The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 174: The War God’s Madness


Breathing heavily, Beatrice collapsed forward. Leon held her from collapsing.


“What happened to him…?”

Beatrice looked for enemies even while being held in Leon’s arms.

Leon saw that nothing was left in the place where Beatrice’s death magic had swept away, but he knew that it did not mean that it would disappear.

“From the beginning, he wasn’t here. I’ve cut him 5,000 times, but he’s still the same.”

“And the sex law?”

“I wouldn’t say he wasn’t hurt at all. But what he used this time was not only his own power, but also the Lord of Pleasure… no, the power that is the source of malignity.”

Because of that, he was able to temporarily cut off the connection between Leon and the Pantheon, and was able to isolate Leon and Beatrice in a place where time and space are separated.

“because of me······.”

Beatrice gripped her lower abdomen with gritted teeth. Now again, the power that the Goddess of Dreams and Death wielded was far greater than she thought.

If it weren’t for the Essence of Corruption planted by him, this would not have happened.

“Don’t blame yourself while fighting the evil. You can regret it later.”

Leon has seen many cases where he sometimes destroys himself due to regrets, failures, and lack of strength.

But those who fight the devil must know this.

The bad thing is only the devil, and the resentment should be directed only to evil, not to oneself or the surroundings.

That’s how to fight the devil.

“Your majesty is such an idea.”

“Trust me, Jim is the authority in this area.”

Leon lifted Beatrice up and grinned.

“So, can we still fight? It looks like we’re still fighting outside.”

At Leon’s question, Beatrice smiled as if she didn’t even need to answer.

“Lungs haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Hari and three knights were running from afar.

* * * *

21st century modern earth.

In the high-tech era of missiles and satellite weapons, the battles taking place in a small island nation in East Asia were unfolding on a heterogeneous battlefield.

– Wipe it all out!!

“Raise your shield!”

Man-at-arms holding shields greeted the enemy’s charge, and bizarre-looking demons charged with rusty greatswords and whips.

Clashes on the frontline are not just clashes between cold weapons. Taiwanese forces on both sides, fallen units and non-fallen ones, turn their guns and muzzles at each other.

– Kwak!

The pouring artillery fire and gunfire were blocked by the castle law unfolded by the knights. It is not a concept of defense level, but a complete invalidation spell.

-Damn it, the shells don’t work! Is that the long-distance nullification that I’ve only heard about! Now that it’s like this, push forward with hand-to-hand combat! The armor ratio is much higher this way!

“Lead charge of enemy tanks and armored vehicles! Fire anti-tank missiles!”

As the gunpowder weapons are blocked by the knights’ long-distance nullification protection, anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles are rained down against the armored vehicles that are charging in the face.

Ranged attacks are blocked on this side, but the opponent uses firearms without any restrictions.

Even in this irrationality, the demons found a solution.

-The guys article pool is overwhelming! Get out of the way of the concept with direct attack magic that escapes the long-distance protection method!

“Many demon sorcerers found! Firepower support wind!”

A splendid magic wave rushes in, and the retaliatory bombardment of the Kikkiruk tribe begins toward them.

In a heterogeneous battlefield where the cold weapons of the past, the gunpowder weapons of the present, the particle weapons of the future, and the magic of the Pandemonium are harmonized.

Even there, there were people who had an absolute presence across the past, present, and future.


(GK-2 railgun fire!)

“Keuh… How do you break through the protective magic?”

“It’s a rider imbued with holy power! Fucking bastards, they mixed star iron into the rider!”

“Aim for the gunners first! Send out the mid-sized battle demons!”

The viciously distorted tentacle monster charged forward, brandishing a prosthetic sword that replaced the spot where the arm was ripped off.

The size of reaching 5m is truly a giant. Against such a theme, he pierces through the front line with light speed and protective magic.


The sight of the two giant battle devils charging at them was threatening even to the Kikkiruk warriors armed with heavy weapons.

-Kick! Giggles!

(Lack of firepower! Firepower projection wind!)

– Giggling! Kiruuk!

(There are too many allies on the front lines! There is room for misfires with high-fire weapons!)

While hesitating, the giant demons approached the Kirkiruk tribe, and the moment they were about to collide with the Kirkiruk knights who bravely stood up against their blades——

– Kwajik!

A huge mechanical foot, which had been lowered from somewhere, struck down the giant demon.


At about the same time as the crushed giant demon, a massive mechanical foot strikes the remaining giant demon. Its overwhelming physical power alone was enough to blow a 5m tall body into the air.

What the demon flying in the sky witnessed was the end of six giant mechanical feet, and the main gun of a war spider that seemed to come from outer space was aiming at the giant demon.

A perfectly calculated oblique line. In the orbit of destruction that will wipe out the enemy infantry at the same time as it penetrates——

“Something like a gunpowder weapon…!”

The giant demon deploys its maximum protection magic. But–

-Tactical pattern 13. Siege sniper for fort destruction 680mm star iron shell SET.

“This madman?!”

You made that precious star iron into a whole cannonball?

And that’s not all. There is no doubt that the holy water is bubbling at the center of that special bullet.

After the star iron bullet with overwhelming destructive power penetrates, the explosive inside heats up the holy water and spreads it all over the place.

Truly vicious, the Holy Law Warhead for the great devil.

“You bastard…!”

– Super fast reaction accelerator bullets fired.


The shape of the giant demon disappears with a terrible roar.

Unlike the preceding giants, who were purely physical deaths, the star iron warheads loaded with holy water of destruction tore the demons’ souls to shreds.

And the aftermath does not end with one demon.

A part of the demon corps exposed to the thoroughly calculated firing angle of the super strong artificial intelligence was swept away and hit by the aftermath of the explosion.

– Aaaaaaaagh!

– Hey, the soul! My soul melts!

It was a terrible hell too.

A holy power hell created by a single shot.

A knight who admired the appearance shouted.

“That’s crazy! If you see something like that, shoot it!”

The demons had a hunch. If that gets shot twice, they’re doomed.

It’s a city-sized battle, but that’s when the opponent isn’t a normal size.

A super-giant decisive battle weapon with a battlefield of hundreds of meters has evolved into an absolute weapon by obtaining holy power.

“No, just…!”

When that huge muzzle finished cooling down and was about to fire a second shot——


And someone got on top of the Marquis-class fuselage.


There was no response from enemies close to the radar wave?

The blade swings. Even if it is close to a giant, it is a very small existence compared to the marquis class. but······.


Gloves and armaments dismantled in an instant. Yapi’s camera sensor picks it up.

[It’s a pretty tough glove.]

Great Old One. One of them runs toward the cockpit, slicing Yapi’s arms and gloves like tofu.

-Emergency reaction armor exploded.

Yaffy detonated the explosives inside the fuselage and struck the Great Old One.

Although the aircraft was damaged, the Great Old One also retreated by throwing itself into the building to avoid the explosives spraying the holy water.

– Damage to armor and power furnace. Initiate damage control.

Emergency extinguishing equipment is mobilized at the site of the fire and nanobots are mobilized to repair the recoverable armor.

Even so, it was impossible to make such a huge decisive battle weapon with only star iron.

Even so, it was a mixture of adamantite and mithril, the hardest mineral from Gate.

– Enemy entity threat assessment rise. What is Vulcanus doing?

Yapi’s camera eye headed for a corner of the battlefield. there–


The Holy Grail Knight of the raging flame and the two Great Old Ones who stop him.

“I couldn’t catch all three of them! Take care of one!”

– I would have done it if I had been discontinued. This machine was disappointing.

“Gra la la…! At least, it would have been more convenient if there was even Her Majesty the Queen!”

Vulcanus was struggling against the two great demons more than he thought.

It was Vulcanus that even Grand Duke Sloth had been pushing against. But the opponent is also not easy.

“You’re arrogant, devils! You dare to take one out when you’re dealing with me!”

The Great Old Ones thoroughly delayed against Vulcan. Then one of the Great Old Ones, who had some spare time, fell in to stop Yapi.

Obviously, this side should have the upper hand in terms of power, but they were holding Vulcanus with excellent coordination and skill.


The Old One, who had blocked Vulcan’s twin daggers, knelt down on one knee as if it was beyond his strength. It felt like my whole body would be crushed just by the shock I blocked.

Above all, the soul was burning with only the flames of holy power like molten iron from a furnace flowing down from the sword.

[The monster…!]

[It’s all we can endure…]

The oldest among demons. They were the Great Old Ones, the veterans of veterans.

It has invaded countless worlds since time immemorial, but this is the first monster like this.

no, it’s not the first time

[It reminds me of Lion Heart King.]

[I am that orc.]

A nightmare of demons.

The true monsters that overthrew the immortal lord with their mortal status.

I am grateful that those monsters are not here.

[The knights are not easy. The same goes for the Knights of the God of War…]

A knighthood that Leon raised on Earth. It couldn’t be compared to the Holy Grail Knights, but the Kingdom Knights-class, each one properly connected to God, formed a division.

Recognized as special cases by the gods, their equipment is too fraudulent before prowess.

[However, we are also a legion that has conquered countless dimensions. In terms of the quality of troops, we have the upper hand.]

Conversely, it is said that the generals, who are the leaders, are pushed aside. The old demons had the flexibility to admit it frankly.

[But we also spent tens of thousands of years on the battlefield.]

[I can’t lose to mortals who are like newborn babies.]

The Great Old Ones were desperate to capture Vulcan.

[If you only catch him.]

[This side where reinforcements keep coming is overwhelmingly advantageous.]

Although the initial surprise raid failed to mobilize forces, the demons planted enough corrupters in Taiwan.

From the soldiers who ignorantly follow the commander’s orders to the demons planted throughout the civilian population. And even the demons that keep coming from the gate.

The troops here aren’t everything. On the other hand, the opponent is not in a position to ask for more support.

Even receiving support from Korean or Japanese hunters would take too much time. In the first place, Manshinjeon proceeded secretly to the allies of Korea and Japan for a surprise attack.

In fact, the key names are here, but the number of troops mobilized is small.

“You guys, are you trying to run away and waste time!”

[Looks like you noticed.]

[However, nothing changes.]

Great Old Ones. In a one-on-one fight, of course, Vulcan could overwhelm.

However, the opponent is skillfully dragging time. Apart from Leon’s joining, if time is delayed, it is natural that the side with insufficient supplies will be pushed back.

Vulcan recognized that an irrational number had to be placed here.

[Oh, no, you bastard.]

The God of War, who realized that intention, stopped his Holy Grail Knight.

“Petos-nim! Is that so trivial!”

[It’s not a problem at that level! I still haven’t filled up the holy power I wrote last time! It means that the immediate urgent matter was filled with loans from other gods!]

By that, he was referring to a certain goblin’s staff that Leon had obtained.

Thanks to the staff that can convert holy power into integrated power, the efficiency is bad, but it collects the holy power of other gods and supplies it to Petos.

As usual, Petos, who had the Burning Sword Knights, had more holy power used than faith gained, but these days, he was a debtor at all.

[I will give you an emergency loan, war. Of course, you will have to pay interest.]

[Justice, you vicious bitch!]

Petos, the creditor, was already shocked, but Vulcanus grinned and raised Gob’s staff from the subspace.

“I’ll be hungry for a lot, Goddess!”

[Oh, no!]

Goddess Ariana’s faith was concentrated in Gob’s staff. It was immediately given to Petos, and before Petos could even hold it——

Divine Advent────

“I am Vulcanus…!!”

────<God of War>.

1 minute limited full power.

It is not the driver’s job to pay back the interest on the loan.

[Neo oh oh oh oh um…!]

The war god’s cry resonated in the pantheon, but the gods shook their heads.

[Hari shouldn’t learn things like that.]

The sea god was afraid that the crazy knight might have a bad influence on his priestess.

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