The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 178: Aftermath of Resignation

The basic goal of politics is to bring down the opponent.

A pandemonium in which all sorts of actions are tolerated in the name of recapture of the regime.

Most of the things that happen there are dirty, lethal and persistent.

[Andonggil Administration! Manshin Computer drone weapon system export success! Will it reach the 3rd place in the global defense export rankings this year?]

[The success story of K-Defense. Together with the pantheon.]

[A pantheon that Japan is envious of, Russia is jealous of, and the United States is asking you to come. Announcement of K-Agriculture and Cooperative Development Plan!]

In that sense, from the point of view of the main opposition party, the pantheon would be a very irritating group.

Under the full support of President Dong-Gil And and Kang-Hyeok Oh, President of the Korea Hunter Association, the prestige of the Mansinjeon, which is marching higher and higher as the days go by, was also the achievement of the Ahn administration.

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”

“There are many corners to touch, but…”

Of course, it is natural that the opposition party wants to bite the pantheon that is cooperative with the current regime.

However, the internal reaction is serious.

In fact, the agricultural world began to be filled with followers of Goddess Demera, and the number of ordinary citizens converted to the pantheon is frighteningly increasing.

“In Korea alone, there are already 3 million pantheonists. The religion, which has been in existence for a little over half a year, is already 3 million. Japan has a similar number, and it has long since exceeded 10 million worldwide.”

It is only a matter of time before Mansinjeon becomes the largest religion in Korea. I wonder if it will be possible to become the world’s largest religion even after ten years.

In the meantime, the illegal fighting behavior and illegal possession of weapons by the pantheon were discovered in Taiwan.

– Wow, what is it? Were there that many demons in Taiwan?

-Pinpoint sniping of the corrupt after the gas attack hahahahahaha Lionheart

-What is Yapikyung Super Robot Weapon? lol

-Vulcanus is crazy. See how he turned the two Prime Evils into rags.

-The notice of an emergency prayer meeting was posted at the altar of the god of war. What is this?

Just like the Ahn administration, the opposition party was appalled at the pantheon’s actions.

An illegal battle in a foreign country? Not one or two high-ranking officials were killed enough to replace the administration.

Of course, most of them were coups by the hands of Taiwanese citizens, but among them there were foreign ministers and ambassadors.

It’s a perfect case for biting.

“What if we take this opportunity to bring down that alien from the pantheon representative?”

“There are plenty of things to attack. The tax evasion issue is serious, and the human rights issue is also an open fact within the country. Above all, there are protests from abroad over the death of the French minister.”

“We need to bring down the pantheon and reduce the ruling party’s approval rating!”

Of course, they did not know that the actions of the pantheon only stemmed from justice to wipe out the demons.

But in the world of politics, that doesn’t matter.

Even if a miracle drug that can cure cancer around the world is announced, it is partisan politics that should be buried if it benefits the opposing party.

Manshinjeon, which started with Oh Kang-hyeok as the head of the association and grew under the full support of the current regime, will continue to hinder the recapture of the regime.

“Pretending to cooperate with the ruling party, they push against it on the same day. There is no legal problem, so if you go all the way to the constitutional petition, you will definitely win!”

There was a time when they thought that too.

* * * *



The chairman of the hearing hall froze in astonishment at the congressman’s bombshell remarks.


President Andong-gil, who was watching the video in the presidential office building, spat out abusive language.

“That, that crazy bitch! Why are you doing that!”

This Manshinjeon hearing was a matter on which the ruling and opposition parties reached an agreement. I was preparing a heartwarming development that asked for attention and cooperation after interrogating moderately and skipping over cultural relativism or something…

“Ah, I’m Ahn Hee-ok.”

Ahn Hee-ok. Fighting dogs of the opposition.

If there is a corner to bite the government, it is a fighting dog that will start a fight anywhere.

“No, but why are you doing that shit! We made an agreement! We won’t touch the pantheon! We gave you etiquette training beforehand!”

Did these guys from the opposition party hit the back of the head? Come to think of it, the reaction of the opposition lawmakers around him is serious.

“Stop the hearing! Stop it now!”

“Sir, it’s being broadcast live, Your Excellency!”

“Damn it!”

President Ahn immediately made a protest phone call to the opposition leader, but he could not stop the hearing, which was broadcast in real time.

* * * *


Leon frowned at the senator who spat rude words at him.

“Say your name, woman.”

“Did you call me a woman just now? Apologize! And I’m the hearing chairman! Can’t you stand up right now?”

“That’s right! What kind of attitude is that in the hearing hall of a sacred parliament!”

Criticism from opposition lawmakers followed. They pointed out the special table reserved for Leon.

Unlike other hearing halls, Leon’s seat is in a prestigious position as if he were looking down from the top of the stairs with the top seat.

It would go all the way to the hearing, but there was respect and agreement for Leon.

The Republic of Korea, at least the Andong-gil administration, recognizes Leon’s royal authority.

Before they respect the pantheon or Lionheart, they respect the power of Leon.

In this respect, the current Korean government is reasonable enough. They knew how to take a pragmatic route, and their respect for power led to respect for Leon.

It had been that way all along, so Leon did not doubt their intentions.

‘It doesn’t seem like an individual runaway.’

Or it could be the instigation of a third force. It may be a trick of the opposition party to check the ruling party without looking further.

When you think about it rationally, yes. They don’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Are you going to resign!”

“Don’t raise your voice recklessly. This is the palace, not the market floor.”

“Huh? Hey, Leon Witness. I think you’re misunderstanding something, but this country is a democracy! Just answer my questions!”


It was then. The sound of lightning rumbling outside the hearing room. Lightning striking the clear, dry sky was not a one-time or two anomaly.

-Quarreung! Bang!

Suddenly, lightning strikes even the National Assembly building, where the hearing is located. The entire building shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

“Sir, could it be the Ultima God?”

There were also members of the pantheon at the hearing. They realized that this angry divinity was the god of sky and thunder, and a few faithful followers heard the angry words of the god implanted in the lightning.

[dare! Are you insulting the Lionheart who shares this Ultima’s Crown of Thunder!!]

The thunder god was furious. And the angry god wasn’t the only one.

– Huh? Tae, Taeyang is causing an abnormal reaction!

A judge with celestial powers. The sun’s heat from the god of the sun melted the concrete of the outer wall of the building up to the hearing, and an intense flash of light descended into it, investigated by the goddess of light.

An abnormal phenomenon with too strong intentions to be dismissed as mere coincidence.

Everyone present knew the will of the gods who were angry on behalf of the Lion Heart King.

“Are you intimidating a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea right now? Stop doing this immediately—”

“Shut that mouth.”


Leon’s voice was calm and quiet. However, the anger in that voice had a spirit that overwhelms the audience.

Lawmakers who tremble and swallow their saliva. In the face of the might of the Lion Heart King accompanied by the wrath of the gods, they realized that their lives were worth less than a fly.

“The king fully respected you. That you are the ones who legally represent the people under the system of democracy.”

Leon knew how ugly and vocal they usually get, but that was only possible in a league of their own.

I couldn’t do that in front of the lion heart king’s palace.

“However, you should know that the being in front of you is not just the owner of the throne, but an agent of the gods.”

Leon stared at the military councilor sternly to himself.

Whether that was based on personal beliefs or for political ambition, he shouldn’t have taken the path of insulting the Lion Heart King.

“Everyone involved in this atrocity will not receive any protection from the pantheon.”

Leon jumped out of his seat and stood up.

“The hearing ends here.”

Nobody said anything until Leon left.

* * * *

“These bastards… dare! Dare! Savior…!”

Park Yong-sin, the former head of the pseudo-religious cult, Hanbit Palace. An axis of the Korean teenage hunter guild and a fanatical admirer of the pantheon.

He visited a guild leader to retaliate for this incident.

“I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it!”

“Ah… I see. But then… why did you come to see me?”

“Lee Yong-wan, guild leader!”

Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader of the same teenage guild, the Fire Bird Guild, was shocked by Park Yong-shin’s anger.

“Well, isn’t that obvious? You’re asking for some help.”

Deputy guild leader and S-class hunter Ha Yu-ri came out of the car and picked up Park Yong-shin’s business.

“Indeed, Yu-ri Hayuri! I’ve heard that you are the true power of the Firebird Guild!”

“No, what are you talking about in front of Gilma! Tell me specifically why you are here!”

After entering the Mansinjeon, he changed into a very strange person, Lee Yong-wan stuck out his tongue.

“I heard that the guild leader Lee Yong-wan has some cards on the opposition side.”

“Yes? No, something like that…”

That’s right, a teenage guild usually has at least one or two weaknesses of a major party. Bribes or transfers of political funds through ghost companies.

Right now, in Lee Yong-wan’s Phoenix Guild affiliates, there was a case where a former member of the opposition party took over the representative position.

“Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader, don’t you want to join the Mansinjeon?”


Park Yong-shin tapped Lee Yong-wan on the shoulder as if he knew everything.

“It seems that he didn’t even attend the recent tax reform bill meeting, and he was diligently targeting the gate.”

Gate’s intentional attack failed to intimidate the tax exemption bill for the Hunter Guild or the Hunter Association… The Phoenix Guild had quite a vicious reputation on this side.

“That’s natural if it’s a sincere hunter guild…”

“Looking at Brother Lee Yong-wan’s eyes, he was like a lamb thirsting for true faith.”

“Who is the brother…”

“You witnessed Sir Geobrick yourself? You saw the head of the demons at the gate of the Dragon Palace. How about the wandering magic sword situation?”

Did you really not feel anything there?


Lee Yong-wan could not answer Park Yong-shin’s sincere question.

Ever since he witnessed the sacrifice of Geobrik and the Knights of Glory at Jeju Island Gate, he had been in agony.

It was because he saw a hero who pursued honorable chivalry and glory right in front of his eyes.

The knight’s good influence, which made Sujeonno’s heart beat, a mammonist and a realist, continued to stimulate him through a series of events.

Even the strongest S-class hunters went crazy in front of Rakshaar, the demon grand duke of chaos, and even with the alliance of S-class hunters, they were unable to use their hands against Akasha, the magic sword of wandering.

In front of the numerous miracles and dragon power that Leon showed, Lee Yong-wan had been thinking about joining the pantheon.

“But… I’ve done quite a bit of work so far.”

Lee Yong-wan has done many illegal things. By the standards of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, he would be quite a sinner.

“He is the one who gave a chance to a sinner possessed by the devil like me. I know someone who will use his strength for the forgiveness of Brother Lee Yong-wan’s sins.”

“That, who is that?”


Hearing a familiar nasal sound from somewhere was not to blame.

“Specifically, how can I help?”

* * * *

‘Resign!’ The remarks spread far and wide.

– Wow, are you crazy?

-What did you just say?

– A bitch child.

-You are fucking stern in front of Your Majesty.

-What are the opposition party members doing?

State hearings are broadcast live. Among them, there were many video platforms such as YouTube, and it is said that tens of thousands of people were watching Ahn’s ‘resign!’

This is in a situation where the number of viewers broadcasting the hearing set a record for the first time ever.

It is natural that the opposition party will be criticized for this incident.

But what about a day or two when politicians get criticized?

They were determined to discredit the pantheon even at the cost of criticism.

-Manshinjeon accused of tax evasion of hundreds of billions of won.

-Exceeding the number of illegal weapons in the pantheon.

-Is the Mansinjeon a hunter guild or a private group?

If you go to the public opinion war, there will always be ambivalenceists, and there are plenty of people who are hostile to the pantheon.

Right now, the rival religious groups of the pantheon or agricultural groups that do not belong to the Demera Church. Other than that, there are numerous people who could be enemies of the pantheon.

the problem is.

“What do you mean? You’re not going to post an article!”

[Ah, we don’t publish negative articles in the Pantheon! Rumors are spreading here! If you touch the pantheon, everything is strangely twisted!]

The yakt spinners have ruined media outlets by all means, and even the pro-opposition state media have been mired in strange misfortunes since the announcement of the nine o’clock news.

The editor-in-chief’s illegal activities are revealed, and the newscaster’s disgrace is floating around the Internet.

When the best hackers on the planet set their sights and tried to kill them, there was no way to resist in this global networked world.

In the end, the leader of the opposition party gave Kang Su.

“We will denounce the pantheon for the sake of democracy and the rule of law! Leon’s guild leader is corrupt and will clearly reveal the injustice.”

Ultimately, the legal basis lies with them. The evidence of the pantheon’s illegal activities is so stark that it cannot be defeated.

But they took religious fanatics too lightly.

“Where’s this bastard?”

“I have to hang it and start a fire first!”

Protests were held in front of the offices of opposition lawmakers, while lawmakers who directly criticized the pantheon were physically attacked at hearings.

-My daughter suffered from polio, but she got better after eating Manshinjeon rice.

-I was terminally ill with cancer, but thanks to Sir Geobrick’s Hammer Pilgrimage course, I got back to health.

– My hair loss has healed. Sobbing···!

In addition to the agricultural products blessed by Goddess Demera, many people from all walks of life have benefited from the pantheon.

-His Majesty avenged the enemies of my parents who were killed by the magic sword of wandering.

-Your Majesty’s priests cleansed our land that was polluted with magic!

-Your Majesty saved us from the hands of the devil!

No matter how you looked around, the situation was on the side of the pantheon.

“These fanatics!”

Opposition leader Han Jeong-ho clicked his tongue as he watched citizens rise up from everywhere.

Common people who don’t even know well attack a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea for accusing a savage knife-wielding gangster!

One representative, who had been hit with an egg on Oda Road, immediately threatened to sue them, but the news that came next made him cringe.

“Dae, CEO! The new sword guild has withdrawn the party donation! They say there won’t be any election subsidies from next year!”


Starting with the new sword guild.

“Boo, the Phoenix Guild and the Golden Lion Guild also withdrew their donations! We are openly criticizing it with Hanbit Palace Lord Park Yong-shin!”

The majority of Korean teen guilds have begun to create public opinion critical of the opposition party. And that’s not all.

“What, why?”

“I’ve been friendly with the teenage guild since the Magical Sword of Wandering incident. I also cooperated with the Holy Grail Knight of the Pantheon during the last large-scale gate incident.”

It’s already a headache only for angry citizens, but it’s like this for large guilds, the real power groups in Korea?

The fact that the party donation was withdrawn was a big deal, but the problem was that the relationship with them had deteriorated. It means that in Korea, politics cannot be done without the support of the teenage guild.

A nail-biting incident occurred here.

[We promise to provide 10 trillion yen in support and constitutional amendment when Manshinden moves to the main school.]

When news of Leon’s suffering in Korea spread, the Japanese government set up a task force and urged the pantheon to become naturalized.

-Wow, Japan is crazy… 10 trillion yen?

– Even if I open the pantheon at this rate, I will be taken away by them!

-Thanks to the pantheon, the polluted land is also purified, and the profits are only tens or hundreds of trillions, but what? tax evasion? repression of human rights? X chicks, Leon abandoned!

-I doubt the opposition party’s intentions to have such a fit with the devil’s Jojin. Aren’t these bastards devil followers like Taiwan?


A call came through the hotline at the President’s Office–

“Your Excellency, what’s going on—”

[Hey you bastard!!]

At the opposition leader, who broke up the matter after his request for cooperation was already ignored, the president threw away everything about the dignity of public officials and hurled abusive language.

CEO Han Jeong-ho had to listen to President Andong-gil’s swear words for 30 minutes without even turning off his phone.


“This is it. This is the second time in Korea. You must have been contacted with their hotline, right?”

“Yes, Princess. We have prepared a place for you, so you can visit us right away.”

“I’m going to go to Naju in a hurry, going around the Korean president.”

Davidson, who was dispatched from Buckingham, England, came to Korea unexpectedly with Princess Diane. The title was a discussion about the Korea-UK FTA, but–

“Takeda-san. Would you really be able to meet the Lionheart Emperor directly through Takeda-san?”

“Just trust me, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yorimoto.”

The Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan and the President of the New Japan Hunter Association——

“General, Mansinjeon killed our Minister of Economy, so you’re saying you skipped this part?”

“Renault Guild Leader. Since the minister was a devil, he said he was rather grateful and prepared a gift like this. It’s rather beneficial that he killed the damn demon Prakchi and connected with the pantheon like this.”

A two-star general from the French military ministry was dispatched as a special envoy for Korea-France defense cooperation.

Everyone entered Korea for their own reasons, and it was not unusual for them to do so, but I had no choice but to read the strange war fortunes right after Japan’s Prime Minister Fujisawa made a remark about 10 trillion yen.

-What is it? There are so many in India, in England, France, Japan, Germany, Belgium and Indonesia. what day is it

– In the meantime, I can’t see America again.

– Haven’t you already contacted me?

A sudden visit by big-name envoys. And–

“Yes, I will be arriving in Korea soon.”

A special chartered flight for executives of the United States Hunter Administration. The person on board was Deputy Director Donald Cooper, an American politician and key elite.

“It seems that the king is quite concerned about the rank, but I don’t know if I’ll be okay. If I become the deputy director of the management bureau, I’ll be a minister of the palace, right? Hahaha.”

He knew that it would be a pretty big issue if he joined in Korea, which was already noisy.

That his visit would not be very, very much welcomed by Korea.

When he first visited here as an executive of the Hunter Administration, two Korean S-class hunters had naturalized to the United States.

“It seems that the Korean political world has made an outrageous sale on the market. It seems that each pack of wildcats has brought a gift…”

Deputy Director Donald smiled as he recalled the giants from around the world who had already arrived.

“Nothing will surpass our United States proposal.”

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