The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 171: The Great Duke of Fall, Quay

Aside from the one-on-one battle taking place outside, the banquet hall where Leon and Beatrice were located was relatively quiet.

“Oh, no!”


Compared to those with the highest rank, such as Beatrice and Vulcanus, the knights of the 1st Pantheon Knights are objectively powerful.

“Stand, holy relic…!”

The Spear of Thunder left by the Holy Grail Knight of Sky and Thunder, and the Absolute Barrier left by the Holy Grail Knight of Light and Justice.

The Great Barrier, a special ability of the Absolute Barrier, forms a barrier of holy power and drives the hostages into a corner, and the spear of thunderstorms strikes them down by themselves.

Originally, summoning thunder from the open sky is the most powerful method of Ultima, but Jaehyeok’s thunderstorm spear was a sacred object that could be used by stocking thunder.

“Hey, isn’t that the French minister who just followed you?”

“That, that’s right… the minister was also a corrupter…”

As the rooms where the hostages were gathered were raided one after another, it was not only Taiwanese high-ranking officials who were revealed to be demons or corrupters.

They were invited by the Taiwanese government… to be precise, they were state guests from various countries who had been invited by the corrupt.

“Isn’t this a diplomatic problem?”

“I died because of the sex law, so what can I do?

The two were wearing body cameras. It was Yapi’s suggestion, but it was because he said it was best to leave video evidence behind.

In the body cam video, among the hostages exposed to the holy gas, the corruptors were transformed into demons or melted down, and in clear evidence, they were killed by the knights’ blades.

“There’s still a lot left on this floor. Was the room at the end of the hallway Hari-senpai?”

“Yeah, how are you? Sister?”

Hari, who should have started at the far end of each other’s direction, was approaching them before they knew it.

“Ah, Suho and Jaehyuk. Are there any injuries anywhere?”

“Yeah. But sister…”

“No, senpai. Why are you here already? Didn’t senpai start from room 1909?”

“I’ve got everything sorted out.”


While Jaehyuk and Suho teamed up to organize ten rooms, Hari had already cleared a similar number of rooms.

Hari smiled shyly and decided to demonstrate.

“Look Carefully.”

Then, Hari spurred on to the next room. The hostages inside flinched, but were visibly relieved when they saw Hariim.

“Oh, isn’t it Sir Han Hari? Maybe he’s released—”

Before the Italian minister could say anything, Hari drew his sword.

“Please pay!”

“Sir Hari? What the hell, aaaaaagh!”


Hari, who spreads the flame from the bottom and the end, and sees it. The diffused flame densely dyed the narrow room red.


– Boo, fire! Fire!

The hostages in the cabin screamed. But among them, there are those who melt in the burning pain.

“Are you the deputy director of the National Security Agency in Taiwan… and an accompanying secretary?”

Those who were not demons were safe from Hari’s flame, and those who were demons or corrupt were melted by the dense flame of holy power.

Possible because it was Hari with the special characteristics of flame and fine control of the holy power… A holy power flamethrower.

“How about it? It has to be fast, right?”

The two of them were dumbfounded by Hari’s grinning smile.

“I think I just witnessed the horrors of trench warfare.”

“How can I say… Aren’t the Holy Grail Knights of the Flame invincible indoors?”

Fifty of these monsters. Among them, Vulcanus alone melted the frozen continent, but I don’t know if that’s true.

* * * *

When extremely frightened, there is silence mingled with screams rather than loud screams.

Cheon So-yeon was now thinking that it was plausible.

“I see. Quay, you mean you don’t know the location of the Grand Duke of Fall?”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Demons and corrupters drooling and drowning in something.

They silently screamed and answered Beatrice’s question.

‘His Majesty told me to escort the queen…’

Indeed, does this magician queen need an escort?

Cheon So-yeon was proud that she had become incredibly strong. The official rank is semi-S. But the latent potential must be S-class or higher.

When she faces a super strong person like Beatrice, the definition of strength seems to change.

“Miss Soyeon.”


“You were the enemy of Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, right?”


Akasha, Grand Duke of Slaughter. Another name is the wandering demon sword.

The main body of the cursed magic sword that turns the user into a magic swordsman.

Cheon So-yeon lost her father to him, and lost her mother and the guild’s uncles and aunts who were like family to her father, who became a magic swordsman.

There was a chance on the road he walked for revenge, and he met the god of revenge and took his soul as a mortgage, but thanks to Leon, he was able to complete his revenge by handing over Akasha’s soul.

“I’m very envious of you. I think you’re great too.”


“To take revenge on the demon of great supply, no, to confront it before then is not something that can be established.”

Because there are beings who are at the height of irrationality like Leon and Vulcanus, mortals cannot stand against demons.

Because they are immortal beings with infinite life.

Beatrice fought countless demons, killing and killing and killing and killing until there was no end.

“I lost so many people in the process. My people, my subjects, my brothers and sisters.”

Even after losing so many things, he couldn’t even dream of revenge. Rather, I went over to the enemy’s suggestion.

It was a part of her life.

“Even the Queen… will succeed. Because Her Majesty is here.”

“Yeah, it’s really odd.”

Yes, if there’s anything different from back then, it’s the existence of one person named Leon. Because that one person’s presence was so grand, both Beatrice and Cheon So-yeon were able to begin their revenge.

He is the nemesis of demons. Only by following him and serving him can you realize the impossible revenge.

“I think I shouldn’t have signed a contract with the god of vengeance.”

“Shall I relay it to you?”

“No, I cannot pawn my soul.”

Beatrice’s life, her soul, was not limited to her alone.

Even for the sake of the kingdom’s generals and knights who wanted to protect her, who had been planted with the essence of corruption and had been repeatedly corrupted for a hundred years.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero must remain intact as their legacy.

“Because I have gained strength…”

There is nothing more gratifying than getting revenge on your own.

It was the moment the two opened the guest room.

“Oh, you’re here now.”

A young man in a neat suit.


Their faces, their way of speaking, and their voices are different.

However, his unique twisted smile and downcast look remind him of someone.

[Queen, let’s make a deal with me.]

There is no way I can forget the face that hides that terrible malice, even if the face and appearance change.

[If you plant the essence of corruption and endure for a hundred years, I will stop invading this world and return it to its original state.]

“Miss Soyeon.”


Chun So-yeon rushed towards the unusual opponent without hesitation.

A magician’s avant-garde role in case of emergency. However, holding Ariana’s Holy Sword and Ventasis’ Demonic Sword, her attack power can be said to be that of a knight commander.

– Kaang!

The shape of a demon that blocks the charge of the Holy Mai Sword. The two sharp hands are deformed like hideous teeth.

“Is it the Holy Power of the God of Vengeance? It’s quite a troublesome power.”

Something jumped out of the chest of the Corrupted Grand Duke Quay. It was a tentacle head with an ugly mouth.

So-yeon knocked it off with her amazing reflexes, but it bounced back like a boomerang and aimed at So-yeon’s rear. right then–

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

A great sword that blows away dozens of monster tentacles.

The tentacles whose heads were blown off by Beatrice’s gestures fell to the floor.

“Haha~ To deploy magic equivalent to the great magic into a high-speed chant equivalent to a non-chant. You’re the same as always, Magician Queen.”

The tentacles that had lost their heads crawled back into the man’s stomach.

A terrible sound that shouldn’t exist in this world swelled in the man’s stomach.

“Even the great demons of wisdom and exploration are appreciating your magic skills. Don’t you think it’s a pity?”


“If you were corrupted and became the lord of pleasure, you might have become a great wizard comparable to Karakael.”

“I’m not interested in the status I achieve by becoming a devil or something.”

The devil laughs against the backdrop of city neon signs.

So-yeon cringes at the terrible malice conveyed from that laugh.

If Akasha, the demon of slaughter and destruction, terrified people with pure violence and murderous intent, that drove people from the bottom up with sticky malice.

‘I heard that among demons, it is not a class with strong combat power…’

But this pressure. The strange stickiness, far from the will to kill or destroy, is so unpleasant.

I want to scrape off the skin exposed to the licking gaze right now.

“Miss Soyeon.”

At that time, Beatrice’s cold hand gently caressed Soyeon’s cheek. Thanks to Soyeon, she came to her senses.

“Raise your holy power. Don’t give it a chance to dig in.”

“Do you think it’s possible? Did you, the noble magician queen, finally give in?”

“It’s possible. Because…”

-To Lionheart…! Have glory!!

“Because he is with you.”


The next moment, Quay, who felt an eerie intimidation, turned around. What he immediately faced was outside the window of the guest room. The image of the heavenly horse running through the sky at full speed and the lion heart king holding a holy spear.


In front of the strongest assaulter’s charge, the entire room is crushed. Part of the building collapsed with a roar as if it had been hit by a missile.

“Are you okay, you two?”


As Leon took care of the two women, he saw a clot of blood smeared on the holy spear from above Stallion.

It had a definite taste. Even a large-supplying demon could not be unscathed by such an attack.

“Oh… Really, you guys are—”


Leon didn’t wait for the Grand Duke of Corruption’s cunning tongue to be teased.

If Beatrice took the time to induce Leon to attack, Leon would not answer questions and evil would be destroyed without delay.

Should I say it’s the difference between a magician and a knight? In front of Leon’s destructive charge, Quay had to flinch while running away.

“Isn’t fairness a virtue of chivalry?”

“Ha! Do you keep your manners even when hunting animals? You are beasts. No, you are less than beasts. You are a bunch of germs that should be trampled on and burned!”

There is no need to talk to germs. That is Lionheart’s doctrine. In the hands of the reckless holy knights, the demons had to die without attempting any tricks or temptations.

“I really don’t like you guys.”

It was the same when he invaded Lionheart’s world earlier. Ordinary people or bureaucrats could be corrupt somehow, but knights and nobles did not even begin to do so.

Even if you were very lucky to make a low-level knight or aristocrat a follower, the heretic inquisitors who sensed evil would immediately strike and kill you.

– Kaang! Cacan!


Leon pressuring Quay one-sidedly. Even the Grand Duke of Slaughter, who specializes in combat, couldn’t stand the hand-to-hand combat with Leon. In such a situation–

Tsushima <The Death Eye>

──── Holy Demon Sword

The two backing up Leon. Even Cheon So-yeon, the weakest, is an S-class possessor of this annoying sword. Quay was quickly put into danger.


Quay gets stuck in the middle of the hotel garden after a loud crash and destruction. He struggled to his feet and scratched his head.

“I thought it was strong, but I can’t even compete with this.”

thud! Quay rolls on the floor avoiding the Holy Spear charge that slams him down in the air. At that moment, the magician’s magic caught Quay.

“Is that enough of a will? No, don’t think you’ll die easily. I’ll enjoy the screams of your soul.”

It is said that the devil caught in the hands of the Magician Queen would rather wish for death.

Quay knew about the terrifying rumor. Leaving mental trauma, not physical, to fight against a resurrecting demon.

“This… a will. Why do you think so?”

“Do you see a corner to get out of here?”

In the middle of the hotel where the turmoil occurred, the knights of the Pantheon of Heaven and the crusaders of Hanbitgung gathered from the upper and lower floors.

The retreat was nowhere to be seen.

“There is. ‘Queen, as long as you exist’.”


Feeling something, Stallion hit the ground. Responding to his friend’s reaction, Leon charges forward with a holy spear. But it was too late.

– Right!

Let’s snap our fingers.


[this···! Even if the original woman is suppressing it!]

The goddess of death and the priest had questions at the same time. The magical power of the ‘essence’ planted in her heart expanded…


It was an endless wilderness. A desert area filled with only sand and heat.

Leon felt hunger and thirst and sought the gods.

“Hey Ariana.”

I prayed to the goddess of light and justice, but no answer came.


He asked the god of the sea and waves to appear, but he did not answer.

“Plesy, where is Biche?”

I asked the god of dreams and death about your priest, but there was no answer either.


A wilderness where the connection with the gods is cut off, and only endless hunger and thirst are felt.

There, Leon was isolated.

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