The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 16 Cowardly Ranged Weapon

In Leon’s world, ranged weapons are cowardly weapons used only by lowly people.

It was an unacceptable weapon for a knight who valued honor, and only serfs or freedmen soldiers who did not need honor would use such a weapon.

Of course, he is a born commander and an undefeated rising general.

Archers, as well as catapults and cannons, have been used.

However, ranged weapons have their limitations. There is a thing called tension, and it is the same with firearms.

Limit of charge, limit of firepower… After all, it is no different from a weapon with a fixed maximum value.

But swords and spears are different.

Whether you swing it or throw it, it all depends on your individual abilities.

Can’t split a rock with a knife? That comes with the knight’s ability.

Can’t blow away the enemy square with mounted charge? Even against a pike soldier, if the knight is good, he can penetrate it as much as he wants.

In the end, in order to increase honor and reputation, you must achieve it purely with your own strength, not relying on weapons such as bows.

So, to the Holy Grail Knights who completed the quest and were chosen by the Holy Grail, even a ranged weapon is a dishonorable weapon that admits their lack of power.

“No, you’re really in trouble!”

Of course, it was not understandable with common sense of modern people.

“Cheerful, funny friend.”

Oh Kang-hyeok passed it over with a laugh, but the other party members did not. They each tried to say something, but the desperate Hunter staff shouted.

“You must leave soon!”


Although Leon’s position has not yet been decided. Koo Dae-seong, thinking that this test might be ruined, followed where the association staff led him.

“This test… how is it going?”

Koo Dae-sung’s questions were answered kindly by association staff.

“Basically, you just have to hunt 50 kobolds. There are games in the field, but if it’s really dangerous, I’ll go out.”

The employee said that he only had to hunt kobolds, but Goo Dae-seong wanted to earn a higher score.

Of course, if you hunt a play or boss monster, you get a higher score, and the area where they appear is fixed.

“Everyone. There is a point I know. How about going there and hunting?”

“You have more experience than us…”

“The old man is fine.”


The three agreed, and Leon is still silent. Goo Dae-seong led the party and tried to get out of the meadow and into the forest.

Beginners Taehun and Nayeon glanced at the direction he was leading.

“Daeseong, can you see a village at the end of the meadow over there? I think there are many over there.”

“The settlement is not to be taken lightly. We are few in number and may be surrounded by kobolds or gnolls, many of whom move.”

Koo Dae-sung is a veteran who is challenging the Seoul Station gate for the 10th time.

Although it is only for testing purposes and cannot be visited often, Kobolds and Gnolls often appear in other gates.

“We will attack the kobolds living in the cave.”

Koo Dae-seong explained the advantages of fighting in a cave.

First of all, there is no fear of being surrounded because the seats are cramped and the aisles are one-sided. Then he said while tearing off a piece of grass he found while passing by.

“We’ll set fire to the grass here to inject smoke. Then we can easily target the cave kobolds.”


“As expected, the experience is different.”

While receiving praise from the party members, Goo Dae-sung smiled bitterly.

It’s such a big deal that you came to the test gate ten times.

If the rating went up, of course the gate to be tested would have changed. If it’s class C, it’s Samjeon Station Gate. If it’s B-class, it’s the 63 building gate.

He studied and researched all the strategies, imagining the day when he would enter the upper gates, but he could only see the Seoul Station gate here.

‘You have to get promoted this time. How long will you be in D-class for 10,000 years?’

He wanted to be strong. Even the D-class sound in his ten thousand years was sick of it now.

“Kobolds ahead!”

At that time, Shin Tae-Hoon, who was at the forefront as a tanker, stopped. But they were so loud that even the kobolds spotted them.


Kobolds are humanoid monsters with dog heads. A low-level monster that rivals a goblin at the height of an elementary school student.

“Block it with a shield in front of Mr. Taehun!”


The charge of the kobolds was simple. Intuitive and simple. There was a strong tendency toward a confrontation between pure power and power.

In that case, unless the number of pages is overwhelming, the Hunter side is a landslide victory.


The kobold that was running straight ahead was knocked down by Nayeon’s arrow.

An aggro bouncing off an archer as soon as an ally gets hit. The kobold, which turned towards her, collided head-on with Tae-hun’s shield and fell to the ground with a nosebleed.

“They’re stupid.”

Taehun stabbed the kobold with his sword. At that time, there was a kobold that threw itself at Taehun, and he was startled and fell.


“Mr. Taehoon!”

Just as he was about to thrust his mouth at him, Daesung’s sword pierced the kobold’s neck. Warm blood spilled over Taehyung’s face.

“Don’t be vigilant! Although they are weak, they act quickly!”

Five remaining kobolds. However, Nayeon immediately draws her bowstring and pierces the second kobold.


Old man Oh Kang-tae struck the kobolds in the face with his fists clad in gauntlets in place of the collapsed battle lines. It’s a quick jab.



The kobolds whose faces are swollen. As soon as Daesung raised Taehun and joined them, the kobolds collapsed one by one.


“I’m sorry. I made a mistake.”

When Taehun apologized for breaking the battle line due to his surprise, Daesung waved his hand and encouraged him.

“It’s okay. It’s all like that at first.”

He also made many mistakes against kobolds. Thinking of the days when he was a beginner, Tae-hun’s mistakes were not even on the side of mistakes.

“Nayeon took care of two of them, and thanks to the old man, no one was hurt. Everyone did a good job.”

I was nervous at first, but this wasn’t a bad party. Except for one person.

“Hey, foreigner. You… you didn’t do anything while we were fighting, did you?”

“That’s right. I’m just watching with my hands behind my back! Staff, is it okay to do this?”

An arrow was turned in place of Leon, who was silent. The desire to expel Leon and receive another party member is a chimney.

“Haha… Don’t worry too much, I’ll fully reflect this part.”

It was said that Leon would get the lowest score, and the others would get extra points. It was a yard that even one person was disappointed with Daesung, but I thought it was rather okay to have an extra point added.

“In that case… Let’s go further inside. There will be a cave soon.”

As he said, we walked further through the forest and came to a cave.

“It really looks like a cave.”

“Umm… Do I really have to go in and fight? I hate that dark place.”

Nayeon complained, then she wouldn’t be able to work as a hunter in the future… I wanted to say something, but Daesung held it in and said it with a smile on his face.

“No. We will ‘attack’ the cave.”


“Because the basics of a hunter is to attack the gate. Everyone collect the leaves around you. Set them on fire to send the smoke into the cave.”

“Ah! Are you trying to suffocate with smoke?”

“Wow~ Awesome. Then we just have to catch the ones that jump out.”

That was it. According to Koo Dae-sung’s experience, there are more than 20 kobolds living in this cave.

He has been using this method since the 6th round, as he can catch more than 20 kobolds with almost no loss of stamina when attacking a gate where physical strength is important.

As he made a strategy and collected the fallen leaves and grass around him, he saw Leon with his arms folded and his eyes closed.

“Hey, why don’t you just play and help?”

Leon opens his eyes. His blue eyes pierce Daeseong.

“Did Jim look like he was lazy in your eyes?”

What else is it… But I couldn’t speak directly.

I couldn’t explain it with logic or reason, but I strangely felt that if I added more words here, something big might happen.

“Ummm… Ah, anyway! You’ll be at the lowest point, so let’s see!”

Trying to avoid eye contact was the best he could do.

“I got them all!”

“Should I light the fire with a lighter?”

“This old man has a lighter. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve given up smoking for a long time.”

It was the moment when I was about to light the lighter on the fire.

“Do you really think that’s for the best?”

Leon was the first to speak.

“No, I haven’t even helped yet, so what?”

“Jim asked if it was for the best. Don’t make me say it twice.”

“……I have tried this method three times. All three times have been successful.”

“Is it based on experience? It’s not bad. But how can you rely only on experience when that experience is superficial?”

“What are you talking about, really…”

For a moment I thought I was wrong, but he didn’t know a better way.

“Ah, that’s okay. What is the experience of being so young…”

He started a fire and forced smoke from the surrounding large leaves into the cave.

– Kyaaaaa!

A thumping sound resounds in the cave along with a scream.

“Oh, come!”

Everyone prepares for battle with the cry of Tae-hoon, who raises his shield. And the moment the first group of kobolds burst out of the cave, they stopped at the sight of the flames blocking the entrance.


The arrow drawn by Nayeon flew away, and the stones thrown by Old Man Oh and Daesung shattered the kobold’s face.


– Ha Ha Ha!

A group of kobolds falling one after another. Daesung was delighted when he killed five of them in an instant.

‘also! My method is not wrong!’

The next group of kobolds rushed out. Perhaps in order not to be suffocated by the smoke, they show symptoms of dizziness as they jumped out in a hurry to run out of breath.

“Okay, let’s go ahead and deal with it!”

It was the moment when he defeated the seventh kobold.


Similar but different howling. For a moment, Goo Dae-sung doubted his ears.


When I turned my gaze to the sound I heard from the side, there were armor and shields… A play armed with a one-handed ax was staring at this side.

It has the head of a vicious hyena and is 1.5 times the size of a normal gnoll… … .

“Captain Nol?!”

Captain to play. He is the boss who serves as the boss at the gate of Seoul Station. The monster rank is quite C-class. Strong enough for them.

“Oh, no. Why now?”

In an instant, the words Leon said 10 minutes ago came to mind in Daesung’s mind.

‘Do you really think that’s for the best?’

Doesn’t it look like you expected this? But how?

“Dae, Daesung! What should I do?”

Nayeon shouted urgently, and Daesung felt impatient.

“The old man and Nayeon stop the kobolds in the cave! Me and Taehun will deal with Captain Nol!”

Experts were needed on both sides. Above all, it is suicidal for a D-Class to fight against Captain Knoll without any potential.

Even though he is a beginner, he can only hope that Taehun holding a shield will endure even a little bit.


Knoll screams and charges. Taehun took the lead and raised his shield, but I could see his legs trembling as he screamed.

With that posture, you can’t even block an attack!

“Taehun! Wake up!”

As soon as he finished his words, the ax he swung hit Taehun’s shield. Taehun couldn’t stand a single blow and missed his shield and fell.

‘Damn it!’

Captain Knoll is about to take down Taehun right away. Daesung spurred on his position to save Taehun.


However, Captain Noll lightly blocks the charge entrusted to that momentum. The longsword could not pierce the shield from the front, and the bridge that spurred him to a halt.


My back bent forward and I gasped for breath. The ax he wielded struck him in the side.

It rolls awkwardly. The shock that the armor couldn’t absorb hurts as if the insides would explode.

“Uh, ah, ah…”

At that time, I saw Tae-hoon, who was terrified. The shadow of the large ax covering his face.

Has your party not cleaned up the kobolds yet? Why don’t the association’s staff come forward?

The thought did not last long. Daesung forgot to even hold his sword and raised his shield.

“Taehun! Step back!”

Holding Taehun’s shield, he blocks the ax that strikes him. An unimaginable weight was carried on the axe and his knees bent.


But he persevered. In that instant, I instinctively adjusted the angle of my shield and let the ax flow at an angle.


As his weapon slipped, Captain Gnoll let out an annoyed howl and raised his axe again.

The second blow, can it be stopped? Even Tae-hoon could do something if he came to his senses and fought back.

The moment the ax hit and Daesung clench his teeth.

-… … !

I didn’t hear the expected rattle. And the pupils of Koo Dae-seong, who stared at Captain Nol’s ax without closing his eyes until the end, widened.

“Well, that’s a passing grade.”

The ax that Captain Knoll had hit was caught in Leon’s fingers and trembled.

“He saved me…”

“Try again.”

“I beg your pardon?”

The reaction is dull. thinking is slow In my time, I risked my life and set out on the path of training without such kind help… … .

“Raise your shield. Face it once more. This is what it means. Why can’t you do it twice?”


When Leon, who had let go of Nol’s axe, urged him, Goo Dae-seong and Captain Nol also tilted their heads.

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