The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 160

The large-scale gate incident that hit the whole country was put to an end with Leon’s return.

Leon and Beatrice are unofficially classified as ‘non-standard’ beyond S-class hunters. On top of that, it was thanks to Vulcanus and his 50 knights smashing through the gate at super speed.

– Wow, what is that crazy thing?

-The Holy Grail Knights.

-I smashed the red gate dungeon break and cleared three orange gates in one day.

-There is no group of monsters like that in the world.

-It seems that one hundred S-class hunters did a superelectronic combination… … .

Their strength was beyond imagination. Usually, around the orange gate, the A-rank raid team takes a week to clear it.

The Red Gate needed an S-class attack party with two S-class hunters and 50 veteran A-class.

However, they are just overwhelming force and tactical ability… … .

-Isn’t Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus really open?

-A-class field bosses are one-turn kills. really crazy

-It is non-standard following Lion Heart King, Magician Queen, and Yakt Spinner

-All of them belong to the pantheon.

– Lol lol

Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame. A survivor of the same world as Leon, he clearly showed his majesty by slaughtering the monsters that jumped out of the dungeon break.


Takeda, the head of the New Hunter Association in Japan, was at the site of the Red Gate Dungeon Break.

An unprecedented situation in which three red gates were summoned at the same time. Because of the gate summoned from all over the country, the Hunter called Hunter was in a situation where he was mobilized.

I managed to close one of the three, but I had to urgently prepare for the dungeon break as the remaining two failed to close.

Japan, which lost a lot of S-class hunters in the Akasha case, needed foreign support, and requested support from the pantheon, which were tied together by the same faith… … .

[Your Majesty, Takedai is coming.]


Takeda explained the urgent situation in his country. After failing to attack the gate, three S-class hunters were injured, and frankly reported that the available power had become very insufficient.

[Jim is not your problem solver. Solve what you can do yourself.]

[Lungs, Your Majesty… … .]

Leon saw that Japan still had room to spare. Of course, you will have to do a bunch. However, even if they suffered damage, they had the ability to resolve the dungeon break.

Excessive intervention in other countries was not a good look, and most of all, Lionheart was a style that rigorously trains knights and soldiers.

He is a spiritualist who believes that human beings can become strong only when there are such trials and challenges.

That’s why I had no intention of sending reinforcements to Japan’s Dungeon Break. Until Takeda complained in a weak voice.

[It must be said that the boss monster of Demon Gate is the ultimate evil–]

-Doo-wook! Dou-wook! Dou-wook!

[your majesty?]

Two hours later, Leon and Vulcanus by Korean military transport. The Burning Sword Knights have arrived.

“There are demons in this land?”

“Where is it! I’ll twist its neck!”

Chairman Takeda and Japan’s Prime Minister Fujisawa had a hard time getting the knights who ran rampant like angry horses to the gate where the dungeon break would explode.

And the massacre began.

“I’ve seen it myself, but I can’t believe it even after seeing it.”

“On the scale of a raiding party…”

The Japan Hunter Association employees and other hunters who were analyzing the battle seemed shocked by the power of the Burning Sword Knights.

“The equipment was also at an incredible level. According to the appraisers, it was more than legendary.”

“Yes, is that star iron weapon?”

Takeda invested a large sum of money in a star iron hardware factory in Yapi.

Mass-produced products are unique. I’ve heard that all the Knights of the Mansinjeon are provided with star iron armor blessed by God.

“Those weapons seem to be original.

“Legendary. Every one of them has a small town’s annual budget.”

“Something is beyond common sense only in the pantheon. Isn’t inflation severe?”

“That’s true, but good gear isn’t as surprising as combat prowess.”

The employee seemed at a loss for words as he read the power analysis file of the Knights of the Burning Sword.

“Each one of them is at least a semi-S-class, and among them, 10 of them are above the S-class average. This was also based on individual strength. If we move on to a group battle evaluation, the S-class raiding party won’t even compare.”

“You’re crazy.”

Isn’t it comparable to the number of S-class hunters in a fairly strong hunter country? What’s even more surprising is that there were at least ten such monster knights in Lionheart.

‘What on earth was the Lionheart Kingdom a group of monsters doing?’

Although they fought together, among the Knights of the Burning Sword, there were at least five people stronger than themselves, who were said to be Japan’s best S-rank hunters.

Among them, if you are Count Raihar Dever, who is ranked 3rd in the rankings, you will be able to deal with two decent S-class hunters.

“Among those monsters, are the Grail Knights and Grail Guardians the pinnacle?”

“A monster… has many ears to hear.”

At the point of the subordinate, Takeda put on an embarrassed expression.

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”

“I know, but the number of followers of the Pantheon has increased significantly recently.”

Although Japan was allied with Korea, it was a monumental country that subdued the demon spirit for the first time in the world.

It was revealed that the magic sword of wandering was Akasha, the demon archduke, and those who witnessed Leon’s super-wealth in real time believed in the pantheon.

Originally, it was Japan, which did not have a major religion, so there was no faith to abandon, and the number of believers has already far exceeded Korea and is looking at one million.

It was an unprecedented growth rate in history, considering that the pantheon was a new religion that had only been established on Earth for a little over half a year.

“I hear it’s hot in America and Europe too.

The age is moving around the pantheon. And Takeda, who witnessed the current gate incident and the strength of the Great Demon class, was convinced that the earth would collapse soon without the pantheon.

“Let’s swear allegiance.”

“I agree.”

I heard that there are many hunters who have become devoted to the pantheon recently, and I want to spend at least religious training at the pantheon.

* * * *

The third day after Leon returned with Vulcanus.

Vulcanus and the knights successfully blocked the last designated Suwon dungeon break, and took a rest on top of a mountain of corpses.

“Lord Raihar. There’s a living one over there.”

-Oh, no… !

“What’s wrong, you stupid green beast.”

The last dungeon break was the oak gate. Like the Demon Gate, the blinded knights thoroughly slaughtered the Orcs.

“Your Majesty! All 2,000 beasts have been exterminated!”

Vulcanus reported to Leon without even taking off his armor full of heat. Leon recommended him while eating beef jerky on top of a mountain of corpses.


Vulcan took off his red helmet with impressive horns. What appeared in it was a middle-aged man with a wild impression.

“The taste is good, but I can’t feel Goddess Demera’s blessing.”

“It is because our crops are not produced enough to supply livestock farms. There are enough vegetables and grains, but please be patient with meat.”

“Certainly. The holy power is lacking.”

Vulcanus raised his hand and created a spark of holy power. A dizzying pillar of fire soared just by looking at it.

Vulcan shrugged his shoulders and vented his displeasure into the air.

“Petos-nim. How come you’re not as good as in the past?”

[This guy… !]

Petos immediately resents it. The God of War and Flame spoke with a sharp accent to his Grail Knight.

[Since before, you’ve been wasting too much! Aren’t you releasing the accumulated holy power like a dam bursting!]

As soon as he was released from the freeze, he caused a divine descent and used his holy power, but in a continuous battle for three days, when his holy power was completely exhausted, he used to tear monsters with his bare hands.

Petos’s nagging, which had been happening often since before, naturally went to Leon as well.

[Leon, my best war rider. Manage your subordinates properly!]

When Leon shrugged, Vulcan raised an objection.

“Petos-sama, am I not your greatest warrider?”

[I’ve never had a war rider like you. A guy who is only good at ignorantly beating and breaking things. What kind of a war rider is he who leaves command and military strategy to his subordinates!]

The Horsemen of War and Flame are all-round warriors who master military tactics and are in charge of the legion’s firepower.

Vulcanus is a case of being a bit extreme and one-sided, and if it weren’t for his ridiculous dragon power, he would not have been recognized as a Holy Grail Knight.

[Anyway, I should have stopped when I said that I would bring such a savage and reform him.]

“Don’t be so mean, Petos. His vessels were coveted even by savage demons.”

[…] … .]

Petos had nothing more to say. Yes, Leon subdued the savage who was trying to awaken as a vessel of the evil god and brought him to the pantheon.

After that, since Petos knew about Vulcan’s exploits, he couldn’t just nag.

“Sir Vulcanus. Come here for a moment.”


As Vulcan approached, Leon pulled out a staff from subspace.


Vulcanus sent a sharp gaze at the unusual holy power felt from the staff. Leon explained the history of the staff.

“It is the staff of a prophet who did not stop resisting even in the land of evil species. Hen… Anyway, it was a gift from a priest who serves a god from another dimension.”

“Oh… such a bond.”

Had he heard the goblin Archdemon, who had been sharpening his staff for hundreds of years, he would have been knocked down by a vase, but Leon handed the staff to Vulcanus.

“From my point of view, the staff has the function of absorbing and accumulating holy power. It is similar to the heart of a lion.”

“I don’t see it as such a noble thing.”

“That’s right. But isn’t it possible to absorb the accumulated holy power? Offer that holy power to the god of war.”

In short, since Vulcanus consumed too much holy power, it was said that he would accumulate the holy power of other gods in the staff and offer Vulcan to cover the consumption of the holy power of the god Petos.

Receiving Gob’s wand from Leon, Vulcanus smiled and raised the wand.

“Senior, I’m going to step up my cane here.”

[This guy?]

Petos, who was treated as an old man who had to carry a staff all of a sudden, snatched the staff from Vulcan’s hand as if snatching it away.

[This blasphemy. You bastard, someday I will greatly honor you.]


In any case, the domestic problem has been settled. There was a man-at-arms unit dispatched to protect the lands of Demera followers overseas, but that will soon be over as well.

“But this situation. Something smells like the bad guys.”

At this point, only Beatrice and the demons can use the gate. If so, this large-scale gate incident must have had some purpose.

“I’m returning. First, I’ll have to give compliments to Sir Spinner and his subordinates.”

“Oh~, you mean the mechanical Holy Grail Knight that Your Majesty praised so much?

“You’ll love it.”


The gate crisis that hit the world as well as Korea was coming to an end.

* * * *

After settling on Earth as a survivor, Beatrice steadily encountered modern civilization to become accustomed to Earth’s civilization.

The same goes for smartphones and PCs, but what she loves is the newspaper.

It was also a familiar item in her kingdom, and it was easier to read the current situation than Internet news, which was dominated by provocative information.

“It’s a mess.”

While he was away, he was reading through the accumulated daily newspapers, but most of them focused on the global gate situation.

A small town damaged by a red gate or dungeon break in the middle of Paris, France. The coastal area polluted after a failed attempt at the Yonggung Gate.

The world is in a state of confusion over an invasion named Gate.

Of course, not all countries are like that.

“Taiwan has succeeded in defending.”

Perhaps because it is an island country, the smaller the land and the higher the population density, the more successful it was to cope with the gate.

‘The biggest problem is the entire continent. Demera’s followers are increasing in this grain belt, so I’ll have to pay more attention.’

Yapi had already dispatched a man-at-arms unit to control the damage. But that alone won’t be enough.

Moving the Burning Sword Knights would have made it much easier, but it was dangerous on its own.

‘There are many orcs on the continent… … .’

When two forces collide, they will surely collide. I could tell just by looking at Leon.

Even in Korea, there are still some orc survivors. Seeing them like that, Leon didn’t immediately cut the knife, but he showed off his displeasure.

Beasts are dirtying my eyes.

If King Leon is like that, what if Lord Vulcan or his knights encounter orcs on the continent?

I had only seen Vulcan and the Templars for a few days, but how the annihilators would behave was perfectly predictable.

[Taiwan cabinet, orgy party suspicion.]


A line of articles suddenly caught her eye. It is not such a rare event.

Drugs, sex and parties. The promiscuous and decadent culture of high-ranking people is common in any country and in any world.

Beatrice was a queen who was disgusted by such things beyond distaste, but if it was just a promiscuous scandal, Beatrice would have let it go.

But the problem is the key members of the scandal.

CEO of a big business. Minister of Defense. Besides that, the children of the core members of the Cabinet.

It will be controversial for a while, but the scandal of the powerful, who can suppress public opinion as much as they want with the power of power.

That method was more familiar than anything else. Then, suddenly, I found a certain symbol at the party that the reporter took.

“……Quay’s crest?”

A crest unique to the Grand Duke of Fall, who overthrew the kingdom of Spero.

Beatrice, who inadvertently uttered the name of the insidious demon archduke who polluted the royal family, corrupts the nobles, and eventually destroyed the kingdom, realized that her surroundings had turned black.

“no way…!”

A name has magic.

Calling demons by their real names is a way to connect with them.

By spreading his name, the devil secures his contractors. That’s why–

[Were you here?]

“You bastard…!”

In the pitch-black darkness, the demon linked to Beatrice welcomed her.

[The Magician Queen.]

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