The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 168: Akbar after Ariana

Taipei’s Beauty Garden.

With a huge shopping center and a beautiful city view of Taipei, this place was attracting a lot of customers for the Double Ten Festival.

“Mom, buy me that!”

Usually, expensive items from department stores are burdensome, but on days like this, parents’ wallets are open to expensive toys that children want.

Shopping malls held special events for such parents and offered gift certificates as bait to attract more crowds to their shopping malls.

The finale of the holiday period, when spending more than usual. Shueri, who was happily drinking tea after buying a child’s toy and a brand handbag, noticed some suspicious cosplayers among the crowd.

At first, I thought they were cosplayers and parading through the streets for the 20th Festival, but as one of them gradually approached the coffee shop he was in, I was able to notice their bizarre behavior.

Clean white robe… Only the abdomen is bulging.

It reminded me of someone in Central Asia.

ah, please

The uneasy intuition gradually became a reality after seeing the man who had entered the middle of the teahouse.

“Oh God.”

I intuited that one muttered word.

‘why? why? Why are we in Taiwan?’

‘Why’ repeated over and over again. But when her eyes met the man’s, what came out of her lips was a miserable begging.


please don’t do this what did we do wrong As for children…

It was a ‘please’ with a lot of desperation implied. However, Shueri gave up all hope when the man with the bomb switch smiled and said a word.

“Because the gods want it.”

A calm voice without the slightest hesitation or guilt. A fanatical pupil who is convinced that he is walking the pilgrim’s path.


The daughter, who was playing with her new toy, looked up as if she felt her mother’s strangeness.

“Meiling, mommy loves you!”

All Shueri could do was hold the child and hope that it would hurt a little less.



Explosions occurred everywhere.

– Quaang! Kwaaang! Kwaaaaaaang!

And the sound resonated all over Taiwan. Explosive noises from all directions crowded with people for a joyous festival turn cheers into screams.

The whole of Taiwan was glistening with ‘white fog’.


Shueri opened her tightly closed eyes while holding her daughter, Meiling. Because the pain I thought didn’t come.

And what she witnessed was a thick white fog.

“poison gas?”

Bombs are not the only means of terrorism. Biochemical terrorism through poison gas was rare, but it did happen.

“Mom~ It’s pretty!”

“Meiling! You can’t breathe!”

It was Shueri who hurriedly covered her daughter and herself, but soon saw them gasping for breath without reacting to the sudden gas attack.

‘That person is going to die!’

Amidst the chaos, Shueri put her regrets aside and looked for a gas mask. It seems like I heard that there are gas masks in large facilities like shopping malls.

However, it was a long way for ordinary people who are not familiar with the emergency escape route or the location of the gas mask to find a gas mask, and the child who could not find his breath eventually gasped.


“Meiling! No!”

That’s it! I caught my breath!

And it was the same for Shueri, who shouted to dissuade her daughter.



It doesn’t hurt.

Shueri was a generation who had learned basic evacuation measures in preparation for air raids and chemical warfare by mainlanders since childhood.

In the case of chemical warfare, it is known that the moment the gas is swallowed into the airways, an immediate reaction occurs. however······.

‘Did anyone at the mall get hurt?’

“Keu, croaaaaaaaagh…!”

It was then. Mr. Shueri found a person lying in the middle and hurriedly ran towards him.

“Gwa, are you okay?”

His symptom was the poison gas exposure itself seen in the video. I don’t know why he was so hurt, but I have to hurry up and take him to the hospital–


In an instant, Mr. Shueri, who encountered the suffering person, stepped back in fright. Because he… was not in human form by any means.

The hideous face, like a ‘devil’, was melting away, too ugly for a skin rash caused by poison gas.



It was the moment when a demon-like monster was about to attack Shueri. Boom! and something struck him.

“Back off.”

“Go, thank you…?”

Mr. Shueri realized that he was a terrorist he had just met.

Undaunted in this white mist, armed with armor and a cold weapon, he shouted at ‘the Devil’.

“God will protect us.”

And he wasn’t the only one armed. Terrorists in white armor flocking from all sides as if they were waiting.

“Kleurreu…! Nenomudeu!”

The devil who was surrounded in an instant had an expression of, “What the heck?”

“It seems that he is still alive after being hit directly by holy gas.

“However, fear not, brothers and sisters. Evil species will perish in the name of God.”

“Keep death at your mercy and defeat evil! The gods will lead your martyred comrades to paradise!”

“For the gods will it!”

“”Because the gods want this…!!””

Fanatics flocked from all sides to beat down the weakened demon.

Daguri did not have a Daguri like this.

* * * *

Terrorists raided the banquet hall where state guests gathered.

Lanfang, an S-class hunter, was subdued at once, and even the remaining guild members stopped moving in front of the terrorists with explosive vests.

“Keuugh…! Cowardly bastards!”

Hunters hired as guards had no choice but to hesitate. This is because the combat power of terrorists is also combat power, and state guests were in danger if the bomb exploded.

There were too many state guests gathered here to risk one or two hostages.

“Whoa, what do you want!”

“Whoops, you want it…”

The terrorist’s captain still spoke in a gentle voice.

“First of all, everyone needs to be tied up.”

Terrorists quickly took hostages. Among them were cardinals dispatched from the Vatican, deputy prime ministers and ministers from the European Union, and hunters from famous guilds.

“Ah, those hunters should wear these shackles.”

“That, that’s…”

A magical sealing tool for anti-hunters who became criminals developed by the Mage Tower. Terrorists preparing such expensive equipment in large quantities?

“Keuugh…! My body is heavy!”

“Cheet… Is it a new model?”

they didn’t know In fact, it is a special iron shackle blessed by God, and it is a fake that is worse than the real one that only reproduces the magic tower system on the outside.

They approached Leon and Beatrice of the Pantheon and tried to put their shackles on them.

“Well, then… I’ll fill it up.”

“No, who is this guy?”

“Chae, I will fill it.”

As soon as the terrorist breaks his tongue, a stern gaze corrects his tone. People expected that Leon would do something for a moment.

He was a person who did not tolerate disrespect for the royal family, and he possessed unprecedented military power that surpassed that of an S-rank Hunter.

“Hmm, cowards taking hostages. I guess I have no choice but to follow them.”

“That’s right. Everyone, don’t be rash and follow the instructions.”

It’s over. Even the Pantheon could not resist because of the hostages.

The terrorists, who subdued all the state guests, ordered the hostages.

“Isolation everyone in the room! Move quickly!”

“His Majesty Lionheart and Queen Sphero also… please cooperate.”

Hostages were isolated by group in a hotel room at a banquet hall in a hostage treatment with a different temperature.

“Please go in.”

In the room where the Pantheon War group was isolated, the terrorist captain took off his helmet and revealed his bare face.

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Majesty, you two.

The leader of the terrorists was Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace. He knelt down in front of Leon and bowed his head.

“Even though he ordered it, he has no face in rudeness to the prison body.”

“It’s done. Get up.”

Watching this, the four knights, including Hari, were dumbfounded.

“Umm… Your Majesty, what’s the situation?”

“I noticed from the middle, but…”

Four people who can’t keep up with the situation. Park Yong-shin triumphantly began to explain.

After arriving in Taiwan, Yapi and the members of Hanbitgung’s Taiwan branch staged a nationwide terrorism and even provided bomb vests.

They say that the terror that is happening here is going to be happening outside where there is no comparison.

“Poe, a bomb vest?”

“Well, there’s nothing to be afraid of, Lady Hari. To be precise, it’s a gas bomb.”

“More serious?!”

Of course, it is not a real poison gas. To be precise, it should be called holy gas.

“It is a dilution of holy water cast by Lord Yapi and bestowed by His Majesty. Although the concentration has been reduced to secure a large quantity.”

As a result of experiments on captured demons, not only are the low-level demons greatly weakened, but even quite a few high-level demons are said to have no choice but to reveal their disguises.

“Ah…! It was to deal with the demons in Taiwan!”


By now, the whole of Taiwan must have been in an uproar. By demons whose identities have been revealed here and there.

“But this is just a means to reveal their true face. The real thing is different.”

“Yes, because high demons can withstand holy gas.”

Beatrice checked the pad with a grin. These are hidden camera videos from each room sent by Yapi.

“Then let’s start slowly.”

Leon got up.

It was a bit extreme, but it was demon hunting time.

* * * *

Doldo Lad, a high-class demon of pleasure and corruption, was locked in a cabin with Taiwanese high-ranking officials who had become hostages.

“Chief Yanfei Huang! Do something!”

“What are you looking at me for?”

“Isn’t there a police riot police hotline? If you contact us through that side and let us know the situation here…!”

Doldorad wanted to kill this stupid human right away, but now he had to play the chief of the Taiwan Police Department. It’s a bit disappointing to reveal my identity here.

“We’ve been in touch since before. But I can’t reach you at all, as if this area has been jammed.”

The same was true for smartphones and radios that did not depend on the network.

Powerful jamming… And there must be equipment around here that neutralizes military frequencies.

‘Damn it, where is the Grand Duke of Fall?’

Wiping out those terrorists wasn’t difficult, but the problem came next. If you release your disguise now and wipe them out, you will have to kill and exterminate everyone in this place.

It was too burdensome for him to judge and destroy the work of the Grand Duke of Corruption, not even the Great Devil.

‘I have to get in touch with the outside world somehow!’

It was at that time that Doldorad was looking around to find a way. bang! The door opened and I saw a familiar face.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?”

The one who showed up was none other than Leon. He looked around the room and suddenly entered the middle of it.

‘Sir, could you possibly be aware of my true identity?’

demonic fear. Doldorad swallowed in fear as the number one demon slayer came right in front of him. However, I soon grabbed the bracelet hanging from my wrist like a lifeline.

‘It can’t be! I’m wearing an artifact that hides the magic crafted by the great demons of wisdom and exploration! No matter how bad he is, he won’t be able to see through this!’

It was for this reason that a large number of demons were able to line up in Leon’s place.

These artifacts, developed and disseminated by the Wisdom Goblin Archdemon, were supplied in large quantities by the American Mage Tower Master, Raynald Shellman.

It is consumed in real time in front of Leon, the powerful deity, but in other words, it means that you can get out of Leon’s intuition until the artifact is destroyed!

“Let’s start with this room.”

Leon summoned the Holy Grail from subspace. Then, holy power was concentrated in the Holy Grail——


And a wave of light spread across the room and hit Doldorad.


A wave of holy water created by the last holy grail, which became the source of holy gas. That undiluted, intact wave literally threw the high demon, Doldorad, to a bowl of porridge.

“Hwa, chief Yanfei Huang?!”

“I can’t believe it! Seo, the chief was a devil!?”

The ministers are horrified at the fact that the high-ranking official sitting next to them was the devil. Leon aimed his holy sword at the trembling Doldorad.

“It’s time to ditch, dirty thing.”


The moment the holy sword struck, Doldorad remembered.

Gem is a real jerk.

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