The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 159: Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus (3)

After Leon opened the gate to the Demon Realm with Beatrice, the gate was kept under the supervision of the Association.

The gate Beatrice opened had no magic crystals mined and no dungeon break, but it was necessary to immediately inform the situation in Korea if Leon appeared.

“Chief Kim. It’s shift time soon.”

“Has it already happened?”

Manager Kim Jin-soo looks at his watch at the words of his subordinate. He rubbed his cigarette into the portable ashtray and fiddled with his cell phone.

“By the way, Manager Kim. One assistant manager was crying. Did you see it?”

“Hari? Why a dog?”

“Suddenly, the holy power of the god of war and flame is not used.”

“Huh? Really?”

After the landing of the magic sword of wandering in Japan, belief in pantheonism spread rapidly in both Korea and Japan.

Manager Kim Jin-soo also became a follower of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, for a while, but he learned the vocal method, and the situation that the vocal method ‘does not work’ was rather awkward.

“There is no case where the gods take away their protection.”

“It’s not just one substitute, it’s the same for other war followers. The connection is the same, but only the sex method can’t be used?”

It was definitely a first. Most of the sexual law users who have increased considerably in Korea are followers of the god Petos.

It is only natural that hunters and soldiers who need to attack the gate mainly believe in it.

“I’m going to have a hard time. But don’t the kids who serve the war god usually also believe in the goddess of justice?”

“Because they say that faith in light and justice is the basic qualifications of a warrior.”

But why did only the holy power of the god of war be collected? Manager Jinsu Kim remembered something.

“Come to think of it, Grail Knights share holy power with God.”

That was the reason why the output of Holy Grail Knights was ridiculously higher than that of normal Knights.

Borrowing power and sharing power are two entirely different matters.

“Could it be His Majesty Leon?”

“No, he’s a bit different. The Guardian of the Holy Grail said he could use any holy power and change his temper as needed.”

Unlike the Holy Grail Knights, Grail Guardians represent all gods. An existence that can handle the faith gathered by the gods through the lion’s heart.

If Leon used too much holy power and the Holy Laws were not being used, not only the Holy Laws of God Petos could not be used, but all the Holy Laws had to be disabled.

“Uh… what the hell happened?”

The cause is probably his majesty who opened the gate and disappeared somewhere.

‘It’s dangerous… While the pantheon’s maximum firepower is faltering, it’s on the verge of bursting dungeon breaks here and there.’

As such, it was difficult to overcome this large-scale gate crisis.

The response to the gate that occurred in remote areas is delayed to the extent that there is a shortage of ‘helicopters’ right now.

‘There is still no news about the red gate that is said to have floated in Seongnam.’

I never thought the existence of a pantheon that indiscriminately clears gates without economic calculation would be so great.

In particular, the existence of Leon and Beatrice, who have surpassed S rank, is a force that is desperately needed right now.

‘Please return quickly, Your Majesty… !’

Manager Kim Jin-soo wished for him to return as soon as possible. Just when he tried to contact the upper echelons of the Association out of frustration——


The gate opened and hot air escaped from it. The gate has been opened from there!

“Lung, Your Majesty, I’ll give it to you!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo and the association’s staff automatically get down on one knee and prepare a courtesy to greet the king.

Having already received sufficient etiquette lessons, they reached a level that even Leon could be satisfied with.

“To the Majesty Lionheart, sir——!?”


and something bounced off the gate. Realizing that it was the head of something, Jinsu Kim secretly glanced at it.


It was something awesome.

An endless wickedness that cannot be felt from a gate field boss. If I even met my eyes, I would die of a curse.

“Even if you just go in.”

“I’m sorry! Your Majesty! I threw it to see if it really led to another world.”

Then, a series of groups come out of the gate. The Association employees were delighted with the appearance of Leon and Beatrice, but they were soon stopped by the group of armors that came out with them.

A sense of intimidation, as if being weighed down just by meeting. Even if you pretend, you instinctively realize that they are dangerous beings.

In particular, everyone noticed that the gigantic knight next to Leon had a really different ‘personality’.

“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo takes the lead on behalf of his subordinates. Leon recognized him and greeted him.

“Is it Manager Kim?”


“Ah, yes. That head, keep it well. It’s a useful spoil.”

“That’s what the heck…”

“It’s the head of the Grand Duke of Glacier.”


Glacier Prince? Are you talking about the devil grand duke? That the gate that Leon went through was in the demon realm and that he left a demon grand duke there?

“Oh, the Lion Heart King…”

I will only trust you!

The envy of Manager Kim Jin-soo and the association’s staff gathered. Leon took Mincho’s gaze directed at him as if it were natural.

“It’s noisy anyway. What’s going on?”

Beatrice was puzzled by the guild members who still did not come to meet her.

“Yes, that’s…”

Manager Kim Jin-soo also reported on the busy situation of the Knights and Man-at-Arms who were away, as well as Yapi, who was in overall command of the Korean hunters.

“I see. What’s urgent right now?”


Manager Kim Jin-soo was delighted.

* * * *

After the large-scale gate incident, the Korean Hunter raiding party led by Yacht Spinner quickly attacked the gate.

The raid team selected and combined by strong artificial intelligence classifies the gate to be attacked with priority.

Even the operation of the ROK Army helicopter unit for rapid movement after attacking the gate.

At the command center, it was said that even if it was a machine, it was giving too much authority to an outsider, but I was speechless in front of Yapi’s discernment ability, which he soon began to prove with his performance.

Yapi thoroughly modified the movement of the raiding party in real time based on data, coordinates, movement history, and calculated threat figures.

Even apart from command ability, it was close to impossible to deal with the gates protruding from all over the country in time.

Attacking the gate is not something that can be done in a day or two. It is common for it to take 4 to 5 days even if a raiding party of an appropriate level according to the gate level begins to attack.

Only 400 gates occurred in Korea in 10 days. In Korea, hunters called hunters are all scratched up and organized to organize raids, but there are more than 10 ‘dungeon breaks’ that have started due to failed raids, schedule constraints, and abnormal gates.

“Gu, Princess…! I can’t stand it any longer!”

Gyeongbu Expressway Gate.

Summoned in the middle of the highway, this gate is the gate that Yapi gave priority to attack.

It was a yellow-grade gate, so it was a week after the 2nd army raiding party under Hanbit Palace entered. It was assumed that they would successfully complete the attack, but they failed miserably.

“A fluctuating gate, of course…”

Yes. This Gyeongbu Expressway Gate is a variable gate disguised as a yellow grade. The estimated attack level is red.

Normally, he would have responded immediately, but the response was delayed because the guild leader, Park Yong-shin, attacked two yellow gates in a row in Wando.

Thanks to this, Lee Yong-wan’s Phoenix Guild and Hunter Association president Oh Kang-hyeok, who came to support the Hanbitgung attack team, which hastily returned to prevent the dungeon break, gathered as reservists.

“Brother Lee Yong-wan! I can’t block the entrance anymore! There are too many large objects!”

“Damn… Our kids are tired too. Chairman! Let’s step back and reorganize the formation! It doesn’t seem like it’s time to worry about the magic contamination!”

Park Yong-shin, Lee Yong-wan, and Oh Kang-hyuk were the only three S-class hunters. Nevertheless, it is difficult to block the wave of monsters escaping from the variable gate.

“If I had known this would happen, I would have brought Miss Yuri!”

“I should have brought the vice-gungju too.”


Oh Kang-hyeok swallowed his saliva and watched the monsters pouring from the broken gate.

There is not enough manpower to the extent that the president of the association himself has to go to the front line. I wanted to get some help from the Japanese Hunter Association, with whom I had recently strengthened my relationship, but it seemed that there were also three unprecedented red gates in a row, so things were not going well.

‘At least Korea is relaxed. Thanks to the troops he raised.’

The knights of the pantheon are also knights, but the most feared are the man-at-arms who exceed 5,000.

The D-class hunters, who were treated as porters until now, are forming a formation and uniting to demonstrate their strength comparable to the A-class raiding party.

Their strengths are, above all, numbers. Under the guidance of the Lion Heart King, they were thoroughly trained and learned group training and holy power.

Its power is doubled when linked with a knight commander who scatters quite a few commander-level buffs.

In Korea before the arrival of the Pantheon, the dungeon break would have caused a catastrophe.

‘But after all, depending on whether he is present or not, the difference in strength is large.’

Even a knight level spreads commander skill level buffs, but Leon’s level of buffs is simply ridiculous.

It is true that the Pantheon gathered formidable forces, but even that was a numerical superiority. The overwhelming qualitative superiority comes from the existence of Lion Heart King and Holy Grail Knights.

“Tell the hunters. I’ll break through the lead myself.”

“The president of the association?”

Park Yong-shin and Lee Yong-wan widened their eyes when the president of the association said that they would personally take the lead.

“I hope the boss monster is at least an easy boss.”

Oh Kang-hyeok is a legendary martial artist hunter in Korea. No matter how S-class bosses, I have defeated all of them.

-Kieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

With a terrible scream, the last monster appeared at the gate.

“oh my god…….”

A black robe floating in the air, a skeleton masked wizard holding a rotten old tree staff in a bony arm.

Ark Rich.

The worst S-class monster that leads the highest class of undead, the Death Knight, as an escort.

“Damn it, it must be an Arch Lich.”

Lee Yong-wan gritted his teeth and let go of the demonstration he was about to shoot.

Physical attacks against that object have half the effect. If there is magic or holy law… … .

“Princess Park!”

“What is it, brother?”

“You’re the lion heart king’s faithful dog! Aren’t you able to use things like surnames?”

“A dog… that’s an overkill for a sinner like me. I’m not even qualified to lick the soles of his feet.”

Are you rather happy here? Lee Yong-wan became afraid of Park Yong-shin’s mental world.

“Anyway, to answer, I cannot use the Holy Law. The gods do not bestow their blessings on sinners.”

“Is this because cultists are more guilty than unbelievers? Damn it…”

It was a disaster. I wondered just in case, since only the Pantheon Temple can use the castle method for combat in Korea.

“Now that this has happened, we need to cut down on the escort force! Even those Death Knights are not annoying at all!”

They are Death Knights who are not lacking even if they take on the boss of a decent number of gates. If you collide head-on with them, even an A-rank raiding party will not be unscathed——

“”Train the enemy… !””

That was the moment. A group of anachronistic cavalry that jumped out of nowhere.

For a moment, I wanted to be the Knights of the Pantheon, but their momentum was incomparable to them.

“Red… Knights?”

“Ugh, why is the sword burning?”

With the lion heart king at the forefront and one giant knight at the center, 50 horsemen run through the highway.

Their running speed is obviously odd. It ran along a highway that stretched in a straight line, like a sports car with an overheated engine.

[…] … .]

Arch Reach builds a tight square against the group of horsemen who suddenly appeared in the rear. The command corps he leads are strengthened by powerful magic power, so they can block a 20-ton truck from breaking through head-on.

It’s just an anachronistic group of horsemen–

“To Lionheart…! Glory be to you!!”

[【Strongest Assaulter】is applied to the unit.]

At the moment of collision, something soars into the sky.

When he realized that it was a corpse giant wielding a club at the forefront, the Lion Heart King appeared in front of the Arch Lich, holding a dazzling holy sword.

[…] … !]

The Ark Lich flinched. Where are his escort Death Knights?


They were being torn to pieces by the screaming giant red knight. Absolutely unbelievable power.

“To turn honorable knights into specters. Your sin is deep.”

[You bastard… !]

A dazzlingly shining holy sword dug into the chest of the Arch Lich who was trying to manipulate something magic.

-Koo-wook… !

The holy sword that pierced the chest of the Arch Reach in one stroke worked inside him.

“Your Majesty! The Arch Lich has a Life Vessel that stores his soul! If you don’t destroy it, the Lich will die—”


It was then. After being pierced by Leon’s holy sword, the Arch Lich let out a terrifying scream, and then couldn’t it be the scream of the soul?

“I, the agent of the gods, commanded. Destroy, evil spirits.”

It doesn’t matter if there is a life vessel that hides the soul or not. Knights of Lionheart are the ones who destroy even fleshly demons that have incarnated beyond dimensions.

Not a mere undead scumbag can escape this annihilating power!

“Oh, no…!”

In the process of the soul disappearing, the Arch Lich performed a great magic that was almost out of control. I’m going to gather all the corpses into one mass and self-destruct!

“Damn it, devils!”

At that moment, the holy sword of fire emitting terrible heat burned the corpses. The flame of the god of war is so powerful that it leaves not even a soul, let alone a piece of bone.


The Arch Lich, despairing in front of overwhelming power, collapsed as it was.

Watching the scene, Park Yong-shin exclaimed with an ecstatic expression.

“King, may you live forever…!”

“King, may you live forever… !””

Members of Hanbit Palace knelt down and worshiped. Not only them, but also some Hunters joined in the worship.

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