The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 18: The Hunting Spider (1)

The condition for the gate’s dungeon break to occur is simple.

After the appearance of the gate, the internal magic begins to expand, eventually causing cracks in the gate.

This is why Dungeon Break has a limit time ranging from the 1st to the 3rd.

The way to block the dungeon break is surprisingly simple.

Clear the conditions that appear when entering the dungeon to close the gate, or periodically clean the inside to remove the magic that will expand.

In the case of the latter, it is used when you intentionally leave a gate, such as the gate at Seoul Station.

However, as long as the explanation of the gate is not perfect, exceptions have always existed.

The gate that occurred at the Cheongju Sports Complex is such a case.

“Dogs! Let’s try to win this time!”

“Last week we lost 24:3, so we lost three times 8:1? Now we’re going to win! I see!”

With 10,000 spectators watching, a gate was created in the middle of the stadium.

“Ah~ I could have won this time.”

After the gate occurred, the staff of the association measured the grade of the gate, leaving the audience’s regret behind.

As a result of measuring the amount of internal energy, the grade is vermilion. After registering the gates of the Cheongju Sports Complex through the association’s database, a raid team that attacks the gates is selected.

As for the method of selecting a raiding party, prioritize the local guild.

The raid team that can sortie the fastest has priority, and the next raid group with a certain level or higher wins the bid.

The Cheongju Sports Complex gate was won by the KPP Guild, which was created by local hunters, and they entered the gate immediately.

“Brother, this is…”

“I know…….”

KPP guild leader Kim Han-soo and A-class tanker Jo Ho-yeol made subtle expressions as they watched the scene at the gate.

it’s wilderness

It was a desolate world where even sandstorms were blowing in the dry city.

In fact, there are many gates in this world. It’s a scene familiar to hunters because it’s a gruesome interior scene as if the world was destroyed.

The problem was the civilization level of this gate.

“First of all, at least a modern civilization. Maybe… It’s a more advanced civilization than Earth.”

Ruined but standing buildings. Autonomous robots walking the streets… … .

“It’s amazing. A gate to the future world.”

“In the yard where fantasy and martial arts exist, there is no such thing as a future world.”

The world in the gate was so diverse.

If it is a dungeon type gate, there are many cases where it is simply finished by holding monsters and bosses, or even if it is a field type, it is not implemented beyond a certain distance.

However, the higher the level of the gate, the more complex and diverse the scenery and trends inside it become.

For example, the fantasy type.

Humans and elves who use swords and magic appear, and goblins and orcs appear as enemies.

For example, martial arts type.

Those called the Murimmaeng, the Apostles, or the Demonic Cult. Usually, the enemy is the Sappa or the Demonic Cult.

In addition, there were various gates such as apocalypse type, arcane punk or steam punk type.

“New implant release. Replace your useless body with a machine.”

A privilege given to gate intellectuals and hunters. Cho Ho-yeol reads a poster drawn on the exterior wall of a building with the so-called ‘perfect translation’ function.

He saw it and said to Kim Han-soo, the guild leader.

“Guild leader, this is cyberpunk.”


The so-called future world. A world where the development of civilization is more advanced than Earth.

“It’s a headache. If that’s the case, we’ll have to revise the party strategy against the monsters first.”

Highly developed civilizations inevitably use high-powered long-range weapons such as firearms and laser weapons.

It is not easy for hunters who have no choice but to rely on individual firepower.

“Many mass-produced types are rather natural enemies for hunters with a large variation in individual power. Because there is a limit to physical strength.”

“Yes, but since it’s an urban fight, if you go back and forth from building to building and arrange your stamina, you won’t have to worry about getting surrounded.”

Hunters are strong. Even D-class hunters are at a level that transcends most humans.

However, after all, they were living creatures, mere foot soldiers, and had a limit of physical strength.

I don’t know what type of monster this Cheongju Gate is, but if it’s an army armed with firearms, it’s going to be difficult to deal with.

“Let’s make the building over there our base camp. It’s quite tall, so it’ll be good for scouting.”

The 58 members of the KPP Guild’s assault team entered a small commercial building with about 7 floors among the buildings that were all collapsing.

I wanted to prepare for battle and attacked each floor one by one, but all I could see was desolate ruins and no special results.

“Look at this, guild leader. The clothes here are so amazing. The holograms just flow through the clothes?”

I was impressed when I saw Park Hye-ri, who brought it from a nearby clothing store saying it was strange.

“Hyeri, take care of that. If it’s a good technique, it’ll be pretty good.”

Civilizations that are more advanced than the Earth are picky, but it’s not like that if you don’t have anything to eat.

Things from civilizations more advanced than Earth could be used in real life if well interpreted.

Most of them are incomprehensible, but it is not that there are cases where reverse engineering is successful, so governments of each country are still working on technology mining at these gates.

“Hoyeol-ah, can you see something?”

“Um… Really nothing? No NPCs, no monsters.”


Usually, when it comes to field gates, there has to be something like an NPC or a monster.

“Where’s the ‘Yakt Spinner’? I think it’s a boss mob.”

A quest that pops up as soon as you enter the dungeon.

“Acquire or destroy the ‘Jewel of Wisdom’ guarded by the Yacht Spinner.”

The KPP guild’s first goal is to defeat the Yakt Spinner boss monster.

The gate closing condition is ‘Jewel of Wisdom’, I’m thinking of appraising it and deciding whether to take it out or destroy it.

“I don’t see it at all.”

“It’s strange…”

The weather was crap. But still, it’s strange that there’s not a single monster to be seen in such a big city, let alone people.

“Well, it’s fortunate that we’re not dealing with resistance fighters or the forces of an evil dictatorship.”

What the hell is a yakt spinner?

“Anyway, make sure you have a clear boundary. Pick a scouting team and draw a map first—”


something has passed

The KPP guild members suddenly turned their attention to the guild leader who had stopped talking… … .

“Hansoo hyung?”

“Guild leader?”

The entire upper body from the navel to the head. Everything in between is gone.

They only understood when Kim Han-soo’s forearm and head fell to the floor.

They just lost their guild leader.

“That’s sniping! Take cover!”

Jo Ho-yeol, the deputy guild leader, exclaimed urgently. The hunters, who had gone through all the mountain battles, hurriedly hid themselves by leaning against the outer walls of buildings or stalls.

“What the fuck! How could I not even react!”

Hunters are superhuman. They are beings far beyond human limits.

They say that mankind’s firearms are useless at the Gate, but that’s not the case on Earth either.

It’s much better than ordinary people, but even hunters can die if exposed to the high fire power of modern weapons.

However, Kim Han-soo, who died, was an A-class hunter. Also, as the main tank, his defense was higher than anyone else and his reaction was good. He couldn’t even react and died in one blow?

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!!

Without a moment to say anything, indiscriminate shooting is pouring into the building where the KPP guild is located.

The heavy hitting sound was not at the level of the weapon that instantly killed Kim Han-soo, but it was heavy enough.



A hunter disappeared leaving only a part of his lower body. There was nothing left in the place where the super-high speed gun of overwhelming destructive power had passed.

“Damn! At this rate, I’ll dry up! Have you located the enemy?”

“At three o’clock! I can’t measure the distance because of the dust! Mrs. Bugil! This place is so conspicuous! I have to go down immediately!”

“I know! Everyone retreats in order!”

“What about the body of the guild leader?!”

“Keugh… I’ll find it after I get out of my seat and fix it!”

Cho Ho-yeol gritted his teeth and gave the order to retreat. Despite the pouring fire, the KPP guild members escaped the building, and it was the moment Hyeri, the archer who moved the fastest, came out of the building.


Hyeri jumped out of the door with the same momentum as she was running, and touched her neck, which felt a sense of difference. Tickle. Why is my throat so itchy?

– Patter.

“Hye, are you Hyeri?”

They couldn’t help but recognize the drops of blood in the air as they looked at the collapsed body of their colleague.


A wire is installed at the entrance to the building. As she ran without even knowing it was there, Hyeri literally passed through the sharpened wire.

‘Since when?’

From the moment they entered the city, the hunters were horrified to imagine the enemy waiting for the time to attack.

Who are you? How many? Since when have you been watching them?

“Damn it! Cut it all! We have to get out of here somehow!”

The Hunters’ magic rose. As long as you realize there is a wire, it’s just an annoying obstruction.

They tried to escape the city, piercing through with shields and slicing through the wire with enchanted swords.

Of course, the invisible enemy didn’t watch it, but he hunted the KPP guild members one by one, pouring down machine cannons and unknown high-speed cannons.


In a brief moment of recognizing something, a ‘wire’ swung like a whip passes through the bodies of the hunters.



The three Hunters collapsed all at once. A silver thread at the speed of sound splits the fabric.

– Puff! Furbuck!

The slaughter was instant, and he didn’t even have enough time to recognize his death.

“Reveal yourself bastard!”

scream in terror The voices shouted out in an attempt to live are buried in death agony.

Finally, when only one Jo Ho-yeol was left, it appeared, retrieving the wire.


Eight heavy, thick legs. Camera kids watching from all sides without any blind spots. It’s like a nightmarish design that makes spiders into terrible killing machines.

“Is that you… are you a yakt spinner…”

Jo Ho-yeol stared at the only ‘monster’ that existed in this gate.

Eight crimson eyes crossed Jo Ho-yeol’s line of sight, and the hideous 240mm pyroelectric accelerator and 60mm autocannon on the carapace stopped working.

‘Live… Are you giving it?’

he didn’t know That the yakt spinner, which completely neutralized the aptitude factor, made an economical choice rather than consuming ‘limited supplies’.

“how is it? With this, you can fight even if you run out of bullets in an emergency, right?”

Auxiliary joints are revealed, which must have been made for removing obstacles and clearing explosives.

The recovered ‘wire’ is tied to the auxiliary joint. As it was released by the mechanical arm, it stretched to several tens of meters in an instant.


I see This has no intention of saving himself. The moment Ho-yeol understood that.


brief moment. The swinging auxiliary joint shoots the wire at the speed of sound.

A gleaming silver thread reflected in the sun as the sandstorm faded. A thin, tough silver line passed where Jo Ho-yeol was.

Cheongju Gate.

58 KPP hunters from the 1st attack team.

no survivors.

The 2nd Attack Squad—-

3rd raid team–

Under the supervision of the Hunter Association, the Cheongju Gate attack is suspended indefinitely.

「Yapi. Protect the city.”

Gate Boss Yacht Spinner.

The attack difficulty level is upgraded to red.

Cheongju Gate organized by the Hunter Association is suspended indefinitely.

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