The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 156: Baltan’s Burning Sword Knights

In the great war with Lionheart, demons suffered terrible damage.

Among them, the most damaged were the demons of slaughter and destruction, wisdom and exploration, pleasure and corruption, chaos and destruction.

In particular, the demons of wisdom and exploration lost most of the highest rank demons, including the grand duke, in an all-out war with the kingdom army.

In that war, every devil lost a lord or duke. Among them, the great demons of indolence and stupidity are closer to a delicate situation.

They did not lose their lord or grand duke. Not exactly lost.


Observation base in front of the domain of Kadsha, the demon grand duke of sloth and foolishness. The Great Devil of Sloth, who observes the glacial continent as the head of the place, woke up to the urgent report of the Ice Observer Beltata.


Belotas moves his bloated torso while digging earwax. Like the great devil of indolence, he stared at Beltata with a worldly expression.

The Glacier Continent Observation Base is a base for killing time for indolent and lazy devils.

This is because it is a nominal base to protect the seal after the indolent and foolish demon grand duke Kadsha died together with them over two hundred years ago.

Although it has become a barren land where even demons cannot live after the incident two hundred years ago, who can work there in the glacier continent in the middle of the demon realm?

Of course, demons are a tribe that does not trust each other, but what is inside is like the devil’s natural enemy.

It’s like a radioactive lump that destroys all demons, but who would do that——

“Energy has been observed inside the glacial continent! It is the zeroth destructive element!”


Belotas, who showed a slow reaction, moved his bloated body, which was rare.

“Is the seal broken?”

“I-I don’t think so! Kadsha-nim’s magical response hasn’t woken up yet!”

That was fortunate. It wouldn’t be the worst if the glacial prince buried with him didn’t wake up.

“Has Khadsha-sama’s magic loosened?”

It has been over 200 years since the Grand Duke of Glacier, Kadsha, used the great magic to freeze the continent.

The demons of wisdom and exploration said that the seal would last for a thousand years in theory, but how could the seal begin to be lifted already!

“It’s a big deal. That, that man… If that monster is freed…!”

That day is relived.

A day of terrible slaughter.

By that man who fell from the sky with fireworks–

“You lead the Special Forces first. I will lead the mobilized corps and head straight ahead.”


Belotas clutched at the burn on his side, recalling the trauma.

* * * *

“These are the Holy Grail Knights.”

“Baltan Burning Sword Knights. They must be them.”

Leon threw the flame of the holy spear into the ice wall and stuck it.

“I will rescue them from now on.”

Divine flames do not harm divine followers. The only thing the flame melts is the block of ice that trapped him.


An enormous amount of steam spewed out and melted the ice wall. A knight fell from the cracking ice wall.


A knight and a horse barely land before Leon accepts them, right before they fall to the ground. A truly instinctive movement. He came to his senses after a few seconds.


Chuck the helmet! A glinting gaze as it rises. The knight swung his sword in an instant.

“You ripping and killing evil! Die!”

“your majesty!”

Leon’s holy sword that blocks swords wielded by knights. The knight widened his eyes.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?!”

“I’m glad you seem healthy.”

“your majesty!”

The red knight kneels down in awe at the fact that the opponent he wielded his sword was Leon.

“Yes, I am the Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

“Yes…! Baltan Flaming Sword Knights’ third sword Raihar Deber is here!”

“Lord Raihar. Do you know your current condition? How far do you remember?”


Laihar recalled his memories for a while, then revealed the latest information he remembered.

“We fought the Glacier Prince and his legion in the Landolce Plain, and chased the guy who escaped after opening the Demon Gate!”

It was about 200 years ago, when Vulcan’s Legion and Glacier Grand Duke’s Legion clashed on the Landolce Plain.

Vulcanus and the Knights, who finally won the round, chased into the Demon Gate to finish off the fleeing grand duke, and at some point their memories were cut off while slaughtering the demons there.

“Lord Raihar. I have something to ask you.”

“……It is a great dream and the holy power of death. Who is Lady?”

“I am Beatrice Alighieri Spero, the queen of the Kingdom of Spero and the current priest of dreams and death.”

“Sphero Kingdom?”

Raihar, who was looking at the name of a kingdom he had never heard of before and received Leon’s gaze, had the most polite manner.

“Did you mention the queen? Besides, she’s also a saint, so she’s a noble person who doesn’t lack in manners.”

After Laihar greeted with courtesy, Beatrice finished asking questions.

“Was this a land full of ice like this when the Lord arrived?”

“No. It was a barren land, but it wasn’t a glacier like this.”


“Did you find out something. Viche?”

In response to Leon’s question, Beatrice explained her hypothesis.

“It seems that this continent was artificially created by the devil. It seems that Lord Vulcan and all of the knights were caught up in it and frozen.”

“Hmm… I think a monarchical demon intervened?”

“If a demon of that level had intervened, I would have preferred to defeat Lord Vulcanus. But if it were the Grand Duke of Glacier…”

“I see. Did he freeze time and space on this entire continent when he lost his strength?”

I don’t think it’s impossible if the big supply demon throws away everything he has.

“This world is their world. It is a land made of magical energy that does not need to be polluted with magical energy. If it is here, they will be able to create a miracle. And maybe… the Grand Duke of Glacier is still alive.”

In other words, if you continue to melt the ice wall where the knights are buried, you may face the glacial air.

“No problem. If I was afraid of that, I wouldn’t have come here.”


At that moment, the unique sound of shaking the space resonates. There was no one who didn’t know that it was a precursor to the Gate Summoning.

“Your Majesty, they are demons.”

Beatrice pointed at them. About five hundred meters from the ice wall. Hundreds of demons poured out of the open gate there.

“Did they notice too?”

“You’re here sooner than I thought. Maybe there was a base monitoring this place at all times?”

Beatrice felt embarrassed.

She can’t use magic right now. It’s because you have to pour your own magic to open the gate in this cold land that even freezes space and time.

‘Your Majesty also needs to melt the ice wall and rescue the Knights and Lord Vulcanus. Then believe… … .’

Raihar Dever. Only one member of the Baltan Burning Sword Knights had a hand.

“Sir Raihar!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Hold on for one minute.”

To Beatrice, it was no different than a suicide order. The number of enemies is primarily in the hundreds. The power difference is overwhelming.

“Myeong, I’ll take it.”

However, the knight simply puts on his helmet and heads for the front line. He took up his sword and shield and left the two behind.

“your majesty…….”

“Trust and watch.”

After that, Leon headed for the ice wall. In the meantime, the demons set up their plans against Raihar.

Demons are surprisingly high-fired.

Their weaponry is not a technology comparable to that of the modern Earth, and magic is the technology they are the masters of.

Naturally, magic science develops, and the abrasives handled by the lowest level demons can defeat even giants.

-Ready to fire!

-three! two! one! Power shooting begins!

The first thing fired was the giant horse cannon dragged by the demons of indolence. This magic bullet, fired by consuming magic crystals, could tear apart a battleship in modern Earth with a single blow.

– Boom!

The shell draws a parabola with a dizzying roar. Demonstration shooting to get the zero point. However, perhaps thanks to the skill of the gunner, Matan headed straight for Senior Knight Raihar.

“A toy like this…”

He waved his hand as if he was annoyed. The fist he wielded with his bare body hit the flying magic bullet.


The bounced magic bullets hit the ice wall. The ice wall, which could never be broken with magic bullet power alone, was pierced like a stone by the added power of his blow.

– Ki, knight… … .

Those who became the Knights of the Realm after proving themselves by walking the path of wandering.

Only a handful of veterans among those who possess incredible strength and mobility, as well as good sex laws, become members of the Holy Grail Knights.

“Should I return the favor?”

Raihar holding a fallen piece of ice. His arms curled up like a baseball player pitching.

– Kwak!

An ice catapult thrown with bare hands cuts through the air and spins hundreds of meters into nothing.

It pierced the square of the demons at once and dug in in a straight line, only to stop after destroying the hemp cloth.

-crazy… … .

Holy Grail Knights.

A member of the superhuman corps chosen by the Holy Grail Knight.

They are the criteria by which ‘strong’ is defined.

-Do, charge!

Demons rush in unison.

“Baltan Flaming Sword Knights’ third sword.”

The sword is drawn from the Red Knight’s scabbard. His star-steel sword is bright red, like a compressed burst of flame.

“Rayhar Deber. Foot sword.”

At that moment, a fiery whirlwind rushed into the star iron sword.

* * * *

Leaving the latter work to one of the knights, Leon inspected the ice wall.

The ice wall is huge and hard. To the point where I couldn’t find a way to dissolve it effectively unless it was a castle law.

“Should I melt it all at once?”

Leon had a way to melt this ice wall. But the problem is then.

‘If I do that, the waves I can’t handle will come.’

It is such an ice wall. If it melts at once, waves equivalent to a tsunami will hit all directions.

Even if Sir Raihar can withstand it, Beatrice, who is holding on to her magical energy to open the gate, will be swept away by the waves.

‘You can control the melted water if you use the sex method of the waves.’

The problem is that if you use the Great Seongbeop to melt all the ice walls this big, and then use the Seongbeop to control the melted water, you won’t have enough energy after that.

You can do it, but you can’t just waste your holy power recklessly like before, so you have no choice but to be careful.

“No, aren’t there people you can trust?”

Leon knows who the people inside are. Because what you can do, they can do it too.

“It’s a holy sword.”

In the subspace, the holy sword sleeping in the scabbard appears.

Just by summoning the holy sword, a huge amount of holy power was consumed and arrived in front of Leon.

A holy sword drawn from the scabbard of the first lion heart king. Concentrate holy power on that sword.

The flames of Petos are forged, and the holy sword’s polar light shines in all directions. There is one thing he wants from the holy sword.

Cut away all the winter before me.

The blazing pillar of fire swung as it was.

It falls towards the ice wall with the contradiction that the aircraft carries a heavy feeling.


The ice wall colliding with the pillar of fire collapses as it is.

The water vapor that evaporated at the same time as it melted rose as steam. And–


Water that has not yet evaporated pours all at once like waves. This will sweep not only demons, but allies as well.

“Should we stop at this point?”

Leon, who stored the holy sword in subspace, used the power of the sea and waves as it was.

Seongbeop <Waves>

The enormous mass, which seemed to turn the whole area into a sea of water at any moment, stopped as it was. As Leon had wished to use the power of the waves, he unnaturally stopped in mid-air.

Some may consider it foolish.

If you take the sacrifice of one ally, you can sweep away hundreds or thousands of demons, but why bother blocking the waves while consuming your strength?

However, Leon’s gaze is directed beyond the stopped waves.

– All right! All right!

over the waves. From the center filled with tens of thousands of tons of water, an impossible ‘sound of horseshoes’ is heard.

“Baltan Flaming Sword Knights.”

The Lion Heart King ordered them to break free from the 200-year-old seal and be in trouble for anything.

“Destroy the enemy.”

The knights responded without hesitation.




It sparks fire from its breath, leaving a horseshoe-shaped spark in the place it strikes.

“”A merciless death… !!””

The knights who escaped from the long seal.

The riders of the god of war, smelted by the flames, resumed the battle that had been unfinished two hundred years ago.

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