The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 189: Dragonia, the Progenitor Dragon

It’s a gaze.

Crimson red eyes, the pupils of snakes that were torn all the way.

What is most terrifying is that it is so huge.


A very large presence. A born tyrant depicted in mythology. No, apart from that, ‘great’ in itself becomes violence.

While everyone was clearly nervous, a voice close to a wave sounded from the dragon.

[Are the mere ants invading my territory?]

A doctor who reveals overt hostility. The old gentleman shouted, suffering from the voice that resonated directly in his brain.

“I’m mistaken! We didn’t just come to attack the gate——!?”


A huge blast hit the Hunters. The dragon’s fury struck them.

[【Dragon Fear】is applied.]


: All living things fall into chaos in the absolute superior existence.

: Magic resistance is reduced by 80%.

: Great defense is reduced by 75%.

: Action success rate is reduced by 90%.


Terrible traits hit the hunters one after another. My body suddenly gets tired, and my limbs lose strength.

No matter how many hunters there are, no matter how high-profile the hunters are, living beings are bound to submit in front of beings of a higher rank than themselves.

Despite their vast numbers, they couldn’t resist the aura of a single dragon.

“Keusss…! Everyone wake up!”

Archmage Cornwall raised his staff. Epic item Twelve Halls, this wand that causes twelve miracles also contains the ability to resist curses.

[The seventh magic of the twelve illusions is activated.]

– All party members have resistance to mental interference magic.

A simple but vast anti-ma blessing. Thanks to this, the Hunters were able to barely keep themselves together.

“More, thanks to you, I’m alive, Mr. Cornwall.”

“Damn it… Even with the Exorcism of the Twelve Rings, 50% of the debuffs remain…”

Thanks to the magic of the twelfth illusion, he was able to resist the dragon fear, but even with this epic item, he was not free from the resistance of the dragon fear.

At least some with Legendary Exorcism items were in better shape, but Cornwall suddenly remembered the Pantheon and turned his attention to it.


pantheon. Leon and the three Holy Grail Knights. The Burning Sword Knights and the 1st Knights of Naju, about 100 knights, were in formation with a very normal attitude.

“I will maintain the terrain in subspace. Prepare to charge at any time.”

The dark and dark purple fog created by Queen Beatrice became a foothold with material forms, and knights on horseback lined up on top of it.

All of the Knights of the Burning Sword spewed out fierce flames of battle, and Cheon So-yeon’s Knights, embarrassed by the size of the dragon, raised their jousting spears.

‘Aren’t you affected by Dragon Fear at all?’

Is such a thing possible? Even the archmage himself is no different from a mere worm in front of the dragon’s vast magical power, so how can he endure such an existence with a human body?

“Crazy… what is this?”

At that time, a hunter looked at the system log and was shocked.

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】


: Corps reinforcement charge defense is granted.

: Corps reinforcement fortification is granted.

: Corps reinforcement battalion reinforcement is granted.

: Legion strengthening valor is granted.

: Legion strengthened lighter armor is granted.

: Legion strengthened tough skin is granted.

: Legion strengthening heavy blow is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-magic enhancement is granted.

: Legion strengthening ranged resistance is granted.

: Legion strengthening sharp gaze is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-infantry slaughter is granted.

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.

The power of blessing that surpasses resistance and even surpasses him. Dragon Fear has given the Hunter Alliance a number of tainted traits, but Leon’s presence offsets all of them. Also–

【 Grail Knight Vulcan’s Fighting Spirit 】

【 Holy Grail Knight, Yakt Spinner’s Cool-headedness 】

【Blessing of Priestess Beatrice】

Superhumans with saint or saint-level divinity protected all the knights under their command——

[Blessing of the Priestess of the Sea and Waves]

【Blessing of the Knight of Light and Justice】

【Blessing of the Knight of Heaven and Thunder】

[Blessing of the Commander of the Knights of Darkness and Vengeance]

Master-level knights with holy relics and——

[Baltan Burning Sword Knights’ Unbreakable Fury]

The wrath of the Holy Grail Knights, a group of superhumans, flowed and burned away their fears.

Each one has their own divine protection, and the higher the level of knights, the more traits are added to the troops under their command, the traits of divine protection that multiply inexhaustibly.

[The bugs…]

The dragon’s gaze turned to Leon. Leon, who had been staring closely at the dragon since earlier, was recognized by the dragon and smiled.

[Oh dear. I know your smell.]

The dragon’s voice resounds. In this subspace, the dragon’s voice resounded so loud that it was difficult to even hear it, and it let out a gloomy howl.

[What source did your breath come from, what kind of blood did the flesh of your body come from.]

The dragon’s gaze met directly. Red, ruby-colored eyes intersect with the blue wall.

They know each other’s existence. A long time ago.

[The dragon slayer. You are a descendant of the tin can who stole my name.]

“Is it Dragonia, the Progenitor Dragon?”


If you know Leon, it is a name that you will not know.

Before Leon was the Lion Heart King, he was the legitimate successor to the grand duke’s family, and he was told several times in the process of showing off his status.

Duke of Dragonia.

It was Leon’s family name, and it was also a pseudonym that the first Grand Duke of Dragonia took as his own after defeating a great dragon.

[Hahahahaha…! Right. I’ve been waiting for the day to take revenge on you guys for a very long time!]

That was the moment. A huge fire soared in subspace, and something jumped up.

It was Vulcan.

“GRARARARARA——!! You talk at length about fighting, salamander!”

The red armored knight ran out, pouring out the flames of Petos like momentum.

The hunters who did not think of attacking that huge old dragon were astonished.

– Quaang!

Vulcan struck the dragon with two flaming holy swords. But… the dragon didn’t move at all.


Vulcanus is surprised by the dragon that does not even move with its own strength. Dragon… Dragonia smiled.

[You have no right to interfere in this realm. You bugs and those devils too.]

The next moment, Dragonia’s wings unfolded. When the already huge dragon spread its wings, its length was enough to cover the space.

[I am Dragonia. the one who holds the mountain Dragon King of Drakara. The nemesis of your gods and the oldest being. I am Shinhwa soon!]

The spread wings fold back. simple flapping of wings. That alone shook subspace and swept away thousands of hunters.

It was the same with the Lion Heart King and the knights.

* * * *

[Leon! Leon, my knight!]

Leon opened his eyes at the voice of the goddess. He rises, hearing the voices of the goddess and other gods who worry about him.

“This place······.”

It was in the middle of the city.

The familiar market floor reminds me of old memories. Stalls are lined up, and touts and citizens come and go.

Their eyes were focused on Leon. I would do just that.

An outsider suddenly dropped from the sky attracts attention even if he doesn’t want to.

-What is that man? Didn’t it just fall from the sky?

– To hear people fall from the sky. You were surprised to learn that it was His Majesty the Emperor.

Leon, realizing that his gaze was lower than the commoners, immediately stood up and looked down at them.

Even though they were intimidated by the confidence of Leon’s origins, they couldn’t hide their curiosity about this mysterious man who fell from the sky.

Ignoring their stares, Leon explored his surroundings and approached the shopkeeper who quietly glanced at him from a stall in the corner.

“There you are. Mistress of the flower shop.”

“Me, me?”

The proprietress of the flower shop designated by her finger greeted Leon with a ruddy face.

“Tell me in detail, starting with where this place is.

“Hey, is this a flower shop?”

“Then, where can I go and buy it?”

Even though he doesn’t leave money, Leon is shamelessly carefree.

But a king never bows down to a commoner. It doesn’t change even if it’s a different world that I don’t know anything about.

“Everyone, I’m going!”

The landlady blushed and quickly went out.

He guessed that Leon’s status was not usually noble, but the outside influence was greater than that.

After leaving the flower shop owner, Leon was lost in thought.

“Dragonia, the progenitor dragon… I never thought that existence would come and reveal itself.”

[It is only a shadow of it. Only the body lost and the mighty soul still remain.]

“If that kind of presence is only the shape of a soul… then it must have been a truly amazing existence when alive.”

Leon only heard of its existence as a vague legend.

The founding period of the Lionheart Kingdom. Even in the Lionheart Kingdom, there were three people who were revered as absolute beings.

“I heard that the first Lion Heart King, His Majesty Richard, and the first priest of war and flame, Duke Lenoir, were defeated by Archduke Erindal Dragonia.”

Among them, Erindal Dragonia, who was called the dragon slayer, absorbed the blood of the progenitor dragon Dragonia and absorbed its heart.

All the Grand Dukes of Dragonia inherited the dragon’s heart, and so did Leon.

That’s why I knew.

“The dragons I have defeated are incomparable.”

[Yes, the dragons of your time, Leon, are nothing more than lizards compared to Dragonia.]

Following Ariana, even Petos spoke while recalling those days.

[Even the fire-breathing fire dragons were only dragonia’s subordinates in the age of dragons. It was so huge that it stretched out its arms and grabbed the volcano.]

Such a legendary being has now made its appearance. I don’t know why, but there must be something wrong with the dragon’s heart.

“Gods, do you know where the others have fallen?”

[Originally, we are bodies bound to the pantheon in your heart. I don’t know if it’s the Earth where the pantheon was newly built, but in this other world, I can only be by your side.]

[Wait, light. The sea cannot be seen.]


The gods were talking among themselves. As a representative, Ariana said.

[Bada, that guy seems to have created an incarnation in that moment and attached itself to Hari.]

“I’m also having trouble connecting with the Poma god. It’s a similar situation to when I entered the East Sea Gate before.”

The gods could not descend directly into the material world, but they could intervene through the shell of an incarnated body.

In the past, when the power of the gods was strong, they appeared to give quests to their favorite knights.

However, while intervening in the human world by creating an incarnation like that, the consciousness of God was also directed there, so it was inevitable to be absent from the pantheon.

[I can’t see another one.]

“What if someone else?”

[plural. I can’t see his darkness.]

Ventasis, God of Darkness and Vengeance. Knowing who he had chosen as the Holy Grail Knight, Leon sighed in relief.



Because both are connected to one person.

“Karina…that child is really here…”

[Your goddess is looking forward to meeting my knight’s child.]

Carina Dragonia.

The daughter of the founder of Dragonia, the Grand Duke’s lineage, and the Holy Grail Knight of Darkness and Vengeance.

It was now clear that the child was alive inside this gate.


Leon hears a surprising fact from the owner of a flower shop he visits to obtain information.

“Is it Karina?”

“Hee! Don’t say something reckless! You call His Majesty’s name carelessly!”

The landlady is frightened as if she is afraid that someone will hear it. Leon’s eyes widened in surprise at the title of honor that could not be ignored.

“You want the emperor?”

* * * *


Harry forced his tired eyelids open. It was an almost instinctive action, but a black blade was terrifyingly thrust in front of her eyes.


Hari reflexively draws her sword, slashes the blade, and retreats. She recognized that she was surrounded by soldiers.

“Ganja resists!”

“It doesn’t matter if I kill you! Subdue it!”


Spear blades soaring from all sides. Hari exclaimed while panting.

“Oh, misunderstanding! I’m not Ganja!”

“You bastard! Where are you avoiding!”

“If you don’t avoid it, you’ll die!”

Hari shouted as if it was unfair, but the man who appeared to be the sergeant was merciless.

“That Ganja intruder into the imperial palace is fearlessly teasing his tongue! Hurry up and get an aura!”

Imperial Palace? Is this the imperial palace?

If you enter the gate several times, you will be able to get past it even if you are in an unfamiliar environment.

Hari recognized that this was the palace of a country inside the Gate and that he had become an infallible intruder.

‘Where have the others gone? Why did I only fall in a place like this!’

He suddenly became an intruder, but he couldn’t be caught. Hari escaped the pursuit of the soldiers by leaping over the seat with the physical ability of an S-class hunter.

“Innoohom! I won’t be able to calmly receive the aura!”

The sergeant threw a spear with bloodshot eyes.

“Ugh! Aren’t you throwing too quickly to get an aura?!”

“Shut up, renegade!”

“Bye, a renegade? Me? They said I was an intruder earlier!”

“What if a grown-up girl walks around with her navel exposed, if not a traitor!”

“Fashion is everything!!”

Anyway, Hari is also an S-class hunter. It is not an opponent that is easy enough to allow ordinary soldiers to pursue.

“Ugh, where are the other people——”

I wanted to start looking for His Majesty. No matter where you go, you will be the most visible person.

While running away from the pursuit of the soldiers, something came up on Hari’s shoulder.


“Mom! Poma-sama?!”

The unique turtle incarnation spoke to Hari.

“Poma-sama, why are you here?!”

[The moment I came out of subspace, I sensed that the coordinates of falling were different. Shouldn’t I be by your side too?]


a little bit touching Hari lifted the incarnation of Foma instead of her shaking shoulder and wrapped it so that it wouldn’t fall off.

“That means… that everyone else apart from me has fallen apart? That… just like Sir Zereah.”

[At that time, the priest of death was inexperienced in handling gates. It’s a little different now.]


[The dragon’s mighty magic caused the gate to fail. And that dragon——]

“An intruder in the imperial palace. That’s too big.”


Hari was shocked to see a woman appearing in front of her without a trace.

jet black hair. But the blue eyes that resembled someone. Harry knows her.

“We, the Northern Army, declare that we will withdraw from the Union at this point.”

After declaring separation from his father, he finally returned with Cheon So-yeon’s persuasion and shared the end of Lionheart–

Hari saw her in unfulfilled history.


Lina Dragonia. Before she could finish her words, an unspoken pressure hit Hari——

– Quaang!

The model of the red braided haired girl split halfway through the imperial palace and bounced off.

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