The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 173: Beatrice Alighiero Spero

Beatrice Alighieri Spero was a promising princess.

The first princess of an affluent kingdom that is strong through magic.

A great magician princess who already made a name for herself as a great mage at a young age, and the next king with her wisdom, wisdom, and intelligence.

Her kingdom was prosperous and peaceful, and although there were disputes over power and territory, the royal family was at peace.

“Vice, good morning.”

She had parents who loved her.



There were younger brothers who admired and followed her,

“Princess, I will serve you wholeheartedly today.”

There were loyal knights.

Her life was stable and peaceful from birth, and her future was bright.

It would have been.


Recently, the condition of the father’s father was unusual. Her mother, the queen, pretended not to know, but rumors were circulating in the palace.

He said that his father was living with a woman and drugged.

It is not uncommon for royalty and high-ranking officials to pursue luxury and pleasure.

However, Beatrice’s father was an excellent magician who liked the Queen and Geumseul, and was praised as a wise man.

To think that he had an affair with his mother and got drunk on irrational drugs.

I couldn’t believe it, but it soon turned out to be true.

“… you haven’t seen anything.”

He called the maids of the palace into his bedroom and had an orgy party with his friends and drugs. Everyone was shocked by the ugly appearance, but the queen decided to bury it.

It was because it was obvious how the scandal of the royal family would affect the palace and the adverse effects it would have on the kingdom.

Sometimes the ugly truth needs to be buried, the queen just averted her eyes.

* * * *

After the couple’s gold chain was cracked, the queen devoted herself to state affairs. The seat next to the Queen was vacant, and Beatrice, who was barely twelve years old, took her place.

The queen said it was the education of the next queen, but everyone in the palace knew of her father’s corruption.

“Your Highness, the reign of the Kingdom of Romagna has been unusual.

The neighboring kingdom of Romagna was famous for its hardy warriors.

Since most of the mountains are in the barren land, the main source of income was exporting mercenaries, and the king was called the king of martial arts.

King Mu of the Tang Dynasty was not a wise man, but he was a man who could share his reign with his subjects. He had the wisdom to distinguish what he was good at and what he was not good at, and although he had a violent temper, he was responsible as a king.

“If King Mu of Romagna runs rampant, it could threaten our Sphero Kingdom. Send an envoy to find out their intentions.”

“It is said that something bizarre has happened in the Rostava estate in the south. The lord violated and brutally murdered the daughter of the Jockey family. Please punish them severely and show the dignity of the royal family.”

“Recently, it is said that there are people preaching strange sermons among the people. Their words and actions are truly bizarre and disturb the order of the kingdom. We must arrest them and punish them severely.”

During this time, there was no place that did not engage in bizarre behavior, including kings, nobles, and people who were engaged in eccentricities.

This much is revealed, but how many things are hidden and done in the shadows?

The queen thoroughly hunted them down and punished them, but the kingdom and the world were degenerating abnormally quickly.

“Your Highness…! The Kingdom of Romagna! The royal palace of the Kingdom of Romagna is on fire!”

“Did the people revolt?”

“No! King! King Mu himself burned the capital and slaughtered the people!”

It’s a strange thing. How could the king burn his capital and slaughter the people? The servants saw it, and the soldiers followed it, how could it be?

Fearing that the flames of the phone would spread, the Kingdom of Spero hurriedly sent officials to check the situation in the capital.

However, half of the Ganja who returned went insane, and half of them committed suicide, and only a few Ganja managed to report from the royal castle.

“It is hell. It was… not a human world.”

“The mother roasted and ate the child, and the child violated the old mother.”

“Endless indulgence and corruption were taking place.”

Those who witnessed the scene trembled and reported the most shocking truth.

“They were not human. They were covered in human skin, but they were probably not of this world.”

Everyone said in unison.

“”It’s the devil.””

In Beatrice’s world, a fallen magician usually makes a contract with the devil to perform black magic, an existence that is a target of caution.

Those who had been secretly working only in the ‘Pandemonium’ beyond the dimension as contractors to the end, swallowed the capital of the neighboring kingdom?

The frightened neighboring kingdoms all raised an army to attack the kingdom of Romagna, and so did Beatrice’s mother, the magician queen of the time.

But it wasn’t just the Romagna where demons lurked. A rebellion broke out while dispatching troops to stop the pouring demons from the capital of the ruined kingdom.

“Abama…! This is…! What are you doing!”

Beatrice screamed, shocked at her father’s behavior, who led the soldiers to occupy the castle.

“Ohh~ daughter. You really, really grew up beautifully.”

Realizing that the remark was not from her father’s usual affectionate caressing hand, but rather from that of a creepy man, Beatrice shook off her hand.

Fear before disgust. The fact that he met his father’s stare as if he were licking him, and the ugly desire he could never have imagined.

“Daughter, how is that?”

“Oh, stop. Don’t come any closer!”

“Don’t do that. If it were you… yes, if it were you, you might be able to be chosen by him. Do you know? There are so many men who have lust for you? Heck, all the men in the palace must have imagined hugging you. .”

Dirty and horrible words disturbed her. Faced with the unbelievable rumors of her father’s obscenities, Beatrice was confused.

“Is there no man who wants to rape my daughter?

Where did the father who loved mother and children go?

Where have all the loyal knights, soldiers and nobles gone?

The thirteen-year-old princess couldn’t stand the ugliness of her naked face any longer.

that day.

The day the queen was killed in the war against the demons that rose from the kingdom of Romagna.

Beatrice killed her father and the soldiers who rebelled.

Beatrice, who had killed the knights and soldiers who had known her father all her life with her own hands, had to sit down on the throne herself before the blood on the throne dried.


The kingdom and the world were caught in a flash of light.

Demons continued to multiply, and corrupt ones like her father multiplied in each country.

Becoming queen at the age of thirteen, she had to fight demons externally and seek out and purify the corruptors internally.

An endless fight begins.

The young queen mobilized a group of magicians to endlessly kill demons. She herself was on the front line.

At the same time, they were vigilant and searched for the corrupters inside. Those who showed signs of corruption were undoubtedly burned to death and warned with fear.

“Your Majesty… that demon…”

“Androgyne…why is the great devil I defeated?”

It was during the third year of the war that I realized the devastating truth.

A mighty great demon that the queen and the knights themselves defeated. Androgyne, which had burned every piece of meat, reappeared.

[Keukkeuk, did you realize now that this is a useless struggle? we are immortal We have no mortal limits like you. You will be defeated in the end.]

Demons don’t die.

The body he thought he killed was just a shell.

They endlessly resurrect and come back again.

“Then… are you saying that our fight was meaningless?”

It’s over.

The young queen, who had the best intelligence than anyone else, could not stop the contagious despair.

The kingdom and the allied forces are crumbling one by one.

“Hee hee… Her Highness the Queen. What is the meaning of this fight?”


“Let’s surrender! Surrender to them——!”

fight again

“Hiding the demon’s immortality! You’ve pushed us into a meaningless war!”

fighting again

“Those demons drove my sister mad. I’m the only one left alive in my family.”


“Sister… kill my brother. Before I sell my soul to the devil…”


“Fucking demons. I’ll bite you to the end.”


Only those who fought and those who lost were left.

Looking back, only people like her were left.


“Blood revenge.”

“More terrible pain.”

becoming a madman

It reached the point where non-madmen could not fight.

“Today, you are a bit of a high-ranking devil. Look forward to it. Today, I prepared a special cauldron for you.”

Do you tolerate heat well?

She also went crazy. The princess, who was the high flower of the kingdom, became the magician queen of the kingdom of Sphero and became the object of fear of demons.

But in the end, when they were driven back and forth and only the last royal castle remained, it whispered.

[Queen, let’s make a deal with me.]

A deal with the devil. Even knowing how dangerous it was… it was a condition that had no choice but to accept the deal.

Thus began the hundred-year fall. In order to awaken her as the lord of pleasure, the essence of corruption is planted, and the history of destruction repeats.

In the midst of her innate talent for coquetry and depravity, even the most loyal knights were corrupted one by one.

General Ricardo and the knights who committed suicide and became Death Knights believed in themselves until the end, but the Magician Queen knew. That you won’t be able to bear it.

And when she was once again trapped in the world revealed by the Corruption Essence, Beatrice despaired.

The darkness she thought she had escaped was lurking within her own womb, and was preparing to devour herself at any time.

“Vice, my daughter.”

happy times.


Even if you know that the passing world is a lie in the end.

‘I am······.’

I couldn’t resist this sweet temptation.

It was only natural for me to think that I wanted to go back to the past, to make all of this happen.

‘If it were His Majesty… I would have overcome it.’

Rather, he might have snorted and told him to turn it off.

He is essentially different from himself.

A hero with a strong will and lofty convictions.

Unlike himself, who is mere mortal, he is the true eternal and immortal knight of the gods.

[Do you really think so? The head priest of the original woman.]

A voice that could not be reached reaches me. The divine voice that even the Lion Heart King could not reach.

[Who are you?]

“I am······.”

“Daughter, why is that?”

At the end of looking back, there are things that were lost.

“Sister, what are you doing? Let’s go. We decided to go out together.”

There was a lost family.

“I’ll take care of you, Her Highness the Princess.”

There was a knight who was left to die.

“It’s the princess!”

“You look beautiful today too!”

There were also people who tried to protect it.

[Who are you?]

I can’t ignore all of this…

[Beatrice Alighieri Spero! Who the hell are you!]

“······Sphero’s Magician Queen.”

[After that!]

“Dreams and… the priest of death.”

[Who is the person next to you!]

“Lion Heart King… Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

[Yes, you are the queen of magicians feared by demons, the chief priest of the original woman, and an ally of Lion Heart, Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia! A companion to kill demons and establish proper laws!]

So wake up from your dreams You are the one who makes dreams come true, but you are never the one who is engulfed by dreams.


Beatrice once, no, in an instant. For a very short time, I looked back at the things I had lost.

It was a beautiful memory, a memory I want to keep, and a bitter pain.

However, she is no longer the magician queen who used to stand on a meaningless battlefield.

Now she was the chief priest who served the goddess of dreams and death, and was a companion of the Lion Heart King who stood on the front line against the demons.

“Please remain only as a memory.”


As she turned around and started moving forward, she heard a familiar voice.

“You are a ruler I have no shortage of to serve.”

As if proud of Nogu’s general, he sees her off. Beatrice made a promise to that loyal knight.

“I’ll prove it from now on.”

She is the Magician Queen. It is a companion to annihilate demons with the king of knights with a lion heart.

The dream, the illusory dream created by the essence of corruption, was scattered. In front of her, Leon stared at her as if he believed in her, and the Grand Duke of Devil stepped back as if he couldn’t believe it.

[Impossible… this was not your destiny…]

The Queen’s hand turned to the Grand Duke of the Corruptors. It was the cold touch of death.

“Fate is not something you guys can decide.”

A shower of deaths was poured out on the cunning devil.

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