The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 170: Gather the Pantheon

For a long time, Taiwan has been under threat from the mainland.

Under the banner of one China, it has been under threat of invasion, fortifying the entire island, raising an army, and maintaining tension.

But China is ruined.

I couldn’t ruin it, so it was shattered.

Watching the Chinese mainland torn into 53 pieces, some felt sorry for the terrible reality of dying in hundreds of millions, but Taiwan was delighted.

– Dog gain!

There are economic problems, export markets and refugee problems, but in any case, the country has escaped from the crisis of its existence.

It cannot be said that it is inhumane that the whole nation opened a champagne and exploded a celebration with the momentum to make an anniversary.

-The mainland was ruined because the land was too wide. look around the world Even developed countries are unable to defend large territories.

-If you don’t want to build a Hunter Air Force like the US, it’s better to have a narrow territory.

– Let’s postpone the restoration of the mainland until later and protect our land well.

In fact, apart from the number of awakened hunters in proportion to the population, the smaller the land, the faster the response to the gate was, and there were fewer cases where the dungeon break was left unattended because the gate was not found.

The only problem is self-sufficiency in food, but how was this solved through economic cooperation between the divided mainland puppet states?

In any case, Taiwan’s national strategy in the 20th millennium was to fortify the entire country.

Be careful of the dragon palace gate, and if a gate occurs within the narrow territory, quickly dispatch a raiding party to attack it.

Most of the gate problems were solved even if the country only operated 1,000 state-run hunters, and in fact, Taiwan’s gate defense rate was over 98% for 30 years since the cataclysm.

In fact, it had the world’s best defense rate and was envyed by the natives as a safe land.


“What, what do you mean by that? Land squadron destroyed?”

“Devil? Devil? Demon Gate in the middle of the capital?”

Terrorism, demonic appearance, Pantheon’s attack on the Taiwanese army, communication interception. Until the advent of Demon Gate.

Thanks to the Morse code communication network in preparation for air raids and cyber terrorism on the mainland, the main troops heard about this tragedy, but…

“What, how is it going!”

everything is a mess

The gas attack that hit the entire island is the situation where martial law is imposed, but demons appear everywhere and the pantheon raids the military base.

Even Demon Gate, in the middle of Taipei, was inspired by something.

With the general headquarters also incapacitated, there was not much they could do. At that time, when everyone was confused, the blocked communication was released and a mechanical sound began to be heard.

-This machine is Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon of Iron and Blacksmith.

That one-way communication delivered shocking news.

Corruption of Taiwan’s high-ranking officials and demons revealed throughout the city. It showed the appearance of the pantheon of punishment and forced them to make a choice.

– Enemies or allies? choose

An option that can only be presented at this moment when we have removed the corrupt upper echelons that will force obedience, cut off communication, and leave the judgment to each person.

The isolated units had to make decisions based on the information given to them.

“From now on, we enter Taipei!”


The entry of troops into the capital without the permission of the General Headquarters was a matter that could be seen as treason.

However, the brigade commander was not forced to advance by Yapi.

For a soldier, subjective judgment is not a virtue, but I was able to know it because I had been watching the pantheon’s progress.

“Leaving aside the legitimacy of those demon haters, it doesn’t change that their enemies are demons.”

The devil is the common enemy of mankind. That is a very clear fact. then······.

“As far as demons go, you can believe in the pantheon. And without their power, you can’t stop the Demon Gate that’s opened in Taipei.”

The proof is that the great demons appeared like a beehive when the pantheon was inflamed.

The brigade commander was convinced that his judgment was not wrong.

* * * *

off the Taiwan Strait.

There was a time when both sides deployed their fleets and naval bases to target each other in the face of the threat and invasion crisis from the mainland.

After the collapse and division of the mainland, it became insignificant, but warships were still conducting patrol missions and monitoring the sea, and it was the same on the 20th day like today.

In particular, while the sonar monitoring the submarine was actively exploring the inside of the sea, the ‘ship’ was quietly cutting through the water.


(The sortie order is given.)

– Cluck!

(Submerged mode ends. It rises. Be careful not to be noticed by nearby fleets)

– Giggling!

(The uncivilized sonar system of humans will not be able to detect the stealth diving ability of this ship!)

It, which makes some of the world’s best nuclear-powered submarines, was huge, reaching 2 km and infiltrating the Tamsui River leading to Taipei City.

It is a naval armed platform built for global military operations of the pantheon, and one of the decisive weapons created to protect the undersea city from the demon corps in the world of Yapi. Dominator-class submarine carrier.

The performance of the original is a super power that alone can deal with more than 50% of the US Navy, the strongest navy on Earth.

Of course, that’s when the Mobius-class plasma ballistic missiles or GK8 Gauss main gun mounted on the Dominator-class were loaded.

It was far from manufacturing with Earth’s material technology, and above all, demons have strong resistance to these advanced weapon systems.


There was something even more terrifying on board this Dominator-class submarine carrier.


(This Captain Rudolph Cygreiman Pardo Nilphas orders!)

-Kick! Laughter!! Squeak cluck cluck cluck!

(The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Landing Support Air Squadrons sortie!)


(1st amphibious assault force Greymion Andrew Maximus Kligent sortie!)


(The 2nd Assault Landing Squadron sorties the Afkira Naras Rosewide Framion!)

Krashatria people.

Descendants of proud resisters.

After coming over to Earth from the East Sea Yonggung Gate, they seemed to be adapting to Earth, conducting only small-scale land operations.

But their true nature is naval warfare. They were a maritime race that had an advantage in the sea, and they were blessed by Poma, the god of the sea and waves, and even received technical support from Yapi.

After thoroughly getting accustomed to armament and repeating training, they finally had a chance to go into an all-out war.

While hundreds of small 500-ton submersibles appeared all at once, the landing support air squadron that rose from the sea appeared first.

The target is the armored vehicles of the Taiwanese Navy land squadron, which were moving to Taipei City under the direction of the Grand Duke of Corruption, Quai.

It was confirmed by President Zhao that all of them were demon followers raised by demons.

-Kick! We will start fire support in the space airspace.

Yapi, who was perfectly aware of the information throughout Taiwan, started attacking the land squadron with charged particle cannons. The first to be exposed to the attack from space was the commander of the land squadron, the high-ranking demon.

-Keah! This, this…!

Indeed, if you are a high-ranking demon, can you withstand a charged particle cannon at least once?

Dozens of people were blown away by the raid, but the demons who were mixed in at intervals got off and blocked the attack from space with magic.

And the moment they were distracted by the universe–


(We will open fire on demons disguised as naval land units in enemy landing areas!)

The Landing Support Aviation Battalion arrived first. They flew through the sky in jet-engine booster suits and fired rockets at Navy land squadrons.


(The gods want it!)

Hundreds of homing rockets fired from the armored suits of the Kikkiruks rained down on them.

It was a land squadron that was on the move with tanks and armored vehicles, but lost most of its armored equipment due to a barrage of rockets pouring out of nowhere.

“Damn it, fire back! Fire back!”

The armored vehicles and infantry that survived the first raid opened fire on targets in the sky. but······.


(Gods bless us!)

A defense method that nullifies ranged weapons. Company commander-level Kikkiruk warriors who used it. They are the knight-level Kirk tribe who were even appointed by Leon.

“What, what! A strange unit has landed by the river! How many of them!”

While the air battalion trampled the land squadron, landing squadrons also landed on the beach one after another.

Unlike other amphibious troops, however, they did not disembark from the subs, as the subs made changes on the spot.

-Clap! Clap!

Like a famous Hollywood robot movie, the subs that landed transformed. Finally, with wheeled wheels, they are excellent high-speed mobile vehicles.


– Giggling!

Hundreds of armored units sprung up in an instant. The Kikkiruks aimed their cannons through the open ceiling.


(All-around fire!)

Thousands of shells flew through the sky.

The naval squadron quickly collapsed in front of the mighty firepower of the Kikkiruk landing force.

But it’s not just the Naval Army Corps, which is heading to support the arch devils in Taipei City.

A troop of corrupters who have been taken over by demons. The number of troops gradually encroaching on the Taiwanese army was larger than expected.


(Additional enemy units appear. Even air units appear!)

Even the added ground forces and the Taiwan attack helicopter unit that made an emergency sortie. Armored units and air units, which are the main force of the war, were firmly in control.

-Kick look

(Is it possible to apply!)

A request for assistance from the commander of the amphibious squadron. A minimal-sized mechanical robot watching their battle site received it.

– Possible.

At the same time, Yapi, who was hacking the communication network throughout Taiwan, attracting Taiwanese troops and hunters untainted by demons, and providing combat support and instructions throughout the country, moved a stealth strategic satellite in space.

– Tung! Tung! Tung!

They were launched from space and entered the atmosphere along with heat-resistant reinforced equipment.

– Chiiyiik!

Even in the scorching heat, the descent equipment did not burn in the slightest. This special alloy made of separate iron successfully protected the equipment inside, and dozens of objects were dropped when the separation was performed.

At this moment, something huge enough to be mistaken for a small asteroid to fall on the radar base that was observing the sky above Taiwan.

“What is that?”

“Rice, stars?”

“Byeolcheol! No way it’s Meteor again!”

It is a well-known fact that Lion Heart King of Mansinjeon calls the stars. It’s not strange that they have seizures because they’re crazy people who casually drop even the comet that will destroy the earth.



Like asteroids breaking apart as they burn as they enter the atmosphere, they slowly dissipate and rush towards a point, releasing self-propelled boosters.

There was no drop sequence or slowing down the landing. It’s not something that can only be damaged by ‘atmosphere drop’.

-bang! Kwak! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

They shattered the highway leading to Taipei City with just the force of their fall. But that’s not the only thing more terrifying.

– Combined 3rd decisive battle weapon for Yacht Spinner.

Attached like a magnet to the yakt spinner, it looked like a cockpit. And the equipment that starts to combine with each other one by one.

At first, they were about the size of containers, but soon began to transform into something huge.

Yakt spinners, to be exact, hundreds of Yakt spinner body specifications that have been protecting the city for a thousand years, I wonder if it will feel roughly like this when super-electronic coalescence is performed.

-Completed operation of the main battle program land battle weapon ‘Marquis’ class.

Huge weapons are aimed at the corrupters. They lost their will to fight in front of the huge weapon that appeared in front of them, but the strong artificial intelligence gun didn’t take this into account at all.

– Shit, no one can stop me.

The pantheons that have completed their respective missions gather in one place.

Needless to say the gathering point.

Taipei city. A malignant realm where the three Great Old Ones and the demon army gathered.

At the center of the battlefield, where one by one began to gather, the Demon Corps and the Knights confront each other.

[Have you come? It is our hometown.]

[This is our territory. our fortress.]

[It’s the first fight in two hundred years.]

The great demons and the evil legion they summoned. In addition, the corrupt Taiwanese army, which is obsessed with the devil.

“Grrrr…! Evil species… Damn evil species lined up in front of me!”

“It’s terrible. It’s the end of the world! Those scum don’t dare…!”

“I Raihar Dever! I’ll slaughter them before tonight’s over!”

The knights of the blazing flame and the Krashatria landing force gathering behind them. Taiwanese soldiers accepted the crime of treason and entered the city.


Vulcanus, who flew in from somewhere like a blazing meteor and arrived—


A Yacht Spinner that occupies the city aboard a Marquis class, a huge decisive battle weapon.

Except for the Lion Heart King, the Magician Queen, and the Devil Grand Duke, the island’s strongest powers gather together.

“Burn them. Until their souls are extinguished.”

[Block. This is the bridgehead for the invasion of Earth. I can’t fall behind them.]

On a small island in the modern world of the 21st century.

The most heterogeneous battlefield is being implemented.

“Forward with sword and spear. Knights run at the fore.”

[Form up and attack with magic. Prepare for the shock of the knights.]

Sword and spear, holy law and magic. Outdated cold weapons and non-existent holy and magical powers are used.


“Rage! Rage infinitely!! For the glory of Lionheart!!”

[Fucking knights! The ghosts of the ruined country are still holding on to our ankles!]

in their hatred and anger towards each other.

Kill the enemy.

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