The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 185: The Wandering Knight, Goo Dae-seong (4)

– Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Lightning rains down from the giant’s body. There was no sign of avoiding the shockwave that seemed like an EMP explosion.


Swept away by the waves, he falls off his horse. A terrible pain ran up his spine.


Team leader Kim Do-han focused his railgun on the giant.

– Kakak!

“Damn it, I only get scratches!”

But the giant’s skin was hard. The output has been reduced to reduce noise, and it is a magic crystal processing bullet instead of expensive star iron coal.

In the end, Kim Do-han threw the spear as hard as he could and raised his shield, judging that defending with his body could attract the giant’s attention.

“Group 4! Group 5! Get his attention!”

“Yes, Captain!”

The two groups fall in perfect order under Kim Do-han’s instructions. The burden on the rest of the group to stop the giant’s hounds will increase, but the knight cannot be lost.

-That ha ha ha ha…!

The giant brandished a huge iron club. The shield soldiers tried to block it, but it was not enough to offset the impact.

Every time the hammer was swung, three or four man-at-arms flew into the sky, and even so, they stood up and caught the giant’s attention.

“Spread! It’s a disadvantage against him in dense formation!”

While the two guards desperately drew the giant’s attention, Kim Do-han pulled out Goo Dae-seong from the dead horse.

“Hey, Mr. Goo! Are you okay?!”


Goo Dae-sung exhaled and opened his eyes. He supplied oxygen as if pushing out the blood vessels in his heart that had been clogged up until just now.

“Heo-eok, heo-eok…!”

For a moment, my heart stopped. If it hadn’t been for the star iron armor…

“Crazy, isn’t the star iron armor smashed? This is the first time…”

At Kim Do-han’s words, Goo Dae-sung opened his eyes wide and looked down at his empty chest.


It’s broken. It was a shock to Koo Dae-sung and Kim Do-han.

Even though the armor of knights and man-at-arms use the same special iron, the content is different.

The star iron ‘hamyang’ armor for mass production is only thinly coated with star iron inside.

That alone is a very solid unique grade, but it is not comparable to the knight’s high-purity star iron armor.

Until now, the star iron armor provided for knights has not been broken, and this is the first time for Goo Dae-seong.

‘It’s because of me…’

And Goo Dae-seong guessed the reason.

‘Because I did not receive the Holy Law or the blessings of any of the gods…’

Star iron armor does not become special simply by its material. The reason why it is an invincible armor is that the knight who wears it can strengthen his armor by receiving a blessing from the gods.

However, Koo Dae-seong did not receive any blessing from God.

The goddess of light and justice protects against destruction and strong barriers, and the god of war and flame protects the flames of the battlefield.

Because Mojiri did not receive any divine protection that could prevent evil.


In an instant, Goo Dae-sung’s eyes suddenly opened. At the threat approaching him, his defensive instinct is broken and he raises his shield.


With a dizzying impact, Goo Dae-seong, who received the giant’s club, bounced to the ground.

“Gu, Mr. Gu!”

On the floor far away, Captain Kim Do-han shouted with a messed up body.


Goo Dae-seong woke up right away.

It felt like my whole body was crumbling, and I also felt the overwhelming power gap.

But even at this moment, he remembered only one person’s teaching.

[Never hesitate when fighting.]

Even in the actual training, once you enter the real battle, your mindset will change.

When he was in the midst of young cadets and was intimidated to take a knight class, a cadet boldly asked Leon, who was discussing a brave charge.

[What should I do if my strength and speed are lower than my opponent’s?]

What should a knight do when he encounters an opponent he has no choice but to lose? Wouldn’t there be some way for someone with experience like Lionheart?

Leon’s answer was different from what he expected.

[Just fight.]


[Abandon the trivial thoughts. What’s the point of thinking about it at that moment? If you choose to run away, you will only get a knife stuck in your back. If you’re going to die, cut your chest and die.]

There are no tricks or flukes.

A knight is one who fights from the front.

A person who charges on horseback and does not back down no matter what enemy he faces.


just fight

Goo Dae-sung has neither outstanding talent nor the quickness to show his wit.

It’s just that if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s just one thing.

“You damn bastard! I’m still alive!!”

not giving up.


The giant wielding a club at Kim Do-han looks back. He took the existence of Koo Dae-sung as an insult, which kept happening like a fly.

thud! thud!

Rough footsteps echo the ground. The sense of intimidation of hearing that it gives gradually casts a shadow and blocks Koo Dae-sung from the moonlight.

Goo Dae-sung’s hesitant appearance and the mighty power of a giant approaching with strides were like a cornered mouse and a cornered cat.


saliva is swallowed The cold sweat flowing from the tension is cold.


All Goo Dae-seong can do is bark loudly as if to hide his fear, proving the idiom that a driven mouse bites a cat.

– Oh!

The black iron club is swinging. The moment he hits it directly, Goo Dae-sung dies instantly. But a strange thing happened.


With a sharp noise, the supersonic bullet hit the giant’s finger.

“Oh no, that’s right!”

It was Jo Mal-soon, a North Korean defector, who brought joy. He grabbed the railgun of the fallen Man-at-Arms and accidentally shot it, which, surprisingly, hit the giant’s finger.

-That’s bad!

It is impossible to catch monsters simply with weapons with high firepower. Not to mention, if you’re a giant, you’ll have resistance to pretty much any scientific weapon.

Because the element that composes them is the magic stone, the magical power that composes the body with their own ‘soul’.

But when it comes to a railgun that flies at 40 times the speed of sound, it’s like poking your finger with a toothpick.


The iron club that I let go of the pain falls to the floor. Goo Dae-seong did not miss that moment.


Goo Dae-seong spurred the ground as if he were flying up and jumped into the giant’s arms.

– Huh…?!

A moment of carelessness, a fluke by a third party, and an honest frontal charge.

The giant gave up his empty chest before he had time to respond, and Goo Dae-sung’s sword pierced the giant’s chest.

-That’s it…!


The giant collapses with the momentum of the stabbing, without even having time to clean up his mouth, which has become dirty from blood splattered from the chest stabbed by the star-steel sword.

Goo Dae-seong, who fell forward with the fallen giant, was guided by gravity and stabbed the star iron sword even deeper.

– Kwadang!

Dust is blown away by the fallen giant behind him.

“Uh, uh uh! Mr. Goo! It’s okay!”

Kim Do-han hurriedly ran to look at Goo Dae-seong. He was breathing heavily in the dust, as if he couldn’t believe what he had done.

“Heo Eok! Heo Eok…! My, I… caught the giant?”

“Uh, yes! I had a lot of luck, but I managed to catch it! Hehehehe…!”

Kim Do-han raised the distraught Koo Dae-sung to his feet and patted him on the shoulder.

“Heh heh heh…! You can call me a Giant Slayer now!”

“Hey, don’t do that.”

“Come on, let’s put aside the joys and let’s clear up the rest of the monsters! Since we made a loud noise, more monsters might come around!”

Goo Dae-seong, who came to his senses at those words, charged at the remaining monsters with the sword stuck in the giant’s chest.

* * * *

“Thank you thank you!”

After that, it was a breeze.

Hundreds of people were still imprisoned inside the Hoeryong prison camp, and they were relieved that they lived by giving thanks to Koo Dae-seong over and over again.

Goo Dae-seong was in the back row to escort them and saw a fallen horse in a fight with a giant.

‘sorry. Because of the poor owner…’

The moment the lightning struck, the horse and Goo Dae-seong were struck with an impact that would shatter the star iron armor. Of course, the horse died instantly.

‘What the hell was that lightning…?’

There was something strange about magic. The combination seems to be out of sync… The giant has never used magic or struck lightning since.

“Huh? Where did the giant’s body go?”

what someone said

And everyone was looking for the giant’s corpse, which had been lying in the middle of the camp a little while ago.

“What the hell…?”

That big corpse disappears in the blink of an eye? An incomprehensible situation continued, but no one could care more about it.

“Come on, let’s hurry up! Other monsters may come rushing in, so we have to cross the Tumen River quickly!”

If not, more than 300 camp residents had to be taken across the Tumen River. If more monsters came by any chance, more than 50 man-at-arms would inevitably become victims.

“Let’s go!”

Leaving behind the disappeared giant, Goo Dae-seong and 50 men-at-arms left the camp with people.


The eyes watching him remained silent until the very end.


“Damn, the hounds from the drones are back!”

Before the battle with the giant, dozens of hounds were taken off by drones. They chased people trying to escape Hoeryong City.

-Oh oh oh oh oh…!

-Oh oh oh oh oh…!

And the unique cry of a dog. The howl, which seemed to call a companion, actually aroused monsters throughout the city.


“Three o’clock! Stop it!”

– Kak!

– Kaaak!

A railgun with maximum output is fired and blocks the approach of monsters.

Goo Dae-seong and Man-at-Arms stopped the monsters as much as possible, catching and killing some of them, but they did not back down and continued the chase as if they were going to avenge their master.

“Damn it…! It’s the Tumen River soon!”

“If we continue like this, the damage will be severe!”

The monsters flocking from all over the city have enough power to annihilate the convoy. You couldn’t lose people by coming to the end.

A crisis of desperation. Just at that moment, a loud noise approached from across the Tumen River.


“That one?”

Something that runs through the frozen Tumen River. An unmanned drone carrying a support package delivered to the Man-at-Arms going over to North Korea.

It changed into the shape of a motorcycle and charged towards it.

“Hey, Sir Yapi! Here! Here!”

Goo Dae-seong hurriedly waved his hand, realizing that it was Yaphi who was manipulating it. The drone motorcycle, which was running at 600 km/h, passed the convoy in an instant and headed for the monsters.

– Full set of built-in armaments. Emergency time 3 minutes 37 seconds limited battle begins.

The drone’s built-in armament, loaded with a support package, was exposed and began firing at random with machine guns and railguns.

-Two kwa kwa kwa kwa…!

A high-powered railgun and a large-caliber cannon that were not meant to be used by humans, but were assumed to be used by a thoroughly steel body.

Armed drones, which generously scatter limited ammunition and ammunition, overwhelm the monsters in an instant.

“Lord Yapi will cover you! Let’s cross the Tumen River in this gap!”

They hurriedly ran across the frozen Tumen River. While shooting support with a small railgun in between, he overcame the monsters’ pursuit, but the monsters’ will to pursue them was still strong.

“Relentless bastards! Can’t avoid a battle!”

Captain Kim Do-han, tired of the opponent’s terribleness. It was then.

-Emergency evacuation. Self-destruct sequence initiated.



For a moment, I thought I had heard it wrong. But the cold mechanical sound never jokes.

-count down. 10… 9… 8──


“Run away!!”

Drone motorcycles charging at the monsters, and Man-at-Arms running over the Tumen River in panic. The moment they finally cross the river–


A huge explosion erupted in the middle of the Tumen River, creating a mushroom cloud.



“Yapi, crazy chunk of scrap metal——!?”

The tyranny was strong enough to blow the man-at-arms across the Tumen River into the air.

* * * *

“Yeah, your job went well.”

-Kick! The injured will be transported to Korea.

Leon, who had been reported by Yapi last night, sighed lightly and praised the pilgrim knight and Goo Dae-seong for posting criminal records.

“Send them quality meat and wine. Along with new weapons, of course.”

-Command reception.

“By the way… what does Sir Spinner think?”

A camp in North Korea has been taken over by monsters. Looking at this, it’s not that unusual.

-Estimated as an accident caused by insufficient handling of gates in developing countries. Several overlaps with previous cases.

“Did President Ahn not say anything?”

-As usual, he said he had a call with Chairman Kim through the hotline. There is nothing wrong with North Korea’s Pyongyang leadership.

“Is it simply a commotion in the outskirts?”

something takes Leon felt a sense of deja vu from what happened in North Korea.

My sixth sense beyond my five senses. That, too, is a magical phenomenon when it comes to Lion Heart King’s intuition.

“I want you to send your drones to North Korea. I want to know for sure what is going on there.”

– Receipt of orders. I will implement it right away.

After giving orders to Yapi, Leon immediately checked the following documents.


The document was officially handed down to Mansinjeon through the government of the Republic of Korea. Leon had received a document like this before.

When the Wandering Demonic Sword Subjugation Alliance was formed, it was from the Japanese government.

“Are you Americans?”

A formal dispatch request from the United States Hunter Administration.

There is even a personal letter from the US President stating that he wants Leon and the Pantheon to participate in the combined raid on the ‘Black Gate’ that occurred in the middle of New York.

I heard that it was delivered in half a day with the latest US stealth fighter in order to deliver it urgently in a formal manner.

[At the end of the cold winter season, the chief administrative officer of a distant country across the sea greets the Lion Heart King of the great Lionheart Kingdom. I am Anthony Hobson, President of the United States of America—]

It was a formal letter written in an old-fashioned style. It was a letter with such sincerity that I couldn’t imagine how many professors of ancient literature would have stuck to it.

“Hmm, this President Anthony Hobson is a man of formality.”

Even Leon, an authority on the culture of the native royal palace, admired the desperate content. After reading each word while savoring them, he folded the Koi letter and opened the next ‘unofficial letter’.

The sender of the unofficial letter from the US administration, delivered after the letter from the president, is written with the name of the goddess he recently learned.

[Have you been healthy? King Leon. I promised you the next meeting, blessing your future, but I have something urgent to tell you.]

Goddess of Fate, Meriel. What she conveyed to Leon in the letter surprised even Leon. That would be too–

“Sir Spinner. I urgently need to assemble an army and head to America.”

-Are you going to leave immediately without any negotiations?

“Yes, because the goddess won’t lie.”

After reading the letter, Leon put the goddess’ letter into his bosom with trembling hands. Leon’s expression was noticeably bright, astonishing anyone who knew him.


Saying the name of a child he thought he would never call again… Leon prepared to leave for America.

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