The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 183: The Wandering Knight, Goo Dae-seong (2)

December, after the huge storms of the Taiwan crisis and the Korean pantheon hearing incident.

It’s time for year-end settlement.

Even at a time when everyone was busy, Leon leisurely put his hands behind his back and looked at the thriving pantheon.

After the hearing incident, Leon accepted the opposition party’s full apology.

To forgive their rudeness and rudeness is a very big decision as Leon.

[Hmph, I shouldn’t have forgiven that easily.]

Tatar, the god of the sun and judgment, mentioned how an opposition leader kneeled and apologized.

He, along with the goddess Ariana, is in charge of the kingdom’s laws and its punishment. His decrees emphatically conclude in disrespect for the king.

[They should have been decapitated, pickled in salt, and sacrificed throughout the country. I had to make the person who dishonored the Lion Heart King pay the price and insist on being solemn.]

[Sun, I don’t know what you mean, but this is the Earth. Our laws and their laws are different laws.]

[However, light. This world will soon have to obey our laws. They are too weak to face evil and do not know how to fight properly. If it wasn’t for Lionheart, it would have ended with the Devil Grand Duke.]

He wasn’t wrong. S-class hunters, who are said to be the best in both Korea and Japan, could not overcome Akasha, the demon of slaughter and destruction.

Earth is close to what has been able to survive so far because it has benefited from the dimensional rift of being a survivor.

[But Leon is my knight. Even in my opinion, it is regrettable that we rejected the proposal of the United States last time.]

It seems that Goddess Ariana really liked the rebuilding of the Lionheart Kingdom in the United States. Not a few gods sympathized with it.

Heto, the god of iron and blacksmiths, seemed to covet America’s abundant resources.

[It may be a bad idea to get into the arms of a great nation, but in the end, it is also a good idea to gradually become irreplaceable to them. From my point of view, the land was a land of natural blessing.]

“You’re right. The land is special on this planet.”

vast territory. Not only fertile fertile soil, but all kinds of natural resources were a land blessed by God.

If the god of this earth favors any country, it must be America.

[Hmph, in the end, it is the object of conquest. It is right to deal with large countries last.]

Petos, the god of war and flame, was already dreaming of a war of conquest. He hopes that the heat of war will return to this land and that Lionheart’s reputation will eventually spread.

[It is not necessary to conquer with war alone. The land is vast, and my divine protection has no limits beyond the horizon.]

The goddess of life and fertility referred to gradual incorporation. However, Tatar of the Sun and Judgment refuted this.

[The children may need the touch of a goddess to purify their demons right now, but when the work is over, they will turn their palms over as much as they like. Just like the Empire did.]

[Taeyang is right. So this time, isn’t it about complete domination by Lionheart? Vulcan’s opinion is correct in this case.]

The gods each thought differently. Leon should have coordinated their opinions and come to a conclusion, but in the end, he, as the executor, had the right to decide.

[What was my knight’s plan? If you look at what you said to Vulcanus, you must have a reason for staying in Korea.]

“Original people are cunning, so they often change their stance like flipping their palms after receiving grace. Just like the empire did, politicians seem to be such creatures.”

This was not the case for Lionheart’s court nobles. Because Lionheart was brought back by the absolute kingship given to him by God, the Lion Heart King.

“They are stuck with us because it is a confusing time, but soon they will become enmity and greed. Some already do.”

So, what is necessary for the Pantheon, and furthermore, to rebuild Lionheart?

[As expected, the country will have to be built. However, is there any suitable land?]

“There is a land Sir Spinner has in mind.”

[Hoo? I think you know roughly where it is. Hmm? Did you keep that pilgrim knight Ahae in mind?]

“Before I am a knight, I am a monarch. The actions of a monarch must be grand.”

He remained in Korea until he gave up going to the United States. The gods seemed to have a rough idea of where Leon thought the land was.

“But before that, there are countries that need to be destroyed.”

Leon turned his gaze toward the wide horizon. Only the gods knew that it was reaching the north.


-your majesty. A contact was received from Koo Dae-seong, who is working as a knight in the Heilong People’s Bureau. Your Majesty’s judgment is required.

It came at the right time like fate.

* * * *

Koo Dae-seong, who remained in the People’s Republic of Heilong after the massive gate incident, traveled all over the country hunting monsters released from the gate.

They were invaluable in a developing country that did not have the ability to properly capture the gate or capture all the gates before the dungeon break.

“Thank you, Knight!”

“How should I repay this favor…”

Koo Dae-sung’s reputation gradually increased as he received cheers and appreciation from the citizens.

“Whoa…! Whoa…!”

Time for everyone to take a break. Koo Dae-seong is training today, wielding a sword.

Perhaps thanks to his growing reputation in the area, the exercise space provided courtesy of the residents and the hotel manager is the driving force that keeps him training.

“That’s right, you work hard.”

“Captain Kim.”

“Didn’t you get bitten by that saber tiger or something big today? Why don’t you take a break?”

“I got better after applying the medicine.”

“People really need to know how to rest when they need to rest.”


Goo Dae-seong laughed it off, but he couldn’t do it in his heart.

He is still a B-class Hunter. Saber Tiger is a B-rank high-ranking monster. I managed to catch a monster of that size, prepared for injury.

What if it was Hanari?

What if Cheon So-yeon? What if Kim Jae-hyuk or Han Su-ho?

No, even to them, no one in the knights would need a special attack like himself, risking his life.

‘Not enough. I can’t even use the Holy Law yet, so I’m really lacking.’

The prayers are ongoing. To Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and to Petos, the god of war and flame.

When introducing Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, to the residents, they prayed together, but Koo Dae-seong believed in the first two gods more.

As a knight to himself, he hopes that he can borrow their power to become a knight.

he is lacking

The only thing you can do without being born is effort.

But the constant questioning stops him.

If you run in the wrong direction, maybe you should correct it.

What to do if what you have accumulated through meaningless efforts is undervalued?

“It’s because the challenge doesn’t require evaluation from others.”

At such times, Nogisa’s words lift her up.

Don’t mind other people’s eyes.

that your challenge must continue.

‘Yes, I don’t need anyone’s evaluation of my challenge.’

nobody. Not to mention the Lion Heart King’s majesty and even the gods.

That was the legacy Zereah of Twilight had left him, and the reason he wouldn’t give up.

In this way, Koo Dae-seong continued to provide civilian support combined with knight training.

At first, it started to save people whose lives were threatened in poor conditions, but gradually people came to ask for help without having to go looking for them themselves.

“Driver, a gate has appeared near our village. I asked the People’s Army for help, but they don’t do anything!”

Among them was a request to clear the gate.

“Mister Knight, can’t you give me more of Goddess Demera’s teachings? I’m going to thank the land and build an altar, but since we’re only doing it by ourselves, I wonder if this is right.”

There were also those who came to seek the doctrines and teachings Koo Dae-seong had begun to spread.

“It’s true. Why would I come here and lie?”

Among them, the story of this man who visited Goo Dae-sung today was surprising.

“It’s true! I escaped from the camp in Hoeryong!”

The identity of the man who revealed himself was surprising.

Hoeryong, North Korea across the Tumen River. It is said that he is a North Korean defector who escaped from a political prison camp there and came here.

Originally, it was a North Korean political prison camp, and it was said that all kinds of people were accommodated by association by association, but that was not surprising.

“Monsters… running the camp?”

“Yes! From one day on, some monsters, not people’s army gangsters, took over the camp and took the camp people away, didn’t they?”

Non-human beings have taken over the camp and are taking people there. If that’s true, it wasn’t normal.

“I wonder if it’s an orc or another sub-species…”

“Th-they’re monsters! I’ve seen orcs and goblins a few times too! But they’re incomparably evil!”

“No, then how did you escape? You said you escaped from the Hoeryong camp and crossed the Tumen River to Yanbian?”

“Because he had been smuggling for a long time, there was a route that only I knew. I escaped alone and crossed the Tumen River.”

The man seemed frustrated when he saw Kim Do-han and others not believing his words. Goo Dae-seong asked Yapi via secret communication.

“I heard that it is… Sir Yapi. Did you check it?”

– As a reconnaissance asset of this machine, the activities of the camp are extremely normal.

I tried communicating with Yapi and asked him to find out, but nothing changed.

Of course, it was true that horrific abuse was committed in the camps, but that was also normal in the peculiarity of the North Korean regime.

Yapi doubted the North Korean defector’s testimony, saying that he could not find the monster’s Kundeokji.

“Gee, it’s real! It’s real!”

A man who screams as if he is unfair. I was even more curious because he didn’t seem to be lying.

‘There is no reason for Lord Yapi to lie. Sir Yapi’s information was never wrong in the first place.’

It was thanks to Yapi’s overwhelming reconnaissance assets that Koo Dae-seong and his troops were able to quickly subdue the monsters all the way around the Heilong People’s Republic of China.

Goo Dae-sung only needed to plan a strategy in advance and hunt monsters, as he looked at the entire country in real time and designated points.

But this time, the reconnaissance information between the North Korean defector and Sir Yapi is different. Logically, it should be assumed that the North Korean defectors are lying…

“How about going once?”

“No, Mr. Goo. That’s a bit…”

Captain Kim Do-han expressed disapproval at Koo Dae-sung’s suggestion.

The reason Koo Dae-sung has been able to work in Heilong People’s Bureau is not only because of their good intentions but also because of consultations with the People’s Bureau administration.

However, advancing to Hoeryong was a place where such consultation or cooperation was impossible.

Because it was North Korea.

The world’s most closed dictatorship.

Even Koo Dae-seong was not unaware of what it meant to cross the border of a controlled country that did not let go of its power despite terrible hunger and poverty after the collapse of China.

– Irrational. If you want to do relief work, I will introduce you to another place.

“There are things that bother me.”


“Sir Yapi, didn’t you say that according to Yapi’s satellite information, the Hoeryong camp is no different from usual?”

-It is.

“But where did these monsters come from?


Yapi sent an unspoken message to Goo Dae-sung, who mentioned a fact that he hadn’t mentioned.

However, Goo Dae-seong continued to speak.

“We’ll check it out and come back. We’ll have to cross the border, but with Lord Yapi’s stealth drone these days, we’ll be able to sneak across without being seen.”


Yapi pondered strategically for a moment.

The uniqueness of North Korea and the pressure to cross the border.

In fact, it’s not even to the point of being too insecure.

Manshinjeon, which has already invaded Taiwan and neutralized the administration, doesn’t have to worry about protests from North Korea.

I just don’t want to make variables as a thorough machine.

-You are operating under the name of the Pantheon. Therefore, His Majesty’s authorization must be obtained.

Yapi deferred this decision to the highest decision maker.

[Do as you please.]

“G-Thank you. But… are you sure you’re okay? I heard that you were recently summoned to a hearing about the Taiwanese case.”

[The reason Jim is the king is because he is the one who is in charge of everything. You complete your practice. Responsibility is a burden.]

Leon’s approval fell. Then there was no reason to hesitate any longer.

– I’ll wait a day. I will send you an infantry support package.

A day later, Yapi sent a support package to the scheduled point.

Koo Dae-seong, who confirmed the descending support package from space, began preparations for crossing the Tumen River.

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