The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 165 Vulcan’s Ambition

Before landing in Taiwan, Leon’s order was simple.


Spend some money, meet fellow citizens, and enjoy a break.

Everyone was puzzled by the order. In the first place, they didn’t hear much about Leon’s sudden trip to Taiwan.

Why did Leon come to Taiwan at this moment? I don’t know for sure, but it seemed certain that Leon was planning something here.

“Sir Vulcanus. Get chicken wing fried rice here… Ugh! Did you break the chair again?!”

Hari was shocked to see Vulcanus smashed while sitting on a chair outside the store.

“How many times have you had it! You’re telling me to just stand there?”

“Hmm…! The chair is weak!”

Vulcan’s pleas did not go unanswered. That’s right, his height alone is far beyond the standard weight, but since he’s wearing armor made entirely of star iron, the chair can’t stand it.

“Why don’t you take off your armor at least? It gives people a sense of intimidation.”

“Hmm? No, I just went after taking a proof shot. I’m quite popular.”


It was then. Could it be that a tourist wandering around Vulcan approached him and asked for a picture?

“Boo, Knight Vulcanus. Can you take a picture?”

At the request of the woman, who appeared to be French, Vulcan responded in a pleasant tone.

“Of course, Senorita!”

“Oh, that’s Italian.”

“I see! GRARARARA——!!”

Vulcanus taking a picture with a woman with a hearty laugh. Harry was dumbfounded when he saw that.

“What, what is it?”

“Write to S&E.”

Vulcan blows something from inside the armor! He bounced it off and took out his smartphone.

The smartphone in his huge hand looks too small even though it is obviously the largest smartphone of the current generation.

– Right! Tadak! right!

Vulcanus skillfully manipulates social media by tapping his smartphone. At first glance, the number of followers is no joke.

“What is this?”

“This account was created to preach the merits and teachings of our church. Here, Her Highness the Queen’s account, the priestess of dreams and death, is also followed.”

It is a known fact that Beatrice handles modern culture quite skillfully.

In fact, even if you wear only a veil all day and take a selfie with only a slight reflection of your eyes, you get likes from all over the world.

Beatrice, the magician queen of the other world and proud of her terrifying beauty, used this very usefully to promote the pantheon.

“Oops. Sir Raihar’s follow-up came in. Let’s see.”

But Beatrice had an intelligent image everywhere she looked.

She herself possesses innate knowledge and intellect. I heard that he refuted dozens of magic theories put forward by high-ranking wizards in the Mage Tower.

But Vulcanus…

‘I wasn’t young from the first time I saw it.’

He was a very impressive person.

First of all, Hari froze like a frog meeting a snake with only the ferocity transmitted from her blazing gaze.

The moment their eyes met, they instinctively realized that the opponent was far stronger than they were.

The gaze is also a gaze, but the overwhelming presence of a giant that fills the field of view.

Beyond the Holy Grail Knight and the Horseman of the God of War, Vulcanus would have accomplished something huge even if he hadn’t become a follower of the Pantheon.

I understood that this man was a giant who would be at the center of history.

“Small! Small! Petos-nim! You’ve made such a poor girl your priestess!”

I almost fell back at the sound of that loud voice.

[Aren’t you treated as a sinful dwarf by your standards?]

Petos gave him a face, but Vulcan didn’t care and just chuckled.

“First, Sir Han Ha-ri, you need to grow your height, chest, and hips a bit!”

“Sexual harassment within 5 minutes of meeting?!”

Vulcanus made a questioning gesture to the astonished Hari.

He patted the top of his head and emphasized the pectoralis major muscle in his chest, then turned around and showed off his back muscles and buttocks.

“Big height! Big breasts! Big ass! Among our knights, it’s called three cores!”

what is it Was it really not sexual harassment?

In any case, after their shocking first meeting, Hari recognized Vulcanus as a rather savage macho knight.

A gigantic knight who seems to be holding a large piece of meat steak with a dagger and exclaiming that no one can stop me—

‘A SNS star on a smartphone. Even better than Your Majesty!’

Compared to the machine-chief Lionheart, who showed no sign of getting used to it no matter how much he was educated in modern culture, Vulcanus was skillfully using modern selfishness.

“Hmm… it lacks the taste of fire. It lacks sanctity.”

Vulcanus, who was eating fried rice inside the skin of a chicken wing while on social media, expressed his dissatisfaction.


If taste is lacking, it is lacking. What else is lacking in sanctity? Before Hari could say anything, Vulcan was already in action.



– It’s fire!

Onlookers are horrified by the sudden burst of flame. Either that or not, Vulcanus’ finger, the source of the fire, heated up the chicken wing fried rice Hari had brought.

A divine flame that burns away even the soul of a demon. You use it to heat up street food?

– Chii Ik!

“Mm! That’s perfect!”

Vulcanus is satisfied with the cooked chicken wing fried rice. He took off his helmet and ate it in one bite.

[That guy is wasting his holy energy again!]

Petos grinds his teeth at that ruthless waste of holy power.

[Hari, my priestess! Say something to that ignorant bastard!]

“Yes? Me?”

Hari glanced at Vulcanus and immediately gave a stunned expression.

He is well over two meters tall, and moves calmly even when wearing star armor weighing hundreds of kilograms, which looks heavy just by looking at it.

His gaze, blazing with brute force that could strangle even a giant with his bare hands, was unrealistically intense.

Even if he was not a knight or a hunter, but an ordinary person, he had a presence that would not dare to be matched… What should I do against Vulcanus, who has a forearm as thick as my waist?

“I can’t…”


You’d rather die than see me As Hari naturally lowered her tail, Vulcanus GRARARAR…! He smiled cheerfully and patted his shoulder casually.

“Ugh! Billion! Billion!”

My palms pounded my shoulders, and it felt like my shoulder blades were being crushed.

“Boo, Lord Vulcanus…! More than that! Was it because of Sir Petos’ holy power that was cut off last time?!”


Hari mentioned an incident in which the holy power of God Petos was suddenly depleted during a large-scale gate incident the other day.

It was fine because I could use the divine power of Hariya Poma God, but the other knights said they had a hard time.

“Ah~ at that time. Hmm, this is all because Petos-nim wasn’t as good as he used to be. Just because he did a little Divine Advent will drain his holy power.”

[That, that, that…!]

Petos’ voice trembled, as if he had meridians. It is expected that it will probably hold the back neck as well.

“Sacred descent…”

“Do you know that too? I don’t think the lord taught you on purpose.”

“Yes… I’ve seen it before.”

Iron and Blacksmith’s Holy Grail Knight Anthokga,

Isabel, priest of the moon and chastity,

Grail Knight Gillingham of Sky and Thunder,

Loxley, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sun and Judgment.

At the last moment, each of them made friends with the demons with the Divine Advent.

Even the saints and saints of the gods, Vulcan carried out the Divine Advent as the last suicide bombing.

If there is a human capable of such a thing…

“It seems impossible except for His Majesty.”

“Definitely. Because even previous Lion Heart Kings couldn’t contain more than three gods.”

The contemporary lion heart king, Leon Dragonia Lionheart, is the culmination of the history of true, true, and pure, Vulcanus affirmed.

“This is the realm of pure talent. The miracle of ‘representing God’ cannot be contained in a small human vessel and overflows.”

Vulcanus holding Zereah as an example.

“Sir Zereah is a knight who left no shortage of noble spirit and achievements in the throne of the Holy Grail Knight, but he was not as good as the Divine Advent.”

Other Holy Grail Knights also said that they could only survive for a few dozen minutes after the Divine Advent.

“So you’re saying that you and your majesty are full of talent?”

“Yes! I am Vulcanus! I am a monster at the pinnacle of history! And my lord is a monster even more than me!”

Had it not been for Hari, who had witnessed Leon’s fighting power, he would have denied it in front of Vulcan’s overwhelming presence.

And at Vulcanus’ continued reply, Hari’s golden eyes widened.

“And it’s the sword that has talent, too.”

“Am I?”

“You must have vaguely guessed it? Hanhari, aren’t you still fine even after containing the holy power of the two gods? This is proof that you are a vessel of innate divinity.”

“Ah, no. I was just lucky—”

Vulcan pointed at Hari with his thick thumb. To be precise, it is the place where Hari’s chest and heart are located.

“You said you received a ‘heart of fire’ from Isabel. That is the proof.”

Harry looked down at his heart.

In the Lionheart Kingdom, Hari inherited the two holy objects from Isabel.

One was a bracelet called the Heart of the Sea left by Manon, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sea and Waves, and the other was—

“Duke Renoir, an Orc mortician. It is a sacred object of the heart of the priest of the first war and flame.”

The legendary saint who laid the foundation of the kingdom along with the first King Lionheart and the first Grand Duke of Dragonia.

Each of them left their power in the form of a ‘heart’.

“Your Majesty received the best and all-round lion heart, and Your Majesty has the most ferocious and ferocious dragon’s heart… No, Grand Duke Carina must have it.”

And the remaining one is the fiery heart of Duke Renoir.

“Your heart of fire is the most powerful flame of its founding. It is a relic like a symbol of the Order that the Knights of the Burning Sword have worshiped and honored.”

“That’s amazing…”

Harry had a grievous look on his face at the fact that he had been transplanted. Of course, the items brought from the gate are perfectly ‘reproduced’ items, but they are another authentic, no different from the original.

“But you, you are not using the heart of fire properly.”

“Is that so?”

Thanks to this, he was promoted to S-class Hunter. Is it still not enough?

“Like the lion’s heart, it is a sacred object that produces holy power on its own. Even if I squeezed out Petos’ meager holy power, you, who received the heart of fire, would have produced sufficient holy power.”

“Is that so?”

Vulcanus grinned. It seems that it is my responsibility to raise this priestess as the next generation ‘Holy Grail Knight’.

“Yes, there can’t be two positions for a Holy Grail Knight… I should try something like the Grand Duke of the Holy Grail.”

[The Grand Duke of the Holy Grail! There is no such title!]

“Uh-huh, Petos-sama. To be honest, I’m a bit different from the other Holy Grail Knights. I think I’ll have a new seat for myself soon. Hmm…! Yes!”

bang! and Vulcanus hitting his knees. The light action caused a gust of wind and screamed tourists around.

“King! Yes, he is King! I wanted to play Ching Wang someday!”

[No, this guy?! It is blasphemy!]

Hari and Petos are astonished at Vulcanus, who says that he is a king, which is equivalent to treason in an absolute monarchy.

Only Vulcan calmly uttered absurd remarks bordering on treason.

“Can’t I be the King of the Holy Grail and the deposed lion heart ‘Hwang’!”


Is it okay? Hari wanted to say something was wrong, but Vulcan took out a tourist map and surveyed the topography of Taiwan.

“Sir Hari! This country is Taiwan! How big is it in terms of the world?”


It is impossible to express it on a tourist map, so Hari pointed to the location of Taiwan by displaying a world map on her smartphone.

“Here. This is Taiwan Island, where we are now.”

“Um…! So what about Korea?”

“Hey~ Kiyo.”

When Hari pointed to the location of Korea, Vulcanus——


He erupted into a lively laugh that caused a stir with only his voice.

“Small! Small! It’s too narrow to contain Lionheart’s mighty power! The world is so wide!”

The echo of Vulcan was filled with endless longing somewhere, and the soul of an ordinary person could not bear it.

Does Hari or other tourists know? Vulcanus’ distinctive laughter was a downgrade ordered by the Lion Heart King to reduce his arrogant voice even a little.

He was the one who poured out the flames of holy power with only the lion’s head and burned away the magic of Glacier Grand Duke.

“Okay! Okay! First of all, this is the mainland of China! Occupy this place and make a rapid advance westward! After founding the great Lionheart Empire, you can receive the best land among them and claim it! For now, this place called Taiwan is for a vacation home. Shall I accept it!”

It was a truly amazing sound to discuss the war of conquest in the 21st century, but it was the yard where Vulcanus decided to erect his statue in the center of Taiwan.

“Oh, no! War is…!”

Hari dissuaded him from the terrible talk of world domination, but Vulcan’s will was firm.

“Huh! In the first place, the nation of criminals tends to be corrupt and self-indulgent! Our Lionheart didn’t conquer the world and allowed the empire, what happened? The result is the fall of the empire!”

In Vulcan’s view, the Empire and other kingdoms were thought to have been founded because Lionheart had not conquered them, and he had no intention of expanding the land unnecessarily.

This is because Lionheart thought of other nations as objects to be edified and taught, not as objects to be conquered and ruled.

“Pe, Mr. Petos! Try drying it!”

Hari desperately held onto the string of reason and asked Petos. Of all the Grail Knights he had seen, Vulcanus was the most open to God, but wouldn’t he listen to what Petos had to say?

[Good! Haven’t you said something nice in a while! If you complete the task of conquering the world, you will get a throne!]

“That’s right, he was a war god!!”

Petos, the god of war and flame. In fact, if you look at the inclination, isn’t it the god who resembles Vulcanus the most!


Hari’s prayers now went to Foma, but that too—

[It’s a global world, so it’s easy to conquer even if you block the sea route. The Mediterranean is really nice and nice. I should erect a statue of myself there.]

‘These people! Not only medieval people, but also medieval gods!’

There is no such thing as love and peace!

Hari diverted the topic to stop the story of this savage medieval worldview from progressing.

“Your Majesty! What was your Majesty thinking when you let us go?”

Hari was warned in advance that there would be a demon grand duke of pleasure and corruption here.

If so, I thought I would go straight to the demons, but Leon’s behavior was completely different from what I expected.

“Um…! The master must have an idea.”

“That’s right, isn’t it? The image is so…”

Because the image of attacking and destroying everything has been implanted intensely, Hari can’t be quick to affirm it.

Looking at Hari like that, Vulcanus smiled meaningfully.

“Georra…! Didn’t Sir Hari see the other side of his master?”

“A different… aspect?”

“Your lord is the king of knights who is more honorable and upright than any other knight… but he is also a cunning and cruel person who escapes the imagination of knights.”


Vulcan recalled memories that were now memories.

Early on, when he was a berserker wielding the power of an evil god. There was a ‘King of Terror’ who defeated and smashed himself with a million savages thirteen times.

The supreme war rider favored by the god of war more than anyone else.

That is the lion heart king of the time.

He became a symbol of victory. In other words, he did not choose any means to win the war.

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