The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 161 Knight Training

-Kick! Increased threat to critical production assets. Troops need to be dispatched.

Yapi, who commanded the Korean hunters and achieved an efficient gate attack, declared protection for the increasing overseas pantheon assets in the meantime.

– No, in the current situation, some of the pantheon troops are being dispatched overseas?

-Korean hunters were all mobilized to protect their country, isn’t it too irresponsible!

These voices came out, but Yapi ignored them as if they were natural.

-If you twist it, get out, organism.

The Internet dictator was walking the path of a dictator full of humanity in real life. His self-righteous and oppressive attitude made them seek out the Lion Heart King.

‘Damn it, Lion Heart King! Please come back!’

‘Someone control this killing machine!’

The strong artificial intelligence Holy Grail Knight had no compromises.

I do it if I do it, why would a stupid organism challenge the strategic design of a wise creature? Consistently with this attitude, I have no choice but to go crazy on the inside and run wild.

Of course, Yapi also had a legitimate reason.

-It is the harvest period of overseas farms. For food security, it is necessary to attack the gate in the area.

-However, there must be a limit to the strategy consisting of a small number of knights and man-at-arms.

-There are many ways.

The Mansinjeon raiding party dispatched overseas immediately knew how to do that.

“I am Wardog, the callsign of Grave Arms PMC. Are you a contingent of the Pantheon?”

“Tom, the president of the Black Mamba. He treated me very well.”

The few knights and man-at-arms troops were greeted by 2,000 hunter mercenaries hired by Yapi. Even if you catch it at least, it’s B grade or higher. Six S-class hunters are also included.

‘How much money did you spend?’

Goo Dae-sung, a pilgrim knight of the Manshin War who volunteered for an overseas dispatch unit, was shocked to see the mercenaries hired by Yapi.

The minimum price is A-class raid team and S-class raid team. It should have cost trillions of dollars to hire this number of people. No, even if I had that much money, in the current situation, I would be called from all over the world, so even if I wanted to hire him, I wouldn’t be able to get a priority contract…


Goo Dae-seong saw the items unloaded from the transport plane that came with them and realized why they were first hired by the Mansinjeon.

Drones that can operate even at gates, and iron armor that can arm hundreds of people. With that amount, even mercenary hunters could be tempted.

Items that cannot be obtained because there are no high-tech blessing weapons and weapons cultivated with star iron. I don’t know if it’s a national defense contract, but it’s not something a mere mercenary can get.

“Sir Yapi.”

Goo Dae-seong, who was communicating with Yapi while reporting the arrival, asked cautiously.

-What is it, Gu Dae-seong, a pilgrim knight?

“Is that… is it okay? Leaking these things without His Majesty’s permission.”

-Kick. No problem. Among the Blessed Armaments of this machine, the corresponding products are classified as low class. The technological gap between the outside world and the pantheon is vast.

In other words, taking something like this out isn’t much of a problem.

– This aircraft’s reconnaissance assets will support. Close the gates of that point quickly.

Yapi began defending the granaries of each region by properly operating the mercenaries and man-at-arms.

Troops were dispatched in the name of protecting pantheon believers in developing countries that were neglecting lands contaminated with magic, such as the Beidahuang granary of the Heilong People’s Republic of China, Chornozem of Ukraine, the plains of the Ganges River in India, and the plains of Java in Indonesia. .

The countries in question welcomed them with open arms when they said they were dispatching troops from the Pantheon while the Hunter power was still lacking.

a week like that.

Koo Dae-seong successfully completed the 6th attack in Heilong People’s Republic of China.

“Whoa~ I’ll catch my breath after a while.”

Centurion commander Kim Do-han stretched himself in the sunlight of the earth he had seen in two days.

“With this, isn’t this area a safe zone?”

“I guess so.”

Goo Dae-seong was a large-scale gate incident, but most of them were yellow or green gates, so the capture itself was not difficult.

The mercenary corps solved the gate that was difficult to deal with with the dispatched troops alone.

-Kick. effort.

“Ah, Sir Yapi.”

Yapi, who is communicating in real time through a drone, praised the Man-at-Arms unit for completing the gate attack.

“Are there any more gates to target?”

-doesn’t exist. All threats in the area have been ruled out. I will give you a vacation

“Ohhh, a vacation!”

Captain Kim Do-han, who is pleased with the word vacation. So did the other Man-at-Arms members.

– Deposit special bonus money into each bank account. Two days later, a military transport plane will be sent to Heilong Airport, so you can enjoy your vacation until then.

Kim Do-han, who immediately checked the deposited amount on his smartphone, cheered for the generous bonus and hugged Goo Dae-sung’s shoulders.

“Let’s drink it all the time, Mr. Goo!”


The two men, who had known each other since their days as porters, teamed up and headed to the city.

The Pantheon definitely trains soldiers and knights, but it uses people a little harshly.

In particular, Koo Dae-seong, who was a knight cadet, had a rougher roll, and I was very happy with this vacation.

“It’s the Chinese continent, after all. The food is amazing!”

The People’s Republic of Heilong is one of more than 50 countries that have split since China’s collapse. Most of the country was a grain belt, so there was no problem with eating and living, but in other words, it was a primary industrial country focused on agriculture.

“It’s the first time I’ve been here since China split. It’s still underdeveloped. Would the capital be better than here?”

“I heard there’s not much difference there either.”

Even in Naju, a rural area in Korea, several buildings stand neatly and tall. However, even though this place is famous as a city, there is not a single building over 10 stories to be seen.

“Well, can’t we help it? After the Shanghai Incident, the country was torn into 50 pieces, right?”

Shanghai Incident.

China, once the world’s largest country, was completely destroyed after the great evil Scajacarrier appeared at the Black Gate that appeared in Shanghai.

Mainland China was slowly going to ruin as it failed to cope with the initial gate crisis. The Shanghai Incident was only the decisive blow that drove the wedge.

“Well, shouldn’t we just protect our land well?”

At Kim Do-han’s words, Goo Dae-seong said, “I don’t know,” and didn’t bother to say it.

-The Heilong People’s Army decided to extend martial law–

At that time, a national broadcast came on from the restaurant’s TV. There was no problem understanding them with Yapi’s interpreter.

“Martial law has been extended.”

“He’s an Orc general.”

In the news, a general with medals hanging around spoke the seriousness of the gate situation and announced that a powerful hunter corps was subjugating these gates sequentially.

“This town is just talking propaganda like that.”

Goo Dae-seong and Kim Do-han looked around this place and did not even see the powerful hunter corps.

The 53 countries torn from the continent generally feel that way. Each claiming legitimacy and claiming to be the successor of the continent, but only inherited a unique corrupt administrative system.

In the end, it is the innocent civilians who suffer.

It was at that time when Captain Kim Do-han was about to clink a glass filled with fire wine.


A unique magic wave that awakened hunters can feel. Sensing that it was a wave unique to the dungeon break, the two jumped to their feet.

“What the fuck is that?!”

“Get your gear!”

Leaving the food and drinks they had just eaten, the two of them hurriedly ran into the alleyway where their senses led them with equipment.

The city’s slum area is a short walk away from downtown. A tearing scream was heard there.


The two exchanged opinions with a glance and entered the alleyway holding shields and swords. What they found there was a girl running away from something and four-legged monsters chasing her.

That number is ten enough. Big enough to fill the alley, they were colliding with each other to eat the girl.

“Come on!”

– Hick!

When the girl found the two of them, she hurriedly ran to them. At the same time, a monster attacks the girl.


Goo Dae-seong blocked the attacking monster with his shield. It was as heavy as its weight, but it was a simple beast’s charge. It immediately led to a counterattack and thrust the sword into his throat.

– Kwyek!

A monster that collapses in an instant. It’s fortunate for Goo Dae-seong, who can’t use the sex method.

“Captain Kim! Call the kids!”

“I just called anyway! Everyone told me to come except the drunk guy because they’re around here!”

It was fortunate that this was the only city nearby where you could enjoy nightlife.

Most of the 200 dispatched Man at Arms members arrived in the slums one after another, and they formed a shield formation in the narrow alleyways and wiped out the monsters step by step.

On the way, the local mercenary corps that Yapi urgently hired also arrived, and it took only about an hour to solve the dungeon break. And it was three hours later that the Heilong People’s Bureau of Hunters arrived in the city.

“It’s a mess.”

“That’s right.”

A dungeon break occurred in the middle of the city.

Something unimaginable in Korea. When I heard about why this happened, there was no spectacle like this.

“Our country’s observation lenses have a defect rate of more than half.”

The mercenary commander who came to support shrugged his shoulders and said. It was something we couldn’t understand.

“Is that right? Aren’t they all imported from the US anyway?”

“Poor management, replacing cheap or used ones in the middle and stocking them up… It’s common. That’s why we don’t trust satellites. We get reports from residents and mobilize.”

The mercenary commander is self-deprecating, saying that dungeon breaks are commonplace in this country.

The operation of the hunter and the related equipment also cost a lot of money.

In a country where every corner of society is corrupted by corruption, the Hunter Association is no exception.

“It’s a piece of shit.”

“It’s shit.”

Hell Joseon Hell Joseon But at times like this, Kim Do-han says he’s lucky to have been born in Korea. The mercenary commander speaks in a cynical voice.

“I’d rather accept orcs like the Republic of Jilin, a neighboring country. Well, on a fictional day, a coup will be threatened, but at least there won’t be any monsters on the road.”

“Monsters appearing on the road?”

“Because monsters are spread all over the country. Well, once they are found, we hunt them down and dig them for magic stones. In fact, this is our main job rather than clearing the gate.”

Are dungeon breaks that common? If you don’t believe in satellites, shouldn’t you say that the outside of the city is practically out of hand?

Hundreds of people died in the dungeon break in the middle of the slum. Because of only one blue gate.

Corpses are strewn all over the place, but the residents are already returning to their daily lives, perhaps calmly about death.

In the middle of the dungeon break, the only ones crying are the families of those who died.

This is purgatory.

“Well, I’ll be back in two days, let’s not worry about it. They’ll take care of it.”

Is it really okay? Goo Dae-sung suddenly remembered the virtues Leon had been talking about at the inauguration ceremony for the Knights of the Pantheon of Gods.

[Do good with courage.]

[Protect the weak, do not do injustice.]

[Love with innocence and goodwill.]

upcoming return date. Goo Dae-seong continued to chew on it and report it to Yapi on the same day.

“Sir Spinner.”

-What is it, pilgrim knight Koo Dae-seong

“That… I want to stay here.”


The attention of the troops was focused on Koo Dae-sung’s decision. Now, all that remains is to return to the pantheon with a warm back and a full stomach. Now, what are you talking about all of a sudden?


Yapi disappeared from communication. In the meantime, Captain Kim Do-han and other Man at Arms members tried to dissuade Koo Dae-sung.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Knight Daesung Koo! What are you thinking?”

Everyone voiced their doubts about Goo Dae-sung’s decision.

he is a knight Even though he is a pilgrim knight, he is a knight of the pantheon with power and position that are incomparable to those of mere soldiers.

The goal of shooting the breadbasket must be over. There is no reason for the pantheon to remain here.

In the future, it will be enough to hire mercenaries periodically to defend the granary.

“No, Mr. Goo! Could it be because of work the other day?

When Kim Do-han tried to dissuade Koo Dae-sung, communication was restored. And the receiver beyond that wasn’t Yafi.

[Did you say stay?]

“your majesty?!”

Upon hearing the voice, everyone kneels and holds the receiver. The lion heart king’s jade sound was not something they could listen to comfortably.

[The pilgrimage article, Koo Dae-seong. Why did you say you would stay?]

“Yes? Ah, that, that’s…”

Goo Dae-sung reported the work the day before with difficulty. And as a knight, he cautiously expressed his desire to remain here and help innocent citizens.

[What’s the use of being there just because you’re the only one left?]

“That, that’s…”

[Are you going to join another raid team? What do you think a B-class brat can do?]

“D-I heard that monsters appear on the roads and in the mountains when you go outside the city.”

Riding around on horseback and hunting even those monsters would help.

Goo Dae-seong, who speaks for himself, but is not very confident.

He is a pilgrim knight who is the lowest among knights. The grade is at the very bottom of the B grade.

Compared to his last year as a D-class, he has improved greatly, but he is still weak and lacks confidence.

How helpful would it be if he were left alone?

[Do you want to prove yourself? Do you want to be evaluated by Jim or the gods?]

Goo Dae-seong was speechless when Leon asked if he wanted to make a feat because he wanted to officially become a knight.

In fact, could this be your excuse? Isn’t it just that he made a reason because he was blinded by his achievements?

I cannot confidently answer myself. Because he was an underdog who couldn’t prove anything and couldn’t be sure of anything.

He did not possess great power like the Lion Heart King, nor did he have natural talent like the other knights.

Maybe I want to be acknowledged by pretending to be such a good person, I wonder.

[This is because the challenge does not require the evaluation of others.]

It was a word that suddenly came to mind.

This was the reason why the knight, who had endlessly failed, was frustrated, and was commanded to give up even by the gods, refused everything without hesitation.

“your majesty······.”


“My challenge does not require Your Majesty’s evaluation.”


Everyone was astonished at Goo Dae-sung’s solemnity. But on the other side of the phone, no matter how much time passed, there was no fiery shout, and rather——

[Keukkeuk keukkeu !]

As if he couldn’t stand it, he could only hear suppressed laughter between dignity and gaiety.

[is it! Is that so! Are you looking for a place to unleash your courage!]

As if it reminded him of a great old senior, Lion Heart King’s heart thumped happily.

[good night! If you decide to walk the path of wandering on your own, so be it! Even the gods cannot hold back the journey of training.]

[Dragon(勇), faith, and the care of the gods will protect your future. Jim expects the greatest achievements from you.]

Communication ended there. It seems like no more words are needed.

“Oh my God, even His Majesty allowed this.”

“That… I’m sorry.”

Captain Kim Do-han followed Goo Dae-seong as he took out his luggage from the transport plane as if he was sorry.

“Mr. Goo is always so good that people are stupid!”

He followed Goo Dae-seong and took out his luggage.

“Captain Kim?”

“I’ll stay too!”

“No, why are you even doing that, Captain?”

“I’ve been together with Mr. Gu since I was a porter with that man! I’m left because I have a debt for saving the raid party from being lost because of the monsters they missed!”

“What kind of movie are you filming? Why do you follow me?”

Saying that, the crew took out my luggage. He, along with Koo Dae-sung and Kim Do-han, was a classmate who completed the first class of Man at Arms.

“Even if I go back anyway, I have to pay ten thousand dollars, so I can’t even save money~”

“If I catch a monster here, I’ll give you a personal allowance, right?”

So, one by one, the burden is put down. All were members of the first-generation Man at Arms.

“No… I’m burdened if everyone else is like that.

Gu Dae-seong, who had never expected that fifty of his classmates would follow him, hated it, but he couldn’t lower the corner of his mouth that was creeping up.

“It’s done! Find out where monsters are floating around! Sir Api will give you information support! He said he’s got a very scary satellite floating on it!”

“Captain Kim, that is confidential.”

About 50 soldiers and one knight from the Manshinjeon dispatched overseas remained in the field.

Neither Yapi nor anyone in Korea can predict what kind of performance they will perform.

Thus, the journey of one knight began.

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