The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 158: Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus (2)

More than 200 years ago, the plains of Landolce in the Lionheart Kingdom.

There, the Demon Corps led by the Grand Duke of Glacier and the Burning Sword Knights led by Vulcanus and the allied forces clashed.

The numerical superiority is more than ten times.

Everyone expected their victory. But–

“I am Vulcanus…!!”

It was the incarnation of irresistible and overwhelming violence.

The strongest Holy Grail Knight who was exceptionally bestowed with two holy swords by the blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight.

Every time his one-handed greatsword was swung, a wave of fire covered the battlefield, and the flames that left no bone powder cremated the demons.


The Grand Duke of Glacier honestly acknowledged that strength. That he is a being with the highest level of military power after the lion heart king.

– Admit it. you are stronger!

The Grand Duke of Glacier opened the Demon Gate.

In this united front to destroy the divine kingdom, Lionheart, he is the supreme commander representing the demons of indolence and stupidity.

Losing oneself like that means making a hole in the union, giving up the souls of the Grail Knights who were promised as spoils in a war that has already won… … .

– Survival takes precedence over loot.

The Grand Duke of Glacier made a very reasonable choice than the other demon corps who were very wise, thinking about the sunk cost of losing the Lord of Wisdom later.


“Where are you running away aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…!!”

It was just that the Holy Grail Knight he faced was very irrational.

He opened the Demon Gate. He retreated to his territory, taking only a handful of great demons and elites.

It’s a demon. A place that can be said to be the headquarters of the demon grand duke of indolence and stupidity.

That’s where Vulcan and his knights finally chased after the Demon Gate before it closed!

– Crazy guy! This is my estate!


The fire pouring from the Holy Grail Knight’s armor grew stronger. It burned all the magic around it and dyed the sky red.


Vulcanus, the knights who followed him, and the demons of indolence and stupidity, who had retreated, continued the battle again.

But should we say the momentum of the war? Or was it because Vulcanus was too powerful?

When the high-ranking demons are slaughtered, the prime demons are broken through, and Vulcan’s sword is swinging toward the glacial air——

“A human bastard…! I have to gamble with my soul against a human like that!!”

The Grand Duke of Glacier used his last great magic. He added all his magic power and froze space-time.

This space-time freeze is an absolute barrier that even monarch-level demons cannot break. In other words, there is a premise that you must be locked up because you cannot solve it with outside power… … .

‘As time goes on, he will lose his connection with God and I will regain my strength!’

This is the demon world. It is also the domain of the demon grand duke. On the day the seal is lifted, an innumerable army of demons will greet him, and he and the few can-nabbers will be swallowed up by the waves of evil.

– Awesome!

[at las… !]

Glacial Prince Khadsha. He sensed the loose seal and opened his eyes.

Even though they were fighting Vulcanus just a moment ago, in reality, a lot of time must have passed.

[It’s time to avenge the humiliation, God’s Knight! I, the army of the Grand Duke of Glacier, you… !]

The giant of the snowfield, Kadsha, was puzzled by her strangely ‘hot’ skin and red sky.

Although the magic had been dispelled after a thousand years, it was still a great magic that froze the continent.

The traces alone should have created a tremendous cold, but why is it so hot… … .

-Chiiik… !

The white giant’s gaze is directed downward. There, an enormous amount of water evaporates in real time, creating a steam sauna.

‘Did he wake up too?’

It became annoying. I can’t believe I had this much energy left even after being disconnected from God for such a long time.

But it’s okay. As the seal was released, his subordinates must have brought the corps, and his power would have weakened during the sealing period.

Unless even the monster Grail Guardian who killed Malus, the lord of chaos, comes, there is no way for him to survive——

“The Grand Duke of Glacier. I think it happened when I caught and killed the Lord of Chaos in the past.

blond hair. blue eyes. Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a stereotype, but all the demons who saw that face could not forget the image that was stuck in their minds.

“To Lionheart… ! Have glory!!」

The Lion Heart King of the other world who killed the Lord of Chaos and slaughtered millions of demons.

[why… !?]

The Grand Duke of Glacier couldn’t believe it when he found the Lionheart in front of him.

This is the magic world. Even though it was polluted by the flames of overwhelming holy power, if you look at the magic elements that filled the world, it must be the demon realm you know.

But why? Why is the Lion Heart King here?

[You bastard… Were you alive!]

At the cry of the Grand Duke of Glacier, Leon tilted his head.

“It’s the first time I’ve met a devil whose latest information hasn’t been updated. For two hundred years, demons trembled and crawled on their own when they saw their luggage.”

two hundred years? Could it be that two hundred years have passed since he was sealed?

[It can’t be! The Lord of Wisdom had an army of ten million! Could you guys have survived——!]

“Shut up, you bastard…!”

Vulcanus, who burst into anger, struck the glacier with Petos’ sparkling holy sword.

Vulcanus crushed the glacial prince, who had been knocked down by the blow of the holy sword, with infinite flame.

“Don’t mention Lionheart with that filthy muzzle. Don’t you dare dirty my lord’s and mine’s ears.”

[You bastard… ! On the subject of barbaric tin cans… !]

Glacier Grand Duke created a huge amount of magic. Although this area has been purified by the sanctification, it is a definite demon world.

His magic power is connected to the world and presses against Vulcan.

And demons gathering one after another, revealing a huge presence. As the great holy power triggered by the death of Beletas is observed, the great demons rush to this continent.

“Then, as I said… I’ll take care of those demons. Hurry up, Lord Vulcan. We have to get out of there.”

“Death to evil…!”

Leaving behind Vulcanus, who had already entered into battle with the Glacier Duke, Leon grinned at the gathering demons.

“Baltan Flaming Sword Knights.”

Fifty knights followed him. said Leon.

“Follow me.”

──Then you will win.

* * * *

– Crack, cack!

the world freezes

A large ice spear was formed through the medium of air moisture, and it rushed like a storm. That dizzying storm of ice caps——


Lion’s Roar that subdues at once. For a red knight whose breath is a blazing flame, it was only natural for him to evaporate the flying spear of ice.


The astonished Glacial Prince Khadsha.

Devil’s territory is not simply a residential space, but their foundation and source.

For a demon with a territory, his home ground is a fortress to repel thieves who are aiming for the territory.

When it comes to monarchs and grand dukes, they are indomitable defenders who have already protected thousands and hundreds of millions of years. It is not an exaggeration to say that Yeongji itself is assimilated with the devil and is her body itself.

Of course, in the case of the Grand Duchess of Glacier, Khadsha, she consumed a lot of intellect to complete the space-time magic that even the monarch could not touch in this territory.

In order to seal the red knight with himself who was about to kill him right in front of his nose. In other words–

[Big… ! It means stop your feet! this monster… !]

It means that even 200 years ago, Khadsha could not defeat that knight in his territory.

Numerous great magics are completed in an instant. The Demon Grand Duke, who handles the power of the land, was able to randomly fire the great magic he wanted, but nothing could stop that knight.

‘Ignorant bastard! You’re wasting so much energy!”

If there is a limit to the vessel of power that humans can contain, they pour it generously as if it were God itself.

Daeseongbeop <Crimson Meteor>

Holy power so mad that the demon world screamed was compressed into Vulcanus.

It jumped up and looked like a meteor rising backwards into the sky. When it finally goes up to the end orbit of the universe–

“Die, demon…!”

Aiming at the planet’s approach angle, it falls with gravitational acceleration.

[Big… !]

Reminds me of the same memory as before.

The Legion was swept away by that nonsense.

That’s why even though it’s a knight, he doesn’t use words.

Since he himself is an outrageous person who can move between continents, he will not use any means of transportation unless he is in agreement with the Knights!

[You think you’ll get beaten twice!]

Gave up the power of the land. While concentrating the direct magic power, it manifests itself as a phenomenon.

He is both a warrior and an archmage. Although it falls short of the lord of wisdom, its magic is never inferior to the miracles of the Holy Law!

[To make someone unleash the great sword twice!]

The power of the continent, and the total amount of it, is randomly drawn in and unleashes a great sword that exhausts the intellect.

That true value saved Khadsha even from the brink of death two hundred years ago.

[Freeze with time and space… !]

Received magical power from the continent, and magic manifested in a straight line of the meteor.

The miracle that can be called ‘magic’ as a thread that freezes time and space is limited to individual Vulcanus.

Even the devil’s grand duke cannot resist the thing that prevented him from escaping as a human vessel!


Space freezes. The meteor, which was plunging towards Khadsha, stopped leaving a distance of 300m from him.

If it hadn’t been for the raging snowstorm and the shimmering flames, it would have been thought that time in the world had stopped.

[Ha, hot… ! Has it stopped!]

This is not a force that can be offset from the front. No matter how much holy power the Holy Grail Knight poured out, it ended at the point of being caught.

[Join the Legion before the Lion Heart King helps——]

Suddenly, I raised my head and saw Vulcanus in the space I saw.

Holding a holy sword, he stood still with the space. no, wait.


Where did the leftover sack go?

At that time, the holy sword falls from the sky dyed red. The flame that compressed Petos’ holy power to the limit is like the wrath of a god who wants to punish the earth.

It falls exactly where space-time was frozen.

[Did they throw it from orbit in advance?]

It wasn’t just Khadsha who didn’t get beaten twice. Vulcanus also found a way to cope with the Tsushima he had once suffered!

【Holy Sword of Hui Huang – Flame of the War God】

The plunged holy sword pierces the frozen time and space with compressed flames——


Just like Leon, Vulcanus escaped by evaporating the frozen space. Also, the meteor’s acceleration did not decrease.

[profit… ! I mean stop!]

Urgently gathers mana and summons a huge ice wall. It became a huge shield and blocked Vulcanus, but—

– Quaang!

The ice wall was literally destroyed in one blow.

As if an all-piercing spear had pierced the shield.

[vulcan… !]

[Shut up, evil species… !]

The same development is repeated.

maybe twice. Even after bursting out such absurd holy power, the hope that there could not be any left was shattered in the face of ruthless violence.

Vulcan’s advance does not stop.

‘This can’t be!’

I’d rather have the lion heart king. He is the representative of all divinities.

The Lord of Chaos who was defeated by the Lion Heart King, and the other Lords who probably couldn’t defeat him in the end.

If you are defeated against strongholds that represent the gods, there is at least an excuse.

However, the monster in front of me ignorantly beats me while consuming such a vast amount of energy at random… The Devil Grand Duke is defeated by an ‘individual’?

[It can’t be like this!]

Vulcanus declared, evaporating the freeze that made his whole body cold, at the words of hatred that seemed to have broken common sense beyond anger.

“Arrogant worm scum! The end of your era will be brought down by your arrogance!!”

Khadsha, who has been frozen for two hundred years, does not know.

That the peaks of the era have already broken the waves of the sea that seemed unreachable.

Such was the demigod, the agent of divinity,

A lofty fighter overthrew the malice of destruction.

It’s too arrogant to think that the miracle, that feat, won’t happen because of someone else.


A final outburst that shatters.

The meteor shot from the terminal orbit burned down everything it passed in an easy way to understand.

The unfinished battle two hundred years ago finally came to an end.

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