The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 177 Hearing

– Aaah!


– Quaang! Kwaaang!

Explosive noises erupting here and there in the video. The throat is blown off by the cold weapon, and rocket bullets pouring down create realistic explosions.

The reason why I dared to use the tone of feeling real is because the images on the screen were not realistic no matter how I looked at it.

Surrealistic optical weapons handled by tribes such as knights and giant crab monsters that spew fire from their bodies.

“There is no separate army.”

“Is that a real shooting video?”

Korea Ministry of National Defense Joint Chiefs of Staff. Even the generals with stars were the lowest rank here, where the stars were gathered, and the battles in Taiwan were being analyzed.

First, the gas terror that took place all over Taiwan. Demons revealed by it. The general consensus was that up to this point, the full picture could not be known.

Of course, it was a confirmed fact in that this happened after the Mansinjeon entered the port.

In any case, with high-ranking officials from each country being held hostage, it was time for South Korea to consider its diplomatic and military options. There was also a special envoy from Andong-gil’s administration there.

problem after that.

Demon Gate summoned in the middle of Taipei and the landing force of the Kikkiruk tribe. And the pantheon and demon corps were clashing in the middle of Taipei.

Taiwanese troops were among them, but they were on both sides, and the general situation could be seen.

The Pantheon noticed the corrupted Taiwanese and, after extruding them with a gas attack, battled against the summoned demon corps and the corrupted Taiwanese army.

“I will be criticized for taking part in military action in a foreign country, but…”

“It’s a private guild. Shouldn’t we just get rid of it and say it doesn’t matter?”

“It’s a diplomatic catastrophe… but it’s not a big problem yet. The opponent is the devil.”

After the advent of Rakshar, the demon of chaos, and Akasha, the demon of slaughter, the world began to be more wary of demons.

How many countries around the world were destroyed by Demon Gate?

Right now, China alone has collapsed out of control since the disaster in Shanghai.

“The Pantheon are experts in hunting demons. If they are aware of the presence of demons in Taiwan, they are defensible.”

Although the method was radical, it was something to defend that the opponent was a medieval king.

“Rather than that… how the hell did you not know that until now? The first gas terror was said to have happened a few hours ago!”

The first gas attack occurred around 11 am.

It was said that the hearing was in full swing, but no one knew that there was a gas attack in the country right next door?

“It seems that there was some information control. The communication network inside Taiwan was not communicated to the outside world.”

“Does that make sense?”

Robbery cases that took place in Africa are also shared in real time.

In this age of global networks, terrorism and battles took place in the capital of a country, but it was blocked?

Isn’t it simply the level of internet censorship?

“More than that, what is that! Those monstrous knights aside, that one, that one!”

The place where President Andong-gil’s pointing was headed was a super robot that revealed a huge presence on the screen.

A gigantic decisive battle weapon as if dozens of alien weapons from a Hollywood blockbuster that hit the world in the early 2000s were super-electronic fusion.

It is the ‘marquis class’, the decisive battle weapon of the yakt spinner, which is currently becoming a hot topic on the Internet.

Appearing suddenly in the suburbs of Taipei City, it literally wiped out the Taiwan Army corrupt troops and wiped out the demons in the middle of Taipei City.

“That… it looks like something out of a Hollywood movie, but why did no one know something like that was being made?”

On Korean soil, a private company that pays taxes to Korea was making ridiculous superweapons.

As someone who takes this more seriously than anyone else, the Minister of Defense spoke cautiously.

“It is presumed to have been built at the Kikkiruk shipyard in Mokpo. It has been confirmed that a considerable amount of special iron materials flowed there.”

“I hear they’re building a ship there? They say it’s an experimental ship? Where did they build a dedicated dock?”

“Due to the nature of the Kikkiruk tribe, it is possible to do drying work even in the sea, so I think it was expanded within that area.”

If they knew of the existence of a Dominator-class submarine carrier, they would be frightened, but the superweapons currently known were only of the Marquis class.

“Sir, this is unconfirmed information. The United States has long been suspicious of the pantheon’s possession of satellite weapons.”

“Satellite weapon? God’s wand or something?”

“Yes, there is a record of a NASA astronaut doing a visual check from the space station, but at the time it seemed to have been passed off as an April Fool’s joke.”

“Can you hide something called a satellite? You said you confirmed it with the naked eye, but you said you couldn’t see it with radar or something like that?”

“I think it might be a satellite with a ‘stealth’ function with a high probability…”

The Minister of Defense noted that there have been reports of it dissolving into space and disappearing even with the naked eye of an astronaut.

“What do you say to that radar…?”

“It’s an optical stealth feature.”

“And what, if it disappears even from the naked eye, is it the cloaking that comes out of StarCraft?”

“Yes, I’m guessing you probably have both.”

“Heh, isn’t God’s staff incomparable?”

“Based on the information available at this point, it is highly probable.”

In addition to the decisive battle weapons on land, there are stealth satellites in space?

“Didn’t I say that the skill level of the Pantheon is all about drones and cold weapons-oriented smelting skills!”

The Pantheon was receiving the attention of the world at the technical level as well.

Star iron and its processing weapons were tactical assets that could not be obtained because they were not available, and drones and observation equipment that operated at gates were strategic assets managed at the national level.

However, that is also a raiding party. It is the level of technology at the private level.

If it’s enough to build an army like this, and if it’s to the point where there’s a technological gap with the United States…

“Your Excellency! We must arrest the head of the Pantheon right now! Their military skills must be closely investigated!”

The Minister of Defense believed that the pantheon had to be wiped out.

At this level, not only the weapons, but also the well-timed communications interception had to be seen as manipulation by the pantheon.

If it is at a level that exceeds the national level of technology, it must be put under the control of the state.

That would be common sense and a natural move as a leader leading the country. but······.

“Your Excellency. This is impossible.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, immediately protested against the defense minister’s claim.

“Oh, president! What are you talking about!”

The eyes of the Minister of Defense, who received a dissenting vote, were fierce. This is because the president Oh Kang-hyeok of the association was clearly responsible for this situation.

“Oh, president of the association, isn’t it your fault that you couldn’t predict this situation even after sending a guard to the temple? Hanhari, what the hell was that friend doing there!”

“Assistant Hari Han is only a friendly exchanger for the pantheon of our association, not a supervisor.”

‘No, this bastard?!’

The reason why the Korea Hunter Association provided all kinds of convenience to Manshinjeon and dispatched Han Hari was that Leon, who is at a distance from common sense of modern people, attached a guard in case there was an accident.

Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, puts forward the position that the words are different and the law is different, and that they are only dispatching employees.

Since it is impossible to say that he is an official surveillance officer, only the Minister of National Defense is frustrated.

“I understand everyone’s surprise, but think rationally. Mansinjeon is now the main pillar of South Korea’s national defense and economy. Sanctioning them is not realistic.”

Of course, the legal justification is not enough, so it will overflow.

Actually, it was possible. The Constitution of the Republic of Korea strictly prohibits the possession of military weapons by private organizations.

There was a story that even the gate reconnaissance drone, which Manshinjeon is selling happily now, should be embargoed, and according to the legal interpretation, it was not impossible.

“Isn’t it not sanctioning because there is no way? You can’t do it because you can’t do it.”

Mansinjeon is now an indispensable existence in Korea. No, it could be said that it is an indispensable existence for mankind.

Right now, his existence and his subordinates are superhumans beyond imagination, but the existence of God and the Holy Law… Above all, they are the only beings who can purify the land contaminated by demons.

They are irreplaceable.

South Korea was expecting tens of trillions of won in additional tax revenue this year just because Manshinjeon resides in Korea.

This was purely in consideration of economic gain, and considering the dungeon break damage that was lost due to the power of the pantheon, it was hundreds of trillion won. Considering the value to be created in the future, it was not at a level that could be calculated with money.

“Minister of Justice. How many illegal acts are taking place at the current Pantheon Temple?”

“······Tax evasion alone is staggering.”

Manshinjeon’s tax evasion was openly evading taxes before tax evasion.

Even with the ten structure right now, it was a pre-modern tax structure.

“However, similar amounts are being paid through other channels, such as the National Defense Fund, donations, or civic group subsidies.”

However, if you look closely, the pantheon didn’t pay taxes because it was a waste of money.

Right now, even with the ten structure, in reality, an enormous welfare system was in place, and the taxes to be paid to Korea are also being delivered through a different route, albeit complicated.

“Why does the Pantheon seem to be doing such a troublesome and legally problematic thing?”

“…it was because the king couldn’t pay taxes to other kings.”


Leon, like other teenage guilds, did not pay taxes and evade tax because he was afraid of money.

Kings don’t count coins.

Because of that pre-modern and fantasy mindset, everything about taxes was left to the lower ones.

Anything is fine as long as it avoids the act of ‘paying taxes directly’.

That’s why Yapi has been committing tax evasion, not tax evasion, by creating all sorts of tax havens and paying taxes indirectly.

“The Pantheon is the absolute monarchy of Leon Dragonia Lionheart. Everything is decided only according to his standards.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, emphasized that we should pay attention to this point. In response, President Andong-gil asked.

“Does that mean?”

“We should have a more thorough cooperative relationship with His Majesty. Your Majesty is someone who knows politics.

Therefore, the president of the association Oh Kang-hyeok emphasized that this situation should be used as a means to strengthen cooperation, not criticism or criticism.

he said last

“How was it when the story of the Phoenix Guild’s naturalization to Japan came out? Stock prices plummeted and the business world was shaken.

Wouldn’t you like to welcome Japan with open arms and ask them to come to us?

No one could deny the last remark of the president Oh Kang-hyeok.

The current government’s policy was naturally determined. It was inevitable.

* * * *

Normally, a hearing is a place to put down and criticize the other party in any way.

That’s why the road to go is cold and the hearts of those who attend are heavy, but the road Leon is heading is so gorgeous and ardent.

– Wow! your majesty!

-Long live Lion Heart! To our Majesty Manshe!

-axis! Demon Extermination! Glory to the pantheon!

“You’ve prepared quite a bit.”

The road to the hearing room. Leon rode in a limousine for state guests prepared by the Korean government and admired the crowds outside.

A parade procession as if the pope had visited. Citizens in Korea each welcomed Leon’s return and protested, denying that Leon’s hearing would even be held.

“It’s nothing. It’s all thanks to Your Majesty’s kindness.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, poured champagne directly into Leon’s glass and bowed his head.

“We, as the national administration, have to take our own action, so we opened this meeting. I hope you understand.”

“Heh. It’s unpleasant to tell Jim to come and go, but this land is not my territory.”

Originally, Leon was just a member of the royal family of a ruined country. No matter how survivors are, there has never been a case where the state treats them to this extent.

But it’s Leon.

With that alone, all precedents are ignored.

“Even if it’s a hearing, there’s only a little review on illegal possession of weapons. There’s no choice because it’s illegal for civilians to possess weapons in South Korea.”

“Hunters seem to be carrying around well, don’t they?”

“Hunters with hunter registration certificates are only allowed to possess items certified by the state. In fact, firearms beyond rifles are not permitted.”

It was okay until the kikkiruk. Their armored cannons and firearms are, in their own way, registered weapons under the approval of the Korean government.

“The problem is Sir Yacht Spinner’s armaments. Apparently, the size is…”

“I understand. It seems that Lord Spinner was reluctant to expose it because he thought this might happen.”

“Yes, but Sir Spinner is a hunter with a clear hunter registration certificate, so I’m going to interpret that part legally and pass it in moderation.”

“Are you quite comfortable?”

Leon’s gaze shone sharply. Oh Kang-hyeok, the president of the association, shows a kind smile and shivers.

“There are so many things Your Majesty has done for our country, and we dare not treat You carelessly.”

“Of course.”

“Of course it is. But our administration also has its own face value… It would be an honor for President Andong-gil and me to provide a little help.”

Leon noticed that the old president of the association was thoroughly intending to take advantage.

Well, if you bend down first and make a nice gesture, there is nothing that the king can’t give you.

“It’s very unpleasant to go to a place where you’re being questioned by commoners, but I’ll have to protect the face of the president inside.”

“I am very embarrassed.”

Matters that have already been decided before the hearing begins. The nobility of political quality entered the hearing hall confident that they could pass this situation lightly.


“Illegal weapon acquisition and illegal manufacturing! Tax evasion worth tens of trillions of won and illegal labor exploitation! Even coercion of religion! Could there be another terrible organization like this!”

Uh oh, why are you doing that?

“Take responsibility and resign!!”

Hey crazy boy!!

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