The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 163: Road to Taiwan

Most of the Man-at-Arms and Knights of the Pantheon stay in standard accommodation rooms.

The more luxurious suites and royal suites were assigned to Leon, the Holy Grail Knights, and some of the Burning Sword Knights.

Among them, it was easy to find the Royal Suite, which was only two of them. Hari strolled down the hallway in her swimsuit and entered the room where Beatrice was staying.

“Queen, are you there?”


I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. But I could only hear the trembling voice.


Hari cautiously opens the door, wondering what’s going on. The door to the room was left open.

“Uh… can I go in?”

Beatrice was nowhere to be seen in the room she glanced at. I could definitely feel the popularity…


As I slipped open the bathroom door, something quickly grabbed it.


Why? Why did you hold the door open? Could something have happened to the queen?

“Queen! Are you okay!?”


Hari forcibly kicks the door and enters the bathroom. There was Beatrice, who stepped back to avoid the luxurious marble background bathroom and the forced-open door.


Upon witnessing Beatrice, Hari inadvertently let out exclamations in a series of mesmerized words.

“Ow, ow ya…”

“Hari, Yang?”

As usual, she did not cover her face with a veil. Wearing a monokini swimsuit that shows off her tall stature and body curves.

From head to toe, there is no place that is not alluring, and a natural stronghold that charms men… no, even normal women, just by meeting their eyes.

The black rose tattoos around the eyes, chest, and thighs, as well as the sign of a contract with Fleur, are reminiscent of the points of enchantment in mythology.

Gyeonggukji color. A beauty who shakes the country must be like this. Beatrice was indeed a woman with such magical powers.

“Wow… my queen. Wow… you are really beautiful.”

Hari has resistance to magic. As a blessed priestess, she was able to considerably resist even the devilish nature close to this curse.

However, it was inevitable that her flushed face and inflamed cheeks would heat up to the point of being hot.


Aside from that, Beatrice was busy covering herself with her bracken-like arms, but how could she cover the sky with her palms?

“Queen, why are you here when you’re wearing a swimsuit?”

“Uhhh, is this really a swimsuit?”

“Yes? Of course…”

Beatrice looked at herself in the bathroom mirror with a reddish face.

Wearing a swimsuit that reveals my sexy and alluring lines.

“Be ashamed…”


“I-would you go out in public wearing clothes like this, how could you do such a shameless thing?”

Beatrice, who has lived as a noble royal family since she was born, could not bear to wear clothes that exposed her bare skin.

No matter how modern Earth has built a completely different civilization from her world, Hari came in while she was contemplating whether to stand in front of people in these outrageous clothes or change clothes again.

“Queen, you are very beautiful!”

“Ugh… Ms. Hari, is Ms. Hari okay?”

Beatrice was astonished when she saw Hari’s swimsuit, which was as revealing as her own.

“How can an overaged virgin expose her belly button… in an embarrassing way…”

“Queen? Isn’t the Queen’s usual outfit too daunting? There are many dresses that reveal the breastbone and thighs, right?”

“That’s fashion.”

what the hell is different Hari was puzzled by Beatrice’s strict standards only in swimsuits.

Perhaps reading Hari’s gaze, Beatrice touched her chest and spoke with dignity.

“Ever since I made my debut, I have been the queen of social circles.

Hari doesn’t quite understand, but it seems that different standards apply to dresses and swimsuits that show off a socialite’s body.

“His Majesty has been waiting for you, so I’ll see you later.”

“······ will go.”

“No, you said you were foolish.”

“Apart from that, His Majesty has business matters. There are many things to prepare for in the future.”

For that reason, Beatrice came out of the bathroom as if she couldn’t help it. Suddenly, a large shower towel caught her gaze.

* * * *

After a series of disturbances, Manshinjeon enjoyed a hot spring bath in the swimming pool exclusive to the Royal Suite.

“Eh! Why are you hitting me, Sir Yapi!”

-Bake with the Maillard reaction in mind.

Suho grills meat on a barbecue machine, and Yaffi wields a wire whip while floating on the pool.

Jaehyeok opened the refrigerator door, praying that His Majesty the Lion Heart King would rule for a long time.

“Your Majesty, are you drinking? Oh! There’s some expensive-looking wine!”

Jae-hyeok takes out bottles of wine from the wine cellar and refrigerator. A boy who reads unfamiliar French on an expensive-looking wine bottle like the alphabet.

“Hey, you’re underage.”

So-yeon tackles one word. Yes. Suho, Jaehyuk, and Soyeon are still third-year students at Hunter Academy. Most of the third year at the academy is spent as guild interns, but they are clearly underage.

“Don’t be too rigid. Graduation coming soon.”

Jae-hyeok is trying to pass it off, saying that he has only a few months left until he comes of age. At that time, Harry’s voice rang out sharply.

“Ahh! Junior Kim Jaehyuk! What are you holding in your hand right now!”

Ha-ri, who had been somewhere, ran in and snatched the beer bottle from Jae-hyeok’s hand.

“Ha, Hari-senpai, this is a misunderstanding…”

“Your junior is still underage, right? Han Su-ho!”

“No, why am I…”

“You tried to drink too?!”

“No no!? I was grilling meat!”

“Nice job! Suho, I still have to tell you to drink!”

Until Hari entered the academy, she played the role of an older sister in the orphanage. Therefore, he was sensitive to younger siblings who were prone to delinquency.

“Anyway, this is what grown-ups drink like my older sister, okay?”

Despite being one year older… the eyes of the three minors subtly turned to Hari, but Hari poured a beer bottle into her drinking glass.

“By the way, sister, where have you been?”

“The queen isn’t here, so wait a minute in the suite… Huh? Why aren’t you still coming in?”

At the end of Hari’s line of sight was Beatrice, who was pacing around the pool entrance. Covering her body with a towel, she still hesitated.


It is a grievous sight for her.

A man and a woman rolling around in a bath—a swimming pool—with their bare skin exposed?

At least I thought Leon wouldn’t do that, but I felt so betrayed by being calmly in the pool.

“Vice, what are you doing there? The soup is warm and pleasant, so come in.”

“Ugh, Your Majesty…”

Leon’s Lionheart Kingdom had a splendid social world and brilliant culture like Beatrice’s Sphero Kingdom, but the texture was a little different.

If the magician-centered kingdom of Sphero pursued restrained rigor in splendor as a virtue, the kingdom of Lionheart boasted a freewheeling and active love story centered on knights.

Love stories of knights who woo commoners or knights who fight evil monsters to save princesses are popular types of novels, and there are many articles that actually became motifs.

Right now, wasn’t Leon a romanticist of the time who gave a goddess crown in the temple of chastity for love?

“Your Majesty… it seems that nothing has happened.”

Beatrice wrapped her towel around her like some kind of armor and dipped her feet into the pool.

She used to have frequent drinking parties with Leon, but this situation, where her skin is exposed through the towel, seems to be very repulsive.

“Well, the culture of the royal palace was like that. In the banquet hall of the kingdom, there were quite a few resting rooms for the men and women who got their eyes on that day.”

“your majesty···!”

“Haha, wasn’t it a little too early for you, who are overgrown?”

Beatrice glared at Leon with a pouty expression, which was rare. Because it was clear that this man was making fun of him.

“By the way, Your Majesty. We’re talking about the future.”

Beatrice said while still covering herself with a towel. Part of the towel was floating due to the buoyancy of the water, but he didn’t seem to care.

“This time in the Republic of Taiwan—”

At that time, Leon’s index finger covered Beatrice’s lips. Leon said with a grin at Beatrice, who opened his eyes wide.

“Talk about work later. For now, let’s eat and drink and have fun.”

Red paint began to spread across Beatrice’s white hydrangea-like skin.

“Isn’t it time to enjoy the pleasure of being friends with the superb view? Isn’t the waves of the ocean greeted with this era’s clothes quite tasteful?”

“Your Majesty… you’re not familiar with electronic equipment, but you’re quite familiar with the customs of the Earth, aren’t you?”

At Beatrice’s point, Leon was stumped. It is because his essential place of origin is Earth.

Thanks to that, even though he lived for 300 years as the Lionheart of the Middle Ages, he easily adapted to the customs of the earth.

“Ah, I can’t really get used to that guy’s smartphone.”

Leon hesitated and raised a bottle of wine.

“Come on, it’s the Lion Heart King’s Eosaju. Let the four of you guys get a drink as well.”


Suho secretly notices his older sister. However, Hari just smiles, probably distracted by the Eosaju given by Leon.

“I’ll take good care of you.”

Jaehyuk smirkingly raised his glass, as if he thought it was an opportunity to get an expensive drink. So-yeon also did not refuse the Eosaju recommended by Leon.

Naturally, take a drink at a time. Beatrice also liked alcohol, so she timidly drank the contents of the cup while covering herself with a towel.


Leon accepts it and makes a subtle expression. It seems that he didn’t like the taste of alcohol.

Since the only person who can discuss the taste of alcohol in this place is the queen, Leon sneakily asked her opinion.

“How does the drink taste?”

“Since His Majesty has given us Eosaju, it must be sweet.”


Humility is frustrating at this point. When Leon stretches out his hand toward subspace, bottles of wine are called out.

“Lionheart is wine made from grapes in the Lebonia region. It is the most precious wine presented to Jim.”

“Oh oh···!”

crowd of admirers. Beatrice accepted it with a slight smile. It is a gaze that holds much more expectations than before.

“Your Majesty has served me a few times. It is a very sweet wine.”

When Beatrice praised them, those who hopefully pass the alcohol down their throats. The moment they drank, they felt clear-headed, not dizzy or vague.

The feeling of washing your head with first-class clean water. The intense pleasure felt from the tip of the tongue and the scent that wraps around the body make even beginners realize that it is not an ordinary product.

“Wow, that’s really nonsense.”

“I feel like my strength is surging just by drinking it.”

As voices of applause came out from here and there, Leon proudly continued.

“Of course. The Holy Grail of Life and Abundance is made from grapes grown once a year by the Knights through the Great Seongbeop. It is presented as Eosaju to praise the achievements of the Knights.”

Leon says that it is a pity that it is impossible in this era.


At that time, Hari nodded in the seat next to Leon.

“Sister, are you drunk?”

“No, he said he had a few drinks.”

Indeed, it was a drink that provided heavenly pleasure. However, the alcohol content was not that high, and with only one beer and two glasses of wine, Hari staggered as if she were unconscious.

“Haah in the lungs ··· Please have a drink.”

“Looks like you’re drunk.”

Leon looked down at Hari with a rare benevolent gaze. It’s a constitution that doesn’t tolerate alcohol. I’ve seen it many times in the kingdom, so there’s nothing big about it.

-Alcohol decomposition is possible.

Yappy transforms his mechanical arm into a hideous drill and prepares for some indescribable surgery. Leon held back.

“Leave it alone, Lord Spinner. Originally, drinking and singing is a way to enjoy the intoxication itself.”


Anyway, Hari was so drunk that she couldn’t control herself any longer. Suho stood up.

“I’ll make my sister rest on a chair. She’ll fall out like this.”

“Okay, cover me with a blanket so you don’t get cold.”

That was the moment when Suho was trying to help Hari up from the pool. Hari, who had sprained her leg, collapsed and fell to the bottom of the pool together.

– Whoops! Ufufu…!

Have you seen a joke like that? Leon shook his head and tried to raise Hari, but at that time, Hari’s instinctive holy power sublimated into the sacred law.

Seongbeop <Cutting the Waves>

– Kwaaa!

sudden! and split pool. Like the Red Sea in the Earth Festival biblical water splits and gushes out over the pool in an instant.


A short clamor, like a queen’s agony. Beatrice blankly looked up at the bath towel that came with the pool water.



The reaction of the two boys with exclamations. Beatrice sat down, blushing in silence.

When she felt ashamed of revealing her belly button, something fluttered around her.

“your majesty?”

What covered Beatrice’s body was the cloak Leon had taken out from subspace. A knight’s cloak that he covered with Leon to escape the cold on the glacier continent of Pandemonium.

This time, Leon spoke from within the cloak spread to cover Beatrice’s body.

“Well, let’s get used to it step by step.”

In the darkness that blocked sunlight, only Leon’s smile shone dazzlingly.

[Good, good, it was very good for the original daughter to see.]

[My bride, Hariya…! Now is not the time to sleep!]

[Let the war be quiet. Isn’t it a good time?]

[Acknowledge that the light has priority for my priestess!]

[Tsk tsk, just have it all.]

[I agree.]

[Be quiet about the sea and vengeance.]

[Where do I have a daughter to bring…]

[Why do you do that to abundance….]

The voices of the gods are inaudible to ordinary people. Unless it was a high-ranking knight or priest who was close to God and was fully endowed with that blessing.

Unfortunately, there were no ordinary believers here who could not hear the gods’ incantation.

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