The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 19: The Hunting Spider (2)

Episode 19: The Hunting Spider (2)

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, was a willing offer to Leon.

An impregnable gate that no one has been able to close for a year and two months.

If you attack such a place, you will be able to spread your reputation in an instant.

Leon is willing to accept the offer.

“But, old man. I’ve heard that it’s a gate that I’ve given up on, so why did I suddenly become interested in it?”

Leon thought about the reputation he would gain by attacking the impregnable gate, but calmly judged the situation.

It is a special gate without fear of dungeon break. There must be a reason for resuming the attack again.

“It’s a common thing. Taking a risk and attacking the gate is worth it, isn’t it?”

“Tell me in detail.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, smiled bitterly at Leon, who clearly treated him as inferior.

He is the president of the Hunter Association and a first-generation S-class hunter representing Korea. is a living legend

However, Oh Kang-hyeok, who had been observing Leon for a while, knew that Leon treated him very well.

The attitude towards the so-called ‘commoners’ including Deputy Assistant Manager Hari Han and Director Park of Doojeong Group who approached him.

Considering Leon’s high-handed attitude towards them, even this was a pretty good treatment.

‘The regretful side has no choice but to bend.’

Leon is an existence of absolute value just because he can purify the land contaminated with magical energy. Oh Kang-hyeok can bend and enter as much as he wants for this country.

“The dungeon closing condition ‘Jewel of Wisdom’ was discovered in the United States. It was a reward from the recently cleared vermilion gate.”

“It seems to have considerable value.”

“Yes, that’s right. The Mage Tower studied this and proved that a tremendous force was compressed. This inspired the upper echelons of the Association as well.”

In short, I want to secure that jewel of wisdom. Even if the sacrifice is great.

“Do you have anyone with you?”

“There will be dispatchers from the Golden Lion Guild, one of the top 10 guilds, and the Mage Tower. I heard that the Mage Tower has also decided to send its own wizards.”

“The 10th guild… Can you think of it as the knights of this country?”

“Since they are not affiliated with the country… I guess they are more like mercenaries.”

“Heh. They are cloths that light up money. Protecting the people is both a knight’s duty and an honor.”

Chairman Oh Kang-hyeok did not bother to point out Leon’s way of thinking. As a rule, these authoritarians are enraged at dissensions running against them.

The type who ignores everything else because their own subjectivity is so clear.

If you don’t know if you don’t have the ability, but if the ability is outstanding, it’s not something that a third party can point out and fix.

“Okay. But there are two conditions.”

“Just say anything. We’ll support anything… as long as it doesn’t deviate from our principles.”

“Well, it’s not a great condition. First, you have to reveal Jim’s reputation after winning this battle.”

“We haven’t announced the existence of His Majesty, who is a survivor yet. We planned to announce it after His Majesty has sufficiently adapted to life on Earth…”

“I’ve got a rough understanding of the situation this Earth is in and the ecology of you guys.”

Really, is it really? Leon, who has lived in a very anachronistic and different conception, was difficult to understand even with the flexible way of thinking of earthlings, but would it be easy to do the opposite?

“The second is…”

Leon’s gaze goes over the head of the association. There, the association’s staff… There was also Hari.

“Hey, here you go!”

Hari hurriedly ran over and brought a prepared memo.


“This is a list of trainees to be trained in Jim’s guild. They’re all talkers, but well, that’s just fine for now.”

There, the names of several hunters, including D-class hunter ‘Koo Dae-seong’, were written. In addition to that, they asked for three digits to be filled with suitable hunters.

There was one thing in common with the people Leon noticed while conducting the grade test.

“Most of them are D-class… No matter how high they are, they are C-class.

Oh Kang-hyeok mentioned that he could give Leon a more promising player if he wanted, but he shook his head.

“I’m not looking for lumber for knights. This is enough for now.”

“I’ll try to find out. But, Your Majesty, the choice is theirs, so we can’t force everyone to join the ‘Manshinden’.”

Despite saying that, Oh Kang-hyeok was sure that they would not refuse my offer.

All of them literally gossip. They were low-level hunters who couldn’t even enter a good small or medium guild, let alone a 10th guild. Will they reject the president’s proposal?

Oh Kang-hyeok did not see it.

“If you kick my luck, you’ll be out of luck with that.”

Leon judged that it did not matter if he refused as Leon did. Rather, I was confident in how generous and blessed my proposal was.

“When will it be?”

“In three days, we will gather in front of the Cheongju Sports Complex.”

“Okay. I’ll show you guys. Lion Heart King’s prowess.”

Chairman Oh Kang-hyeok smiled bitterly and tried his best to sympathize with him. Thinking of giving Hari a generous year-end bonus.

* * * *

The attack on Cheongju Gate resumed.

The indefinite suspension of attacking the Cheongju Gate, which had risen to the red gate, was a case that attracted considerable attention in Asia as well.

A special gate where three raiding parties were destroyed. Even less than one Yakt Spinner.

Unable to overcome that one period, numerous hunters made Cheongju Gate their tomb.

In this way, Cheongju Gate became a treasure trove of Cheongju City and has become the main culprit of causing anxiety to the citizens of Cheongju.


It was then. Citizens flocking to the Cheongju Sports Complex started cheering.

“The golden lion has come!”

Starting with the cheers of the citizens, reporters fired their flashes at the black vans entering the sports complex.

People start to get out of the 20 or so black vans one by one while association employees stop the crowds of citizens.

“Golden iron! Golden iron!”

The man who got off while receiving cheers from the citizens was a giant over 2m tall.

At first glance, he seemed intimidating, but like black American rappers, he was dressed in gold necklaces and bracelets, and he seemed like a popular rapper. No, he was actually one of the best rappers in Korea.

“I’m here~ Citizens of Cheongju!”

Hwang Geum-cheol, one of the hippest hunters in the media, stuck out his tongue and enjoyed the cheers of the citizens.

“It’s embarrassing, so why don’t you do something like that?”

“Fan service~ Fan service~ We have to sell albums and T-shirts.”

Golden Chul smirking at his younger sister. She complained to him for delaying his time by having photo time with fans or signing autographs instead of walking.

“If you’re going to do that, you’re just a celebrity, right? There are a lot of people who listen to your poor rap. Turn over the guild leader and start an entertainment agency.”

“My dear sister, Hunter makes more money.”

“Love is Niimi.”

It was then. Fans also flocked to her younger sister, who was a celebrity as an A-class hunter, even if she did not engage in entertainment activities.

“Kyaaaaaagh! There’s Hwang Yeon-ha unnie too! Unnie! Look here!!”

“I heard that? My dear sister, Geumsoon?”

“I told you not to call me Geumsoon, you golden pig.”

Even after reporting the name change… Hwang Yeon-ha headed to the Cheongju Gate prepared by the association. And that’s not all.

“Wizard Gil Tae-seong. I’ll take you inside.”

“Hmm, thanks for the guidance.”

Under the courteous guidance of the association staff, Gil Tae-seong, the wizard of the Mage Tower, appeared with a raised chin.

He is a promising member of the Magic Tower branch in Korea and is a battle mage who is treated as a semi-S class in the hunter world, where wizards are precious.

And dozens of foreign hunters following him.

“Black Mamba?”

“The mercenary hunters who said there were over 2,000 of them?”

“Is the Magic Tower really that serious?”

The magician’s power is fully displayed when there is an escort. Gil Tae-seong mobilized Black Mamba, a mercenary group composed of B and A ranks, with the full support of the Mage Tower.

“Uh, there’s another car coming in over there?”

“Is it an association vehicle?”

The one who got out of the Association vehicle that arrived last was a female prosecutor with impressive red hair in braids.

She is the most talked about person in last year’s Academy Draft who organizes the way she dresses.

“Ha-ri Han?”

“Oh, is it possible that the association is putting Han Hari in?”

Indeed, then it makes sense. Class A Hunter Han Hari. She is famous as one of the best geniuses in Korea.

A-rank hunters are quite a number in Korea, but it is precisely that age that Ha-ri is especially noteworthy.

He awakened at the age of 14 and awakened his unique skills during training at the academy. Didn’t he become the youngest Class A Hunter?

A rookie who received a love call from a top 10 guild representing Korea with a huge down payment, but rejected all the offers and entered the association.

Everyone, of course, expected her participation. but… … .

“Your Majesty, we have arrived.”

She bent down into the vehicle and guided someone. And what appeared there was a strangely blonde foreigner.

“What is that foreigner?”

“Black Mamba… I don’t think so.”

Not only reporters, but also citizens who were watching were curious about the man’s identity.

* * * *

When several forces try to attack one gate, prior coordination is required.

Who will attack the boss first, how to distribute the items that come out… Starting from the turn, conflicts could not be avoided, and in many cases it took several days just for this consultation.

In that sense, the attack on Cheongju Gate is quite simple.

The boss mob is only one yakt spinner, and the reward is only ‘Jewel of Wisdom’, excluding mining resources.

“We, the Magic Tower, will hand over all rewards to the Golden Lion Guild. All we want is the ‘Jewel of Wisdom’.”

Hwang Yeon-ha gasped at the words of Gil Tae-sung from the Magic Tower.

“That’s the point, but if you take it, we’ll buy something.”

This is an expected reaction. Gil Tae-sung said with a kind smile.

“I will hand over all the credit for defeating the boss to the Golden Lion Guild. If you hand over the jewels safely, I promise you a reward of 50 billion won.”

“”… … !””

Hwang Yeon-ha was taken aback by the unexpected amount.

50 billion? Legendary grade armed was roughly 10 billion.

Even as a semi-S class, he is tight-lipped to save up money to acquire legendary-grade armaments, but 50 billion is an amount that can equip not only armament but also a full body set.

You’re willing to give that much money?

‘What the hell is that?’

Hwang Yeon-ha hesitated if he should think of his opponent. But the whistling golden iron.

“You’re coming out big. Okay, even if we get the yakt spinner, we’ll pass the jewel to you.”

“Hey, that’s how…!”

“My sister~ It’s something I don’t know anyway. Even the Pentagon couldn’t interpret it, so I handed it over to the Mage Tower. Is there anything special about us?”


Hwanggeumcheol didn’t pass it on because he couldn’t guess the value of the Jewel of Wisdom.

I don’t know anyway. There was no need to take possession of something unknown by conflicting with the Mage Tower.

He was known for his toughness and boldness on the battlefield, but surprisingly he is a safety man.

“……60 billion. Ah, no, 55 billion. That much… I have to ask for it.”

At those words, Gil Tae-seong smiled.

“Just do it for 60 billion.”


Hwang Yeon-ha made a big decision and regretted that she should have just called 65 billion won.

It was the time when Gil Tae-seong, who had concluded the agreement with the Golden Lion, was certain of the outcome of this attack.

“By the way, Mage Mage. Do you not negotiate separately with that friend?”

The golden iron glanced toward the end of the podium. There, Han Ha-ri, an A-rank hunter of the association, was pouring tea from a thermos bottle.

“It’s called barley tea.”

What historical drama tone? Gil Tae-seong and Hwang Yeon-ha tilted their heads, but Leon elegantly brought the cup to his mouth.

“Hmm, that’s not bad.”

“Your last name is deluded aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Gil Tae-seong said with a smile as he watched the two skits.

“Come to think of it, he was a hunter dispatched by the association.

Gil Tae-seong did not consider only two people to be effective forces.

There were 49 Black Mambas, including himself, who were B-level raiders or higher, and 49 Golden Lions, members of the 10th guild.

only two of them. Even if there is an A-class Han Ha-ri, what would the two of them mean?

“I don’t like gossiping, so I’ll suggest it to the association. If we get the jewel, we’ll pay 500 million won to both of them, regardless of their contribution. Isn’t that bad?”


Ridicule flowed from the golden iron.

“What’s so funny?”

“Magician Nari, the nobleman the association sent even while leaving the seat empty. And with this year’s rookie Miss Han Hari as an attendant. Don’t you know what that means?”

“……Are you saying you’re stronger than an A-class hunter?”

Even at the very least, it’s a semi-S class. Maybe S class. Of course, Gil Tae-seong has never heard of a man named Leon of the Golden Railroad.

However, Golden Chul could guess his identity.

‘The black gate that has disappeared recently. There’s a good chance they’re survivors who jumped out of there.’

Usually, strong people who suddenly appeared without any connection were often survivors.

Numerous named survivors, such as the Heavenly Demon, the Killing Star, witches, and sages, took similar steps to Leon.

‘It’s probably some kind of debut match hosted by the association. You can’t imagine pushing it through the red-level gate I gave you.’

Is the association quite confident?

Gil Tae-seong thought the same thing.

“Excuse me… then we’ll make a new proposal—”

“It’s like that.”

The first words Leon said blocked Gil Tae-seong’s mouth.

“I beg your pardon?”

Leon was all the same. It seemed like he was talking nonsense.

“To say that you’re already talking about loot without even standing on the battlefield. Your eyes are full of greed.”

“Are you ignoring the Wizard of the Mage Tower?”

“Is there an honor that a spellcaster can ignore?”

Gil Tae-seong’s fisheye was dumbfounded by the unexpected verbal abuse.

“I don’t know how great you guys will show, blinded by the spoils, but… well, I won’t leave the lead to you guys.”

It’s like making concessions, and it’s said in a very unpleasant way. It was embarrassing to be hot there.

“What? Leave it to me? Then while we’re fighting to the death, you’re going to cross your arms behind you and watch?”

Maybe it’s because I’m the first person in this world to speak in a short language? Leon’s brow narrowed.

“You’re teasing your tongue lightly, Woman.”

“What are you talking about, kid? Have a fight?”

“You have no right to challenge the king.”

“You must be crazy! This is real!”

In a fit of heat, she was stopped by a golden iron that grabbed her shoulder from behind and pressed her down. He looked at Hari, not Leon.

-Aren’t you going to take care of the survivors?

At Hwang Geum-cheol’s gaze, Hari shook her head with a sullen expression.

-I was going to try. Too bad… … .

-okay. It’s the bitch my way type, so this is it.

“Okay, Your Majesty? So, first of all, we and the Master of the Mage Tower have the right to attack, right?”

Leon didn’t answer and silently affirmed.

Yakt Spinner.

According to the information that the surviving hunters grasped, it seems that it is quite powerful, but whether it is a warrior enough to go out on its own is another matter.

It’s not uncommon for someone with the honor and skills to deal with him, who has regained a bit of power thanks to the spread of Demera’s faith.

“Um… Your Majesty. Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“The goal of this attack is to spread His Majesty’s reputation…”

If the golden lion or the mage tower knocked down the yakt spinner, wouldn’t it be a complete turnaround? Hari’s point was valid.

“No matter how important honor is, it doesn’t look good for the Lion Heart King to step out first, ignoring the lower ones. It could end up monopolizing honor.”

This nobleman is so strange that he is like an old man. Hari has learned the true social life of not saying it out loud.

* * * *

“As you saw in the video… the weather is shit.”

Cheongju Gate is a place where a city spreads in the middle of the wilderness.

A sandstorm randomly blows up, and if you delay even a little bit, you will be trapped in the sandstorm in no time. Unfortunately, the attacking party encountered a sandstorm as soon as they entered the gate.

“Don’t go inside the city. Yakt spinners appear with a higher probability the further you go inside.”

Hwang Geum-cheol set up a base camp outside, not ‘in the city’, based on the information of the raiding parties that had been destroyed.

There are quite a few buildings on the outskirts of the city, so it’s not difficult to set up a base camp.

“Your Majesty! We have prepared a seat this way!”


A large building that is comfortable to gather in one place and easy to set the boundaries of the surroundings. Hari, who had settled down inside, opened the lunch box.

“Your Majesty, I’ve prepared some food that is lacking. Please eat it!”

“It’s not enough to complain about the amount of troops on the battlefield.”

While Hari was preparing the meal, her face was somewhat uneasy.

“How is that?”

“Emm… I’m worried even if it goes well, and I’m worried even if it doesn’t.”

If it goes well, as soon as it goes well, Leon’s space to play an active role disappears.

If it doesn’t work out, that’s the worst.

“In fact, it’s the best thing to do without His Majesty needing to intervene.”

Even as she said that, Hari glanced at Leon. It was because this anachronistic lion heart king would scold him for having a gosa because he would not have a chance to show off his fame.

“Yes, that’s the best thing.”


“The fact that the Lion Heart King does not directly step forward means that the importance of the work is so light. What do you think the king’s role is in my kingdom?”

“Hmm… governing role… isn’t it?”

“That’s obvious. However, this can also be replaced by anyone. Unless it’s a fairly flawed person, it should be similar.”

The Lion Heart King makes a remark that cannot be done in a country with absolute monarchy, saying that anything the king does can be replaced.

“Well, then… as the king of knights, to stand at the fore… ah.”

At the Honam Pyeongya Gate, at the Seoul Station Gate… Even at the current Cheongju Gate, I have never left first.

He continued to argue in action. There is no such thing as a king’s sword extending in a trivial battle.

“No way… the title of Lion Heart King….”

“It is the last bastion.”

At those words, Harry swallowed.

In the meantime, she and the association regarded Leon as nothing more than a savage king from the Middle Ages. It is accompanied by the power of faith called holy power.

However, according to his words, Leon is not just a ruler. It wasn’t even a clogged knight or general.

The last bastion of the Lionheart Kingdom.

In other words, his departure meant that the ultimate weapon would sortie.

“Do you understand? The fact that the Lion Heart King has to step forward in person is a disgrace to the knights and means that the situation is serious.”

Saying that, he let out a rare sigh.

“Unfortunately, it looks like Jim will have to work hard again on behalf of you pathetic and weak people. I miss Jim’s Knights of Glory.”

It was a terrifying prediction.

As if something big was about to happen that he had to step in.

“But there’s an S-class Hunter, Golden Iron Hunter, and there’s also a wizard from the Mage Tower.”

opponent was one. Even if it’s a killing machine that has achieved a terrible record so far, it can’t do anything about the raid party with S-rank hunters and wizards–

“Did you say they were hunters? I’ll admit that they’re quite strong compared to normal humans.”

Leon snorted and laughed at the superhumans of modern Earth.

“But they don’t know about war. Has the outskirts been safe? You’re pretty confident with the experience of fighting only three times.”

“Yes? What is that…”

“You guys call yourself raiding party. They figure out monster patterns and respond to them. How ridiculous is that?”


His words have a strange trust.

whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

“A general is flexible enough to adapt to the situation. There is no pattern. In my opinion, that Yakt Spinner is a born fighter.”

And as if it was a promise, the proof begins.

– Aaaaaaaaaagh!

– What, what, this!

-That’s the enemy! He attacks——!

A scream that resonates clearly even in the midst of a sandstorm. A shriek mingled with the sandstorm rang out terrifyingly.

yakt spinner,

Raid the camp.

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