The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 181: Demigod’s Destiny

Goddess Meriel.

She, like other survivors, is a survivor of a world destroyed by demons.

The difference is that she, originally a celestial being, possessed a body shaped like a human.

It was an unavoidable choice to escape the world through the gate, but thanks to it, his power as a divinity was greatly reduced.

The place where she arrived is the United States of America, the most powerful country on Earth.

There, the goddess Meriel demonstrated her powers to the United States government and received the highest level of protection in the United States.

It has been fifteen years since she came to America. In the meantime, she has met with many US presidents, confirmed their fate, and increased their debt to the US government.

Knowing that the devil lurk in this world, she and the U.S. government put off the immediate payment, but the time will come to repay that huge debt someday.

-Even so, the power of the goddess Meriel is more important than that. Even if it means changing the state religion of the United States to the Meriel Church.

It was a modern day when the power of the religious world was weaker than ever. If the US government really wants to do that, it’s possible.

Above all, the power she possessed was even more powerful for individuals.

to determine a person’s destiny. what a powerful force it is

Until the moment that is confirmed, the hunter avoids even death, and everything changes to determine the future.

Just like the sacred law of the pantheon, the goddess’ foreknowledge could be said to be ‘the power of concept’.

‘Indeed, what will be the fate of this man that Meriel-sama saw?’

There is no pure curiosity. Deputy Chief Donald became curious about the fate of the goddess Meriel Boleon.


Goddess Meriel stared at Leon while wiping her cold sweat with a handkerchief. She was rarely agitated.

“King Leon, you…”

She watched Leon all the time. He wondered if he was talking in a way he couldn’t hear, but when he glanced at Leon, it didn’t seem like that.

“I’m sorry, Deputy Director Donald.”

“Yes? What do you mean…”

“I don’t think I’ll be of any help to King Leon.”


This was something I had never experienced before. Goddess Meriel has always cooperated with the United States government.

I thought it would be the same this time, but she shook her head.

“It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you can’t. Don’t mistake this difference.”

“That, what is that…”

“King Leon, I can’t help you, but think about the US government’s proposal. That’s all I can do.”

“I’ll consider it.”

Leon got up, straightened his suit, kissed the back of the goddess Meriel’s hand, and said goodbye.

Is it the end? Are you really just going back like this?

Deputy Director Donald couldn’t help but stare blankly, forgetting to see Leon off.

“Me, Meriel-sama…”

Waking up, he turned his gaze to the goddess Meriel. Somehow strangely, the gaze of rebuke seems to prove that he is not always sincere.

“Meriel-sama… how the hell did this happen? By any chance… have you not seen the fate of the Lion Heart King?”

“I saw his destiny.”

“But how…”

“His life is made up of struggles. A lot of struggles made him, and he’s willing to walk that path.”

The power of the goddess clearly predicted Leon’s future. But while it is meaningful, it is not very meaningful.

Because the future can change as much as it is foreseen.

The authority that can confirm that is the power of the goddess of destiny named Meriel. but······.

“It was impossible. Deciding the fate of King Leon.”

The goddess tried to determine Leon’s fate by choosing the best one. What he desperately desires, what remains as regret… or else…

Is it his hometown?

“Huh… in a real human body… Deputy Director Donald would do well to tell the U.S. government about this. With King Leon, we must cooperate unconditionally.”

“I don’t understand well…”

Putting aside the regret of the failed migration plan, this attitude of the goddess was somehow strange. Wasn’t she the one who always gave clear answers?

“Originally, the fate I could fathom is only those with mortal status. But he was something I couldn’t fathom.”

“Is it because he’s a demigod? They advertise that on yuptube.”

At those words, the goddess Meriel shook her head.

“His status remains as a half-god, but it is no exaggeration to say that he is already a god. He himself has become a concept.”



A god destined to win.

Meriel held on to her beating heart and seemed excited about something. As if the cold sweat earlier was also because of that.

“Many worlds have been destroyed by demons, and many gods have lost their worlds. The same goes for King Leon and that world…”

The difference between them and gods like himself was clear.

“King Leon. The existence of that living god is the clear boundary that separates us from the pantheon.”

God cannot intervene in God’s destiny.

It seemed like he knew why the gods of the pantheon cared so much for one mortal.

‘A man who became a god in a human body. Truly a miracle product. An existence that can become the biggest axis of history.’


How can you not love the being who will become a pillar of glory that will make the gods of the pantheon stand tall even in the many dimensions?

“You’d better not do anything foolish to make an enemy of King Leon or try to contain him. That will decide the ‘fate’ of the United States.”

Goddess left firm wisdom to long-time business partners. It was her own courtesy.

‘But… there’s one more existence that I couldn’t fathom.’

As I watched his fate, I met eyes with ‘it’.

So destructive, insidious…a being that is the embodiment of all violence in the world.

“go away.”

As if even looking into your future self is unpleasant.

Its destructive gaze broke the goddess’ foreknowledge and drove it away.

The Lion Heart King’s nemesis.

* * * *

– Deputy Director of the US Hunter Administration met with Her Majesty Leon! i saw it!

– Fucked! Only two S-class hunters became naturalized because of that person!

-You bastards from the opposition party!! Did this really make you feel cool!

-What are you doing? why are you just watching? Shit, aren’t you going to catch all the Yankees and throw them in jail?

– On what grounds?

-My tears are the basis.

President Andong-gil listened to the NIS director’s report, agonizing over public opinion worsening day by day.

“England made a marriage proposal with the next queen, Princess Diane, and besides that, France, Japan, India, Belgium, Germany, etc. made similar proposals…”

“America. What will America do?”

“The cession of American territory… and the establishment of an independent kingdom.”

“Is America that far?”

President Andong-gil held his breath in front of the enormous support proposed to Leon and Mansinjeon.

Now that this has happened, Korea has to do something. Enacting a special law, proposing an autonomous district!

“Go, Your Excellency!”

“what’s the matter!”

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty Leon wants to see you!”


Could it be that you have already made up your mind to emigrate! One representative is a dog!

Can not be done. Thanks to Leon, how much approval ratings have gone up! If he doesn’t stop Leon from moving abroad, he will be the worst president ever.

“Oh, where are you!”

President Andong-gil hurriedly headed to the drawing room where Leon was waiting.

“Oh, President Ahn. Why don’t we take a walk?”

“Ah, yes yes!”

The walking path of the Korean president and Mansinjeon Sajasimwang. Whether or not he knew that President Andong-gil was rotting inside, Leon continued the conversation with trivial matters.

‘let’s go? are you really going? Aren’t you here to say goodbye?!’

Andong-gil was willing to kneel down for the country if necessary.

He is a person the Republic of Korea needs even more now that the invasion of demons has accelerated. If necessary… I was thinking of applying even for the next presidential election.

‘Sorry, Grandpa! I’m sorry, father!’

President Ahn continues to apologize to his grandfather, who was an independence fighter, and his father, who was a democracy fighter.

At one time, he would not have known that Leon, who was wary of destroying Korea’s democracy, would grow to be this big.

“By the way, President Ahn. I have something to present to you.”

“That, what is that…”

Leon suddenly pulled out a sword from the subspace. The bodyguards are taken aback by the sudden appearance of a weapon, but no one dares to draw a pistol.

If Lion Heart King made up his mind in the first place, who would be able to stop him?

“this is······.”

“It’s a star-steel sword with the blessings of the goddess Ariana. It’s a gift for my president, Ahn.”

Even President Ahn knew very well how precious it was. But is this a gift for this country? It’s like a farewell gift!

“your majesty!”

President Ahn suddenly knelt down. If the reporter had seen it, it would have been a sudden action that would be featured in the news today.

“Don’t go! Where are you going to leave Korea?”

“President An?!”

On rare occasions, Leon opened his eyes wide in embarrassment. He immediately tried to raise President Ahn, but he stubbornly refused.

“It’s all my fault! Those bastards from the opposition… No, I’m the guilty one for not controlling them! I’ll definitely fix it, so please, just Lee Joo-man…!”

“Hey, how can you say that? Jim has no intention of leaving Korea.”

“Hehehe! Should I give it to you at least Gyeonggi-do… Yes?”

I have no intention of leaving Korea. At those words, President Ahn swallowed the tears that were about to flow and put on a bewildered expression.

“Aren’t you leaving? To America?”

“I’m not going to go anywhere other than the United States. Well, we signed an agreement to establish a pantheon branch.”

“Uh, why…”

Even to President Ahn, their proposal was enticing. South Korea can also make corresponding proposals, but it was difficult even because of opposition from the opposition parties, such as marriage talks with the royal family or territorial cession.

But why did Lion Heart King decide to stay in this narrow land?

“Haha, where am I going to leave you?

“your majesty······.”

Andong-gil felt his heart thump.

To be honest, there were times when he called me a fanatic and a savage thug knight, but he was also a man.

An old romantic boss man full of loyalty and friendship.

“But there seems to be a lot of legal issues with Jim’s activities. As you know, Jim has laws and dignity to follow. I hope you pay attention to that part.”

“No, of course. Taxes and illegal weapons will be resolved through the president of the Association, Oh Kang-hyeok, and Lord Yakt Spinner. You don’t have to worry about the opposition!”

“You’ve saved me a lot of time by saying you’ll care so much.”

Leon patted President Ahn’s shoulder and laughed. When the walk between the two ended successfully, President Ahn immediately decided to cut off these opposition bastards.

* * * *

On the way back, Leon boarded a helicopter headed for Naju with Vulcanus, who had come with him as an attendant.

“You seem to have doubts, Lord Vulcanus.”

“Hmm! It doesn’t make much sense to me.”

“Why didn’t you accept the offer from the United States?”

“That’s right. You’re a British princess… You’d be an idiot if you left Her Highness Queen Beatrice behind and married her.”

“She’s a princess of a country. Be polite.”

“Excuse me. Well, it would be possible if it was a wife and a concubine, but having a wife who is not even a priestess is a little problematic.”

The Lion Heart King of the Lionheart Kingdom was usually married to a devout priestess. Leon also has an eventful love story, but he entrusted the daughter of Dinah, the goddess of the moon and chastity, and made him his queen.

“However, the United States’ proposal is nothing but a great benefit from my point of view. Lionheart could have been rebuilt at once.”

“Well, it’s an easy road. However, it’s a road with clear limits.”


At Vulcan’s question, Leon smiled and said.

“According to your grand plan, it would be impossible to settle down on American soil, right?”


“I mean, I also thought a lot about the corruption of the empire.”

Vulcanus stiffened as if he had heard an unexpected answer, then burst into a hearty laugh.


* * * *

Due to the unconventional courtship of the great powers around the world triggered by the resignation incident, the opposition party’s approval ratings were driven to catastrophe day by day.

In the end, the main opposition party in Korea raised its hand.

“We withdraw our accusations against the pantheon and apologize for causing concern to His Majesty Leon Dragonia Lionheart with an unsavory matter.”

The official surrender declaration took place with the opposition party’s public press conference, and even after that, due to the decline in approval ratings, the inside was massively changed, and the new party representative disciplined the members of the hearing.

The opposition party elected a large number of Mansinjeon believers as proportional representatives to rebound the approval rating, so the ruling party also participated in the competition for Manshinjeon members to counter this——

“In the name of the goddess of light and justice, we will achieve a just reform of the judicial system, fellow citizens!”

“Let’s hunt down the demons with the authority of Petos, the god of war!”

“Lee Shin Se-gil, son of Mokpo!

A wave similar to a revolution in the political world of the Republic of Korea began to occur.

* * * *

While China was torn into 53 states, the People’s Republic of Heilong had borders with Russia’s Vladivostok and North Korea’s Hoeryong.

Of course, after the collapse of China, this border line became quite obscure, because the remnants of the old China, which were torn into 53 pieces, were still huge as a nation, but lacked the strength and military to manage the border.

After the cataclysm, everyone was busy taking care of their own lives, and even China, the only sponsor, was in such a state.

“Kkeuh… Hey, Mr. Gu. Do you really have to cross that river?”

“I’m worried too.”

Koo Dae-sung.

Remaining in the Heilong People’s Republic of China after the large-scale gate incident a couple of months ago, he was in anguish as he watched the frozen Tumen River in front of him.

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