The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 162 Travel


“Um, Your Majesty. You look happy?”

Hari nodded her head at Leon, who showed quite happy feelings.

“It reminds me of an old friend.”

“Your Majesty’s old friend… Sir Antok?”

“Have you met him too?”

“Yes, well… they are all respectable people.”

It was admirable to say it, but Leon shook his head and denied it.

“I’ve met you too.”

Leon brought up an old memory. I also remembered a day not too far away.

His old friend, who was sent away without seeing his ascension in the end, and who forcibly performed the ascension ceremony in a place that reproduced the past.

The second son of Zordic Vertum. A member of the Liona Sunset Knights. Those who serve dreams and death.

Stupid Zerea.

Also, the man called Twilight Zereah.

“Unexpectedly, it’s quite similar.”

[Your evaluation is not required for my challenge.]

The conversation with Koo Dae-seong reminded me of him.

That incompetence, his stupidity… even his stupidity.

“But, do you know? Originally, those who shake the world are stupid people.”


Hari thought that was what Leon said. Even though he was an eccentric person, he wasn’t the one who said the wrong things.

“Your Majesty is what you’re saying… then it must be so.”

“Your guy is acting like a tongue in his mouth. It seems he has learned his duties as a subject.”

“Am I loyal?”

“It doesn’t work though.”



“Even for that moment.”

“Can not be done.”


Hari looked down at Leon in silence. Leon wasn’t even looking at Hari.

“It’s a lung haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

You’re hanging me over the player statue again…!

Hari was above, and Leon was below.

It was a reversed hierarchical relationship, but I liked the symbolic meaning.

Hari weeps as she clings to the bow of a huge ferry above the waves.

Han Ha-ri, the goddess of the sea and waves. Currently, she was sacrificing herself for the sake of the custom of illegally riding a woman on a boat.

“Oh my, is this a tribute to the Poma-nim I’ve only heard about?”

“Is it Vechain?”

Beatrice looked at Hari, who was clinging to the figurehead, as if in amazement.

“Are you really going to be a trickster with something like this?”

“Heh heh, even the secret body.”

Leon said while looking at the many women who boarded this huge luxury liner.

“Originally, when a woman rides a boat, uncleanness is bound to burn. However, the Poma god is merciful and avoids uncleanness through the sacrifice of a woman.”

“By the way, that code. Besides a woman, can’t you substitute a woman image?”


Leon was speechless at Beatrice’s words. Indeed, it is true that such a code exists.

There was a rule on the ship not to make a woman statue into a bow statue and make a living offering.

“Aren’t there a lot of women on the boat? The halfway ones are drug addicts…”

“Well, it’s a long-awaited trip, but it’s a pity to hang it there. I’m thinking of using magic to set up a statue of a woman to replace the statue of a player.”

When Biche repeated, Leon allowed it as if he had no choice. Thanks to that, Hari was able to come down from the bow in about three hours after leaving the boat.

“Wow! Liberation!”

Hari seems more happy about not having to hang on to the athlete’s prize for a week to reach her destination than her sorrow over the harsh treatment.

“I’ll change into a swimsuit and come back!”

Leon is excited and Hari heads to the changing room. Leon shrugged and headed inside the ferry with Beatrice.

“Your Majesty, this way we come!”

The one who guides the two there is Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace. He greeted the two of them with utmost respect.

“Welcome aboard the Hanbit. How are you? Are there any inconveniences?”

“Well, it’s not bad. It’s just that the decorations are too much because it’s leaning towards entertainment. It’s the vanity of a wealthy man.”

“Ah… I’m sorry for spoiling your noble majesty’s aesthetic sense.”

Park Yong-shin showed an expression of sincere apology, not flattery. He gestured to the members of Hanbitgung and instructed the two to guide them.

“The Royal Suite is on standby. On the way to the ‘Republic of Taiwan’, we will take you in comfort.”

* * * *

Leon’s sudden decision to set sail for the Republic of Taiwan was due to Beatrice’s guess.

“The place where the devil’s grand duke hides?”

“Yes, Quay, the Demon Duke of Pleasure and Corruption. He is on Earth.”

The basis was the district newspaper. A scandal in the Republic of Taiwan. And the incidents that are happening in Taiwan today.

The things that happen there are similar to the Spero Kingdom in the past, and the crest of the demon grand duke Quay was discovered. Above all–

“I pronounced his name and he reacted to me. I immediately closed the channel.”

“They say demon names have magical meanings.”

Beatrice’s speculation was not simply a myth. Rather, it is a word from a specialist who has hunted countless demons, so the possibility is quite high.

“Okay. Then I’ll lead my troops and head to the Republic of Taiwan.”

The problem is that Taiwan is an island, and there is no justification for leading troops.

This is what made the grave.

“As of today, the Pantheon will be taking an autumn vacation.”

It was disguised as a trip to Taiwan under the name of vacation.

Four hours after renting Park Yong-shin’s luxury passenger ship for the decided Taiwan vacation and departing.

Leon changed into a swimsuit and went out to the exclusive pool lounge of the luxury liner suite.


There were some familiar faces in the lounge.

“Oh, Your Majesty!”


Suho and Jaehyuk. Representative knights of the modern pantheon and Cheon So-yeon, the leader of the knights.

“Are you here?”

A knight commander who shyly hides his well-trained body. That freshness was cutely overlooked.


Yaphie seems to be enjoying her vacation as well, floating on the water wearing a specially woven striped swimsuit.

Rather than wearing it because he wanted to, it looked like someone forced him to put it on to make him feel good.

“Everyone, please rest in peace.”

Saying so, Leon went into the pool. Perhaps because of the cool autumn weather, the pool is filled with hot water close to that of a hot spring bath.

“Suho-yang~ Jaehyuk and Soyeon were also enjoying themselves first!”

Just then, a girl with red pigtails appeared raucously. Hari jumped toward the pool in a passionate red bikini swimsuit.

“Whoa whoa! Sister, wait a minute!”


Hari, shivering from the cold wind, clinging to the figurehead, threw herself into the pool without hesitation.

with a plop! Then a spray of water hit, and the aftermath splashed all over the place.


Hari dives deep from the tip of her legs to the top of her head to the bottom of the pool and then bounces up. Hari splashed around and shouted to the three of them, as if the hot water that wrapped her whole body felt good.

“You guys come in too! It’s so warm here!”

“Ummm… older sister.”


Suho couldn’t bear to speak and pointed in a specific direction with a wink. there–

“Hup! Your Majesty!”

Leon, who had become like a wet mouse, was staring at Hari.

“Uh, uh… Lung, Majesty…”

Harry doesn’t know what to do. When Leon raised his hand, he closed his eyes tightly and cried out, but instead of shouting, a large palm was placed on the top of his head.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?”

Hari opens her closed eyes. In that field of vision, he saw Leon smiling.

“It’s fine to enjoy your vacation, but you’re also a lady, so be careful how you behave.”

“Ah… I, was that aristocrat?”

Knights are treated as nobles by the standards of the pantheon, but Hari was among them a priestess chosen by the two gods and a noble who was bestowed with a fief.

“Hing… Your Majesty.”

Once upon a time, get out of the way, woman… There was a time when commoners were scolded for trying to sit down with the king.

But now she is a knight of the pantheon and a priestess favored by the gods! A nobleman who received a fief there!

She is obviously an aristocratic lady!

‘I am a woman! A woman with a class?’

The situation where the king himself stroked her hair with a smile made her feel even more proud.

“Hee-hee, I see. You’re that lady from Lady First? You’re not a woman, are you?”

“Hahaha, how can you be like a commoner? Hahaha, this guy.”

“Uh hee hee…! Have you heard! This aristocratic lady recognized by His Majesty the Lionheart…!”


– Unlucky.

He seemed to quickly become arrogant upon realizing that he was a nobleman. Is that a state official?

– Kku-guk!

“Ah! Lung, Your Majesty… Does it hurt to be stroked?”

At one point, Hari tried to smile at Leon, who was holding my head violently. Of course, Leon is still smiling. but······.

“Then you should also learn the basics of being a lady. I will teach you the court etiquette and manners of a nobleman myself.”

“ha ha ha···?”

“Take the test, and if you don’t learn it properly, I’ll break that leg stick. Okay?”


Hari drooping. Leon declared to Foma and Petos that he would personally teach the Lionheart court etiquette to this ignorant new aristocrat.


“Is your sister okay?”

“It’s not okay… Bake a barbecue…”

At his sister’s words, Suho hurriedly approached the barbecue machine. At that time, the wire slaps Hari.


When I looked back at the tingling back, I saw Yapi hanging from the pool balcony and about to fall.

Yapi, who was almost swept away by Hari’s diving, was barely holding on to the balcony.

– Come quickly, organism.

“Hey, Sir Yapi!”

Hari hurriedly runs to rescue Yapi. She barely caught on to Yapi.

“Gwa, are you okay?”

– Not okay.

Yafi slapped Hari on the cheek with a mechanical leg. It hurts to be subtly bitter.

“Huh, it hurts.”

– A stupid organism. Where did all the nutrients you ingested go?

“Heeing… Ah, it hurts!”

Hari thought that her cheeks would not be left after being punched by Yapi.

“You’re sick?!”


Hari can’t stand it and pulls Yapi into a hug. Yappy struggled, trapped in his swollen, sticky arms, but couldn’t get away from Hari’s grip.

– Let this go!

“If you let go, they’ll keep hitting you!”

Hari is an S-class Hunter. Just looking at his physical ability, he is a fairly decent knight commander level hunter. Yapi’s total fighting power surpasses Hari’s, of course, but that’s a full-power battle mode.

That is, when equipped with a war platform.

The current Yapi is 1/100th the size of its heyday. The power limit according to the size of the aircraft was far short of escaping the grip of an S-class hunter.

-Are you not letting go? This machine warned.


Yapi gives a scary warning when he can’t escape by force. Hari never lets go even though she loses her energy at Yafi’s warning.

Seeing the two of them, Jaehyuk inadvertently let go of his true feelings.

“I envy Lord Yapi.”

“She’s my sister.”


Relentless retribution was inflicted.

In the end, after arduous negotiations, Hari puts Yapi on the tube.

Hari fiddled with her swimsuit to quickly change the subject.

“By the way, did Sir Yapi buy this swimsuit? Something came to my room by courier.”

-Perfect derivation by the computing power of this machine and big data.

“Really? When did you know your size?”



-It was easy.


I confessed to something very criminal, and I was afraid that no one would tackle me.

It would be like opening Pandora’s box to dig into how many crimes are going on behind the scenes of this machine.

-According to the observation capabilities and calculations of this machine before the database, error-free size and appropriate food selection are easy problems.


-Ha-ri Han. I usually prefer short lengths that expose my stomach and armpits. Observationally active sweat glands presumed to be the cause.

“Hey, wait a minute…

– Excluding work clothes, prefer hot pants, skinny jeans, see-through, etc. Even pajamas show a similar trend. An ape with no thoughts about exposure.

“It’s an ape! You talk too much! It’s cool!

– Kim Jae-hyeok. I prefer torn pants that I don’t understand. Presumed to be the product of distorted experiences of a poor childhood. Post-traumatic stress disorder caused by traumatic memories–

“No, this is fashion!”

– Han Soo-ho. When looking at card payment patterns, most of the clothes are purchased at Dongdaemun Dogi Market. Despite his well-to-do assets, he couldn’t throw away his beggarly attitude as an orphan.

“You are too much…!”

this mechanical robot. Strangely, the interpretation of the sinful subject is malicious!

-Cheon So-yeon.


Yapi’s gaze turned to Cheon So-yeon. Staring intently at her top in a two-piece swimsuit with frills on her chest—

-There is a tendency for males of the frigate family.



It was an analysis that made even Leon look down at Cheon So-yeon and the trio of knights.

“Frigatebird? Is it a bird type?”

-Tendency to attract females by exaggerating the breasts unique to frigatebird males. Thanks to that, I almost bought a swimsuit with distorted information.





Rarely, Cheon So-yeon’s face turned red as she searched for something. Covering her breasts, she picks up the skewer that Suho was grilling the meat with and aims it like a sword with anger.

“You can’t keep your mouth shut, you stupid robot!”

-Correction requested. This machine accurately and accurately conveys the facts——

“Lee Iik…!”

An uproarious swimming pool. Cheon So-yeon runs away with a red-hot skewer, and Yappy escapes using a steel wire like a spider-man in a superhero movie.

Hari wisely got out of the mess and found someone who wasn’t here.

“Where is the Queen?”

Beatrice, who was supposed to share the same floor, was nowhere to be seen.

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