The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 187: To America (2)

Are you a demon or a demon follower?

It is an ideological verification that the world’s high-ranking officials have recently been fed up with.

Infidelity Scandal Happened Dear Devil? You said you took a bribe? Devil? You said the ruling was a bit strange, you devil?

Anyway, what did you do? It is the second coming of the 21st century version of you, the Reds.

Of course, like you rednecks in the 20th century Cold War, there were cases where you really got caught.

There is an urban myth that if people report suspected demons on the Pantheon Temple website, someone will dispose of them after thorough verification and investigation.

Of course, it was not just an urban myth to the heads of governments of each country who operated intelligence agencies.

It is also an open fact that there are gas explosions, pictures of particle weapons observed somewhere in space, and someone leisurely carrying out assassinations despite thorough security posture.

And all those who died were those who were suspected of being demons or demon followers.

[dismissal. It is certain that the former director was a demon follower.]

The CIA director of the Antony administration was also found dead at some point, and the evidence that he was a devil follower was also clearly revealed.

The US government shushed it away, but they were very wary of the Pantheon’s ability to carry out assassinations.

In particular, if these ignorant demon haters in front of me are suspected of being demons, aren’t they the type to burn UN staff?

Is that why Leon is your villain? When asked, President Hobson could only imagine a dire future.

“Oh, no.”

At the words of President Hobson, who was tongue-tied for a moment, Leon tapped him on the shoulder and laughed.

“It’s a rough world. I never imagined that my worm would wear a human mask and rule as king.”

“Um, um…”

From the CIA report, Taiwanese President Zhao’s fate was well known.

They said that he was tied to the hands of citizens and was brutally burned at the stake.

If this medieval lion heart king was hanged on a stake to see if he was a devil, that alone would be an international embarrassment.

‘I have to avoid that much!’

President Hobson said desperately while maintaining an awkward smile.

“I-I believe in God.”

“Ah~ A Christian. He is a wonderful person who gave up his only begotten son.”

At those words, President Hobson had a look of surprise. I thought he was a fanatic who prioritized only the doctrine of the pantheon, but he was more sympathetic to other religions than I thought.

Well, if he had been a fanatic who only believed in his own god, he wouldn’t have paid tribute to Meriel, the goddess of fate.

“Ha ha, I’m not a devil or follow a devil.”

President Hobson tried to pass this off as a mere joke. But it wasn’t Leon.

“I’m going to pray to the god of war in honor of meeting my American president, and I hope you’ll be happy to accept my congratulatory address.”

“Yes? No, sleep—”

That was the moment. Leon recited a prayer, and sparks were immediately lit.

The sacred flame of Petos, the god of war. It is a well-known fact that it is the flame of extinction that burns even the soul.

“Go, Your Excellency!”

The SPs freaked out and pulled out their pistols, but it was after the flames had already engulfed the area.


-Suddenly sparks!

The startled crowd and cameraman backed away, but the president was never captured as he burned away.

President Anthony Hobson was not a villain or a member of the evil group, so he was unaffected by the flames of Petos.

“Uh, uh…”

However, President Hobson is embarrassed by the fact that my body caught fire just a moment ago. Leon smiled and patted his shoulder.

“How can you be so embarrassed? I just wished you the blessings of the gods and congratulated you.”

“ha ha ha······.”

President Hobson felt a chill run down his spine when he realized that if Leon had been a follower of the devil, he would have burned him to death on the spot.

I wonder if I am grateful for being a devout Christian.

“It’s reckless! Taking out a weapon in the king’s presence!”

Lord Raihar yelled at the SPs who pulled out their guns. Leon dissuades him.

“Well, they are courageous people who risked their lives to protect their king. Don’t criticize them too much.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

risked their lives In other words, it meant that Leon and the knights of the Pantheon were in a position to kill them.

‘That’s an incredible amount of confidence.’

Does that mean that those who claim themselves to be their agents under the protection of the gods are confident enough to fight a war against the great nation of the United States?

If he had been a follower of the devil and was burned to death right here, he was about to get dizzy at the thought of what would have happened to America–

– Aaaaaaaaaagh!

Terrible screams coming from somewhere. It happened at a gathering of reporters.

“What, what!”

“It’s the devil! It’s the devil!”

Leon’s congratulatory address to President Hobson sparked a fire that spread all over the place and burned several people. And their true forms were revealed, and they were revealed to be demons.

“Oops. As expected, evil species are everywhere, and they hide themselves in a despicable way.”


As President Hobson watched the dying devil or his followers in agony of soul, he decided that he would never have anything to do with the devil.

and on the other hand

U.S. Mage Master Raynald Shellman and Jewel of Wisdom watched this meeting on TV.

-It was good that I didn’t go to the bar…

“You are truly wise…”

The tower master, Raynald Shellman, and the great demon of wisdom, Gob, breathed a sigh of relief and survived today!

* * * *

[Lion Heart King, Leon Dragonia, His Majesty the Lionheart, makes a surprise visit to the United States.]

[Mobilization of the largest bodyguard ever. The Hobson administration warmly welcomes the pantheon.]

[Devil followers discovered at the welcome hall. Is America safe from demons?]

[The Korean Pantheon and Allies. Visiting the United States one after another with the largest force ever. There were no borders in front of the Gate Crisis!]

[President Hobson’s diplomatic achievements emphasizing the strengthening and solidarity of the US-ROK alliance.]

The articles that had been pouring in even before Leon’s visit heated up the Internet and TV news to the extent that they could be called bombs after Leon arrived.

Some criticized Leon’s visit to the United States, saying it would undermine democracy and accelerate the expansion of heretical religions, but most welcomed the pantheon that came to help attack the Black Gate.

-Wow! Your Majesty the Lion Heart King!

– Please look here!

Wherever Leon went, he welcomed enthusiastic crowds, but the crowds in America were great.

Road from Washington Dulles International Airport to the White House. The entire area was controlled, and a downtown parade with President Hobson took place.

Leon and President Hobson headed to the White House waving to citizens together in the same vehicle, and took pictures with President Hobson while stopping at famous restaurants and tourist attractions in downtown White House.

“Huh~ Aren’t you tired? You’ve been visiting for a long time, but you seem to be doing too much political work.”

They asked for permission in advance and made a schedule, but President Hobson was worried that Leon might be annoyed.

This is because there have been times when an American Pantheonist believer or a child, who broke through the security guards’ blockade, made a sudden action.

The number of bodyguards was the highest ever, but the enthusiastic response of the Pantheonists in the United States was beyond imagination.

“It’s okay. Originally, people don’t have many opportunities to meet the royal family. It’s natural for them to look up to the royal family and want to be close to them.”

President Hobson had met Queen Victoria of England and other presidents and royals around the world, but it was the first time that he showed such royal dignity.

Absolute monarch of another world monarchy. A party to the theory of the divine right of kings who proudly states that he has become a king with the authority of God.

Compared to Leon, even the kings of theocratic states in the Middle East should be called quasi-royal.

The really scary thing is that this royal family truly represents the gods and is recognized for their authority.

‘Certainly he is at odds with democracy.’

The US government was expecting Korea to be swallowed up by the pantheon before long.

Their democracy is healthy, but the existence of a pantheon itself is too cheating.

A half-god protected by the gods and blessed by the gods.

Not only that, but according to what has been revealed so far, one cannot become a government official, let alone a king, without integrity and pure whiteness.

A member of the Korean National Assembly declared himself a fan of the pantheon for his political performance, but was struck by lightning and became an eunuch.

I can’t oppose the pantheon right now because of the existence of demons, but once everything is over…

‘Really, can mankind be hostile to the Pantheon and Lionheart?’

As the defender of democracy and the president of the United States, President Hobson was forced to suffer. It’s hard to just deny it, because a goddess from the other world already existed in America.

“President Hobson. Where is Goddess Meriel?”

“He’s waiting for you in the White House.”

Recently, in order to make a bold proposal to the pantheon, the US government directly dispatched the goddess Meriel.

And when he asked for support from the Pantheon with the appearance of the Black Gate today, an unofficial letter from the goddess Meriel brought Leon to this position.

‘Because of what?’

President Hobson was curious about the contents, but seeing Leon arrive in America and find the goddess Meriel, he can only guess that the goddess helped her a lot.

The drawing room in the White House, guided by President Hobson. Leon saw a platinum-haired goddess waiting for him there.

“Meet the goddess of fate.”

Leon approached her and bent one knee. Goddess Meriel happily accepted this and offered her hand.

“Have you been well, King Leon? It’s nice to see you again so quickly.”

Leon kissed the back of the goddess’s hand and raised her gaze.

“I’m still the same. I’m glad the Goddess is well.”

“I’m just grateful that you treat a god you don’t believe in so highly. May the gods of the pantheon best of luck.”

Accordingly, the gods of the pantheon also greeted the gods of other worlds. They felt sympathy and sympathy for the goddess of fate who, like them, lost the world and became a wanderer.

They had a great agent named Leon, but the goddess Meriel didn’t even have that, so they were in a position to sell their abilities to humans.

[However, I need to clarify what you conveyed in the letter before that. Is it true what I wrote about the only daughter in my article?]

Goddess Ariana had known the agony of her knight for a very long time.

Even though Leon served for the gods for so long, the gods failed to fulfill the incident, which remained as a debt of mind to the gods.

Grand Duke Carina Dragonia.

Meriel mentioned her fate in a personal letter.

“Yes, I read the fate of King Leon, but I did not intervene. But I could intervene in the fate of the one King Leon most desired.”

[Is that Karina?]

The goddess of fate is an eternal being. Losing believers to believe in, he escaped from his world and came to Earth.

Her rank is by no means low, but she could not intervene in the fate of beings with divinity.

“Karina Dragonia. She’s in danger.”


Leon’s eyes widened. I had guessed that Karina was alive, but I was convinced that she was alive through the testimony of the goddess, and I was also worried that a crisis had come to her.

“Karina…! Where is that child!”

[My knight. Calm down.]

On the rare occasion that Leon gets excited, Ariana calms him down.

“Rather than that. Tell me something about her first. I’ll tell you what I saw later.”

Meriel demands information before telling what she saw. The answer was Ventasis, the god of darkness and vengeance.

[Karina Dragonia. The Holy Grail Knight who signed a contract with me battled the Demon Grand Duke of Greed to achieve his revenge.]

It was the time before the decisive battle with Karakael, the lord of wisdom.

The Northern Army’s withdrawal from the Union and the advance of the Grand Duchy. It was destroyed immediately, and the 30,000 northern army headed towards the place where the demon grand duke’s legion lurked.

[However, Carina Dragonia disappeared there. Many avengers who signed a contract with me disappeared that day.]

[Just like when I was the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.]

To Petos’ words, Demera replied with a bitter voice.

[Like Geobrick or Vulcanus, the whereabouts of the soul could not be known due to the tricks of demons.]

The gods and Leon had been inferring that Karina Dragonia would have been in a similar situation.

“I see. But… you guys are on the very lucky side. You were able to take away at least the souls of your followers.”


Leon guessed the feelings of the goddess Meriel with her sad eyes.

She is also a benevolent goddess who loves children. There was no existence like herself in her world who had protected the pantheon and paradise in her heart for hundreds of years.

The feelings of the goddess who lost her followers and the children she has cared for throughout history must be painful enough to tear.

The Goddess of Fate calmed down for a moment and gave Leon the answer he had been waiting for.

“Karina Dragonia. She exists beyond the black gate that opens this time. And what can save her is—”

Only her father, Leon, the goddess said the fate she had read.

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