The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 157: Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus (1) Has Illustration

Beatrice, who withdrew from the battlefield and watched the battle, couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.


Purely strong.

Looking at the burning sword knights, she couldn’t help but think so.

She has the experience of witnessing the final battle of Lionheart Kingdom. They fought alongside them, including the Holy Grail Knights and the Knights who followed them.

But I couldn’t look closely at them. It is because it was the limit to keep one’s position in the middle of the scale of war that was too large.

Therefore, it could be said that it was the first time to witness the battle of the Holy Grail Knights so closely.

‘Can we call this a battle?’

A huge knight in heavy armor wields a flaming sword.

The devil dies in that simple act. dying in droves

What scares me most is their breakthrough ability.

Legion Spell <Wedge Charge>

A collective technique that the cavalry troops of the kingdom knights who formed the knights treat as basic knowledge.

As long as they are human, as long as they do not deviate from the size of a human, and if there is a limit to the mass of being small, they break through the heavy mass of the enemy as if they were excluded from the physical law.

– Reinforcements!

– Come out quickly! I mean help!

Demons continued to pour in through the Demon Gate. That number grows by the hundreds each time it passes.

The number of demons has already exceeded 4,000. By the way–

“We, the warriders of Petos, have sworn an arduous march towards the Hill of Fire!”

“Overcoming countless battles, sometimes winning, sometimes losing…!”

“With a heart of unquenchable fire!”

“Are you willing to run towards death…!”

“”The war will lead us to the banquet hall!!””

On the other hand, there were only about 50 burning sword knights. Demons crumble before their mad violence.

Every time a mountain of corpses piles up and the wails of the soul resound, they have no choice but to backtrack even with a hundred times as many numbers.

– Don’t back down! I mean advance!

Even the demons who ordered the advance.

“No mercy needed!”

“Kill them all!”

-God, they are monsters! run away! retreat!!

Even the demons calling for retreat.

“No prisoners needed!”

“Kill them all!”

grant death equally.

If there are angels of death, they are, and they are roaring.

It is a rare scene where demons get tired of the violent and ferocious violence.

The stains of evil were washed away with ruthless violence. On the contrary, when we were moving forward–

-Belotas! Belotas!

-Belotas! Belotas!

The atmosphere in the rear changes.

The fleeing demons let out a cheer and stopped their escaping steps.

[iced coffee… Did you wake up at last?]

It was a bloated Great Demon.

A possessor of terrible magical powers that make people disgusted and avert their eyes just by looking at them.

The white sandy skin cooled down, and the exhaled breath combined with the chill of the glacial continent reached absolute zero.

Truly the great devil of indolence and stupidity. Adaptors of the cold continent. The only being on this ice continent that can move without any restrictions.

-Chill Belotas!

Great Demon Belotas. He personally led his army and leaped to the Ice Continent.

“Tarhan! Get out and reorganize!”

“Galatan! Maintain the flanks and strengthen the defense of the front line!”

3rd in the Order of the Burning Sword Knights due to the appearance of the Great Devil. The third sword, Laihar, organized the knights. Even though it was hard for the horses to find their place in the pile of demons’ corpses, they came together in an orderly manner.

“Your Majesty, it is the Great Devil.”

Beatrice looked into Leon’s eyes. Until now, he had to keep his magic power intact, but now that the Great Devil and his army have appeared, either he or Leon must step in.

However, Leon was blocking thousands of tons of water created by melting the ice wall with his castle method.

Beatrice left the Knights behind. Until now, he had to preserve his magical power, but without Leon, he had to deal with that great devil himself.

‘If His Majesty comes, it will be resolved somehow… … .’

However, as much as the mana was wasted, opening the gate and retreating would be a later task.

The moment Beatrice made up her mind and Belotas called for an advance with the Royal Guard Corps——

-Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… !

land… No, making the continent tremble.

Something, something huge, is about to unravel.

-… … !!

“”… … !!””

It is a vibration that shakes regardless of peers. The Great Demon Beletas poured out the mana of his whole body.

– Kwah… ! Pretzel! Kwah——Boom!

Huge ice formations in the air. Its size is actually 1 km in diameter. On this special continent called the Ice Continent, Beletas uses magic that has been amplified tenfold.

That huge ice collided with the half-melted ice wall and shook off the dizzying sound of the crash, but—

-It’s late… me!

However, everything is already too late.

Continents swaying and swaying.

Fragments of ice that split in real time are scattered and ka-duk in it! Cadeuk! something stretches out

it is a finger

The red-iron fingers of the one who stretched his hand outwards, crushing the pressure of thousands and tens of thousands of tons of ice.

-This, this… can this be!

-Why is that bastard being released!?

The demons’ memories are fed back in embarrassment and anger.

A monster that invaded this world earlier. The terrible disaster that caused the fire of battle and drove the Grand Duke to a dying state.

Holy Grail Knight.

Saints of God whom the demons finally failed to subdue.

“It’s heavy.”

He said.

The ice that froze space-time and the tons of ice that Beletas dropped.

He described it as ‘heavy’.

“I am Vulcanus.”

The voice of the saint flows. His breath is a spark, his actions a banner to the next war.

Divine Advent────

“I am Vulcanus…!!”

────<God of War>.

In the fingers, in the slit of the armor, in the visor of the helmet… Fire pours from all over the body.

It swallowed ice, evaporated water, and melted continents.

3 seconds. The length of the flames that spread out in that moment was actually 30 km.

5 seconds until the huge fiery giant descends. The composition is fire without the slightest remnant. fire. fire.

-Ahhh… … .

Beletas had witnessed the majesty of the Holy Grail Knight who descended divinity. Even that was an outrageous monster.

but… The Great Devil understood that this monster in front of him was an incomprehensible existence that far surpassed it.

A miracle of God that the Holy Grail Knights risked their lives to descend. The transfer of challenging the half of the body by oneself is so simple.

-Sah, disappear!

Beletas used the half-melted ice continent’s magic as his own. A large-scale mana operation that would shock even Beatrice.

The miraculous operation of magical powers, which only the blessed one on this continent of glaciers could do, dropped chunks of ice equivalent to meteorites falling from the sky.

If I had to compare it, Beletas’ ice magic was like a cannonball.

Just as the truth of geopoism is its destructive power. Beletas’s cannonballs were obviously the largest cannons that the giant cannon called Beletas could fire.

Its magical power is so enormous and vast that it is called a cannonball.


A being bigger than a cannonball. From the point of view of a giant so huge that even a shell with a diameter of 1 km has to be looked at, is it really defined as a ‘shell’?

Beletas witnessed the answer.

“Death to evil.”

Flames rained down towards the pouring ice shells. The flames pouring out of the gaps in the armor were already enough to melt the continent.

To this titan who is true to his true name, Beletas’ great magic is——

“Die, bugger.”

A catapult thrown by a child. It was nothing more than a provocation to call violence towards those who could not stand it.

And this grown-up is not merciful at all.

The giant’s flame burned the cold world thoroughly.

* * * *

There was no need to discuss the outcome of the war.

The legion led by Beletas, the great demon of sloth and stupidity, was thoroughly crushed by the fifty Holy Grail Knights and one Holy Grail Knight.

The frigid continent, where even time and space were once frozen, was melted by maximum entropy with no upper limit exceeding absolute zero.

There is a limit to zero degrees, but there is no limit to temperature.

The Knights of the Burning Sword gather around a man who can be said to be the flame of God itself.

Under the man’s influence, their armor was burning with overflowing flames.


“It’s hot! It’s hot! It’s been a while!”

The Knights of the Burning Sword lay their shields. It was a shield that did not miss even when demons attacked all at once.

They raised their flaming swords and screamed like warriors worshiping a warrior god.


“Beheading Knight!”

“Cultist slayer!”

“Agent of Divine Punishment!”

“War Rider of Destruction!!”

With the veneration and worship of all of them, Vulcan was able to face Leon.

“Lion Heart King! Respect to Leon Dragonia Lionheart…!”


The gigantic being gets down on one knee. To this, the Knights of the Burning Sword pay their due respect.

“”Baltan Flaming Sword Knights… ! I offer the Heart of Fire to the Lion Heart King of supreme glory!”

The king, who accepted the respect given by the mighty Holy Grail Knight and his order, responded with a smile.

“It’s fortunate that you still seem to be full of energy. It’s good to enjoy your first meeting in two hundred years.”

Leon’s gaze goes to the place where Vulcan was located.

-Keuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… !

A monster with a huge presence. It stirs the air with anger and expresses its power.


And that’s not all. Not only the demons that Vulcanus once wiped out, but also the demons who sensed abnormalities in the glacial continent are opening gates from all sides and leaping towards them.

“Sir Vulcanus. Which side will you take?”

“I’ll cut off the bad ties with him myself…!”

“Then Jim is hunting for small pikes. This is why I’m in charge of a supporting role, not a leading role. Make sure to deal with it.”


Vulcanus bursts into laughter and grips the holy swords. Seething speculation overflowed from his visor.

“Death to evil…!”

It was time to end the battle of two hundred years ago.

* * * *

Ten days after gates appeared all over the world. In other words, the gate where the dungeon break started also exists.

“Dungeon break! Evacuate quickly!”

Citizens hurriedly run away at the words of an urgent soldier. They had to climb an evacuation route that was impossible to escape due to a sudden dungeon break.

“Damn, why didn’t I find it?!”

“It looks like it was at the bottom of Chungju Lake. No, who would have known that there would be a gate in the lake as well?”

Over the past 10 days, the hunters commanded and controlled by Lord Yakt Spinner of the Pantheon have cleared most of the gates with a near-perfect raid team composition and systematic attack.

However, despite Yaffe’s control, there was bound to be a gate that could not be found, because of too many magic reactions.

“Europe and the United States seem to have succeeded in defending somehow.”

“Korea is said to be an overwhelmingly successful defense. Even though there are only three dungeon breaks that exploded.”

Korea is at this level, but thinking about what other countries are like makes me dizzy.

In particular, it will be even worse for continents where the country is divided into dozens and has no capacity or countries with backward systems.

Normally, the UN or neighboring countries would have dispatched reinforcements, but everyone has a stoned nose.

“Corporate Kim! We have finished dealing with refugees! Should we also evacuate…!?”

-Gaoooooooooooo… !

ominous groan. Everyone knew that it could not belong to animals living in the Earth’s ecosystem.

“A monster appears!”

A monster resembling a giant crocodile ran furiously towards the soldiers. The soldiers fired their rifles, but an infantryman’s rifle couldn’t even get a scratch on an individual like that.


It was the moment when the first victim was about to come out.

“Get down!”

Leaning in on a voice he heard somewhere saved his life.

– All right! All right!

knights on horseback. At the head of them is a girl with red pigtails.

“Ha, Han Hari!”

Legion Spell <Wedge Charge>.

Knights encountering monsters. They said they had just closed the gate and came out nearby, so it seems they came as reinforcements!

“Hey, Corporal Kim! Are you okay?”

“Ugh! Dead and alive! What are you guys doing!”

Corporal Kim grabbed the gun. His eyes were on the knights who had already defeated the monsters and were running toward the source of the dungeon break.

“Let’s add a little bit of strength by chopping up even a small pole!”

“Bring all the armored vehicles! The artillery firepower is also effective against monsters!”

* * * *

– Chow!

The monsters screamed whenever the Knights’ spears were inserted.

The situation at Chungjuho Dungeon Break, where the Knights of Manshinjeon urgently arrived, was serious.


lightning strikes. The thunder called by Kim Jae-hyeok, the knight of the sky and thunder, killed the giant monster. He said, fixing the lightning-streaked spear.

“Hari-senpai! This side is starting to run out of firepower too! Please light some fire!”

“Wait a minute! I’m at my limit too?!”

Over the past ten days, the Knights of the Pantheon have closed dozens of gates. The reason they were able to close the gate at such a high speed is thanks to the 4 knights of the Pantheon, who use the power of the sacred object.

Han Ha-ri, Han Su-ho, Kim Jae-hyeok, Cheon Su-ho.

It is no exaggeration to say that each and every one of them who inherited the holy relic from Isabel, the priest of the Moon and Purity, is an S-class fighter.

In particular, Hari received the Bracelet of Waves left by the priests of the three seas and waves, and was transplanted with the heart of fire left by the Holy Grail Knight of the First War and Flame, making her an S-class or higher.

‘It would have been much better if I had just been recognized as a sacred object!’

The bracelet is somehow lending itself power, but the problem is the transplanted heart of fire.

Although he was able to handle fire much better than before, this ferocious and tyrannical aura was not recognizing himself.

“Hari-senpai! This side is really dangerous! Totally dangerous! A boss mob has popped out!”


Dungeon Break literally pours out everything in the dungeon. The dungeon boss is the last thing to appear in the dungeon break, which is annoying even with only magic power.

“Ugh… is that true? Dipta is so big!”

Chungjuho’s gate grade is orange. The boss monster that popped out of there was a huge snake that made you have to look up at it to the point where your head hurt.

“Is this like an Imoogi?”

“Whatever it is, I think it’s fucked up…”

I cried, but I couldn’t give up. Hari raised her star iron sword and poured out the holy power of the flame.

“Aaaagh! Petos Niiim…!”

The poured out holy power and prayers will soon be replaced by flames. With that somehow–

[Big? Oh no, this guy? Oh, no. How did you gather the holy power, all of it!]

– Pooh!

Putting aside Petos’ flustered voice, the flame Hari was trying to wield was Pooh! and turned off

“… Huh?”

The lights went out. And it wasn’t just Harry.

-hey! Are you not burning properly? Why stop all of a sudden!

– Oh no! Suddenly the light went out! There’s no fire coming out!

– What, what! Mr. Petos? Mr. Petos?!

-Convert to Ariana-sama’s holy power! Damn, it wasn’t just me!!

Petos believers across the country, who worship the god of war and flame, went into a frenzy.

“What the hell is going on?”

Hari desperately sought Petos, but the god of war seemed too busy to answer.

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