The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 188: International Hunter Alliance

There have been three major catastrophes since mankind suffered from the threat of the other world called the Gate.

The first is the Shanghai Disaster.

Even though Shanghai was evaporated by the great evil Scajacarrier, the continent, which accumulated damage through continuous resurrection and re-advent, collapsed.

The second is the Siberian Frost Queen.

Frost Queen, who swallowed the Russian Siberian snowfield, was eventually subdued, but her heart still remained and became an epic item that expands the snowfield.

The third is the London disaster.

The European Union’s first allied attack team cleared the gate, but the real Madu was the Demonic Sword of Wandering that was dropped as an epic item.

In other words, 870,000 London citizens and 600 hunters were killed by James Spencer, the first magic swordsman, as a trap for Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, to find the host.

In this way, all of the black gates inflicted irreparable wounds on mankind.

The least damage was the London disaster, which killed close to a million people, so it goes without saying how terrifying it was.

That’s why when the black gate appeared in the middle of Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, the United States of America acted very rationally.

[The United States of America seeks the support of its longtime allies.]

Long-time allies such as Korea, Japan, Germany, and France, as well as Five Eyes such as England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, have requested the dispatch of an elite hunter raiding party.

– Look at that. It’s Cornwall. Great Wizard of England! Lord of the Tower of London!

-The Gentlemen’s League came together. Silver Knight Graham!

-Günter from Germany came too! European defending champion!

-From Japan, the president of the Takeda Association came directly. Now that he’s in a high-ranking position, he thought he’d send his subordinates.

At the request of the United States, the hunters from all over the world were S-class hunters representing each country.

It is said that it is condescending because there are things to be received from the United States in terms of various security and technology, but this alone exceeds the number of S-class hunters mobilized at London Gate.

And the important American Hunter force is——

-It’s the Maverick Guild! Minuteman and Allen Taylor!

-Are all executives participating?

-LA’s McHale Guild is here too! The American S-class Hunter is guilty!

-There are only 60 S-class hunters. You’re crazy.

Indeed, the United States of America was a force befitting the world’s most powerful country.

The total number of S-class hunters in the United States is 80. This alone was four times the level of Korea, one of the leading hunter powerhouses.

Among them, the Maverick Guild and McHale Guild, which have the most S ranks, are huge guilds that divide the United States into two.

The largest guilds of the United States of America in the East and West were mobilized to attack the Black Gate in Washington.

“They haven’t come yet.”

“The real monster power of this attack.”

However, even they were not the protagonists of this attack. Shortly thereafter, a formal entry begins, as if the pope had visited with the guidance of the splendid American ceremonial squad.

“Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart His Majesty and his companions are entering!”

It was a heterogeneous group in this modern age.

It is not uncommon now for hunters to use cold weapons and wear pre-modern armor.

However, the modernly renovated pre-modern style armor design or the sword and shield with increased magic conductivity have a different atmosphere from the weapons of the past.

A paradoxical balance is established with cold weapons leading the cutting edge.


But is there really another group that goes against the times like this?

Whole body armor collectively referred to as full plate armor. A standardized, heavy jousting spear. Even a war horse that protects the whole body with barding.

Heavy armored assault knights with a thorough cold weapon system that literally reminds me of medieval French knights.

The peculiarity of cavalry, which suddenly appeared in the age of tanks and fighters, draws people’s attention.

– It’s really medieval itself.

-They say they charge at the gate.

-Aren’t they also jousting?

Some in the audience burst into laughter at the joke, but as they got closer, everyone held their breath.

overwhelming presence. He realized that those who had emerged from medieval murals were not just anachronistic knights, but warlords who had been on the battlefield since birth.

“Your Majesty! You’re here on time!”

The attack on the black gate this time was scheduled to be greeted by US President Hobson himself.

President Hobson greatly welcomed Leon’s appearance, and Leon and the knights descended one after another.

-Looks like the Man-at-Arms didn’t come.

-Well, if they come, the number of hunters will be greater than in the US. The chain of command will be messed up.

No matter how much support from the alliance was desired, the center of attacking the gate this time must be the US itself.

– But only with the Knights of the Burning Sword and Lord Vulcan.

-It’s a huge overbalance. The Naju Knights are not at a low level either.

– There are four people including the Lion Heart King. Especially Yacht spinners don’t know what’s going to pop out. Are those containers his only armed containers?

In any case, the number of Hunters gathered in Washington was close to 150, only for those of the semi-S rank or higher. With this much power, even the red gate can be cut in one day.

The reason they didn’t enter the Washington Gate right away was because there were people waiting.

“President Hobson, how long has the scouts been in?”

“Today is the fourth day.”

Each black gate boasted a terrible level of difficulty. Most large guilds tried to bid each other for the red gate, the highest difficulty level, but the case for the black gate was different.

In the black gate attack, which became an all-out war almost unconditionally, the hunters dispatched a scout first to see the gate situation and decide whether to attack it, even if it took time.

“It’s time to come out soon…”

In fact, I had given orders to return last night if possible. But, if no one has come out yet…

‘Wouldn’t it be annihilation? It was a reconnaissance party that also included the S-class Hunter Trident.’

It was best for the scout to convey the information inside the gate as much as possible, but in the worst case, even if the scout was wiped out, they had to enter the gate.

Although all citizens of Washington DC are being evacuated, this city is the administrative capital and the center of the United States that the United States cannot give up.

Losing this place would be an indelible wound.

“Let’s wait a minute. Our American Hunters are excellent. We’ll be back soon with good news.”

President Hobson spoke out loud, but as time went on, the complexion of him and his secretaries began to darken.

One hour, two hours… four hours… The International Hunter Allied Forces had no choice but to wait at the time to receive information from the gate and plan a strategy.

Time passing so relentlessly means one thing.

The annihilation of the scouts.

Even in the United States, the disastrous assumption that the entire Hunter Reconnaissance Corps, composed of only elite hunters, was annihilated became a fait accompli.

“your majesty.”

An old British gentleman approached in front of the Agents of the Hunter Management Bureau, who were blushing after realizing what it meant.

“Mr. Cornwall. What are you doing?”

Cornwall, the Duke of England and the Archmage, whom even President Hobson cannot handle. As the owner of the Epic Item Twelve Rings, he expressed his opinion on behalf of the International Hunter Alliance.

“I think we should enter soon.”

“But… the scouts haven’t returned yet.”

“The black gate has a longer dungeon break grace time than other gates, but it is a gate that is difficult to attack.

Originally, even the operation of the scouting party was a waste of time. It’s just that no one can easily step out of the black gate, a gate with an extremely high mortality rate.

“Then… what do you think of the Maverick Guild and the McHale Guild?”

“I think we should enter… your Excellency. It’s a pity even for us that the Trident didn’t come out.”

The Maverick Guild was devastated by the fact that the S-class Hunter belonging to it was highly likely to die, but reached a cool conclusion.

“We are of the same opinion as the Maverick Guild. If we take more time here, the gate attack may become more urgent.”


President Hobson felt miserable that he had to send it without giving any proper information to the International Hunter Alliance, which had to overcome the crisis in the United States.

His eyes were now on Leon.

“Does His Majesty think so too?”

“I’m not the commander of this coalition. The supreme commander is President Hobson.”

So Leon emphasizes that the responsibility for the decision rests with President Hobson himself. He did not come here as a king, but as a reinforcement.

President Hobson also made a decision in response to Leon’s wise answer.

“Okay. Although not the best, our International Hunter Alliance’s strength is stronger than any other army in the world. I trust that you can overcome any difficulties.”

President Hobson also made a decision. He ordered an advance on Washington Gate.

“As the President of the United States, I order the International Hunter Alliance to protect Washington and its citizens. God bless them.”

* * * *

Although the sad news was that the scouting party had been destroyed, they were confident that this attack would not fail.

About 150 S-class hunters gathered to attack the Washington Gate. There are 2,000 Class A Hunters.

There is no precedent in the history of attacking the World Gate that such a force was mobilized.

‘Your Majesty also has Sir Vulcan, the Queen, and Sir Yapi!’

Among these 150 or so S-class hunters, Han Ha-ri, a rookie who occupied the last seat, had more faith.

No matter how powerful the demon grand duke or the superpowers were, it was impossible to imagine that they would surpass the stronghold of Leon.

so that.

“What, what is it? Gate movement…”

“This place is…”

The unexpected incident was clearly beyond her imagination.

It was a hazy space.

A strange feeling of floating as if you were in outer space. However, the buoyancy of an unknown force is pushing the raiders somewhere.

Progress towards irresistible was a little frustratingly slow.

“What is this! What the hell happened!”

“Don’t get excited! Everyone doesn’t know everything!”

Despite being pushed by an unknown force, the hunters tried to interpret this anomaly in their own way. Or getting out of control with anxiety.

“Everybody calm down! It’s clear that we entered the gate!”

Eventually, Nogu’s gentleman went ahead and calmed them down. He has been active since the beginning of the Cataclysm and is the owner of the Tower of London, the world’s magic tower. He is the most prestigious hunter here, so his words have power.

“Mr. Cornwall. Do you have any guesses about this phenomenon, Archmage?”

It was Allen Taylor of the Maverick Guild. He was testing his movements as if he were swimming in outer space through his subordinates.

“Hmm… not at all. But according to this old man’s guess, the magician queen of the pantheon must be more aware of this phenomenon.”

At those words, everyone’s eyes turned to the pantheon. Beatrice accepted their gaze while riding on the black horse that was swimming in the sky.

“Do you also think the same as me?”

“That’s right, my queen. I’ve read the thesis the queen submitted to the magic academia.”

“Thesis given by the magician queen?”

“I heard there are a few.”

Hunters buzzing. The most famous external activity in the pantheon is this magician queen after Leon.

It is said that the many magical theories she presented are truly revolutionary in the magical world.

It is evaluated that mankind, whose history of magic is only 30 years old, is no different from a newborn baby who has just begun to walk in front of this magician queen.

“This is probably inside the gate. To be precise, it’s the subspace between the entrance and exit of the gate.”

“Between the gate entrance and exit?”

“I think many wizards have already experimented with opening the gate with my thesis, but… To put it simply, the gate is supposed to come out at the same time as entering.”

Enter and exit at the same time. This has been a very obvious fact until now. However, the position of the academic world is different.

“Entering the gate is like crossing over to another world. It’s literally a space leap that transcends time and space… However, a physically ‘passage’ is always necessary.”

Now we are swimming in the aisle. Up to that point, the Hunters also understood. The problem is–

“Why are you here now? Until now, you would have gone to the next entrance in an instant?”

“Nogu thinks there are two possibilities. The first is that the hunters’ magical powers had some effect on the gate due to an unprecedented large-scale movement…”

“Is there an existence that can intervene in this sub-space, the passage that crosses the world?”

– Occurrence of abnormal energy activity. Inactive Observation Radar Fully Enabled.


Possible enemy presence.


The space fluctuates. In the subspace, the road like a huge passage was distorted, and a certain ‘shape’ was revealed there.

The figure was so huge and clear that everyone thought of a being.

evil one huge being. The hero’s adversary.

The incarnation of the greatest violence in that myth is——

“What is that…”


The torn pupils of the dragon, which were so huge, were staring at the allied forces from the other side of the subspace.

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