I have lived in a world where strength is everything and I have to show off my strength.

Having lived in an uncivilized beast society, he is a pitiful two-legged beast who has no choice but to show off his existence by showing off his teeth to anyone he encounters.

A beast must have a conversation worthy of a beast. Yapi concluded.

– Fucking bastard, you’re fucking stupid.

Even looking at the number of cases, there is no such method.



The hall falls into silence.

Everyone blinked and doubted their ears in disbelief.

What did that mechanical robot say?

As a third party, what about Kim Jin-chul, whom he heard directly?

“you you…!”

Kim Jin-cheol’s face was blushing red, stunned by the absurd verbal abuse.

Yapi anticipates what a human figure like Kim Jin-cheol would do in this situation.

“You son of a bitch…!”

fist swinging. There was no armament, but if you are an S-class hunter, you can smash a tank with your bare body.

-Organism, stop it.


At Yapi’s words, Hari raised both arms to block Kim Jin-chul’s fist.

thud! With a terrifying sound, the waves of collision spread across the round table.

There is no one here who is surprised at the level of attack by S-rank hunters, but that is not why they admired them.

‘Did Han Ha-ri block Kim Jin-cheol’s attack?’

‘I heard that I grew up to S rank, was it true?’

After graduating from the academy, it was Han Hari, who had been employed by the association as an A-class hunter for only half a year. Is she blocking the attack of Kim Jin-cheol, an S-class hunter?

‘After the youngest A-class, she’s the youngest S-class.’

‘Is that tremendous growth thanks to the pantheon?’

It’s been a while since Han Ha-ri officially became an S-class hunter. But still, the level of experience is different from Kim Jin-cheol.

“What are you…!”

Kim Jin-cheol frowns when his attack is blocked by Hari, who was an A-rank hunter until recently. Harry shook his head desperately.

“Yes? Ah, no, Hunter Kim Jin-chul. I didn’t do that on purpose!”

-What is it? Are you listening to him now?

Then, the steel spider overhead tackled right away. The mechanical legs poking at my cheeks are stinging.

“That, that’s not it, Sir Yapi…”

Is it me or him? Seeing that question, of course I wanted to answer Sir Yapi, but she is an employee of the Association.

Public officials in public institutions needed to maintain a neutral attitude.

The target shifts to Hari, who is straining her eyes at her public position and private pressure.

“The blue kid! Shall we fight!”

“Me? Why? Why, why?!”

-Don’t be scared. you hit

“Sir Yapi please stay still!”

Kim Jin-cheol, who cannot back down due to pride, and Hari, the scarecrow agent of Yapi, who forces her to run with a rocket propulsion from behind, unintentionally raised their voices.

“You guys can’t shut up!”

The thunderous shout made Kim Jin-cheol and Hari flinch. Cheon Jin-soo, the optical swordsman of the New Swords Guild, was rolling his eyes.

“This is the bottom of the market! Raise your voice in front of grown-ups somewhere! Hey, Kim Jin-cheol! Is there something wrong with your head?!”

No matter how much he was a former gangster and the leader of a large guild, Kim Jin-cheol couldn’t stop from Cheon Jin-soo’s shouts.


Jincheol Kim sat down with a face full of dissatisfaction. Kim Jin-cheol pouts and babbles.

Cheon Jin-soo didn’t even say anything to Yapi. I was trying to be precise, but I was stopped by Oh Kang-hyeok’s whisper.

‘Sir Yapi says that this year, Spring and Autumn is one thousand and thirty-two years old.’

‘… … really?’


After all, I couldn’t help but pout at the fact that the far-away laughing adult was Yappy.

What does it mean to be 300 years old in this modern society, and what does it mean to be 1,000 years old… … .

“Kuhmm…! Anyway, since the Lion Heart King is absent, Sir Yacht Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith, is representing the Pantheon. He has enough rights to attend the meeting.”

So it was a solemn warning not to say more useless words.

“And there is nothing more to say about this situation.”

Even though they summoned the 10th guild, the conclusion was obvious.

Nationwide… No, mobilize all hunters to respond to the simultaneous appearance of gates bursting on a global scale.

“Operational control will be led by our association, which is a government agency. Gate auctions and loot acquisition processes are also ignored for a quick attack.”

In other words, it was said that someone would waste time bidding to attack a more valuable gate or ban the mining of magic stones.

If you consider that Hyundai Gate’s attack is money-consuming, it’s a big deal.

“No, if you attack that many gates quickly without acquiring loot…”

Lee Yong-wan expressed his regret that he was greedy for money, but he did not come out too strongly. However, there were also voices that actively opposed it.

“Sounds funny! I have to earn money to feed the kids and pay their salaries!!”

Kim Jin-cheol of the Shark Guild, who is a thorough mammonist right now.

“Um~ You know our kids’ ransoms are expensive, right? You’ll need to bring something to send healers.”

Sooah Yoon from Joowon Medical. Park Jong-soo of the Mujin Guild follows.

“It’s impossible. We are definitely a private guild. There’s no reason to be commanded by the government. At least we should leave the operational control to each other.”

Even Kang Jin-seong of the Cheongseong Guild’s infinite sword.

In general, the opposing group is the so-called ‘Tax Free Expansion Coalition’ including Kang Jin-seong. Lee Yong-wan of the Fire Bird Guild also belonged to this group, but recently he had distanced himself from them.

And there is one more member of these tax-free associations who openly broke away.

“In a global crisis, heroes need to step out. We, Hanbitgung, will gladly follow the government’s command. That will make him happy too.”

Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, a mammonist who is more esoteric than anyone else, has changed his religion and is acting awkwardly.

When Park Yong-shin turned on the water, Golden Railroad secretly suggested an opinion.

“This is another global crisis. Wouldn’t it be better to cooperate with each other at a time like this?”

Cheon Jin-soo helps with the approval of the Golden Lion Guild.

“Gorum! In times of national crisis, you have to follow the command of Lord Narat! Hey Kang Jin-seong! Should we play money even at times like this!”

Cheon Jin-soo glances at Kang Jin-seong as if to reprimand him. Kang Jin-seong also has something to say.

“It’s a matter before money play. It’s a matter of procedure and precedent. You know. How the government consumed Hunters at the beginning of Cataclysm.”

The early days of Cataclysm were truly chaotic. The government dragged the hunters as soldiers and randomly put them into the gate attack, and the result came back with a disastrous death toll ratio.

Kang Jin-seong considered money and power to be trusted in such an era, and prioritized the rights and interests of hunters.

In addition, young hunters these days tended to sympathize with their position.

“If Leon had been there, he would have yelled at me.”

“Is the Lion Heart King your brother or my brother?”

Kang Jin-seong looked at an old friend who had become close to the pantheon after Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, with annoying eyes.

“Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association. There is no legal basis for you to force us. You know that, right?”

Like an old friend. Now, I stare at the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, whose position has changed. Kang Jin-seong predicted that he would come up with something at this point.

Because that is the natural order of politics.

“I see. I would like to give certain rights to the Hunters who respond to this mobilization order.”

Oh Kang-hyeok had a strangely relaxed expression. He turned his gaze to Yapi, got a silent agreement, and then announced the cause of the leeway.

“Chief Jinsu Kim, come in.”

Then Manager Kim Jin-soo opened the door and entered. Several association employees enter behind him.

What stood out to them about their stance was that all the staff brought weapons.


Weapons such as armor, swords, and spears were placed on a round table as if they were being sold. Even at first glance, they were unusual weapons.

“Ha! It looks like a unique item, but do you think I’ll crawl under it if I give you a few of these things? This kind of stuff rots and overflows in my storage room.”

Kim Jin-cheol smiled as if this was the best hand he had prepared. In fact, if you’re an S-class hunter, you’re basically carrying around a unique item.

Among them, securing at least a legendary weapon is the basic skill of an S-class hunter.

Of course, unique items were not something that could be easily obtained with money, but it was not something that could tempt S-class hunters.

“The arms shown are ‘mass-produced’ iron arms in Sir Yacht Spinner’s workshop in Mansinjeon. How much is the production this month?”

-1,300 sets of weapons, light armor and heavy armor sets? The decrease in serfs caused disruptions in production.

“”… … … … ?!””

What did they just hear? 1,300 sets of unique items? Even if you bundled each weapon and armor into one set, over 2,600 unique items were mass-produced in ‘one month’?


Even rare items are made by skilled workers in small batches with great care. When it comes to unique, it is a masterpiece that blacksmiths, who are called master craftsmen of large corporations, create only one piece over several weeks.

Even if you combine all the unique items on the Korean Peninsula, you won’t be able to exceed a thousand.

“Unique isn’t even the name of a dog, so where can you cheat!”

Hari raised her hand at Kim Jin-cheol’s harsh objection.

“This is an issue that the last time His Excellency the President also visited and confirmed… This is an issue.

“The assistant manager is right.”

When even the head of the association Oh Kang-hyeok agreed, the hunters in the seat looked disbelief. Lee Yong-wan raised his hand.

“Among those mass-produced items… are there any Legendaries?”

“The knights of the Pantheon are all equipped with blessed star iron arms.”

from head to toe.

At those words, Lee Yong-wan was taken aback.

If it’s a knight class of the pantheon, you start with a B-class hunter. If you get one or two S-class hunters, you’ll be equipped with a full set of legendaries?

Is such nonsensical money possible?

Or rather, what kind of crazy blacksmith would ‘mass-produce’ these monstrous items?

“Guilds participating in the mobilization order will be given the ‘priority to purchase’ the star iron content arms and free customization star iron arms that our association has contracted with Manshinjeon.”

Everyone paid attention to the words of the president Oh Kang-hyeok. Neither payment nor preferential purchase rights.

It was an arrogant salesperson, but it was worth it.

“Oh, the head of the Takeda Association of the Japanese Hunter Association and the Maverick Guild of the United States have contacted me wanting to pay a 10 trillion won down payment in advance.”

The president was delighted. just. That’s right. chuckle

The Korean hunters were stunned by the words of the president Oh Kang-hyeok.


Everyone’s eyes are on Hari’s head.

The machine, which seemed to have no human emotions, seemed to have an arrogant expression that looked down on all organisms for some reason.

-Who threatens you with a knife?

don’t hate There are many organisms besides you.

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