The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 186: To America (1)

twilight night. Inside the king’s tent prepared in the field camp, the quiet air flows.


Pile of paperwork being handed over. Even on the battlefield, the Lion Heart King must engage in his duties as a king.

Disrupted roads and tax revenue issues, the issue of dispatching troops necessary for unrest in each region, and the conflict between multinational allied forces.

The crunch, the sound of the pen nib scratching the texture of the paper echoes exceptionally loudly.


The Lion Heart King’s appearance was stared at by blue eyes that looked just like the Lion Heart King.

Except for the ebony-black hair that contrasts with the splendid gold color, the upright posture that comes from the upright posture and the prominent features suggest the blood relationship between the two.

“What’s going on. Grand Duke Dragonia.”

“This is a request for supplies for the Anti-Air Force, Your Majesty.”

However, the names they call each other are rigid. Calling each other by honorific titles even at a meeting like this would not be the case if it was a royal palace, but it probably isn’t just a matter of their personalities.

After they lost one person, there was no one to lubricate them between them.

“Then let’s go.”

As if she had nothing to do but public affairs, the daughter got up to leave her father’s tent. It was her father’s voice that stopped her.


Leon’s voice softens. It was as careful as handling pottery hanging in a precarious position as if it would break at any moment.

“Would you like to join us for breakfast tomorrow morning?”

The man who had fought against orcs and demons all his life was a child born to the free people when he reached the age of an old man.

Although he is over 100 years old, his father, who is younger than anyone else, is infinitely cautious of his own daughter, who is the age of his great-granddaughter.

“I’m busy with group work.”

“Is that so…”

Grand Duke Carina of Dragonia thwarted her father’s attempt with a hard tone.

A cold and hard father-daughter relationship. Their relationship has always been like this.

“Yes, you must be busy at work. Stop going in and rest.”

“Please pay attention to Okche, Your Majesty.”

Inside the tent where even that one person had left. The one person left handed over the paper appropriately.

[Do as you wish, Grand Duke Dragonia! I hate to see you! Disappear from Jim’s eyes!]

In the end, assuming that the relationship between father and daughter will end in ruin.




“Your Majesty? Are you all right?”

A soft voice echoes from the seat next to it, as if worrying. What came into sight was a girl with red hair and golden eyes.

“What were you trying to do?”

“Eh… I was going to wipe it off when I was sweating cold.”

“Hmph, you’ve been acting as a lady-in-waiting, so you’re quite smart.”

As Leon waited on Hari, he saw another approaching him.

-Your Majesty, the low-temperature secretion liquid diverges. Appears to be symptomatic of tension-induced apnea.

“Your Majesty is nervous?”

Hari is surprised by Yafi’s diagnosis. Leon drank the water placed in front of me. It was warm water that was just right.

“Peha, are you okay?”

“It’s nothing special. It’s just an old dream.”

Harry gave a worried look. Leon has only experienced this once.

In Lionheart’s Last War, I saw his sad eyes for the first time.

“Should I bring the queen? So that I can have a good dream.”

“It wasn’t really a nightmare. Rather… I wished I had it more often.”

Leon patted Hari’s head and gazed through the window at Hari’s consideration and admiration. The sky was thickly covered with pure white clouds.

They were flying through the sky.

“How long did it take to the United States?”

“Ah, yes! Now that we’ve passed LA, I think we’ll be in Washington DC in about four hours.”

“It takes a long time.”

“This was also shortened thanks to the US military’s chartered flight.”

-Do you need to build a dedicated aircraft? It takes one hour to get from Incheon to Washington.

Yapi’s future world-class cyberpunk charter already had blueprints in the infinite storage device. In this era, I wondered if it would be okay to consider a magnetic levitation train or an intercontinental orbital means of transportation.

-Registration complete.

“I’m trying to make something weird again…”

Although he witnessed the development of science that would mark the history of modern civilization, Hari stuck out his tongue and hoped to make something more human.

* * * *

Even when looking around the world, the number of people whom the US president would personally meet is narrow.

The head of government of a major ally, or at least the Queen of England, is waiting for the US president to command the ceremonial corps and be formalized with a white tie.

If the person waiting for Anthony Hobson, the 49th President of the United States, was not the head of the administration but the guild leader of a private guild, he would have been criticized by the opposition party and the whole nation.

The title of president of the United States of America, the world’s most powerful and richest country, must carry a weight that even the person himself should not take lightly.

At least, no one wants to see their president bow down to the head of a private organization.

However, surprisingly, nothing much came out of this one person.

[Lion Heart King is coming from Korea!]

[Only four non-standard grades! The strongest guild ever with the world’s largest S-class power! Scheduled to land on the American continent!]

[Experts focus on whether the Burning Sword Knights are coming!]

[Leon Dragonia Lionheart, an agent of a religious pantheon growing at the fastest rate ever. Indeed, how will American Christians accept it?]

The survivors of the other world are always the ones who become an issue in the Hunter News, but recently the heat has cooled.

Some of them have increased to the extent that they can be described as common now, but it is because they are not exceptionally special compared to the hunters of Earth.

But Lionheart’s Lion Heart, Leon Dragonia Lionheart.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero, the magician queen of the Spero Kingdom.

Millennium City’s Killing Machine Yakt Spinner.

Similarly, Lionheart’s War and Flame Grail Knight Vulcan.

Superpowers who shake the world of hunters by occupying the front of overseas topics at the same time as each one appears.

Their visit this time was so important that not only the US president but also major ministers in the US cabinet flocked to it.

Of course, apart from this, the advice of the goddess that the United States has served for a long time also played a role.

[King Leon is quite old-fashioned by your standards. It’s not that it’s irrational. It is to convince yourself that you have the power and authority you deserve.]

Since the gates opened, the United States has been actively contacting survivors from the other world.

He constantly researched their culture and behavior, which is different from Earth, and conducted a very thorough investigation of Leon.

What they eat, what kind of thoughts they have, and what hobbies they usually do.

“Your Excellency, we will be arriving soon.”

“Whoa~ I’m nervous.”

President Hobson did not let go of the tension as he straightened his tie.

The opponent is the absolute monarch of the medieval worldview. The authority of the real gods is there. In order to have a meeting with such a person, all major secretaries and government officials were trained in royal etiquette.

“Who will come? Will they both come?”

The two mentioned here were Leon and Beatrice.

The administrations of each country are de facto choosing Beatrice as the first lady of Leon. Leon, who was usually authoritarian, clearly distinguished between commoners and nobles, and Beatrice was the only member of the royal family who spoke on an equal footing with Leon.

Besides, when there was an event, the two of them were always together, so I had no choice but to regard Beatrice as the first lady.

“The problem is Sir Vulcanus and Sir Yacht Spinner. Compared to the new weapons and martial arts that Taiwan showed us, there is no shortage of them compared to the Magician Queen.”

The Battle of Taiwan was an event that shocked the world.

As many as three great demons that are believed to be in the lower class of the great evil Scajacarrier of the Shanghai cataclysm, which is said to have virtually ended China, have appeared.

Two of them were crushed by Vulcan, and Yakt Spinner also succeeded in defeating one Prime Demon.

This alone was a tremendous inaction, but it is evaluated that Beatrice, who showed a new inaction there, became stronger than before.

The crystallization of a great weapon wielding the mist of death that kills even if touched. It is evaluated that one of her is better than many of the magic tower master level archmages.

“The executives are important, but the knights below them are also important. If not all of the Knights of the Burning Sword, I would like at least 20 people to come.”

“Even the 1st Knights, which were founded for the first time, are also proud of their powerful weapons. In particular, Hari Han and Soyeon Cheon are now evaluated as fairly high-ranking S-class hunters.”

President Hobson also read the material.

The association’s new recruits and academy cadets, who had been A- and B-class hunters until the beginning of this year, stood in the ranks of S-class hunters in less than half a year.

Even the knights under his command were at the level of an S-class raiding party. It is unbelievable that it was student-oriented until recently.

‘The jackpot is a part of the Burning Sword Knights with three or more officers. Are Joong-bak two officers in the Cheon So-yeon Knights?’

It seems a bit difficult to hope for a jackpot. Because Korea won’t want its largest power to leak out.

‘Goddess Meriel said that she had done something, but there’s nothing more I want even if it’s heavy.’

A large transport plane stopped on the runway and stood in front of a red carpeted ceremony.

Soon after, the door opened, and the first to appear were a girl with red braided hair and two Asian girls with black hair. And the two boys from the Knights Templar who were in the data.

“Okay, first of all, the fact that the four of them came means that the entire order of knights came.”

Four people descending with awkward smiles in front of a nation-sized welcoming crowd. Following them, former academy cadet knights get off one after another.

All of them were members of the 1st Pantheonden Knights in the database, and all of them were spell users starting with A-class hunters.

Their fighting power was left behind in an impressive video when they subjugated Akasha’s domain.

After that, the spider machine jumped up the stairs and landed on the top of Ha-ri’s head.

“This is Sir Yacht Spinner. His arrival means that even the newest weapons can be mobilized for this gate.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look at that super robot.”

The next one to get off was a red knight wearing pre-medieval full plate armor. Some of them were taking off their helmets, so the officials from the Hunter Management Bureau immediately recognized them.

“This is Sir Raihar Deber! The third sword of the Burning Sword Knights!”

“There are Sir Galatan and Sir Tarhan. They are top-tier players with videos of attacking the gate alone!”

The agents of the Hunter Management Bureau were delighted as the names of the Burning Sword Knights appeared one after another.

Does their arrival mean that some of the Knights of the Burning Sword will also participate in this raid?

‘Could all of them have come——’

There was a hopeful observation for a moment, but everyone’s eyes widened at the next person to appear.

– Sir Vulcanus!

-It’s Butcher Vulcanus!

– That Vulcanus came to America!

The leader of the Holy Grail Knights of the Burning Sword, and a super-powerful man who has suppressed even the greatest demons. Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame, revealed his gigantic figure.

“I’m all here.”

President Anthony Hobson couldn’t stop his mouth from twitching.

Expectations were at their peak when the 1st Knights arrived, but it felt like I had been given a Christmas present in advance to hear that they had arrived all the way to Vulcanus.

Stress has reached its peak due to the appearance of the Black Gate, the worst disaster of mankind, in Washington DC, but it seems that everything is blown away by the arrival of the staunch Pantheon Knights.

As a result, the Nasdaq index, which fluctuated, will quickly regain stability. When the black gate appears, the reason why there is information control is because the stock price and the surrounding land price are destroyed.

Humanity has always feared the horrors of the Black Gate.

“Lionheart’s Lionheart! Leon Dragonia Lionheart has come to visit!”

Soon after, Lion Heart King Leon and Magician Queen Beatrice came down the stairs together.

Probably the most famous person in the world.

Brilliant golden hair and blue walls… In addition, despite the transcendent age of 300 years old, the handsome man who looks like a young man in his prime is receiving absolute support from the Internet world.

And a veiled woman following him. The exact facial features have not been revealed because she always covers her face, but sometimes only a part of her face is revealed, which is eyewitness testimony that she is a beauty with a lot of ‘seconds’ attached to her.

They are indeed good men and women, but with the world’s top armed force, it is safe to say that the popularity of the two is world class.

“Welcome to the United States of America. The United States welcomes you two, Your Majesty and your Knights.”

President Hobson held out his hand as a sign of friendship. Leon happily held the president’s hand and smiled.

“Are you the representative of this great country? Nice to meet you, President Anthony Hobson. I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart, the 15th Lion Heart King of the Lionheart Kingdom.”

Leon did not consider the head of the administration elected by popular vote as a member of the same royal family as himself, but treated him in his own way.

This means that they are not regarded as at least one commoner.

He did not let go of President Hobson’s hand.

“······your majesty?”

“I have one thing to check.”

“What is that…”

──Are you a demon?


The complexion of President Hobson and members of the administration turned blue.

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