The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 169 Taiwan Raid

“The banquet hall was attacked?”

Quay was taken aback when he heard that the banquet hall where President Zhao went to receive state guests was attacked by terrorists.

“You ate this one.”

It was the hostages who invited a large number of state guests for the National Day to restrict Leon’s actions.

If the situation arises, the disguising demons will rampage in all directions. Although it was a goal to warn it.

‘I’d rather have a hostage situation.’

The question is whether the high-ranking demons who have infiltrated the banquet hall will be found out by them…

‘I must have worked because I had confidence.’

The high-ranking demons inside have no choice but to leave them in the discard pile.

“This is a problem, but what’s more troublesome is…”

Reports of gas terrorism being reported across Taiwan and the disguising of demons exposed to gas being released.

No matter what method was used, identity exposure is taking place in all directions.

It wouldn’t be strange if an emergency martial law was issued right away. The President, who has authority over such a situation, is held hostage in the banquet hall.

“Who are the remaining senior officials?”

“The deputy, vice-president and general headquarters, military police headquarters are on the move.”

“A naval squadron of corrupt can also be mobilized urgently.”

Although the player was taken away by surprise terrorism in the private sector, this was their home ground.

Military units deployed throughout Taiwan were soon in their hands, and among them were full of disguised demons.

And if you give up everything you’ve built so far, it’s not impossible to mobilize ‘last resort’.

The island of Taiwan is a swamp that will drown Lionheart. From the moment they entered this place in small numbers without great power, they fell into a trap.

“Great, Grand Duke…!”

It was then. His subordinates, who were contacting the National Security Agency, military units, and police departments in real time, urgently reported.

“Tea, the beheading knight…! The butcher has appeared!”

War God’s Beheading Knight. Those who deal with the military in a short period of time. There is no devil who does not know its great name. The Lion Heart King, Orc Great Khan, and Butcher were monsters that even the Grand Dukes in that world could not overcome.

“There’s no way that annihilator… missed the timing when the demon appeared in town.”

But he is alone. No matter how transcendental power you have, there is a limit to being an individual.

“We mobilize all available forces. We must control the situation.”

The cause is still with them. No matter how much they regard the entire Taiwanese government as a den of demons, the demons hiding in this country are a minority after all.

Even the fanatics would not be able to massacre all of them and pass them by if they put forward innocent ordinary soldiers or police officers.

In the end, they are a tribe of strict legality.

Is it a stereotype about Lionheart? Or is it prejudice?

However, the Holy Grail Knight was not included in that stereotype.


Huge violence that doesn’t know where to bounce. It was going somewhere.

* * * *

The whole of Taiwan was confused by the unexpected gas attack and the appearance of demons.

“Even if you drink it, it doesn’t seem to harm you…”

I wore a fire protection suit and a mask in the unit, but when I saw citizens roaming around, this white gas did not harm the general public.

“It seems that the only ones harmed are demons?”

“To believe that demons were hiding in our country…”

The downtown area was occupied by terrorists due to gas attacks and demon haunts.

Has there ever been a state of emergency of this magnitude since the founding of Taiwan?

“The armed group is fighting the devil? Who are the dogs? What? The gas attackers?”

“Terrorist response…! No, demons first! What? Take down the terrorists first? What are you talking about!”

It was mayhem.

At the same time as the Vice President’s declaration of emergency, the entire Taiwanese army, numbering 160,000, is on the move.

Taiwanese military as well as civilian hunters. In fact, the power that the island of Taiwan can mobilize is being mobilized.

and Taiwan Army General Headquarters. The emergency siren went on, and the major generals gathered together and began commanding operations in the current situation.

“Commander, it is said that the Navy sent a land squadron.”

“The Northern 6th Corps also reported that they could dispatch motorized units first. If Lanyang’s 51st Division joins in, there will be no problem in stabilizing Taipei.”

“Yes, yes. More so, what about the Association? What happened to the Lanfang Guildmaster who guarded the banquet hall?”

Liu Wei, a Taiwanese Army Shangqiao (Colonel), seemed somewhat uneasy about the appearance of the commander-in-chief, Liu Shenger.

After receiving a call from the presidential secretary’s office, she is wiping with a handkerchief while sweating profusely.

‘Why does that nobleman talk like that?’

He was usually a capable general. Usually, those who are connected to the upper political ranks tend to climb up the line, not by ability, but the listing in Rushenger is a case where both ability and background are outstanding.

Always showing a cold-hearted and transcendent appearance, his wandering around is even unnatural.

“Huh? What, why is that man here?”

Liu Wei Shangqiao was taken aback when he found ‘Armor’ fighting with the military police at the entrance of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At Liu Wei’s words, the gathered generals checked the CCTV footage.

“Sir Vulcanus?”

The state guest of Manshinjeon, who arrived in Taiwan less than a week ago. He was entering the base ignoring the military police at the entrance of the headquarters.

“Are you looking this way?”

one of the cameras. The gaze of Vulcanus, who makes eye contact with CCTV, is terrifying. He moved as if he had found something, then strode away.

Horrifyingly, it was on the side where the General Staff Headquarters was located.

“Uhh, fortune teller, aren’t you coming this way?”

what someone said The response was the listing of Rushenger.

“No, stop it! Stop him!”

The listing of Lushenger in a seizure as if an executioner were coming. The next moment, Vulcan disappeared from the camera.

“Uh, where did you go——!”

– Quaang!

With a roar, the outer wall of the headquarters collapses. After knocking down the outer wall of the military base, which was supposed to withstand missiles, with a head-butt, the man shook off the dust and entered the entrance he had made.

“Hmm! The outer walls of the base, which can be called the headquarters, have to step back.”

You’re a monster… the words didn’t come from Liu Wei Sangyo. However, he displayed his desperate military spirit and stopped Vulcanus from striding forward.

“Boo, Lord Vulcan! What the hell are you doing! This is a military base!”


Does anyone know?!

Not only Liu Wei Shangqiao, but also the officers in the base desperately tried to dissuade him, but it was not enough to stop the giant over 2m tall.

However, if we aim the gun at FM, the opponent is the state guest of the country. No, how about a state guest? It’s not something that can be stopped with firearms in the first place.

“Yes, Commander! Orders…!”

Liu Wei Shangqiao waited for instructions from the top commander of the position, Liu Shenjie.

At the point of already raiding the military base, there would be nothing to say even if they were shot dead, but the response was delayed because of the opponent’s status and terrible power.

But if he gives orders, everyone here will pull out their pistols and turn against him.


The soldiers, including Liu Wei Shangqiao, searched for the commander who never responded.

And the Rushenger listing was nowhere to be found. It’s not just them. Most of the generals and officers at headquarters had disappeared!

‘Did he run away?!’

These bastards, soldiers, run away?

As the car was about to curse out of embarrassment, hot heat poured from Vulcanus. The burning gaze that is rumored to be a unique Inferno Air is leaking out of the armor!

“Mmm, stop!”

“I don’t listen to orders from those weaker than me!”

“What are you talking about!!”

“I don’t listen to orders from those weaker than me!!”

Liu Wei Shangqiao aimed his pistol, but Vulcanus didn’t care at all. It seemed that Liu Wei Shangqiao was the only one who had the will to resist him.

“Damn it…!”

Liu Wei’s trembling fingers pulled the trigger.


– Ting!

Only empty sounds linger around and everyone is enveloped in silence.

‘Damn it, are you going to die?’

Even if Vulcanus snapped his fingers, my head would explode like tofu.

It was an expected result since he did not give up his resistance as a soldier.


But what came back was a loud laugh.

“Yes! A warrior should be like that! As much as the situation is the situation, it may not be wise!”

“Billion! Billion! Uh-billion!”

Banging Liu Wei on the shoulder, Vulcanus pursued the generals who fled without doing him any harm.


While no one thought to stop this, additional communications came in to the dumbfounded General Headquarters.

“Reports of ‘knights’ appearing at bases around the world!”

“Eh, the pantheon! Burning Sword Knights!”

“Three under Raihar Deber appeared at the 10th Corps Command! They also appeared at the Air Special Forces Command. Named Lord Galatan! Lead four knights and raid the Special Forces Command!”

“Incapacitate the 43rd Artillery Headquarters! It’s a knight! The 1st Knights of the Pantheon have appeared with Man-at-Arms.”

It was then. The interior lights of the command center as well as various devices were turned off all at once.

“Me, blackout?”

“What are you doing without running the auxiliary generator!”

“Sat, no communication! Jamming! Powerful jamming!”

The base was incapacitated in an instant.

“Cyber warfare?”

This Taiwanese General Headquarters… the cyber warfare support units here, which are at the forefront of the semiconductor industry, were killed without even using their hands?

A hostage operation in which state guests were taken hostage at the same time as the gas attack. At that time, advanced hacking and raids took place all over the country.

Liu Wei Shangqiao assumed the worst case scenario.

“The pantheon… against us…”

went through an all-out war.

* * * *

“Damn damn damn!!”

Listed on Ruschenger. High Demon of Pleasure and Corruption, Barbazar. He ran desperately through the base corridors.

‘He noticed! How the hell?!’

Balbazar had a hunch that Vulcan had come to pick him up.

I don’t know what kind of trick he used, but he must have found out information about himself!


The laughter of doom echoes. Each time that voice approaches, it is as if the bells that end one’s destiny click.


Balbazar no longer maintained his disguise. Lushenger’s hide is ripped open, revealing a hideous demon of pleasure from within.

“Ugh, whoa!”

“Oh, the devil?!”

The base’s officers and soldiers were frightened, but he didn’t care. Now that this has happened, it’s the judge’s decision. You have to make room for yourself to escape.

“Wake up…!”

At that moment, an officer I encountered spilled something.

He is a member of the Pleasure Church, a secret cult within the Taiwanese military.

He was the one who tasted the infinite pleasures offered by the demons of pleasure and corruption and offered himself to become their slave.

And there were more such corrupters.

“Oh, no.”

“Sah, boss, what are you doing…!”

The human skin melts away, revealing their hideous depravity. They were delighted to have escaped mortality and gained an immortal life, but were embarrassed when their identities were revealed to this situation.

“Stop him! Earn even a second!”

At the command of the High Demon, the corrupters rushed at the burning knight across the corridor against their will.

Even one second per person is fine. If I could stop him even just a little bit——


How ignorant is that.

Even the magic of Glacier Grand Duke couldn’t stop that knight, but it’s like newbies who have just become demons.


Corruptors are swallowed up with terrible heat. They couldn’t stand it even for a moment before that infinite fury.

“iced coffee······.”


The messenger of the god of war is coming.

The right hand of the Lion Heart King. A monster who survived the Lion Heart King thirteen times.

The fact that he is alive proves his strength.


The fear of an era that has no castle and no title, and has torn countless demons with only the power of its two arms.

“No one can stop death.”

he is death

* * * *

“The baits are all gone.”

“It’s because of Quay’s negligence. When Zhao was tossed around by the Queen, he must have already known that the information was leaked.”

“You must have considered it an acceptable damage.”

The entrance of the Taimei Five Star Hotel where the hostage took place. There, three elderly people were looking at a quarantined hotel.

“Do you think you will succeed?”

“Well. Because the opponent is the Lion Heart King.”

“But he’s still a human being. It’s not impossible if you show even the slightest gap.”

After Dotradon, the lord of pleasure, is defeated, it is the current Grand Duke of Pleasure, Que, who leads the demons of pleasure and corruption.

Although he could inherit the next monarchy, he refused to succeed, saying that he had a better body.

Basically, because it was such a temper, it was not checked by the monarch.

“After that war, we declined.”

“Since the hundred-year plan has failed, we must achieve results here.”

“I want to avoid being pushed by ‘them’.”

Demons wearing old man’s skin reveal themselves. Their transformation was different from that of other demons.

Unlike other demons whose skin is limited according to the total amount of their body, their transformation is super-level magic itself.

All of them, who revealed their true colors in an instant, were gigantic monsters over several meters tall.

[Is it time earning? I can’t help but lament.]

<Region Declaration – Temple of Pleasure>

[Prepare for the guys. Isolate this place from them.]

<Region Declaration – Temple of Corruption>

[Come, my legion. Time to work.]

<Demon Gate Summon>

In the middle of Taipei City. A huge gate was created in the space where the parade came and went.

A lot of demons pouring out of it. Among them, an army of powerful demons called Greater Old Demons began to fill the city.

– Discovery of aptitude threat factors.

and the universe.

A stealth strategic satellite observing Taiwan from a geostationary orbit revealed its lofty appearance.

-A large number of S-class enemy objects. A group of ‘legion-level’ demons appeared. Presumed SS-class or higher for certain objects.

Pantheonjeon strategic space military satellite Yacht spinner armed platform. Yapi, who was receiving observation information there in real time, watched the enemy increase.

– Responding forces need to sortie.

I’ll expose my power, but I can’t help it. Leon also allowed the authority in preparation for such a situation, so what he had to consider was the eradication of the enemy force.

– Pantheon. assemble

It was time to show the power of the pantheon to the world.

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