The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 176: Taking over Taiwan

“Your Excellency. It’s late night snack.”

When the president asks what he eats on a daily basis, he probably thinks of luxurious night views and sumptuous meals, as chaebol do, but surprisingly, that’s not the case.

“Whoa! Whoa!”

The ramen, which is cooked while cooling the noodles with your breath, is no different from regular ramen, except that it is made by a highly paid chef himself.

“Is it ramen? I’m low blood sugar lately.”

“Eat without kimchi.”

“I’d rather drink less soup.”

The countermeasures meeting at the Yongsan Government Complex. After a long battle with the opposition party, I was able to keep a late evening.

President Ahn and other members of the ruling party did not even have time to go to the cafeteria in the government building because of the hearing, which was scheduled to begin in an hour.

“Ah, that’s good.”

President Andong-gil is an ordinary person.

Of course, as much as he ate the president, it is not that he lacks ability and background, but it is far from the conspiracy theory of the evil power that is portrayed in the world.

Ordinarily quite competent,

Ordinarily, it is quite common sense,

It’s usually quite sentimental.

If there is something that brings him into crisis at the height of such mediocrity, it is because of superhumans like the heroic group in the story, who are far from ordinary wherever you look.

“Your Excellency, more than that, what do you think of the opposition party’s agenda?”

“That ideological verification? In this day and age, such nonsense…”

What was mentioned at today’s hearing was the ‘entry into the pantheon’ of government officials.

The whole world is hot as a religion of another world, but it is not an exaggeration to say that Korea, which can be said to be the headquarters, is enthusiastic about the pantheon with a little exaggeration.

-Kyaa~ His Majesty earned 1 win today.

-Long live the goddess of light and justice.

– I ate rice and my cancer was cured!

The existence of the absolute force called Leon and the direct blessing and rest of the gods.

The code has a somewhat bizarre corner, but it exerts too much influence with the existence of real gods and superhumans who represent them.

The person named Leon is also a masterpiece, but the knights and soldiers of the pantheon that he raises with the power of the gods are now growing into the largest hunter guild in Korea.

In such an atmosphere, ideological verification, such as asking politicians to serve the goddess of justice, is a request that comes more often than expected.

‘If I serve the goddess of justice, all the nobles in this room will be punished and scoured.’

Because everyone took their share.

“Ugh, because of Leon, what is this…”

Korea was enthusiastic about the appearance of superhumans.

A perfectly flawless saint with transcendental strength and a noble spirit.

The superhumans who gather around him and the enormous newspapers.

Leon and Mansinjeon were shaking the Republic of Korea, and it was already predicted that this would lead to a great upheaval.

High-ranking people from all walks of life are concerned about the existence of gods and the integrity they demand.

How about Ariana, the goddess of light and justice right now?

The code that the goddess demands of her followers is not that great.

Don’t kill, don’t steal, believe in justice within.

Social moral norms that ordinary people naturally follow. However, this also became a problem for certain groups.

This is because the standards of the program required for ‘commoners’ and ‘aristocrats’ were completely different.

“What happened to Senator Park Chan-sung?”

“I don’t like the right place…”

“Ehh~ That was the pleasure of the nobleman.”

Among the ruling party lawmakers, there was someone who tried to borrow the prestige of the pantheon.

He intended to appeal that he believes in the goddess of justice and therefore is a moral person, but the moment he stood on top of the auditorium and announced it——

“Thunderbolt in the dry sky…”

A bolt of lightning pierced him from the top of his head.

President Andong-gil asked Leon about the case of Rep. Park Chan-sung, who only survived because of the incident, and the answer was ‘warning’.

“It’s the first time, so I’ll take care of it, but you’ll have to be careful in the future. Those who try to use the god’s name in vain will be punished.”

In a way, it should be said that it is fortunate that it ended with being struck by lightning and becoming an eunuch.

In any case, the citizens were enthusiastic about the pantheon, probably because of this immediate judgment.

-All the politicians, convert to the pantheon Yes!

– Let’s see if it gets hit by lightning or not!

– Long live Ariana! Long live the Tatars!

Thanks to this, when a large-scale hearing and scandal broke out, they are stretching out, saying, ‘If you’re so confident, say you believe in Goddess Ariana!’

Of course, the same request was being made to the incumbent president, Andong-gil, as well.

‘Yeah, my term ends soon. It’s enough when you retire~’

If you beat the president, you have to build a country house somewhere in the mountains and live there.

These days, farmers say that if they don’t believe in the goddess Demera, it means nothing.

“Great, Mr. President!”

It was then. Just when I was about to dry the white rice leaving enough ramen noodles, the chief of staff rushes in.

“what’s the matter?”

“Eh, the pantheon…! His Majesty Leon…!”

Is it that pair again? How come if you don’t have an accident for a day, you get moths?

“No, I heard you went on a tour of Taiwan? I was on a luxury cruise with the Hanbit Palace on a yacht.”

A few days ago, I saw him shaking hands with President Zhao of Taiwan. I thought it would be quiet for a while…

“Eh, did you increase your followers there again? I told you to be careful because there is a diplomatic problem.”

He may be a great hero to the general public, but to himself, who has to keep a close eye on his every move, he was just a terrible wreck.

“Prepare to contact Taiwan’s President Zhao. What should I apologize for…”

“That, it’s not a problem at that level. His Majesty Leon… a pantheon…”

what the hell is going on? Seeing the chief of staff tremble, President Ahn felt somewhat uneasy.

“No way… well, you didn’t kill anyone, did you?”

“Currently engaging Taiwanese forces!”



Ramen noodles that had been slurped dangling in the air.

The hypoglycemic clinician, who could not overcome the temptation and drank ramen soup, did not recognize the ramen soup gurgling down his throat.


Ask again about the fact that you can’t believe.

“The Pantheon! Invaded Taiwan!!”

What are you talking about, really.

* * * *

The battle is over.

The clash between the Demon Corps and the Pantheon in Taipei City ended with the victory of the Pantheon when Leon and Beatrice joined together.

It is only when the dawn breaks and the evil energy that has been encroaching on the streets is driven away that citizens come out to the streets one by one.


There, they saw iron knights shining with the dawn on top of a mountain of demons’ corpses.

They are majestic beings resting after great victories.

“The demons are all dead…”

“The knights. The knights saved Taipei.”

“No, I saved Taiwan.”

The aftermath of the gas attack also spread widely among Taiwanese citizens.

Although there was confusion due to the terrorism, the corruption of Taiwan’s high-ranking officials and the encroaching demons were soon revealed on the restored Internet.

The Demon Gate and the Great Devils were decisively summoned in the middle of Taipei. Even the fallen Taiwanese troops on their side.

Taiwan is doomed. The island, which had maintained its independence from threats from the mainland for decades, was in danger of perishing at the hands of demons like the mainland.

At that time, the knights appeared.

-The Commander-in-Chief was a devil!

– Well killed! Bastards!

-Here is in front of the military base, no fuss! The knights have appeared! That’s the name Fire Sword Knights!

The battle lasted until dawn. The gunfire and gunfire of war died down, and a toast of victory was heard.

“Long live the temple! Long live His Majesty Leon!!”

“Long live the pantheon! Long live the Lionheart!!”

The hunters of Hanbitgung who fought alongside them, the warriors of the Kikkiruk tribe, and the Taiwanese army who marched at the risk of treason.

They started the aftermath of the war amid cheers from the citizens.

* * * *

“Hee, hee! Now, wait a minute! No! I, I feel unfair!”

After Taiwan was turned upside down, President Zhao was dragged out into the streets by the hands of angry citizens. There were not one or two high-ranking officials who were captured while collaborating with the demons.

“This son of a bitch sold us to demons!”

“Judge! Judge!”

“Sir Raihar! Please!”

Citizens approached Laihar Dever, a high-ranking knight of the Fire Sword Knights, who was watching the protest, and brought a primitive torch.

“Hmm! Do as you please.”

Raihar ignited the flame of the god in the torch, and the citizens shared the fire and held it aloft.

“Let’s burn the corrupters with the fire of the gods!”

It is a well-known fact that the pantheon judged the UN inspectors with fire.

And that it does no harm to ordinary people and only works with demons.

“Look! This is the flame of the war god!”

Among them, there was a person who became a human torch by attaching the divine flame received from Raihar to his body. Of course he didn’t get burned at all.


“That’s awesome!”

The man who was cheered by the citizens shouted while brandishing the flames attached to his body.

“If the Führer is innocent, he won’t die from this flame!”

“Yes! Yes!”

The man made his way through the protesters and stood in front of President Zhao. The intense heat frightened President Zhao.

“Mmm, stop! This barbaric thing like this, you dare to treat me as the head of the government—”

“Shut up, you devil!”

The man attacked President Zhao as it was. The flames burning in his body transferred to President Zhao and——


President Zhao was judged by God.

“Ohh~ What a magical execution method like that?”

Sir Raihar admired the sight. Wouldn’t hugging sinners and judging them with fire mixed with humanity, promising to send them off warmly even if they were high treacherous sinners?

It was a judgment of humanity that could not be imitated by a kingdom knight who had seizures if it was a malignant species.

“Hmm, that’s enough for this one.”

Sir Laihar watched the burning criminals in the middle of Taipei and headed to the Taiwanese government building where Leon was located.


“Congratulations on the victory! Cheers!”

There, Leon and his servants took control of the Taiwanese government building and were holding a victory party.

“Your Majesty, would you like to try this too?”

“Hehe, the grapes are really poor.”

Leon ate the grapes fed by Beatrice at the top of the table.

It was a very strange scene for anyone to see, but at a party, everyone gets excited.

And in the original Lionheart Kingdom, there was a custom of celebrating after winning a war.

“Lord Raihar is here. Yes, it seems that the work has been completed.”

“Yes, Your Majesty! Citizens are actively seeking demons all over the city!”

“Irate citizens often hurt the wrong people. Petos’ fire should be properly distributed so that no one is wronged.”

“of course!”

The first thing Manshinden, who took control of the Taiwan government building, did was weed out.

Clean up those who have worked with the demons and establish proper laws here.

Until a new administration comes in, I plan to maintain the empty public order by teaching the doctrines of the gods in the name of post-war management.


That role will be taken by the Kikkiruk, who could be said to be the main force of this war.

“With this victory, I hunted three great demons, and even the legion under his command was able to slaughter more than 10,000 demons.”

“All of this is the glory of His Majesty! Grarara!”

“It’s just a pity that we couldn’t catch the demon grand duke.”

The Pantheon destroyed most of the demons and their followers in Taiwan.

However, he was unable to catch Quay, the Grand Duke of Corruption, who had entrapped Leon and her by using the essence of corruption inside Beatrice.

“Your Majesty, if I run into him again…”

“Nothing to worry about. Now I know how to deal with that power, and you have a new one in your hands, too.”

“A new power? Ah…!”

Come to think of it, Beatrice took this incident as an opportunity to freely use her voice. In a true sense, she became the priestess of Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death.

“The realm of illusions is the realm of the goddess Fleur. Now that you have fully mastered that power, even if it tricks you again, it won’t work on you.”

Corrupted Prince Quay is no longer a threatening enemy. If a guy whose characteristic is to seek out people’s gaps has become meaningless even that characteristic, there’s nothing great about it in terms of powerlessness.

“It’s all thanks to Your Majesty.”

“It’s because you woke up yourself.”

In this way, the situation in Taiwan came to an end. Since Manshinjeon had no intention of leaving Taiwan unattended, sooner or later traffic will be regulated.

It’s up to the Yakt Spinners and the Kikkiruks to help the next administration, but with Yapi, it’s going to work out somehow.

– All dead. Ningen guys.

There is a possibility that it will become a slightly dystopian country, but as long as Leon is there, Yapi won’t run out of control like that.

Of course, after Leon, I don’t know.

Anyway, after staying in Taiwan for about a month, in early November, when the weather was starting to get chilly, it was Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the Korea Hunter Association, who was waiting for Leon to return via Incheon Port.

“Your Majesty, congratulations on your safe return.”


It was already a greeting exchanged by telecommunication, but Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, greets you now that you have stepped on the Korean soil.

“It is reduced to having done a great job and returned… as I said before.”


Behind the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, was the Minister of National Defense and his subordinates dispatched by the Korean government. They were watching Leon and the pantheon with a nervous expression.

“Your Majesty… you should accompany us for a while.”

The hearing of the pantheon was scheduled to begin today.

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