The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 164 I’m here for sightseeing. of course…

The door to the Office of the Secretary-General of the Taiwanese Presidential Office opens violently.

Despite the visit, which could even be called rude, the humans inside remained unconcerned.

“Oh, Mr. Führer. You have to knock.”

Speaking of the secretary-general of the Presidential Office, it is the core of power. But that doesn’t mean you can’t surpass the Führer.

Even though the chief of staff, who is always a shadow role, would be sacked immediately if he greeted the president with such an attitude in a public place, the chief of staff is calm.

“Is this the time!”

President Zhao shows his anger at the chief of staff’s attitude. But the nature of that anger was quite different from the situation.

“The Lionheart is coming! Here now! He’s coming with those monstrous knights!”

The Lion Heart King and his knights are the most controversial figures in the world.

They are survivors of another world and overwhelming force. The image is basically positive, such as the miracle of a god purifying the land contaminated by magical energy.

Even more so, if they visit their own country, even though it is embarrassing, it is enough to treat them as state guests, and President Zhao is more embarrassed than necessary.

“If that lunatic goes on a rampage, we’re all doomed!”

“Oops. Why do you say that? Just because he’s an alien with common sense that’s different from ours, should we reject him that way?”

“You bastard! You don’t understand the current situation—”


The change was instantaneous.

A dark cloud hangs over the presidential secretary’s office, filling it with pitch-black darkness.

A creepy sense of space as if floating vaguely in the other side of the endless universe.

President Zhao barely came to his senses thanks to the gloomy voice in the sense of wandering as a lost child in space.

[It’s a bug. You seem to have forgotten your mortal status after being sick with my skin.]


President Zhao’s vocal chords trembled, but he could not make a sound. All he was allowed to do was fear and submission.

master of darkness. The Grand Duke of Pleasure and Corruption said.

[Don’t be condescending with your insignificant identity. You are not the lion heart king. Not even the Magician Queen. It’s not even the city’s guardian machine. Don’t be mistaken that a nameplate engraved with your name will raise your rank.]

President Zhao desperately nodded. Only after pathetic submission and obscene submission did President Zhao barely emerge from the darkness.

“Heo Eok… Heo Eok! Heo Eok!”

devil prince.

Even before its existence was announced to the world, President Zhao knew of this demon.

I immediately surrendered to the fact that a being with such terrible power and great power exists on Earth.

“Ha, but… uh, how…”

And then comes the monster who defeated even such a demon archduke.

The video in which Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, was defeated by the Lionheart had the highest traffic in the world.

The existence that overpowered the monster that lightly overpowered even the S-class hunters at that moment of the beginning of the world.

He is now coming to Taiwan.

Even so, it was hidden in the name of travel, and it was a fact that I only noticed a little while ago.

If he, if they come. If those annihilators land on this land…

“Four, if the lion heart king… if the pantheon recognized us——”

“All will die.”

“It can’t be…”

It was a desperate statement. To think that even this mighty demon grand duke is so sure, it feels like hope is gone.

“Isn’t it obvious? The Magician Queen and the Flame Grail Knight are not as good as the Lion Heart King, no matter how they find their way.”

Malus, the lord of chaos and destruction,

Caracael, the lord of wisdom and inquiry,

Even Dotradon, the lord of pleasure and corruption, could not finally subdue the Lion Heart King.

“The only thing that can stand against Lionheart is the power of a monarch. It’s like a god of victory in human form.”

Even if the current Lion Heart King was not as good as before, its power would not be at a level that the Archduke could do anything about.

However, Grand Duke Quai of Fall… Yang Wei, who is now the secretary of the Presidential Office, said calmly.

“So please welcome them. The Führer hasn’t been ‘consecrated to demonization’, so he won’t be discovered right away.”

“What, what method do you have?”

At those words, Quay twisted the corner of his mouth wickedly.

“I invite them to a banquet. A banquet of pleasure and depravity.”

he was waiting

Just like Rakshaar was waiting for the right time.

* * * *

-Baaaaang~ Pang! Papapang!

Loud firecrackers ringing from the port. Soldiers fire fireworks and red carpets are spread along the road.

“I warmly welcome you to visit my country, Your Majesty.”

It was President Zhao of the Republic of Taiwan and key figures in the cabinet who greeted Leon and his party from the luxury liner Hanbit.

“Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

After shaking hands with Leon, President Zhao greeted Beatrice and Yapi one after another while sweating profusely.


I had to bow quite a bit to shake hands with this minimalist mechanical spider.

-thud! thud!

At that time, the shadow cast on President Zhao. Gulping his saliva, President Zhao looked up at the owner of the shadow for a sore throat.

“Boo, Sir Vulcanus…”

Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame. According to Quay, he was a Holy Grail Knight, a nightmare to demons.

Faced with a huge mass of armor over two meters tall, President Zhao realized that he could burn himself to death with just his breath.

“You, are you the one who will be the king of this country?”


A breath of heat that burns the air. Overwhelmed by the blazing gaze, President Zhao did not recognize the intent of the question.

“Ah, yes yes! No! I am the Führer elected by the vote of a democratic country! Not like a king!”

It was a sloppy answer in many ways for the head of state, but President Zhao evaded his words for a long time before suddenly realizing that there was no specific group in the pantheon group.

“The Knights of the Burning Sword are…”

“The Knights are on standby in Korea. The only ones brought are Man-at-Arms and porters to escort Jim.”

The only people who got off the luxury passenger ship Hanbit were S-class hunter and semi-S-class hunter Hari, the three academies, and Man at Arms and serfs.

I was nervous because the Lion King was coming directly, but he left most of his troops in Korea?

‘Didn’t they come for an invasion?’

I wondered if I was scared for nothing. Of course, there is a possibility that the Templars and main troops are hiding inside that ferry, so we should thoroughly investigate it under the name of customs inspection.

“By the way, Your Majesty, why did you come to our Republic?”

To President Zhao’s question, Leon answered as if asking something obvious.


* * * *

Taiwanese National Security Agency intelligence agents have been monitoring the Pantheon since they landed.

One might ask whether it is an overreaction for the national intelligence agency to monitor tourists who come for sightseeing, but those tourists can overturn the country if they want to, so if they do not overreact, it should be seen as irresponsible.

[It’s quieter than I thought.]

[I know. There is no movement here either.]

The person of interest is counted on one hand.

Leon and Beatrice, Taiwan’s president, were guiding them and taking good pictures for the media, and Vulcanus was touring with Hari and other knights.

In the first place, it was not contemplation to do something like covert action, but with such a huge body and even shiny armor, it is inevitable that it will stand out wherever it goes.

-Take a certified photo of Lord Vulcanus of the Pantheon!

-Sir Vulcanus and Hari Han just supervised chicken wing fried rice at our restaurant!

It’s because Leon and Beatrice are so famous in the pantheon, Hari is also a formidable influencer. It’s because you don’t know SNS.

Since they are such conspicuous celebrities, I wondered if they needed extra surveillance. If you look around social media, their location will immediately catch your eye.

[What about other knights and man-at-arms?]

[I am on tour. There are so many of them that we couldn’t catch them all. But aren’t you really on tour?]

[I don’t know. However, it seems that the above is not a pure intention.]

[Didn’t you say nothing happened when you went to Japan?]

After the name of the survivor, Leon, was known, intelligence agencies around the world collected information about the Pantheon and its surroundings.

The conclusion they came up with is that they are ‘authoritative kings of the Middle Ages + thorough fundamentalists’.

An anachronistic classism and a religiously unforgiving fundamentalist.

It is a well-known fact that he hates democracy.

Nevertheless, the attitude of respecting President Andong-gil and Prime Minister Fujisawa for the reason that it is legitimate proves that he is surprisingly communicative.

That’s why the agents of the National Security Agency were curious about the attitude of the top line that was more than necessary to be wary of the pantheon.

[He said that the knights or additional troops might be waiting.]

[After all, nothing was found inside the passenger ship?]

[That’s right. It’s Shuksjie soon, but I can’t even rest, what is this?]

coming October 10th. In Taiwan, the National Day is held to commemorate the founding of the country.

On this day, a military parade and a national festival were held, so some of the security bureau personnel were able to take a vacation on this day.

However, with the visit of the Mansinjeon, an emergency order was issued to all the agents of the Security Bureau. In fact, the vacation in Shuangshijie is over.

[Uh, but can’t you see one?]

[who? Most of the main characters are being monitored in real time.]

The knights and man-at-arms even mobilized police personnel to keep an eye on them, but since they are not professionals, they are inevitably lax.

However, the knights such as Han Ha-ri and Cheon So-yeon and Vulcanus must be closely watching——


An agent of the Safety Bureau who inadvertently gave out a bewildered voice. He realized who they were missing out on.

[Park Yong-shin and Yakt Spinner! Where have you both gone?! who’s in charge! Report immediately!]

[This is the blue team! Team Blue, respond!]

Urgent radios flow among the Security Bureau agents. Wherever the blue team’s GPS information was followed, only their traces remained.

Traces of a battle, attacked by something. The blue team guards, who even had veteran hunters, were beaten without even pulling out a sword.

“Damn it…!”

I can’t imagine you would deal with the watchers so openly! The agents of the Security Bureau had a hunch that the Pantheon was not really there for tourism. then······.

“Find it now! Search all the CCTVs to find out where it went! And double the number of guys currently under surveillance!”

something… something happens

Why are there two of them?

Yakt Spinner, the mechanical Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon, and Park Yong-shin, the former head of a pseudo-religion. I’m going to have to find out why those two are from now on.

* * * *

Hanbitgung was a pseudo-religion with a world wide class and quite a name.

First of all, it boasted considerable campaigning in Korea, its headquarters, but it has secured a considerable number of believers in the United States, Japan, and various parts of Europe to establish branches, and it is the same in Taiwan.

Leon punished Hanbitgung for several months. After the purification of all the believers, he taught them the true faith.

For a while, Hanbitgung believers from all over the world continued to enter Korea and visit the Mansinjeon, but unexpectedly, it was done secretly.

Due to the nature of pseudo-religion, the law that does not stand out in the media is a virtue that is thoroughly educated among church members.

Due to the nature of religious propagation during the pseudo era, the church is not operated grandiosely. Basically, it is a form of point organization in which Hanbitgung officials visit households to testify and learn doctrine.

And today is a monumental day for the 138,000 followers of Hanbitgung Taiwan Branch.

“Today is truly a glorious day.”

Park Yong-shin spoke to the believers in fluent Chinese. His fervent testimony and sermon alone are making the members of the Taiwan branch shed tears of emotion.

However, the main character of the day is not Park Yong-shin, the owner of Hanbit Palace.

“Today, His Majesty the Lionheart, who is our spiritual leader and has bestowed grace upon us to realize the true faith, has personally sent an agent.”

Introducing! The Holy Grail Knight representing Heto, the god of iron and blacksmithing! Sir Yacht Spinne!


The yakt spinner climbed onto the podium with eight steel legs and climbed onto the prepared height cushion.

His camera eye was passed on to the believers in front of him and through a thoroughly encrypted relay site.

– Pleasure. It’s a yakt spinner.

Yapi stirred them up with a natural voice and forceful gestures that seduced the crowd uncharacteristically of a cold steel machine.

– The indulgence of unbelievers reached its peak. The time has come for you to do your duty as the chosen servants of the gods.

The yakt spinner projected something on the video screen to be delivered to each branch. It’s a large number of boxes that I don’t know where they came from.

Those with discerning eyes noticed the identity at once.

– Explosives?

Yapi continued his sermon to the buzzing congregation.

The strange moustache voice that sparked the world war some ninety years ago made believers believe they were doing the right thing.

And when the heightened emotion reached its climax, Yappy vigorously waved his mechanical arm and shouted.

– Substitute the divine punishment! Because the gods want it!!

-Because the gods want it!!

-Because the gods want it!!

It was the moment when 138,000 terrorists were produced.


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