The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 172: The Fallen Test

An empty, vast field.

All Leon could do in the wilderness was to walk.


Leon is the one with the heart of a lion.

A demigod beyond a saint who is the guardian of the Holy Grail and activates his own holy power.

A being with perfect vitality that never gets tired and an indomitable spirit that never yields.


Then he catches his breath. Despite being able to survive for decades without eating or drinking, he still feels hunger and thirst.

For him, it’s been a long time since he’s been sublimated into a Holy Grail Knight, and it’s a feeling he’s forgotten for a long time.

The gods loved him, and he had a perfect body and a noble mind, which made him invincible.

Night comes soon.

The time of the hot and dry sun passes and the time of the cold and chilly moon begins.

No living things existed in the wilderness.

If he had been able to hunt, he would have eaten the meat and quenched his thirst for blood.

But in this wilderness, nothing could solve Leon’s needs.

Even so.

“It’s daytime.”

As the sun rises, he walks again.

I just walk on the heat of the heat that stimulates hunger and thirst without any preparation.

The reason he had no choice but to do so was because sitting still and waiting for the right moment was not a virtue of a knight.

Even if it’s a meaningless step, Leon doesn’t stop walking.

He walked silently even on the far-off path of training to be chosen by God. In the days when he didn’t even have faith in the world of Lionheart, he continued to walk toward the far-off future.

In order to find a remote place where God’s grace did not reach, defeat the monster, and save the village from the attack of the orcs, he rushed with a short-term skill.

We made our way through swamps, munching on damp jerky, and exploring the jungle, drinking the dead blood of maggot-infested beasts.

His life, nothing stood still, only forward.

[Really, that’s great. Forty days and forty nights, neither eating nor drinking nor stopping.]

A shadow of an evil spirit appeared in front of Leon. As soon as he was about to say more, Leon’s sword cut him.

The shadows dissipated and soon regained their form, and a dismal laugh spread throughout the wilderness.

[Lion Heart King, you cannot hurt me here. This is because this is a place that cannot be reached even with your lifetime or the wisdom of the gods.]

Leon continued to cut through the shadows without stopping. If not cut, cut until cut. That is the life of a knight, his exploits, and how a knight advances to victory.

It wasn’t until after hundreds or thousands of times that the whole day had passed that Leon caught his breath.

Even the demons, which had repeatedly scattered and united in the meaningless attack, were tired of it.

[You look hungry. It looks thirsty. Knight, if you are truly loved by the gods, why not ask for bread? Don’t you ask for water?]

Where have the gods you so much believed in gone?

The devil’s shadow smiled twistedly. Both of his hands were stretched out.

There was bread and water. What Leon desperately needed after wandering in the wilderness for 40 days and fighting the devil’s illusion all day long.

[weekend. I will quench your hunger and your thirst. You only have to do one thing.]

get down on one knee

That’s all there is to it.

It’s not about surrender, and it’s not about abandoning your faith.

just one knee.

That’s enough.

The devil looked at Leon, who was breathing exhaustedly with an expectant expression on his face.

Originally, human beings cannot endure hunger even if they starve for three days and three nights.

Even a person with a noble will cannot exceed a week.

Now, Leon has starved for forty days. Despite exhausted stamina and spirit, he fought against false images all day long.

It is the most powerful physical pain that any adult can endure.


[Get on your knees! Then to you——!]

I couldn’t continue the devil’s words. Because the sword he swung scattered his shaped mouth.

Immediately, the reunited demons snooped.

[I don’t understand. is on one knee If you just got down on one knee, you would have been freed from hunger and thirst.]

“Jong-al-jong-al. It’s noisy. You guys were always talkative.”

Even in the midst of hunger and thirst, Leon’s voice was clear, and his blue eyes were clear and clean.

“Demon. You foolish thing. Do you know that people live only on bread and water? My body is made of not only blood and flesh, but also faith and conviction.”

that’s what keeps me alive


The demon realized that hunger and thirst could not subdue him.


The world changes with a cheerful sound.

It was a vast universe.

There were countless planets, and there was another world beyond the dimension.

“”The greatest knight…!!””

There were countless knights and they cheered for Leon.

The kings of the world bowed their heads toward Leon, and even the gods looked up at Leon and smiled.

Here he was the emperor.

He was the supreme and embodied god of a great empire that conquered multiple dimensions.

Not a demigod who was recognized and sublimated by the gods, but a living god who ascended to the throne himself.

An absolute being wielding infinite power and power.

The devil whispered in front of the ideal type that is worshiped and feared, and the endless greed of human beings wants to reach.

[Hold my hand. Take this hand and become our ally. Then you will have all this.]

can’t you see The possibilities of this infinite world?

You can be the master of many dimensions.

You can become the most powerful being in the universe.

will be able to draw Even demons will serve you as their lord.

The devil’s cunning hand was extended to Leon. Leon grabbed his wrist.

“It’s noisy, devil. Do you want me to be the object of worship? Even if you have great power, if you don’t have faith, there will only be endless doubts to preserve your place.”

There is no end to it even if you fence in the infinite world.

The demon’s wrist was broken in Leon’s grasp.


It was a place Leon was familiar with.

King of Lionheart. A shield with a lion crest decorates the castle, and officials are lined up on both sides of the golden carpet that only the Lion Heart King and his royal family can walk on.

The seat of the queen is vacant on the throne where the lion heart king and his queen will sit.

“Your Majesty, why?”

There was a woman who stepped on a golden carpet.

A northern grand duke with black hair resembling his mother and intense red eyes from a dragon heart transplant.

Also the king’s daughter.

“You could have saved my mother. Was the cause you chose instead of the one and only queen so important?”

painful past. A daughter who looks at her with a scathing gaze.

“You shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t have accepted it even if people all over the world approved of you.”

A demon whispered in the midst of painful memories. He seduced with a soft voice.

[You are the only human who can face the paradise of the gods. Can’t you reach the world of the dead?]

bring your wife back to life

How could the gods reject your wishes?

Leon could. Leon deserved it. He accomplished a feat that allowed him to ask the gods to fulfill any wish.

However, rather than asking the gods, Leon violently grabbed the whispering demon by the scruff of the neck.

“Sad devil, are you telling me to go against the law? Are you telling me to abandon the nobility of life and the sublimity of death? Are you asking me to destroy the order with your slanderous remarks?”

I am the knight of the gods, the father of all peoples, and the guardian of order.

The nape of the sleepy devil’s neck hung limply.

The devil continued to test the Lion Heart King.

Through an endless sea of gold and jewels, he never picked up a coin,

If it was decorated beautifully, the celestial orchestra and gorgeous dancers danced in the banquet hall, but they did not pay attention.

There was a large, white bed and ladies-in-waiting who sang sweetly next to it, but they did not take a break.

The demon’s wrists were snapped, its mouth was torn, and its legs were broken with each stride he made, resisting the temptations of corruption.


The demon grew tired of watching the blond knight’s unyielding journey.

How can a mere human being have such a strong mind?

Why didn’t he give in and not even compromise?

Does he have no need for survival, no need for self-esteem, no need for existence?

No, it can’t be. As long as it is a living being, as long as it is a living being, it cannot exist.

This is a fundamental space created with the essence of pleasure and corruption.

The deep consciousness of the infinite energy of the existence of the devil, created by the intertwining of the emotions of ‘desire’ in the entire universe.

Any desire is fulfilled here, and that is why any existence has no choice but to fall.


“Are you curious?

Leon spoke to me for the first time. Like a winner, lofty, looking down at the devil with a look down.

The demon let out a distorted voice in the midst of contradiction, as if the positions of the tempter and the tempted were reversed.

[Here, you are not the Lion Heart King. You are only human here. All you have is a useless sword that doesn’t even shine golden and your body!]

But what you have is the fundamental power of all life. The devil is the source of existence, created by the gathering of emotions that can only be pursued and hoped for.

The violence given to creatures creates a lord of destruction,

An infinite quest for knowledge makes a lord of wisdom.

The Lord of Destruction appears in the incomprehensible chaos,

At the end of stinginess and greed, the monarch of lust is born.

“No, all you have is a meaningless tongue and the hope that I will be corrupted.”

Leon walked forward.

The demon took a step back.

Many desires were overcome, and many desires passed by.

[Why? Why don’t you fall?]

Why… not fall?

“Because Jim is Lionheart.”

A knight with conviction, a believer with faith,

Because it is a consensus that fulfills the will of all free people, nobles, and knights.

Leon has something to say.

“My luggage is the country.”

It was not a declaration born out of any arrogance or a desire to show off.

Lionheart is the kingdom of the gods and their followers.

One who embraces the honor of chivalry, the nobility of nobility, and the service of free people.

You must keep your eyes on the vast battlefield on horseback,

Sit on the throne and see the kingdom and the world beyond,

Do you have to defend the pantheon with a sword and a spear in front of the altar?

Therefore, the burden on Lionheart’s shoulders is heavy and therefore noble.

[No, you are only human after all! I’m just mortal!]

The immortal demon did not recognize the immortality of mortals.

How can I admit that the existence of a person who is no different from a newborn baby compared to the supreme demons who lived only 300 years is bigger than his own world?

[Indulge in pleasure! Indulge in pleasure! Be encroached into the cloud of luck! In the strongest desire, you will succumb!]

A declaration that could be laughable to the Lion Heart King, who has been constantly overcoming all his desires and desires so far.

But this time is different.

A being that had matured over the past hundred years and was able to fall and become a monarch in the hundred years of great strife.

[Realize what it means for me to have her as monarch!]

A place where so beautiful and sensual boys and girls dance half-naked in purple smoke.

At the end of the palace where the primal instincts of the sweet flesh are stimulated.

“your majesty.”

There was a bewitching woman who seemed to embody ‘beauty’ with a charming voice.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero.

A coquettish woman with a natural coquetry.

It makes even Leon fall involuntarily at its dizzying beauty…


Leon strode past the rejoicing dancers and headed towards her.

Where Beatrice is. I went to her right in front of the bed.

A grim satisfaction appeared on the devil’s face, but only for a moment.


Pointing the holy sword to the floor, I leaned over as if I was holding the sword hilt and looked down at her.

The clear and strong Byeok-an met the blurry and mysterious Ja-an.

[What do you mean?]

Leon just stared at Beatrice.

Until she gets out of the dream on her own.

“Wake up from your dream. You are not the slave of the dream, but the master of the dream.”

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