The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 179: America’s Proposal

Big names from all over the world visited Korea.

Normally, this would be good news to show where the national status of the Republic of Korea stands, but it could not be very welcome news to Korean President Andong-gil.

“I see. Is Her Majesty the Queen of England corrected?”

“Sure. The Gate took away a lot of humanity, but it gave back.”

Since the cataclysm, the British royal family has also undergone enormous changes.

The biggest change is the awakening of Queen Victoria’s Hunter.

The old queen, who was in her 70s at the time, could not be said to be young, and her body became younger as she awakened her magical powers.

It’s not to the extent that an old man has become a young man, but his physical age has become 40 years younger. It’s not that strange considering that Korea’s veteran hunters, such as Oh Kang-hyeok, Cheon Jin-soo, and Kang Jin-seong, corrected themselves even in their 70s.

Thanks to this, it has been virtually confirmed that the current crown prince will die first.

‘This princess in front of me is the next influential British Queen!

Princess Diane, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and also a high-ranking British hunter, took President Dong-gil Ahn’s heart by boasting her brilliant beauty.

“Then, let’s have a full-fledged discussion about this FTA with Secretary Davidson. Shall we take a picture?”

“Ah, yes… then that’s fine.”

Andong-gil took a picture of shaking hands with Princess Diane, and felt that the royal family, who also ate a little bit of modern culture, was different.

Having dealt with only the recently steamed medieval royalty, I think the British royalty have become relatively comfortable.

“By the way, Princess Diane. What’s your schedule after that? My government will take care of you.”

“Oh, it’s okay. Since I’ve been back in Korea for the first time in a while, I want to do some sightseeing.”

President Ahn murmured softly before heading to the meeting room with Secretary Davidson, watching Princess Diane disappear in an ordinary vehicle.

“Will you give me a hundred percent?”

“······Yes, maybe.”

From the next queen of England to ministers from Japan, Belgium, Poland and Norway to a Russian general and a French general.

When it comes to the deputy director of the US Hunter Management Bureau, it is at the level of announcing that he has come to scout Leon.

“Tell Naju to increase the number of NIS personnel! We have to push in tourists or whatever to know the details of the talks!”

The opposition party resigned last week! After the incident, the country was falling into uncontrollable chaos.

Fanatics of Mansinjeon protested that they would kill lawmakers, but public opinion curses the president for not being able to control those bastards.

Foreign countries now openly send special envoys to take Leon away.

“Representative Han, this fucking bastard…”

If the opposition party’s goal was to feed the president big taffy, it could be said to have succeeded very well.

* * * *

The plains of Naju, where Mansinjeon was first established.

This place was reborn as a sacred place as Leon settled down, purifying the land contaminated by magical energy, and enshrining the hammer of Geobrick, the Holy Grail knight of Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.

Recently, the religious power of the Mansinjeon Naju main school has been further strengthened because the relics residing here are now enormous.

Geobrick’s hammer, sacred relics inherited from the gates of the Lionheart Kingdom by the knights of the Pantheon. Besides that, there are only four Holy Grail Knights.

Even if they stayed still, the entire area of Naju was becoming a sanctuary with just their exhaled breath.

“The air is different. I didn’t know how to say it, but the space itself has an auspicious aura.”

“I heard that there are more than 10 epic-level items gathered.”

“You mean the equipment of the Holy Grail Knights? And half of that…”

“Lion Heart King… from the sword and spear to the Holy Grail. Each one is said to be unmatched among epic items.”

indeed. The scale of Mansinjeon is already the largest in Korea. Even the American Maverick Guild is said to be incomparable in terms of numbers.

Most frightening of all is the strength of each individual.

There is no comparison in Asia with the magician queen hidden in the veil, the yakt spinner that handles superscientific weapons, and the Vulcanus, which has recently passed over as a survivor.

‘You mean you’re an existence that surpasses all of them?’

Leon’s reputation was already widely known in England.

Because it was Leon who defeated the Demonic Sword of Wandering, the culprit behind the London Incident, which was a catastrophe in England.

“Princess, this meeting…”

“I’m well aware of it. It’s been discussed before.”

Call it resignation! After Leon expressed his displeasure over the situation and kicked off the hearing, Japan took the first step.

They said they wanted to invite a pantheon to their country, promising 10 trillion yen in support.

Stimulated by this, the British and other powers scrambled to send special envoys without paying attention to the Korean government.

Princess Diane is one such envoy.

“Money is natural, and we have to promise several amendments to the law to take into account the pantheon. In fact, this is a basic stake.”

The problem is that all the special envoys of other countries know this.

So, what can she, the next Queen of England, offer?

“Since ancient times, if you are a member of the royal family, you have the best diplomatic plaque that you can use even now.”

marriage talk.

In other words, an arranged marriage.

Diane intends to propose to Leon.

‘Even if I think about it, there is no bride like me.’

Diane is still single. She is a royal woman whose engagement has not even been decided.

However, if you marry her, you can become the next British queen, a royal property worth hundreds of trillions, and the royal family of the country called England.

Is that all? Diane was sure that her beauty would be formidable.

Like a pure-blooded Englishwoman, she boasted honey-blondy hair shining golden, blue eyes like jewels, and a solid body built as a high-ranking hunter.

It is not an exaggeration to say that she is the best bride in England… no, the wife of the century, where beauty, power, and wealth are harmonized.

“Is the princess all right?”

“Whoops, they’re royalty. Arranged marriage is an old concept, but it’s still valid. More than anything… I like His Majesty Leon.”

Prior to the benefits of marrying Leon, Princess Diane was fond of Leon.

An appearance of immortality that is hard to believe is 300 years old. The most beautiful blonde hair that the British love is also suitable for Diane’s taste.

Above all, unlike the authority of the royal family, which was not as good as before, he feels the appearance of a man of power.

Difference between constitutional monarchy and absolute monarchy. Lion Heart King had a reputation he had accumulated as an absolute monarch.

‘He’s an ideal groom. Will he like me too?’

Diane believed that, if nothing else happened, there was a good chance this talk would happen. Is there any other marriage destination as attractive as the royal family of Daeyeong for the ruined king?

“You’re sure His Majesty Lionheart doesn’t have any other women?”

“Yes, from what I’ve heard it seems pretty close to the Sorcerer Queen, but nothing has been confirmed.”

“She’s the magician queen… She seems pretty pretty, but she always wears a veil, so you should be able to tell.”

“No matter how beautiful she is, she will not be comparable to a princess.”

Yeah, if you were so confident about your appearance, why would you wear a veil? Although there are occasional photos of her slightly exposed face going around on social media, it has never been her full face.

“Then, shall we have an audience with His Majesty the Lion Heart King? Where to——”

Princess Diane hesitates while moving her steps. In front of her was a woman in a dress with a veil.

“Are you Princess Diane from the British royal family?”

Magician Queen Beatrice. She had come out to meet Diane.

“Ah, yes… is that the famous Magician Queen? My name is Diane Grace Phillips.”

Something, overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

survivors of the realm. The Magician Queen of the Spero Kingdom. Priestess of Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death.

There are many slogans that point to her, but she is always far away from feeling them.

But since it’s right in front of my eyes, I think I know it. A born queen, something that can be felt even through the veil and dress…

‘A bird, a slut?’

Before the intense authority, Diane felt a strange current that made her face blush even when she was in front of the same woman.

‘Oh, it’s a formidable competitor. Wouldn’t this be easy–‘

“Then follow me. His Majesty is waiting——Oh my God.”

At that moment, the wind blew fiercely. The wind tossed the veil over Beatrice’s face, and for a moment her face was revealed to Diane.


It was only for a moment that the wind shook the veil. As soon as the veil was put on, Diane felt sorry.

Just a little more… I want to see that woman’s face.



“It seems difficult.”

“······I know.”

* * * *

As a result, none of the special envoys who came to see Leon received a positive response.

Princess Diane’s marriage proposal, the French special envoy’s proposal for a special religious law, and Japan’s large-scale investment proposal.

All of them didn’t interest Leon very much. So finally–

“Your Majesty, it is an honor to meet you.”

A blond middle-aged man in a stylish suit greeted Leon in a courtly manner with a polite but dignified attitude.

“Is it you? Sir Spinner says he knows the case.”

“Haha, I gave Sir Yacht Spinner a lot of presents, and he seemed to like it.”

With Leon’s permission, the middle-aged white man carefully climbed up to the podium and presented a box with a gift.

“This is Donald Cooper, Deputy Director of the United States Hunter Administration.”

21st century modern.

An elite bureaucrat of the Cheonjo-guk Hunter Agency who said that the hunters were transferred to the air force. He said in a cool voice to Leon.

“We, the United States of America, can rebuild the kingdom of Lionheart for you.”

* * * *

Donald Cooper Hunter Bureau deputy director.

Leon boldly met eye contact with an American official who promised to rebuild Lionheart’s kingdom.

‘It’s not empty words.’

Leon sensed that Donald’s words were neither empty nor false.

The annual budget of the United States is about 4 trillion Korean won. It is a country that spends 1,000,000 won, twice as much as Korea’s annual budget, for defense.

With the collapse of China and the decline of Russia, the US defense budget was transferred to the Hunter Administration. I heard that only the budget to be allocated next year is 200 trillion won.

Since one affiliated organization is that much, it would not be impossible for them to do the absurd thing of rebuilding the Lionheart kingdom.

Of course, it will naturally lead to invitations to the United States.

“How can you say that your country will rebuild my kingdom?”

When Leon showed interest, Deputy Director Donald drew a blueprint with a confident expression.

“We will give you land in the United States. You can choose a place that has enough land to build a country and rich marine resources for the Krashatria.”

All of the places suggested by Deputy Director Donald were cities with considerable influence in the United States.

Each of the candidate sites is at the level of the Korean Peninsula. He presented the option of founding a ‘kingdom’ on this amount of land.

“It wasn’t discussed in a day or two.”

“Yes, we, the United States, have been watching you for a long time.”

It was almost from the beginning that the US government had plans for Leon’s scouting.

A medieval mind king from another world. Aside from that disposition, purifying the polluted land using the power of the goddess Demera was an irreplaceable miracle.

However, now that the pantheon has spread quite a bit, in the United States, a considerable number of followers of the Demera Church have begun to appear, and the lands contaminated by magical energy are being purified one by one.

As the story came out that the farmers of Goddess Demera had to send the ten structures to the pantheon, there had to be a discussion.

“But Your Majesty’s values… Excuse me. Your Majesty’s presence alone is of great benefit to your country. Did the Japanese government offer 10 trillion yen? That hurt Your Majesty too much.”

Deputy Director Donald was confident that just buying Leon’s fighting power was worth more than that.

“It’s not just Your Majesty. Sir Vulcan, Queen Beatrice, and Sir Yacht Spinner will come with you.”

its great value. It was not a number that could be measured with money.

“Religiously, we want His Majesty and the Pantheon to take root in America. Of course, there will have to be a clash with the existing religions, but Christians are not bombarders like the native desert religions are.”

Leon weighed the intentions of Deputy Director Donald and the US government, then cautioned.

“Do you think you can treat Jim like a Christian pope?”

“Vatican City… you mean.”

If there is another country within a country, there is Vatican City in Italy without looking far.

A nominally independent state with the pope as head of state and largely dependent on the government of Italy.

Leon rested his chin on the back of his hand and said to Deputy Director Donald.

“My first mission is to spread the decrees of the gods, but before that, I am the absolute king of Lionheart. My authority and power are bestowed by the gods. It is not something that can be swayed by human circumstances.”

In short, if you establish a kingdom, it is an absolute monarchy. Leon had made it clear.

“Hahaha… Of course, I’m familiar with it.”

A cold sweat formed on Deputy Director Donald’s forehead. The best deal, of course, is for the pantheon to remain a nominally independent religious sanctuary, like Vatican City in Italy.

However, the pantheon had the power to destroy a country. The one who led the force was the one who enjoyed transcendental power.

The United States did not have only a best-of-the-best deal in mind.

“The kingdom Your Majesty will establish will definitely be an independent country separate from the United States of America. We will spare no support.”

Even so, he felt a strong will to incorporate the pantheon and Leon into his own country.

“It’s interesting. However, I can rebuild the kingdom myself. Well, I’ll consider it as an option.”


At that, Deputy Director Donald looked puzzled. Could it be that I made such a huge offer, but didn’t get a positive answer even if it wasn’t a definite answer?

More than he thought, Leon seemed uninterested in what the United States could offer. I just heard an interesting suggestion, enough.

‘Only like this, I won’t be any different from other special envoys!’

Deputy Director Donald regretted having to reveal the card already, but spoke quickly to get Leon’s attention.

“Your Majesty, do you think there are only gods in this world?”


Are you trying to tell the story of Yahweh or Allah? However, the mention of God definitely caught Leon’s attention.

“Your Majesty, our United States worships a god from another world, just like you and the pantheon.”

And he must be the god Leon needs, Deputy Director Donald assured.

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