The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 17 Mechanical Spider

Koo Dae-seong, realizing that he had been saved, looked up at Leon in disbelief.

Captain Gnoll’s ax… standing still in midair To be precise, it was trembling and motionless while being held by Leon’s fingers.

‘Dae, how strong should the alternative power be… … .’

Captain Noll’s physical strength is comparable to that of a C-class hunter, even if it is not. It is a great feeling at the gate of Seoul Station to the extent that it is even a beginner’s grave.

Not only did you block Captain Knoll’s ax with your fingers, but you’re holding onto it so tightly that you can’t even get it out?

It was impossible unless the opponent had overwhelmingly strong physical strength.

“Try again.”

Goo Dae-seong asked again, wondering if he had heard it wrong.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Uh-huh, raise your shield. Let’s face it again.”


Isn’t that why you let go of Captain Gnoll’s axe?

“Now, block his attacks and counterattack. Come on.”

“No, what is this…! Everyone is in a dangerous situation!”

If you have common sense or standard, Koo Dae-sung’s words are absolutely right. However, from the Lion Heart King’s point of view, it is foolish and blasphemous.

“What a shameful thing! You dare to disagree even if you enjoy the honor of being guided by the Lion Heart King!”


It is unfair! What have I done wrong?

“For Jim, who is originally a Holy Grail Knight, to lead a mere free soldier is an honor that will be handed down from generation to generation. It is impossible to be grateful for a favor like Hahae.”

Leon said something that was already beyond insult. An amazing attitude that would make even the Knoll heard from the side stunned.

However, Leon only cast a pitiful glance at this oblivious commoner.

“Raise your shield! Block the axe, strike back!”


Goo Dae-seong had no choice but to pick up his shield in order to survive because of Leon who even gave up Captain Nol’s axe.


While Goo Dae-seong was awake, Captain Nol glared at Leon with ferocious eyes. Of course, Leon drew much more aggro than Koo Dae-sung.


Captain Koo Dae-seong doesn’t care and swings an ax at Leon. The moment his ax is about to hit Leon in the head.

– Tup!


The ax blade stopped in the air. The sharpened ax was stuck in his fingers once more, and he couldn’t move.

“Is this madman crazy?”

Captain Noll shrinks at Leon’s gaze. He stared at the ax for a while before grabbing the shield he was holding.

An unscathed grip covers the shield and unbelievable things happen.

-simplicity and honesty! Wood deok! Rurl rrr r r r r r r R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R!

The iron shield is crumpled. In the shape of a finger, the hand is bent just as it was clenched.

It was a terrible sight. It was a heinous performance that grip strength could produce. This performance shows only one thing.

do not fold

“Keep it…”

Captain Knoll understood right away. Originally, the more wild animals are, the more they understand the relationship between power.

He realized that Leon was a being that no one like him could stand against, and rolled up his tail.

Instead, he turned his anger and embarrassment toward Goo Dae-sung.


my, what did i do wrong? Goo Dae-seong was taken aback by the aggro that jumped out in an unexpected way, but Captain Nol, who lost his shield, swung his ax straight away.


Koo Dae-seong lifts his shield with shortness of breath. kang! A sound is heard and the shock is transmitted through the shield.


What a heavy shock! Did that man block this ax strike with his fingers!

“Stupid thing! How can you try to block it with force just because you have a shield!”

Leon yells at Goo Dae-sung. He watched the battle from the sidelines and started giving lessons.

“Don’t confront a being with more power than you head-on! Drop it like before! Drop your weapon and aim for a gap! That’s the weak’s way of fighting!”

Shit, if that was easy, would I be a 10,000-year-old D-class hunter?

However, Goo Dae-seong tried to throw the ax that was being swung again into his shield.

Twist the direction of the shield and shed it at an angle. To deflect the impact diagonally without fully receiving it.

– Kaang!


But it was easy to say, not so easy in practice. This is because Captain Noll also reacted while watching the twisting shield.

“Your opponent is not a scarecrow! He is a living, breathing life and a learning beast! How confident are you that you will succeed just by twisting your shield!”

“Ah! Shit! Then what do you mean—”

puck! and a kick that strikes the side. Leon’s kick, which struck his side, broke Goo Dae-seong.

“What, what are you doing——!”

Goo Dae-seong witnessed the trajectory of Captain Nol’s ax swinging as he fell. The shield, which was inadvertently lowered while answering Leon’s words, would not have been able to block the blow of the axe.

“Concentrate. Receive advice like the sky, but always keep your eyes on the enemy.”

Leon strikes the axe-wielding head in the head to stop it and looks down at Daesung.

“Stand up again.”

Why is this madman doing this to me? When I was about to protest, he said.

“Don’t spoil your talent. Unleash your potential. You can do better.”

do you have talent? I?

Goo Dae-seong felt strange at that word.

A hunter with no unique skills. A late-year D-class with no talent who just accidentally awakened.

He had never heard of anyone being talented. Of course, I thought I had no talent.

Leon, who gave him a word of support, was a very unexpected presence. A strange trust welled up in his voice alone.

can do.

I can do it.

pick up a shield This is my first time using a shield. It was because he had only used his sword all the time.

– Kaang!

heavy. Damn, how did I let go of his attack earlier?

‘Always keep your eyes on the enemy.’

Follow his advice. In the narrow field of vision covered by the shield, Gnoll Catip stares at the ax wielding.

If only I could read the trajectory of the ax I wield!

– Kaang!

It rang louder than before. A scratching sound, like scraping metal.

“Sir, I succeeded…!”


Gnoll’s forepaw slapped him in the stomach. Goo Dae-sung’s body flew away.

“Tsk…! It’s pathetic. How come you can’t see the whole thing, there’s a long way to go.”

I didn’t see his feet move because I was looking at the axe. Goo Daesung’s vision blurred and eventually his eyelids closed.

This year, too, he was judged as D-class.

* * * *

When Koo Dae-sung passes out, only Leon, Nol, and Shin Tae-hoon are left.

“Keu, kreu…”

Captain Knoll looked at Leon as he glared at the fallen Koo Dae-seong. Learned fear immobilized Captain Gnoll.

It just watches Leon in terror. That alone–

“How long are you going to keep looking at Jim’s face, a dirty bastard who couldn’t even become a human?”

– Knock!

fingers swing It wasn’t even a fist. However, Captain Noll’s head rotates thirteen times just by touching his chin with his swung index finger.


Captain Knoll collapsed with a grinding sound as his neck bones broke.

“Fu… dirty.”

Leon stood in front of Shin Tae-hun, frowning like a mystic who had touched something he should not have touched.

Sigh, wiping the finger that had touched the captain to play on his clothes. Taehyung didn’t dare say anything.

Captain Nol is the boss who plays the role of a boss at the gate of Seoul Station, where there is no specific boss.

An existence like a grave for beginners who are judged as C-class. Many novice hunters meet Captain Noll and survive with the help of association staff.

A hunter playing with a captain like that.

“Seo, are you an association employee?”

Come to think of it, even though it was clearly a crisis situation, the association staff did not step forward. Rather, they keep their distance and act as if they expected it to become a wolf.

“Right! Nayeon…!”

Looking towards the unexpected cave, Taehun gasped! I opened my eyes wide in surprise.

“Ummm… oh brother, I’ve got it all done.”

“Young people have suffered a lot.”

In front of the cave where dozens of kobolds were supposed to come out. There, old man Oh was laughing and brushing the blood off his gauntlets.

“Then… I’ll end the test.”

The party play at the Seoul Station gate came to an end with the words of the association staff.

After a while.

Han Ha-ri, who was waiting at the entrance of the Seoul Station gate, saw Leon and ran.

“Lung, Your Majesty! Are you well?”

“What’s the point of going for a walk?”

The gate of Seoul Station has only the meaning of a walk to him. No matter how much he lost most of his holy power and became a weakened Knight King, his body is a demigod.

Even if tens of thousands of gnolls flock to Captain Knoll, his jade body cannot produce a single scratch.

“Then… did you achieve what you set out to do?”

The reason why Leon dared to come to the gate of Seoul Station in the name of a test was to find out the physiology of the hunters and find talent at the same time.

“No, I faced several hunters from the waiting room, but all of them were hollow gangjeongs. Who deserves to be accepted into the military gate…”

Leon remembered a man.

Daesung Koo. Class D Hunter.

His skill with the shield was unusual. It wasn’t exactly lousy, but it showed potential.

The skill of a professional soldier is to use a shield, so it is worth raising it.

“Well, the sergeant’s candidate was healthy.”


It was then. In Hari’s field of vision, the association staff and other party members who came out with Leon could be seen.

An elderly man among them… No, Hari is surprised to see Oh Kang-tae taking off the ‘mask’.

“Tongue, president of the Association?!”

“Miss Harry, long time no see.”

Kang Tae Oh. No, Oh Kang-hyeok.

The president of the Hunter Association gave a nice smile.

* * * *

A cafe near Seoul Station.

“Did you know?”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the Hunter Association. He assumed that the Kobold Cave had revealed his true identity from the point Leon didn’t care.

“From the beginning. There’s no way a warrior like you was talking about something.”

Leon knew Oh Kang-hyeok from the time he approached him with a pseudonym. It was because the energy he had was unusual.

“Heh heh, I even wore a mask of fascination on purpose, but it seems there was no meaning.”

The magic tool that transforms the face to look like a different person was meaningless to Leon in the first place. He’s an outsider who doesn’t even know the face of the country’s most famous hunter.

“I heard that you are making a guild this time.”

“If the name of the knights is replaced with a guild, yes.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, wanted to know Leon’s intentions.

what he seeks directional. Wouldn’t it be possible to let him remain in a narrow country called the Republic of Korea if you know that?

“I thank you on behalf of the country for the cleanup of the plains of Naju. For that reason, His Excellency the President said he would like to see Your Majesty soon and express his thanks.”

“It wasn’t a big deal. It’s not something the king has to come forward to thank.”

“We also want to offer a special thank you. Even if you want it——”

“Even if I’m not so restless, I have no intention of going abroad.”


It was a word that struck a chord.

What the association wants from Leon is his stay in the country.

He has proven himself to be a powerful being, but more than that, he is worth more than any other survivor just for the miracle of purifying the land contaminated by magical energy.

If other countries knew of Leon’s ability right away, they would want to secure Leon even by going to war.

‘Even the United States, an ally, cannot be trusted.’

The United States also lost all kinds of grain fields due to the dungeon break. They will pay Leon any price to purify the land.

And that value, Leon seemed to already know.

“You guys are mistaken.”

“That… what do you mean?”

“It’s not like Jim’s authority or ability to purify the polluted land.”

“What is that…”

I heard from the association staff that he cleaned up the plains of Honam and Naju. It was also confirmed by video. But how could that not be his ability–

“Could it be… if you believe in Goddess Demera… are you saying that anyone can do that?”

“Not everyone. It should be at least a priest who has true faith and has received his approval.”

It was amazing. That a single priest can solve a problem that humanity has yet to completely solve?

“In this world, there is basically freedom of religion.”

“……That’s right.”

Religious conflicts still erupt, but there has been no religious persecution in Korea. Although one religion was a little extreme, it was cute compared to the Middle Eastern religions that bombed.

“It’s a problem that will be overcome naturally. If you want divine power, first prove it with faith without cost.”


Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, wondered whether he should really believe in the religious people of this world. However, apart from that, it is impossible to deny the purified land.

“I understand your Majesty’s intentions. But if there is anything you want, we will help.”

“Then I can give you a chance to serve Jim.”

“What is that?”

“I need to raise my reputation.”

Fame? At those words, Oh Kang-hyeok gave a puzzled look.

“If you say fame…”

“On this land… No, I intend to have an opportunity to elevate my reputation and evangelize the world.”

In other words, the higher one’s reputation, the more one can spread the faith of the pantheon.

It wasn’t wrong, but rather, it was the most effective way.

“Hmm… I see. For Your Majesty to increase your reputation… In fact, there is the best way. Your Majesty must have guessed.”

Oh Kang-hyeok recalled that he participated in the test to find talent.

Created a guild, received residents, and sought guild members.

The simplest way to increase your prestige in the modern world. needless to say

“First of all, it would be better to create a performance that will increase your rank as a Hunter. In this era, there are not many means to spread fame as much as force.”

“How did you raise that grade?”

“It’s simple. You just need to close the gate. Of course, this will be a very complicated procedure for His Majesty, who has just settled down on Earth.”

First of all, the gate is a problem. Most of the high-level gates are inevitably entered by guilds after winning bids, and the only gates that Leon, a rookie hunter, can enter are low-level gates owned by the association that no one has won.

“There’s nothing like a high-level gate to quickly increase your reputation.”

“But, I heard that guilds get bids in advance?”

At that, the president of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, replied with a smile.

“Actually, there is a case where the capture of the vermilion gate has failed. It is a bit special, so even the Association is struggling.”

He took out his smartphone, played a video, and politely placed it on his desk.

A ‘spider’ comes into view on the screen.

“This is a vermilion gate that occurred in Cheongju. It is a special gate that has recently been upgraded to an actual ‘red’ gate.”

The 8 wide-angle lenses covering all directions are constantly moving, and the 8 thick legs are too cold and ferocious to be creatures.

Huge main and secondary guns attached to ironclad shells reminiscent of thick crabs. A railgun that shoots projectiles while emitting vicious electromagnetic waves.

– Aww! run away! Run away!

-What is that! You can’t beat that!

A nightmare of street fighting that tricks hunters by crossing buildings with eight legs.

“The boss of this special gate. It’s a place no one has cleared for a year.”

“Acquire or destroy the ‘Jewel of Wisdom’ guarded by the Yacht Spinner.”

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