The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 180: Goddess of Destiny

It was only rare for Leon to go directly to meet someone.

He is not just a citizen or a knight, but a king. The king is someone who has an audience, and it can never be the other way around.

However, even here, the opposite case can be established if you consider your own class.

For example, when going to meet a king of the same rank. It can be said that the road to meet President Andong-gil or Prime Minister Ahn Dong-gil is also appropriate for him. Apart from the difference in power.

The basic premise is that such a Leon goes to meet a being of the same rank to the end. But there are exceptions among exceptions.

Because even he, the lion heart king, has an existence to be ‘an audience target’.

“Is this here?”

A diplomatic vehicle carrying Leon and Deputy Director Donald stopped in front of a famous luxury hotel.

“Yes, if you wait in the room, I will tell you to bring him.”

Deputy Director Donald was delighted at the thought of having Leon at the negotiating table.

‘We, the United States, can give more than any other country to host the pantheon.’

That is the strength of America and the strength of the most blessed country on earth.

Of course, there will be friction with the Korean government in this process, but the White House has already been ordered to secure a super power called Leon regardless of means.

“Your Majesty, I have to say it again, but we, the United States of America, earnestly desire to enshrine you and the Pantheon.”

Saying that, Deputy Director Donald held out the papers.

“Is it the immigration papers?”

“Yes, not only Your Majesty, but anyone under your command. The United States of America will accept, if you wish, even if an entire city is relocated. And I will establish Your Majesty’s own independent kingdom of Lionhearts in a place of your choosing.”


Leon thought that the other person was quite confident.

If it’s simply to meet the god of the other world, maybe there’s something more than that.

Of course, even the site of the previous independent kingdom of Lionheart is an enormous proposal in a modern democratic country.

And it was to suggest that the pantheon and himself were worth it.

“This is not a market bottom.”

“Yes? Ah, no matter what mistakes I make…”

“It’s a place to have an audience with God. You have to purify your heart with a reverent attitude. It’s not a good place to ask for a deal.”

“That’s right. Excuse me.”

Deputy Commissioner Donald Cooper tried to avoid an awkward situation by telling them to hurry up and get out of the car.

“Do you know the god’s name or orientation?”

“Ah, Goddess Meriel… oh my, her name is Meriel. She is the goddess of fate.”

“Goddess of Fate?”

“There have been some survivor gates opened to our United States since the cataclysm.”

What a black gate. Every time the black gate appeared, millions of people died or countries were destroyed, so the US authorities prepared to attack the gate with all their might.

“But it was a woman who came out of there.”

She called herself Meriel, the goddess of fate.

“It is also thanks to Meriel-sama that the United States of America succeeded in rebuilding the fastest after the Cataclysm.”

“It must be a god with great power.”

“It’s not in the sense of being powerless like Your Majesty’s, but the power of a god is amazing.”

[What do you think?]

Leon replied inwardly to the voice of the goddess Ariana, who asked what was on his mind.

‘Shouldn’t we meet at least once?’

Even if it wasn’t Lionheart, there were other gods.

Right away, the beast gods were like that, and the god of the orcs was also really strong.

There were numerous gods only in Leon’s world, but there is no law that Yahweh or Allah of the earth could be fake.

Also, like Leon, the case where a god from another world came over to Earth was fully assumed.

Soon, an unspoken energy flowed through the crack in the door. The energy of powerful magical energy that I felt a while ago. I noticed that it was the energy of the deputy director of the Hunter Administration and those escorting the goddess of courtesy.

“It’s been a while, Your Majesty Lionheart.”

“It’s been a while.”

They were Allen Taylor and Minuteman, the S-class hunters of Maverick, the largest hunter guild in the United States.

The leaders of the hunter attack party dispatched by the US military from the East Sea Yonggung Gate last year.

“Have you been training enough?”

“Haha, I am the most zealous in spreading the pantheon.”

They had the experience of succumbing to the demonic energy of Rakshaar, the Grand Duke of Chaos. Thanks to Leon, he came to his senses, but after that, after deeply apologizing, he is serving as an ambassador for Pantheon in the United States.

Leon was not an unfamiliar figure, as Yapi kept in touch with him from time to time.

‘Anyway, it seems that he cares about safety enough to attach a person like this as an escort.’

Soon after, the two hunters who secured safety brought a fair-skinned young woman into the room.

Leon’s head bowed at the clear aura of holy power felt in his non-human platinum hair.

“Meet the god of the other world.”

Recognizing at a glance that she was truly a goddess, Leon prepared his manners as a mortal. It is a surprising attitude for those who have known about Lion Heart King’s ignorance.

“You see right away.”

The woman smiled happily.

“Even though he wears a human mask, he hasn’t fallen so low that he can’t recognize the energy of a god.”

“But I am a god from a different world than the one you worship.

“The only thing I oppose is evil. I don’t reject them as pagans.”

[I envy the gods King Leon serves. Such a vivid paradise and divinity.]

Then, Meriel spoke in a voice inaudible to mortals. The only ones who can hear that voice are the pantheon gods and Leon inside Leon.

[Hmm, I wondered if he lost his divinity because he wore a human mask, but it doesn’t seem to be that far.]

Ariana answered directly. If she wants a dialogue between the gods, she can agree.

[Yes, because we didn’t have someone like King Leon. It is your happiness to have met such a believer.]

[So what do you think?]

Meriel smiled at Ariana’s question.

[I just tried to talk like this out of pleasure. But this ends here too. Children are anxious.]

Meriel’s gaze turned to Deputy Director Donald, who looked somewhat nervous.

It definitely feels like some conversation is going on between the two, but I can’t help but fret because I can’t hear it.

“Then Deputy Director Donald. Please introduce yourself.”

“Ah! Yes, yes! Your Majesty, this is Goddess Meriel. In the original world, she was the goddess of fate.”

It was a familiar story, but the fact that it was introduced by Deputy Director Donald’s hand was important.

“It is thanks to Goddess Meriel’s ‘wisdom’ that we, the United States, have recovered from the cataclysm most quickly and are still doing well.”


After the cataclysm occurred, many countries collapsed and perished.

Failure to capture the initial gate, resulting in outflow of magic power and contamination of the ground. From the collapse of the world food economy to the security threat of wild monsters.

It is no exaggeration to say that the early days of the cataclysm were hellish, and it took many countries decades to recover from this situation.

In the meantime, the United States recovered from the cataclysm faster than any other country, and easily coped with high-level gates and all sorts of abnormalities that were suddenly opened.

“Is that the power of that foreknowledge?”

“That’s right. Meriel-sama can see the fate of the future and prevent it.”

For example, what kind of threat the inside of the dangerous red gate might be, the appearance of a variable gate that caused countless hunters to lose their lives, etc.

The goddess Meriel sensed the threat and alerted the US government, and the benefits the US gained were beyond imagination.

“Sure, but, what does Jim’s immigrating to America and the protection of the goddess mean?”

“Meriel-sama has the power to ‘fix’ fate.”

“You decide your fate?”


Deputy Director Donald pulled out several documents and gave examples.

There were several hunters… to be precise, only S-class hunters representing the United States had a certain ‘foresight’, and it was proof that that foresight was absolutely correct.

“As expected, it’s not just about making predictions, it’s the power that can confirm them.”

“That’s right. Originally, the future is something that can be changed by a trivial action.”

However, Meriel had the power to choose and confirm that wisdom. In other words, it is a mighty miracle of God that can save strength, opportunity, and even life.

Leon’s pantheon and its gods were also a powerful force that shook the world to the root, but the power of the goddess Meriel was also powerful enough.

There is only a difference in scale, but isn’t her power also the power to change the world?

“Your Majesty, if your Majesty moves to the United States and establishes an alliance with us, we can lend Meriel-sama’s power to you first.”

“Renting a god is arrogant!”

Deputy Director Donald lowered his head in regret at Leon’s scolding. However, Meriel cooled Leon’s anger with a grin.

“I’m in partnership with the United States government. I’m not disclosing my existence for my own safety, but in return for my help, they’ve agreed to build a temple for me as a god.”

“In exchange for the goddess Meriel lending her strength first?”

“Whoops, that’s right.”

“What if they betray? Humans can even betray God for political reasons.”

Because the empire was like that, Leon was wary of human self-indulgence. However, the goddess Meriel still answered with a fresh smile.

“Then you should be angry.”


It was Deputy Director Donald who shuddered at those words.

Anger without force is meaningless. But how wonderful are the original gods.

If the United States of America should casually break its promise after everything has been settled, God’s wrath and the risks posed could not be calculated.

The US government had no intention of taking that risk.

“Haha, don’t worry. We, the United States of America, are not rogue states like Russia or Iran.”

A reasonable price is paid for the transaction. As befits the most capitalist country on the planet, the calculation is clear in this part.

“Today… I would like to give you a gift of first meeting.”

“A gift… you mean?”

“Yes, I’ll confirm one thing of your fate. I just want King Leon to remember that after using this power, you will be overcome with power for a while.”

Goddess Meriel did not bother to ask Leon for a price. It is because he knows that Leon regards the faith of serving God with the promise of a reward as shallow.

The relationship between their gods and followers is a virtue of being in natural harmony with each other. A relationship that cares for each other. That ideal relationship of respect.

[I’ll borrow your articles for a while.]

After asking for forgiveness from Ariana and the gods of the pantheon in advance, the goddess Meriel held Leon by the hand.

She approached Leon with a benevolent smile and met his eyes, and the two clear and clear eyes pierced Leon’s blue eyes.

‘Okay, that’s it!’

Deputy Director Donald excitedly waited for Leon’s reaction.

Although she is the goddess Meriel who lost her followers and the world, her power is still strong.

There is no way that the Lion Heart King is unaware of the fate she shows and the merit of being able to determine that fate.

‘Perhaps we can try to incorporate the goddess Meriel into the pantheon immediately. That’s a bit difficult.’

The U.S. government respects the goddess Meriel, but they have a cooperative relationship with her because it is worth more than that.

If the pantheon, which has already secured a considerable number of followers, seduces the goddess Meriel and incorporates it into the pantheon, the U.S. government could become like a dog chasing chickens.

‘But the Pantheon is coveted enough to take a gamble like this.’

The goddess of life and fertility possesses the purification of the land and blessed crops.

The goddess of light and justice, the mighty protection of battle possessed by the god of war and flame.

Special iron and its processing ability of the iron and blacksmith god.

Goddess Meriel’s wisdom is also a tremendous power, but the pantheon is like a comprehensive set.

It is not for nothing that the U.S. government is trying to entice Leon by promising to cede territories.

‘I’m curious anyway. What kind of future Meriel-sama would have seen of the Lion Heart King.’

It was the moment he had been patiently waiting for, hoping that it would benefit the United States as well.


Goddess Meriel sat down in a cold sweat. Deputy Director Donald presented her with a handkerchief, as it was often the case after exertion.

“Mr. Meriel?”

However, the eyes of the goddess Meriel, who took a long breath, were shaken and shaken.

“King Leon, you…”

A cold sweat broke out on the nape of her neck as she saw something.

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