The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 167: Deus Bolt

October 10th. double eleven. It is a national holiday commemorating the revolution that led to the establishment of the present Republic of China.

This day is a national holiday celebrated by most of the 53 countries on the mainland, except for non-Han independent countries such as Uyghurs and Tibet, and is the day of a festival greatly celebrated in Taiwan.

“Wow~ It’s amazing outside.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a large-scale parade other than an amusement park. I can’t compete with Disney Land.”

The streets of the city are closed to private vehicles and filled with colorful kites, parade balloons, and flag-waving citizens.

60 years of being threatened with independence from the continental mainland. The pride of the Taiwanese people, who were able to proudly declare that they were an independent nation through their collapse and division, was very high.

To the extent that they invited celebrities from around the world on a large scale to celebrate their biggest holiday, the Double Ten.

“Don’t panic. A banquet like this, if you’re a Knight of the Lion Heart King, you should know how to enjoy it leisurely.”

Leon watched Hari and the other drivers want to open the limousine window and warned them. Seeing that, Beatrice smiled.

“It is only natural that young knights want to enjoy the festival.

“Jim used to go to tournaments or serf festivals to earn money for his travels. He’s different from these kids.”

If you think about it normally, latte is a remark that starts with ~, but since the subject is Leon, anything seemed plausible.

“Me, Your Majesty?”


Hari raised her hand and Leon accepted the question.

“You seem to know a little about tournaments, but what is a serf festival?”

“Hmm, that’s a good question. I’m also planning on doing it for my one day fad, Lord Spinner.”

Yapi here? Harry was just worried.

“To explain this festival, we must first look at its origins. Lord Gratas, the Grail Knight who was a giant slayer and compiled [How to Catch Giants with Serfs]—”

In the past, it was when the Lionheart Kingdom initiated a continental Night War.

In the days when there was no empire yet, barbarians and devil followers overflowing from all over the continent, which were in chaos, and even horsemen flocking from the east.

By beating and destroying so many enemies, the serfs naturally overflowed, and the number was close to the total population of the Lionheart Kingdom.

As much as possible, it was this much even though they killed prisoners without taking prisoners on the battlefield.

“So Lord Gratas changed his mind. Let’s not just kill them, but consume them as offerings to the gods.”

That’s how the hunt for the strong fighting race giants, which increased their numbers threateningly on the continent at the time, began.

Lord Gratas personally charged the serfs and drove the giants to extinction, leaving many achievements after that.

The result was the bible “How to catch a giant with a serf”, which Leon inherited.

“The serf festival is what celebrated Lord Gratas’ feat and spread like a trend throughout the kingdom.”

“Uh… that, then?”

“Please… tell me no.”

Hari and Jaehyuk deny reality. Suho spoke the truth in a trembling voice.

“Is that a national-scale festival of consumption of serfs…?”


God… No, Ariana Oh my God

The three of them recalled the battle to select the captain of the knights, in which they gave only one dagger and made the giants charge for suicide.

Did you do that on a national scale?

Leon turned his gaze to Cheon So-yeon, leaving the three devastated people behind.

“Cheon So-yeon, if you have a good idea, I would have told you to prepare it. Do you have a good idea?”

So-yeon was involved in that madness?


Are you ready for that?!

“Oh, Jim must have organized the local serf festivals, but have you got any new ideas outside of them?”

“I think it would be a good picture if it was the war against the serf warlord.”

“War of the serf generals?”

Leon seems to be interested in those words. The three knights stared wide open at their classmate and knight commander who came up with a terrible idea.

Either way, Cheon So-yeon shyly put forward her idea.

“In Korea, there is a ballistic missile called Daejanggunjeon from 500 years ago. Hang serfs there and explode them in the air with fireworks—”

Hearing the details, the three of them trembled.

‘what? Is Cheon So-yeon crazy?’

‘Nowadays, So-yeon is scared… Something too blind…’

‘It’s not blindness, isn’t it blind faith?!’

Come to think of it, Cheon So-yeon was the most aggressive and ruthless when it came to catching a giant as a serf. I’m not the leader of the Knights of the Pantheon for nothing!

“Um, how about it? I tried to create a unique way by combining it with the local culture. I’d like to ask the Japanese side as well.”

‘Don’t combine local culture with something like this! Lionheart is enough!’

‘Do I have to have such a broken personality to become the leader of the knights?’

The serfs were planning to tremble if they heard it, but Leon just slapped his knee with a satisfied expression.

“Good! Good! It’s easier to understand than holding an overclock max update contest with a serf netrunner modified by Sir Spinner! Ah~ Viche, what did you say you prepared?”

“It’s embarrassing, but I’ve been enjoying zombie stuff lately… I’m going to arm the contestants with iron armor and do zombie survival—”

This one, too, had a plan that went awry.

“Hmm…! I guess I’ll have to work on this too. Sir Vulcanus will do something like throw serfs far away like he does every year, so Lionheart’s pride will depend on Jim!”

‘Please don’t stir yourself up like that!’

‘Everyone is crazy!’

I felt like I wanted to get out of this crazy space, but the limousine just continued on its way.

“By the way, Your Majesty, there are many other invited guests besides us.”

“I heard that this festival is an important national holiday in this country. It’s not unusual to invite guests from all over the world, but…”

“It might be the intention to restrict our actions.”

The invited guests from all over the world gather together to enjoy the banquet. From what I’ve heard, it’s a very different way than before.

“Heung! It’s not a pantheon to be hesitant about taking hostages.”

He had already confirmed that President Zhao was a servant of the evil species and had extracted that information. The operation will proceed as scheduled.

“Sir Yapi and the royal princess Park Yong-shin will take care of it.

“The problem is the response at the banquet hall.”

“You have to be careful. Demons of pleasure and corruption aren’t demons with exceptional fighting power, but…”

“I know that you use such a dirty trick.”

The reason Leon was able to defeat Dotradon, the lord of pleasure alone, was partly because their line of demons were weak compared to demons of wisdom or chaos.

However, the demons of pleasure and corruption use all sorts of filthy and vile tactics rather than fighting power.

In some ways, they were the most menacing demons, such as taking on human skin, sabotaging behind the scenes, and corrupting the country’s high ranks.

“On this matter, we have no choice but to collide head-on. Even knowing that, I visited this island myself.”

“Of course. How well do you know your Majesty, the Grand Duke of Corruption, Quay?”

“I don’t know. After the Lord of Wisdom fell, the Archdukes fled to the Demon Gate.”

Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, is a representative example. The one who was marching to the eastern kingdom of the sky, not on Lionheart’s side, fled through the Demon Gate when the monarch fell.

In addition, the Grand Duke of Glacier escaped from Vulcanus, and the Grand Duke of Gangyok and Wisdom died at the hands of Leon.

“Come to think of it, you’re the only survivor among the demon grand dukes who participated in that war.”

The Corrupted Grand Duke Quay had heard about Leon as well. Because they were the ones who corrupted the empire through the Jewel of Wisdom and the Pleasure Church.

However, they did not show up easily on the battlefield, and Lionheart’s knights continued to fuss in pursuit of the Grand Duke of Corruption.

“He came to my world after he left your world. And it took less than fifty years to destroy our world.”

Beatrice was the most powerful magician in that world, but she had no time to do anything against Quay.

Because when she was born, most of the kingdoms had already been corrupted.

She has had to fight demons since she was the age to go to elementary school on Earth.

“He seduces people by penetrating their gaps. Many generals, great kings, and nobles have fallen at his hands. If only I had had more time…”

“Can’t you resist with the artifacts the queen gave you?”

Cheon So-yeon pointed to the earring in her ear. It is a holy relic created with the authority of a dream that even Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, fell into a trap in the past.

Beatrice distributed artifacts that protect this spirit in the form of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to all the knights of the Pantheon.

When asked if the Grand Duke of Corruption couldn’t be done in a similar way, Beatrice shook her head in denial.

“The artifact has a prototype that was distributed to the main characters in a similar way, even though the output was low.

It didn’t work for the Fallen Grand Duke Quay. Beatrice cautioned once more and said.

“It shows what the target wants most, and offers a hand they can’t refuse. So beware. The contract of corruption he offers.”

* * * *

The grand banquet hall of a five-star hotel in the capital city of Taipei.

It was full of politicians, celebrities, and influencers invited from all over the world.

Each person who entered the banquet hall was given a traditional costume, which was given in advance, and colorful costumes such as hanfu and cheongsam seemed to show off Taiwan as the center of Chinese culture.

“It’s easy to move around. I like how colorful it is.”

“It’s my first time trying on a china dress, so… it might be more embarrassing than I thought.”

Hari looks round and round at the red silk cheongsam. Not only Hari, but also the participants in the pantheon, Beatrice, and Leon all changed into traditional Chinese clothes.

It was also because the dress code of this banquet was traditional Hanbok, and as in Korea, state guests dress in hanbok and take commemorative photos, Taiwan seems to have a similar tendency.

“Even though I came here to hunt demons, this is a place where I can show off my national dignity.

It was time for Leon to warn the followers of the Pantheon. From afar, President Zhao visited Leon with his attendants.

“Your Majesty! Are you here?”

President Zhao looked somewhat haggard. Even though he would have paid attention to conditioning during the national holiday.

“President Zhao. Does your complexion look bad?”

“Ah, yeah… I haven’t been able to sleep lately.”

With a smile on his face, Leon comforted President Zhao by patting him on the shoulder.

Of course, the reason he was haggard was because he went through the process of repentance in the nightmares of the past few days.

Through the medium planted by Beatrice, the priestess of dreams and death, the information called information was vomited out.

I couldn’t find out if there was something forbidden about the identity of the Grand Duke Quay, but thanks to the telegrams he knew, I was able to place ‘martyrs’ at each important point.

He won’t know that until the very end.

Because Beatrice’s illusions manipulated even his memories.

“Anyway, the weather is nice today.”


“Yes, that’s definitely a good sign.”

Why did President Zhao feel afraid of that smile?

“Come to think of it, where is Lord Vulcanus—”

At that moment, a group of people entered the banquet hall, spurring loudly.

“What, what, you guys!”

“Guard! What about the guard——!?”

They quickly entered the banquet hall and occupied the hotel. As there are so many VIPs, how quickly do you overwhelm the banquet hall that must have been tight?

There wasn’t even a gunshot. Among the guards, there must have been hunters from a large Taiwanese hunter guild hired for today!

center of the scoundrels. A man stepped forward among them, who were hidden behind hoods and cloaks.

“Hello everyone. This is a special day, there are many examples.”

The man’s demeanor was as polite as a gentleman. But those who know know. The more honorifics people use in dramatic situations, the more insane they are.

“You bastard…! You know where this is!”

Then, a series of groups confronting the intruders. They are not affiliated with the Taiwanese military or police.

“Lanfang Guild Leader!”

Taiwan’s leading S-class hunter Lan Fang and his guild members hired by the Taiwanese administration to guard this banquet.

They are not afraid of mere terrorists!

“I don’t know where the claps came from, but they made a mistake!”

The head of the Lanfang guild grabbed his long sword and jumped at the man who seemed to be the leader first.

It was judged that in order for the VIPs not to get hurt, they had to quickly catch the boss first.


Ranfang’s long sword was imbued with chauvinistic magic. A blow that cuts down even large monsters in one blow. It hit the man and…

– Kaang!

A crash sound as if a piece of iron had been struck. At the same time, the robe was torn and the hidden figure was revealed.


it was armor An item called ‘heavy armor’ that is quite different among hunters who value technicality and speed.

Unless it is a drop item with excellent performance, it is something that is avoided because it is heavy and dull…

‘You said you easily blocked my blow?’

What was even more surprising was how strong it was without any damage even after blocking the blow of an S-class hunter.

“Whoa, whoa, I’ve had the honor of testing a prototype of an object destined to be dedicated to the Great Lord. The unbeliever’s sword won’t be able to damage this armor.”

The man flashed a large mace. Ranfang, who didn’t think that the terrorist was in possession of the Legendary armor, was hit by the mace with a bewildered expression.

“Huh~ I’m glad you’re strong.”

The man who subdued the guild leader with a single blow told the hesitant guild members.

“It would be better not to move a single finger. I quarreled with you once to set an example, but…”

The men who came forward all at once from behind the man. They each flipped their robes, revealing their terrifying means.

“Po, bomb!”

“Mi, crazy people!”

The terrorists were all wearing bomb vests.

-Kick! Banquet Hall subdued. Transition to the next phase.

and at the same time.

-Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You are a terrorist!

– What, what! Why are there terrorists here!


throughout Taiwan.

Thousands of terrorists appeared all over major cities.

“”Because the gods will it!!””

They were fanatics.

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