The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 175 Blacksmith God Has Super Robot Illustration

One of the Great Old Ones, Neutrois, hadn’t had a tooth knock out of his razor blades in a long time.

In terms of humans, it’s an epic level equipment. This sword is a famous sword of the Demon Realm that contains the souls of countless fallen people.

[A body of that size was well attached with special iron.]


Yapi’s decisive battle weapon, the body of the Marquis class is covered with special irons to the extent that it is absurd to hear.

In other words, breaking Yapi’s armor is no different from cutting hundreds of fully armed knights.

[but···! After all, I couldn’t make everything out of iron!]

A leg that is cut off as if being ripped off by a bladed rake. Neutrois did the same to Yapi’s painting, exquisitely cutting out the hidden weakness.


How exactly did you find out the vulnerability? Yapi looked back 3,733 times while continuing the battle so fast that her eyes were dizzy. And I found out why.

-06.34 seconds to 07.25 seconds frame reinforcement work started. determine the cause.

Analyzing a moment that is less than one second into hundreds of thousands of frames. Find and analyze momentary differences.

-Enemy object, excellent sense of smell. It is estimated that it reacted to the smell after the paint adsorption of star iron and adamantite.

Opponent reacted by smell. then.

-New gas explosion. Blocking the sense of smell with gas.

1.9 seconds so far.

Jeong Jin Jeong Myung Kang artificial intelligence, which invested all its computing power only in combat, found a solution in an instant.


Yaffi mixes chemicals with the holy water created by Leon’s last holy grail and sprays poisonous gas.


This had two purposes. First, block Neutrois’ sense of smell and retreat the swordsman Neutrois to Outrange.

As long as the distance is widened, Yapi’s Marquis-class decisive battle weapon with overwhelming firepower will not lose!

-Check enemy retreat. Weapon of Destruction SET.

the distance widened At that moment, Yapi’s 680mm star iron main gun was aimed.

This overwhelming physical force would send the Great Devil to the underworld just by brushing against it.

[Something cheeky. Do you think I am dealing with an artificial intelligence weapon like you for the first time?]

At that very moment, Yapi’s feet exploded. The feet collapsed in an instant explosion. As the feet naturally fall out, the shooting angle is pushed away.

-Explosive reactions in the subway.

Yapi realized that under the exploded bridge was the subway. And by finding some bloodstains, I realized what had happened there.

– The existence of suicide bombers. Check vital response.

It was not only on the ground that demons were summoned by Demon Gate. Even underground, demons were summoned and ambushed.

– Arrangement of defense forces at each entrance of Taipei Station. urgent demand.

Yapi quickly communicated. However, demons were already pouring out from all directions at the entrance to the subway station.

– Changed the main armament of the Space Armed Platform. Charged particle cannon fire begins.

What Yapi chose was to focus the firepower on the subway entrance.

Charged particle cannons pouring down from space attacked the subway station point in succession, and the advance of the demons stopped where the ceiling collapsed.

<Region Declaration – Temple of Corruption>


A huge purple magic circle was drawn in the sky right above Yapi. At first, I thought it was an attack magic, but I knew right away that it wasn’t.

-Device adverse reactions. Control system not working.

body does not move As if it had been encroached upon by numerous viruses.

[Machines are useful, but machines after all. Taking away control is easy.]

Neutrois walked slowly toward the creaking yapie. Leisurely while clearing the gas with wind magic.

[Your firepower is amazing. Now then, shall we put that power to good use?]

At the same time as Neutrois spoke, the muzzle of the Marquis class, who lost control, headed in the opposite direction. That is where the Kikkiruk armored vehicle is located.

-Emergency Purge…!

At that moment, Yapi’s armament, which seemed like it was about to explode at any moment, was weak. with the entire body.

[Oh~ Did you stop the aircraft before the bombardment? Judgment is not bad. but······.]

Thanks to that, Yapi is left defenseless. Neutrois tapped Yapi’s iron tentacle leg and smiled grimly.

[I see, that’s right. No matter how it was made of star iron, I wondered how to move this mass, and it was offsetting the weight with an anti-gravity device.]

The part touched is exactly where the anti-gravity device was planted. Neutrois’s blade rakes stabbed right there.

– Kwajik!

An anti-gravity device destroyed by penetration from the outside. They are destroyed one after another, and the Marquis class collapses.

[Doesn’t this kind of toy seem like a machine or something could deal with us!]

Neutrois riding on top of the Marquis-class stopped by Purge. The moment his blade rakes were about to slash his torso——

– Cockpit ejection.

The module block of the Marquis-class fuselage opened, and there was a bang! And something ejected and hit Neutrois.


The huge body of Neutrois, who encountered it rightly, was pushed back. Soon after, it landed in the middle of demons.

– What is this guy!

-Kill it!

A certain Man at Arms who discovered that figure… In the past, he entered the gate of Cheongju and escaped with only his life saved, and his complexion turned blue.

It was trauma and fear.

A hunter who slaughtered hunters with his 8 eyes shining in a pile of sand full of darkness. A multi-legged train that travels from building to building.

Cheongju’s killing machine. A nightmare of street fighting.


It was in an instant that the fear turned to reassurance.

-Suddenly! Awesome!



Rather than recognizing that a piece of flesh had been cut, it was first to see the fragments pouring onto the ground.

Great violence that rages with style.

In the midst of a crowded street battle, he cuts off flesh at random, scattering dozens of pieces every time he swings it.

-Yakt spinner. Great walking combat mode.

It was the iron wire wielding the mechanical arm that cut dozens of demons in an instant.

He became more powerful than before, became a Holy Grail Knight, and moved with the infinite organ of holy power, he did not stop there.

-Tactical law 34. Heavenly desire (天羅地網).


16 wires stretched out in all directions like a net.

Specially made wire made by thinly processing star iron.

The sacred weapon-level armaments created by the iron and blacksmith’s Grail Knight’s precision processing spread around Neutrois like a giant spider’s web.

Buildings in the city and between buildings are made into huge spider web structures.

[This guy… What the hell are you doing!]

The meaning could be felt in the next moment.

-Connection of tactics 34-17. iron rebirth.


In an instant, a tremendous sense of pressure hit Neutrois. He was able to figure out its true identity because he had all kinds of experiences.

Thousands of years ago, a planet and its moon invaded a world that was too close. In response to strong resistance, the lord of wisdom, Karakael, created a gravitational field and dropped the entire moon onto the planet…

[Like when the moon approaches…!]

When he realized the meaning, Neutrois was shocked. That machine is not just a machine, but a Holy Grail Knight.

He is the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith. And what he deals with is literally iron made of ‘stars’.

[Pseudo-planetization, reviving the remains of an already dead star!]

Even he couldn’t imagine how huge the calculation and conceptual change of holy power would have to be.

But this Holy Grail Knight did just that. It was possible because it was strong artificial intelligence that transcended the limits of organic matter.

[but···! I am the Great Old One! This is my territory! This is the territory I proclaimed…!]

<Region Declaration – Temple of Corruption>

The machine that Neutrois will take away control this time is Yacht Spinner, which revived Star Iron as a star.

– Uncontrollable. share is declining.

Neutrois smiled victoriously. No matter how great a machine is, it is still a machine. In this realm of corruption, a machine that is not equipped with anti-magic power is——

-Emergency ejection.


Pop! and the module opens and a small gas protrudes. Yakt Spinner… No, Yapi met Neutrois’ eyes on a Yakt Spinner that looked just like him.

-Specification of the dotted laser point.

The laser point on Yaffe’s machine gun pointed at Neutrois. Neutrois laughed as if he was laughing at this.

[Ha… what can I do with a machine gun the size of a fingernail like that——]


something moves Something so huge was moving.

[That one?!]

The main combat program’s third decisive battle weapon Marquis class, which should have stopped working due to an emergency purge. It stood up, stepping on the ground on its creaking mechanical legs.

-remote control start. One-time limited action processor operation.

-Armed change Full Weapon Set.

A land-based decisive weapon Marquis class.

The strong artificial intelligence, the only being with the ability to process star iron and given the autonomous right to the huge comet, manufactured the largest armed forces with its own technology and iron and blacksmith skills.

The first is the Dominator class.

A 2km-class super-large submarine carrier. This aircraft carrier, which can wage a short-term war against the state, focuses on the warriors of the Kikkiruk tribe rather than combat weapons.

The second is the Marquis level.

First of all, unlike the count class, which does not deviate from the size of a ‘land weapon’, this marquis class is truly a gigantic decisive battle weapon.

Its strength includes six tentacles and mechanical feet that move through the forest of buildings, but also the main gun…

Equipped with a full set of external armaments.

Internal armament full auto deployment.

An integrated combat system with inexhaustible weapons supported by space armament platforms and maritime armament platforms.

This is the terrifying point of the Marquis class.

– Unable to control recoil due to destruction of anti-gravity device.

After calculating, Yapi controlled the Marquis class and fired the anchor. Dozens of anchors are fired throughout the city, penetrating dozens of buildings.

– Catches recoil with buildings.

In the next moment, in the Marquis-class modular fuselage, the weapons from which the stealth satellites in space and the Dominator-class in the sea were launched are installed one after another.

charged particle cannon.

Side Ion Cannon.

Six medium-sized special reactive warheads.

Four 600mm tactical ballistic missiles.

Deployed with direct fire power of 195mm self-propelled howitzer for anti-infantry.

All weapon free that overwhelms the face.

[Keuugh…! You bastard! You bastard…!]

Neutrois still captured by the revival of the Great Star. Super weapons heading towards him.

Yapi let out a cute mechanical sound.


The next moment, there was a massive explosion in the city of Taipei.

* * * *

With terrible heat and explosions emanating from everywhere, the demons gradually lost their fighting spirit.

-Crazy… the two Holy Grail Knights are the Elder Archdemons…!

-Those monsters! Why are you still there! I would have killed them all!

The Holy Grail Knight is a symbol of fear to demons. So it was completely destroyed.

Even though most of the demons had been annihilated by the last Holy Grail Guardian, it was thought that there would be no resurgence of Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

But why

Why do these monsters keep popping up?

And one more thing they don’t know.

“Do the damned bastards dare to form an army and form a line in front of me!”

Holy Sword of Extreme Light——

What was swung abruptly was a brilliant golden holy sword.

The wrath of a goddess done in the name of light and justice. It became a wave of light and swept away the demons.


“Lion Heart King…!”

[Illustration] – same as cover

At the top of a skyscraper that should have been sealed off, Lionheart looks down at the demons with a shining holy sword.

Beside him, the magician queen and the four knights of the pantheon are looking down at the middle of the battlefield.

“It’s suitable for you guys to be massed like animals and then massacred. Bice.”

Beatrice reached out her hand wordlessly with a refreshing smile. Purple energy poured from her fingertips and then fell to the ground as mist from the top of the skyscraper.

“Eh, what is this… Kkeok!”

It was the fog of death.

It changed the nature of the Holy Spirit <Phantom Realm> used by Zereah, the Holy Grail Knight, to death. As much as it was a powerful holy power, it would consume severely, and Beatrice was using it very leisurely.

[That’s quite right. Not only is it driven by the original woman’s holy power, but also by the wind caused by magic?]

“Because I have to save money.”

The harmony of the Holy Law and magic that can be done only because she is not simply a Holy Grail Knight, but a Magician Queen. And its power exerts a more wide-area effect than when the holy law was created only with pure holy power.

Sex law is definitely consumed quickly, probably because of the fraudulent force of its unique concept coercion. No matter how much a Holy Grail Knight or Priestess is an agent who shares faith with God, you have to be careful about consumption.

“But even so, I have no intention of letting them live.”

Beatrice hated the demons of pleasure and corruption. Especially since I have seen the families corrupted by them.

“Let’s start the ball of death. Compulsory participation given by the king’s order. The ball will end until not a single devil of this land is alive.”

“Keukkeukkeukkeu! Jim will gladly let you go to the Queen’s ball!”

“Fufufufu…! His Majesty would be the best partner!”

two kings dance It wasn’t a fancy, glamorous dance of a socialite, but a dance that seemed like something out of a nightmare, with screams and cries.

I’m glad the two of you are having fun.

* * * *


Quay, the demon grand duke of pleasure and corruption, came out to the stern with a battered body.

Before arriving across the ocean, Quay used the corrupting essence planted in the queen earlier to draw the two into it.

There, Quay must have been a being with infinite power.

There was no existence that could not be corrupted, and since it was a mortal… no, even an immortal being could not endure in that palace of corruption.

But why…

‘How come they, they haven’t fallen?’

Leonon, who had been cut off from the connection with the gods, and Beatrice, who was the core planted with the essence of corruption, eventually overcame the temptation of corruption.

With common sense that Quay knew, it was impossible.

“It’s getting annoying.”

Although he passed through the Essence of Corruption, he left his clone there.

The power of sexual law is the power of concepts. As long as it was torn to pieces by the sex law, even Quay, who was connected to the link, was not safe.

‘If it wasn’t for the Essence of Corruption, I would have really died.’

The magician queen, who was already powerful, has fully awakened even the power of the Holy Law. In a true sense, attacks from the mental system would not work against Beatrice, who had become the priestess of dreams and death.


What if it was the Lion Heart King?

While imprisoning the Lion Heart King through the Essence of Corruption, Quay discovered an interesting subject.

It’s true that the man’s spirit was unimaginably strong, but he also had weaknesses.

If you dig into that single lingering feeling somehow…

– Kwaa!

At that time, the ship was shaking excessively. The luxury yacht Quay used to escape the sea barely survived the huge waves without capsizing.

‘The weather isn’t bad——’

Quay realized the identity of the wave. No, not waves. It’s just the aftermath of ‘it’ moving.

[I heard that there is an unpleasant smell… It must have been you, Quay.]

A gigantic being that appears above the surface of the water. Huge pincers and numerous tentacles. If you climb up on a huge tail that seems to divide the island, you will find its face.

It caused waves in the ocean just by moving, and killed countless fish simply by existing. Above all–


The sailors on the yacht recognized him. They tremble, forget to breathe, suffocate, or go mad and begin to smash and beat everything in front of them.

even oneself.

It is chaos.


The demon grand duke of chaos and destruction.

Great Rakshaar.

Previously, demons of chaos had characteristics that made even the same demon reluctant, but Rakshaar was the best among them.

That’s also true, because he was a titan who fought and competed for the monarchy with Malus, the lord of chaos, until the very end.

The lord of chaos also found it difficult to deal with the grand duke, Rakshaar, so he left him sealed in an isolated dimension. When Leon appeared, the demons of wisdom unsealed him, but…

‘It got stronger. Has he already inherited the title of ‘lord’?’

Quay took off his human skin. In order to remain sane in the face of this terrible being of chaos and destruction, even the great supply demon Quay had to reveal his true identity.

[It’s fast. I heard you were pretty hurt.]

[There are so many snacks. I’ve been in quite a lot lately.]

Quay held his breath as he watched the crowds of beings in Nampo Port behind Rakshaar.

Massive gate debacle worldwide. It was purely a means prepared for the devil. In other words, many high-ranking demons with territories brought slaves from their territories.

[The operation using the Essence of Corruption did not go well, right?]

Rakshaar let out a grim laugh. How many lives would go mad with just that?

The voice will ride the air, ride the wind, ride the clouds and spread the madness. But more than that…

[Yes, but there is a way to dig into the Lion Heart King. If that’s the case…]



The feeling of tearing flesh and breaking bones. Quay looked down at the ‘tentacles’ that pierced him.

[I found my way.]

Rakshaar’s huge face twisted evilly.

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