The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 166: President Zhao’s Nightmare

In the years following the cataclysm, when the first survivors were found, the Earth was in a state of uproar for a while.

A survivor from the other world beyond the gate. The appearance of that being is a singularity in human history. Humanity learned new world skills from them, and knew that they benefited each other.

However, as the survivors continued to pass through the gate, the scarcity value of the survivors decreased, causing difficulties in the treatment of them.

Survivors from high ranks, such as former nobles and generals, wanted to be treated similarly on Earth.

However, in a democratic society, nobility and royalty are only honorary positions, and no tax right, territory, or amnesty can be granted to them.


“Your Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart! Her Majesty Queen Beatrice Alighieri Spero is entering!”

If that is something that goes beyond S-class hunters, the treatment will have to be considered by the state.

Taiwan’s presidential residence. There was a grand welcome ceremony by soldiers and servants who were always on standby.

Compared to the size of the event, there were surprisingly few reporters, because Leon didn’t see the reporters talking.

[Where are you talking only about what you have to say in the presence of the king! I can’t go back!]

First of all, Leon hated the rudeness of the reporters who looked at the camera and microphone first, and Lion Heart King’s anger caused a low frequency and sent the reporters to the hospital bed, so they have no choice but to avoid it.

Thanks to this, when covering Leon, it became a national rule to send carefully selected questions and only a handful of selected reporters.

It was a rare situation in which the mass media succumbed to an individual, but those who witnessed the deterioration of senior reporters believed that the lion heart king had the power to curse people.

In any case, the attitude of the country towards the king of this other world has made the Korean government an exemplary guideline.

Basically, it is necessary to show respect for the state guest treatment of modern monarchs such as the British royal family, and it is comfortable to just listen to fairly modest requests.

Right now, even in Japan, did not the Korean government leader Ahn and the Hunter Association pay extreme attention as if they were dealing with the Emperor?

President Zhao was also fully aware of this.

‘This is nothing like the king of absolute monarchy.’

It is the first time that President Zhao, who has been dispatching diplomats and preparing for visits by presidents and royal families of various countries every year after China collapsed, has prepared such elaborate state guest treatment.

‘I have my jjambab. I’ll do it somehow!’

It is a body that even the Pope has treated. President Zhao desperately intends to let this incident pass naturally.

“Haha, Your Majesty. How about it? Our official residence? It’s not in use now and is being operated as a museum.”

“Hmm, a building built a hundred years ago?”

“Yes, after the civil war, President Chiang Kai-shek built a new official residence on this island and opened it to the public.”

President Zhao created a friendly atmosphere with a VIP full course for state guests visiting Taiwan for the first time.

And as if President Zhao’s treatment liked Leon as well, his expression relaxed.

‘good! Green light! Won’t you go back to Korea like this!’

Above all else, he had a reason to serve Leon with all his heart—

‘If this man gets mad and goes wild all of a sudden, I’ll die unconditionally’

That he is a demon follower.

To be precise, President Zhao is not a devil follower.

Like other high-ranking nobles, President Zhao pursued excessive pleasure in his own way, but in the process he encountered the devil of pleasure and corruption.

‘Damn Sui! I just tricked them into entering, saying that an amazing newcomer had come in!’

The Grand Duke of Corruption, whom he encountered at the place where a high-ranking official of the council entered the place to introduce him to a decent woman, made him lose all will to resist.

[If you listen to me carefully, I will give you an immortal life when the earth is ours in the future.]

President Zhao was a devout Christian. I was not particularly interested in immortality because I intended to go to heaven when I died, but I knew very well that I would die if I refused on the spot.

The power of the Devil Archduke is so terrifying and powerful that nothing like Earth can match it. Just one of these big supply demons would do devastating damage to Earth.

Then shouldn’t we be on the side of the victor?

President Zhao made a choice to survive and now regrets that choice terribly.

If someone asked him why he worked with the devil, he would answer like this.

‘Because I didn’t know! I didn’t know that a survivor from another world would come who would defeat even the demon grand duke! If I had known, I would have done that!’

Quay told him to buy time until the 20th, but President Zhao wants to send Leon back right away.

“I want to know how you liked the meals! Heh heh heh!”

It was that time when I was about to move on to the next schedule after finishing a dinner where I didn’t know if the food was going down my throat or down my nostrils.


“Yes? What do you mean?”

“I have had a lot of meetings lately with representatives of the government.

“Yes? That, what is that…”

Could it be that you’ve discovered that I’m a demon follower!

No way! I didn’t want to become a demon, so I’ve been avoiding demonization blessings and all that as much as possible!

“These days, it’s the same as sin. When you look at your luggage, you ask to sell things like star iron and drones. In fact, you leave behind the faith that is the source of that power.”

Leon complained, but it was natural.

The star iron weapons, blessed crops, and high-tech equipment of the Pantheon are strategic equipment that countries around the world are frantically trying to conquer.

Any other head of state would take Leon’s visit in person as an opportunity to connect, but President Zhao just wants Leon to leave Taiwan as soon as possible.

“Ah~ Come to think of it, I have something to present to my president.”

“Ah, it’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

Leon smiled and handed the Fuhrer a box.

“this is?”

When I carefully opened the box, there was a necklace with an old design. It is a design that is not burdensome to wear on the neck even for him who passed the 60th birthday last year.

“It’s a necklace made of special iron. It doesn’t have much power, but it has the power to preserve health and drive out bad things.”


what was wrong? Can you cast out demons?

“I have received a valuable gift, Your Majesty.”

“Come on, try it on.”

Having received an object that could be used directly, President Zhao had to walk through it and create a good picture.

“It suits you well.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Actually, wearing the necklace made me feel refreshed and seemed to revitalize my body.

“Then, thank you for today. Jim and the queen, let’s rest for a while at the residence.”

“Ah, yes yes! It was an honor for you two to visit our Republic.”

Is it finally over! Finally, on the way back after taking a picture in which he made a close gesture with Leon.

It was the moment he boarded the limousine heading to his official residence.

“Thank you for your hard work.

The driver was waiting in the limousine. Didn’t a lesser demon in human skin suddenly scream?

“What, what?”

“Kkeo, kkeuk! Kleurreureuk!”

The devil, disguised as a driver, vomited bloody foam while scratching even the disguised skin. It is bubbling and bubbling as if it had been exposed to highly concentrated radiation.

‘Is it because of the necklace!’

Finding the cause was easy. Because the necklace hanging around my neck was hitting the driver demon with a bright light.

“I, get out, get out…!”

The moment the devil opened the door and was about to leave, President Zhao intuited that he was screwed and grabbed him.

“Oh, no, dude! There are reporters outside, but if you go out…!”

President Zhao unknowingly grabbed the driver’s hand.

Aside from the end of his political life, he held back the devil, remembering what kind of disaster the Lion Heart King would cause.

“Ah, no…! Let go, let go…!”

And strangely, the devil couldn’t get out of his old grasp and trembled, then slowly turned to ashes and started to disappear.


Looking at it, President Zhao lost his words with eyes full of fear. In the limousine, only the devil driver and himself turned to ashes.


President Zhao shook off the ashes and moved to the driver’s seat.

I think I will have a nightmare today.

* * * *

“Pour it! Drink it!”

“Kyaaaaaa~! Oppa, Mercit!”

Drinking with a woman younger than your daughter would not be too much of an injustice for politicians.

“Hahahaha! How is it, Mr. President? Isn’t the water good today?”

Chief Executive Suiran smirks and wiggles his fat ass.

A friend who hangs out from time to time because we share similar hobbies.

Today, I came to meet the idol trainee he was introducing me to.

“Chief Suiran! When will the idol trainees you say you introduce come out?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I left them waiting outside!”

right! As I gestured, the door opened and a wide-eyed beauty entered.

Her hair, which seemed to hang down like a thread of melted silver, and her eyes glittered like a large amethyst. A bewitching smile made the old heart thump.

“Ohhh, that’s really beautiful. You Suiran…! You’ve done a great job!”

Do you think such a great beauty would be like an idol trainee? Even if you just take a selfie and upload it on social media, you will be counted as the most beautiful woman of the year, so why?

I want to stretch out my hand right now, but the woman with an aura that I dare not touch somehow sighs and mocks herself.

“Really. The things you do in any world are the same.”

Although it was a place of entertainment in a different world and an unfamiliar modern culture, Beatrice considered it a symbol of pleasure that would eventually work in any world.

Alcohol, drugs, and sex are elements that stimulate the most primitive pleasures of humans. In particular, Beatrice burned too many handsome men and beautiful women and corrupt people struggling in the mud.

“Desire must be restrained.”

She could not help but resent this excess of pleasure and the depravity it entailed.

Selling my family, my country, and the world because I couldn’t control this basic desire.

But apart from that, work is work. Beatrice had to extract the information she needed from this corrupter.

“Then… shall we begin?”

“Uhhh, your voice is also heavenly~”

Beatrice grinned at Zhao, who was drooling and looking at her with dirty eyes.

“Don’t worry, you won’t ‘never’ wake up until tomorrow morning. Shall we start with the nails?”

It didn’t take long for the sweet dream to turn into a nightmare.

* * * *

The demon grand duke of pleasure and corruption, Quay, was busy preparing for the ‘banquet’.

The devil in the secretary’s office approaches him and reports.

“The devil who served as the Führer’s driver has disappeared.”

Demons wearing human skin were assigned to key figures in the country, including President Zhao.

Leon’s visit kept them as far away from the pantheon as possible, but…

“Who did you hurt?”

“The Führer said the necklace he was given as a gift seemed to be the cause.”

“That’s it…”

It’s weird. Of course, it is true that demons do not like objects imbued with holy power. But, no matter how low-level demons, just by putting a star iron necklace in front of them, they disappear in an instant?

“Even in Lionheart, it wasn’t like that.”

There must be some other secret method. As Quay calmed down, the secretary demon became somewhat impatient.

“Should I instruct you to remove the necklace?”

“No, it’s already too late. He probably messed up something.”

“That, that’s…”

“They’ve already figured out that we’re here. Maybe they’re waiting for us to step up first.”


The secretary devil trembled with fear. Glancing at him, Quay sighed.

Who could be so afraid of immortal demons?

The magician queen was also quite a masterpiece, but the lion heart king was truly feared.

A demonic fear that neither immortality, great magic, nor overwhelming numbers of demons could subdue.

It is impossible to overcome him by force.

“We accelerate the preparations for the banquet.

“Will that… work? In the yard where the monarch passed away…”

What Quay was preparing was a great power that had corrupted all beings.

No mortal could stand before the terrifying citadel of corruption that represented the lord of pleasure and corruption.

Dotradon, who had never imagined that he would be defeated by just one person in the world of mortals that had all been destroyed, eventually died without being able to use it.

“Well, since I’m not Dotradon-sama, I understand your anxiety.”

Besides, the person preparing the banquet now is not the demon lord, but the archduke Quay.

Now that they have not allegorized the new lord of pleasure, Beatrice, there was no existence that could fully demonstrate its power.

“But. Even like me, it’s possible to push just one person into the abyss.”

The Lion Heart King made a mistake.

A very fatal mistake.

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