The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 155

The enemy is coming.

The enemy’s name is the devil.

What they sing is endless pleasure, what they want is bottomless corruption.

“Queen! I will protect this place!”

said the general. The death squad led by him shouted.

It is a familiar landscape.

Frontline pushed back and forth, retreat of friendly units. In order to keep the main unit intact, the troops of the death line defend the defense line.

Making sacrifices, ordering sacrifices, and observing sacrifices, the resistance continues to retreat.

“When will this war… end?”

There were no servants who could assure her of her sighs.

enemies don’t die

Even if you die, you will be resurrected and come back again.

To them, the material body is no different from a golem powered by magic.

Even if you organize a death squad and destroy one demon gate, demons will pour out from a new demon gate.

After many kingdoms and cities were destroyed, there was a voice whispering to her from the last remaining city.

[Queen, let’s make a deal with me.]

A promise that if you plant the essence of corruption and endure for a hundred years, you will end the endless war and step down.

Since there was no way, they accepted it, and the harsh hundred years began as if they were taking revenge on the queen who had stopped them.

“I am the Lion Heart King.”

Until the man shows up.

* * * *

The Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom.

Not befitting her lofty name and authority, Beatrice is a person familiar with the outdoors.

As the kingdom’s supreme power, he spent most of his life on the battlefield after taking the throne as a field commander.

Even in summer swamps infested with flies and mosquitoes, in the cold snowfields where horses freeze to death.

The experience accumulated through repeated field battles and camps made her able to withstand most environments.

Of course, as the face of the kingdom and a symbol of the demonic resistance, she is always under the constraints of keeping her appearance neat and showing a relaxed appearance.

In that sense, it can be seen that this time it failed to maintain its dignity.


When Beatrice opened her eyes, she had an expression of deep dismay, which was rare.

I inadvertently fell asleep. Knowing how dangerous it is to fall asleep in the freezing cold!

But what greeted her was not the cold chill of the snowfield, but the calm warmth.

“Are you awake?”

“your majesty?”

Leon’s voice is heard. He was cutting the blazing fire with his bare hands, melting the center of the ‘oyster’.

Needless to say, the fire that burns in a place where there is not a single branch that can be used as firewood is the flame of the god Petos.

“I dug a hole in the snow. I need to take a break.”

Beatrice blushed at the fact that she had fallen asleep in front of Leon. Leon smiles and hands her the Holy Grail.

“It’s holy water. Let me quench my thirst.”

“This precious thing…”

It is said that holy water is created with only holy power, but Leon was in a position to save even a little bit of holy power. As if he had retained his magical power.

As if he had read those thoughts, Leon reassures him not to worry.

“This is fine. Think of it as a necessary expense.”

“Then… I won’t decline.”

Beatrice accepts the Holy Grail. Considering the hard work she went through to complete this Holy Grail, it should be enshrined in a shrine, but now it is just a glass to quench her thirst.

The energy of the holy water flowing down the nape of the neck is warm. Beatrice looked at Leon with a calm expression.

“I… Your Majesty.”


“I wonder if I… have done something disrespectful.”

“There wasn’t much content. It seemed like an old memory came to mind.”

“…it looked embarrassing.”

Sometimes she dreams of the past. A time of splendid glory. The nightmare of the fall of that glory era.

It was a miserable time that I cannot tell anyone.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Who wouldn’t?”

“your majesty?”

Leon smiled bitterly and confessed honestly.

“Memories of the past are beautiful things. It’s a dream I want to go back to.”


Beatrice kept her mouth shut and sympathized with Leon’s story.

She knows Leon’s past. That he lost the people he loved and cherished, and fought until the very end.

How great was the loss he must have felt when everyone was dead and left alone?

The only person in the world who can sympathize with that pain is himself. Conversely, those who can sympathize with their pain… … .

“I’m thinking of taking a break. Get some more rest.”


Beatrice hugged herself in a rather ample eye socket and realized that she had been covering something up until now.

“Your Majesty, what is this?”

“It’s a knight’s cloak that I got by chance on Earth. It’s a gift from that honorable knight.”

It was the cloak of a headless knight that Leon had honorably attained. It seems that Leon took the cloak he owned as a souvenir from subspace and covered it.

“Your Majesty…”

Since he was covering himself with a cloak, Leon was sitting naked in the snow. But Leon said he didn’t care.

“Jim is fine. Isn’t he a knight?”

Beatrice suddenly thought of General Ricardo Burns.

A fallen knight who tried to support the queen even becoming a death knight himself. Beatrice could not repay their foolish loyalty.

“Isn’t that what all knights are like?”

“That’s what I learned.”

Born into a grand ducal family, Leon was thoroughly educated in chivalry. I learned how to protect what men and women should protect, and how to be considerate and respectful of each other.

But rather than that.

“It is a knight’s duty.”


Can the endless sacrifice be endured with the word “duty”?

At least General Ricardo Burns and his knights, the Lion Heart King of the Lionheart Kingdom, were people who had a greater duty than their right.

“your majesty.”

Beatrice lifted her cloak slightly, revealing an empty space inside.

“There’s plenty of space left. Come in.”

“Keuheum… I understand what you mean, but…”

If you cover a cloak, you have no choice but to adhere to your skin naturally. Leon thought it was disrespectful to the lady.

And Beatrice thought it was not polite to cover up the cloak alone, leaving Leon alone. Above all–

“Come on. Are you going to embarrass me?”

It was a rather blatant temptation, and as a queen, it was quite determined.

“Lady… I can’t embarrass you.”

Leon cautiously entered the cloak. Skin and flesh adhere naturally.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

“It’s uncomfortable. It’s better because it’s warmer.”

Beatrice leaning on Leon’s shoulder. Leon was taken aback by her sudden action.


“Please allow me this much. I won’t ask for… more.”


Leon gave me his shoulder without a word. The seat next to him had been empty for a long time.

how long has it been like that Leon watches the defenseless figure of Beatrice, who is sleeping peacefully.

[Leon, you are my knight.]

Ariana’s voice descended towards Leon.

“Don’t talk.”

And on rare occasions, Leon refused to do so. However, light and justice continued the hail of words.

[This is what your goddess earnestly wishes. When will you have a new love?]

At the goddess’ words, Leon smiled awkwardly. He said it was out of time, but the gods don’t seem to think so.

[No, how about our Hari? True and pure will make a good wife.]

Puma’s voice was immediately met by Fleur.

[The sea shuts its mouth. This time it is the turn of dreams and death. The seat of the next queen belongs to the head priest of the original woman.]

[I don’t even think of anyone to give rice cakes to, but you talk well.]

[What a war! Are you scorning the original woman!]

When Petos helped a word in the fire in the eye cave, Fleur’s eyes turned round. In the meantime, the god of vengeance helps with a word.

[Avengers, it is right that the same avengers are joined together. It is called motivation.]

[Is the queen candidate that Darkness puts forward at its best?]

[He is one year older than the Goddess of the Sea and War. War.]

[Humans take that one year old very seriously.]

As the Ventasis slipped in subtly, Leon touched his forehead. Meanwhile, the goddess of light and justice is relaxed.

[Whoops, it’s my knight. He is the son of the Goddess. I decide the daughter-in-law.]

“Goddess… I only have two mothers.”

An orphan, but one on Earth. One of the grand duchesses of Lionheart. A goddess is an object of worship or a mother… … .

[Let’s make it the third mother.]

“It’s just to be closed.”

Leon wiggled the hair of the woman who was sleeping peacefully next to him. A young and beautiful woman. It seems that she who has a great favor with me is also in the hearts of the gods.

[Can’t you forget Castile yet?]


Leon recalled his old love with a wry smile.

He whispered love to the priest who served the goddess of the moon and purity. He had to undergo trials to appease the goddess of innocence, who was furious.

Because it was such a difficult love, Leon cherished his wife and took care of the family.

Now, it is impossible to covet a new woman just because she died and went to the bosom of the gods.

[Leon. it’s my knight Your life is hard to be with ordinary women. Your noble heart is also a joy for that child, but what should you do with your exhausted mind and body and unresolved joy?]

Ariana… Not only she, but the gods were worried about this honest lion heart king.

Even the gods live for eternity, sharing pleasure with humans and fiery love.

If the gods are like that, Leon has only kept his innocence for too long.

They kept the unresolved pleasure and only repeated the bloody demon hunt.

In the eyes of the gods, Leon’s limits should have been sought long ago.

[Also, you will have an obligation. As Lionheart’s only living human. The duty to nurture and multiply that lineage.]


The goddess smiled as she wiped the cheek of Leon, who was still unable to answer.

[Make a love that shines like a star, Leon. You deserve it.]

Leon leaned on his shoulder and glanced at the queen, who was lying on her tired body.

He is still young and healthy. Even though two hundred years had passed since he had hugged a woman. but… … .


recall long memories The fruit of my love is only the hope that the child who did not end well is alive.

‘I can’t be rash.’

So just for now. You just have to be patient.

I fix the cloak so that the lady next to me is not cold. Even in the harsh glacial continent, the woman’s skin was warm and soft.

* * * *

“The reaction seems to be getting stronger.”

How long did you continue exploring? Beatrice led Leon in the direction where the dagger’s flame gradually became clearer.

“Bice, it seems there are no other creatures around.”

In the course of several days of exploration, the two did not see a single demon in this cold land.

Well, in this land where only Leon or Beatrice can endure, quite a few demons will freeze to death as soon as they approach.

“I thought there would be glacier demons.”

“You mean the demons of sloth and stupidity?”

“Among them, there are demons who have a cold chill. They’re quite annoying, but… they can’t compare to the flames of the gods.”

At the turn of the plains of Landolce, Vulcanus led the knights and destroyed them.

The war situation is truly overwhelming. I heard that they finally defeated the demon legion.

“Nevertheless, it is a wonder that Lord Vulcan and his knights have gone missing. However, after coming here, it seems that it is not impossible.”

Such a cold and cold continent. It is the coolness that conforms to the law.

“But that’s why I’m even more certain. Lord Vulcanus will live on this continent.”

“Cold sleep… is that right? Ah, in His Majesty’s world, theories…”

“I heard it from Lord Yapi.”

In Leon’s world, science hadn’t developed that far. However, it is not an unfamiliar theory at all because it is a story that I vaguely heard when I was an earthling.

“They are God’s knights. They should have survived even in this world where even time and space are frozen——the invisible.”

It was then. Leon stopped Beatrice and began to sense something.

“Dear Petos.”

[Yes, I feel it. I was able to find it only after going so close.]

Petos, god of war and flame, shared the same senses as Leon. His burning flames flowed through Leon’s entire body.

“That’s it. There’s someone there.”

The two hurriedly headed in the direction they felt. And the closer you get, the clearer the flames flow from Vulcan’s ceremonial dagger.

“It’s huge… just a glacier.”

The place where they arrived was blocked by a huge towering ice wall. Ice walls frozen in snow and ice are harder and bigger than cliffs cut out of rocks.

Leon stepped forward towards the distant ice wall.

“Back off for a moment.”

Leon pulled out the holy spear. The flames of Petos rotate fiercely around the tip of the spear.

The spiral flame melted the ice wall the moment it touched it and gradually moved forward.

How far did you go? Several times the ice water of the melted ice wall was evaporated by the divine flame and poured out a huge amount of steam.

“I found it!”

Leon found a familiar piece of armor. It wasn’t Vulcanus, but–

A bright red knight, from helmet to armor to barding full of horses.

Even the flag of the unit that symbolizes the unforgettable Knights of Glory.

“Your Majesty, who are these?”

“The Burning Sword Knights of Baltan. The Grail Knights of War and Flame, the Holy Grail Knights under the direct command of Lord Vulcanus.”

Inside the ice wall, countless knights were frozen and stuffed.

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