The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 190: Dragonia Empire

The floor was damp.

It is not uncommon for modern people to feel the damp stone floor and the moss in the cracks on their skin.


No matter how long I’ve been stuck on the floor, I get chills all over my body.


“It’s cold, it’s cold… Someone give me a blanket…”


“Wowwak! Oh, don’t sleep!”

Sometime after graduating from school, the answer he gave back reflexively. Hari sighed in relief when she realized that she was not in a classroom or at work.

“No, this is not the time! This is a prison!”

[Did you know that now?]

Mossy, damp stone floors and rusty grates. Hari turned her gaze to the incarnation of the Poma god, asking what happened to it.

[Karina. Didn’t that child subdue you?]

“What, Karina? Karina? His Majesty Leon’s daughter?!”


Why is Leon’s daughter herself? No, it was natural when you think about it.

From someone else’s point of view, he is an intruder who has fallen under the imperial palace. It would be natural to subdue him and put him in prison.

“Ugh, clear up the misunderstanding!”

Etch! Etch!

Hari keeps coughing. The Poma god shrugged the back of the long turtle neck.

[I can’t help it because I lay on my stomach.]

“Huh… I didn’t expect to fall asleep on the prison floor…”

It’s because of my preference for clothes, which is often pointed out, but I have no intention of changing it. God Poma thought that his priestess was very desirable.

[It’s very desirable for Hari to leave her armpits, side breasts, navel, and thighs bare.]

“Sounds like a perverted old man again…”

[I miss it~ The owner of this sea in his heyday enjoyed fortunes with many virgins.]

Indeed, the god of the sea. It was like a male god who ordered a nude statue of a goddess to be hung on the athlete statue, even though it was said that it was illegal to ride a woman on a boat.

“You’re still revealing a woman, horny god. Do you still hang a cute priestess on the player’s statue these days?”

Hari’s gaze turns to the voice that echoes in the prison.

A place where a few lights come out in a dark prison. An ebony-black woman was descending from the entrance of the hallway.

[Ahaelogo who still does not know how to honor God. Although your father serves God more than anyone else.]

Poma God clicked his tongue at the woman through the window and said.

“Because I had a father like that.”

A woman who asks indifferently. Hari carefully raised her head and asked.

“That… Karina, Grand Duke of Dragonia?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been called by that name. The last time Delbosque died, I called him once.”

The woman, Carina Dragonia, recalled her true title, which had not been called for a long time, and fell into memories.

Hari thought it looked exactly like Leon, who had once been lost in thought.

“I, Grand Duke, Your Excellency.”

“Now he is dead. I don’t know if you are here, but if you are in the imperial palace, it is a mortal sin that would not be enough even if you cut your throat.

“Lungs, lungs haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

Hari crouching down. From what Hari experienced while dealing with Leon, these Lionheart’s powerful people are not a joke, they are real powerful people.

Because what they asked about etiquette was not an extension of social life like Earth, but the order that comes from the real difference in class.

“Huh, Your Majesty?”

“Tell me, the goddess of the sea. Hmm… that’s strange. I feel another divinity in you.”

Karina felt puzzled and entered the prison. The heavy bars had no meaning in front of the Dragonian emperor’s grip.

“Lungs, Your Majesty?”

“Stay still.”

Karina scanned Hari’s head carefully, and then, as if she couldn’t sense something, she touched her face and felt the touch.

“Lung, Your Majesty!

“Looks like a young girl, why do you leave your belly button out? Didn’t you learn that if you put your belly button out on a cold floor, you’ll get in trouble?”

“L, here comes the fashion!”

How long have you been squatting like that? Karina said in surprise.

“Is it the holy power of the god Petos? Could it be that the god of the sea is thinking of embracing a flame that is incompatible with himself?”

[To be exact, though, I beat him to the point.]

“Heh. Lord Vulcanus is barely able to handle it, but he’s greedy.”

[That’s right.]

Carina looked back at Hari as she came out of the prison door.

“Come out. I’ll pass the crime of trespassing the imperial palace to this extent.”

“Ugh, go, it wasn’t intentional…”

As Hari did to Leon, he followed suit, using a clumsy historical drama tone. And whenever she passed by, the soldiers and maids of the imperial palace prostrated themselves.

‘A little… different.’

I saw many people bowing down and bowing down to the king. Even in the narrow tent of Lionheart Kingdom, the soldiers and people did their best to show respect to Leon.

But what’s in it is trust and respect. It is a feeling that comes from the heart. but······.

‘Fear… fear. It’s not as good as what I’ve seen with serfs…’

Feelings close to servitude rather than loyalty are felt from them.

It was strange.

Karina, whom Hari met, and the Grand Duke of Dragonia, who left for the north with 30,000 soldiers for revenge, had soldiers who risked their lives to follow.

There was no coercive atmosphere or feelings of subservience from them, they just followed the Grand Duke they should have followed.

“The chamberlain.”

“Yes, yes! Your Majesty!”

The old chamberlain bowed deeply in front of Karina.

“Prepare a guest room.”

The chamberlain did not glance at Hari or ask whom to prepare. just obey

“I, the great… Your Majesty.”

“What is it?”

Hari thought there was something she must say before heading to the room where the chamberlain was preparing. Why didn’t Karina ask herself about that person?

“Your Majesty… Regarding Your Majesty Leon—”

Karina raised her hand to stop Hari. Her expression was infinitely close to nothingness, but the air she exhaled was ferocious.

“I’ll be back soon. You don’t have to argue.”

“Still, His Majesty Leon, His Majesty…”


The eyes of the people around her turned to Hari. He bowed straight away, as if he did not dare to commit the rudeness of looking at the emperor, but even Hari could feel how shocked they were.

in that gaze. Hari lowered her head under silent pressure, but in the middle of it, she inadvertently noticed.

Karina’s eyes, which were like the blue sky like Leon’s, had turned red to the point of ominous.

“He’ll take care of it. It’s none of your business.”

“Yes, yes…”

Karina put her hand on Hari’s shoulder, who was avoiding her gaze. she grinned.

“Anyway, it’s a pity that you’re a woman. You could have been a pretty good candidate.”

“Yes? What is that…”

“For the time being, I plan to watch. Things from ‘beyond the gate’ invading my empire. If it’s not a demon, I have the patience to keep an eye on it.”


Hari takes a shaky breath. The chief chamberlain hurriedly led her, as if to prevent Hari from acting further.

“Come with me, my honored guest.”

“Ah, yes…”

Hari was led to the inner palace by the hand of the chief chamberlain. The guest room upon arrival is so gorgeous that it seems to overwhelm the guests rather than treat them.

“Then, if you need anything, call me anytime.”


Anyway, it is a proper break after half a day of arriving here. Hari hugged the tortoise, the incarnation of the Poma god, and threw herself on the bed.

“Haa… It’s the second time I’ve seen you, but somehow… I’m overwhelmed by the atmosphere.”



Hari lifted up Foma, who had no answer. The tortoise’s protruding face is somewhere in thought.

[This is true… My lighthouse is open to hardships in many ways.]

“What are you saying…?”

[It’s vague, but it’s a family affair. But you’ll find out soon.]

Hari pouted at the ambiguous tone of the poma god. Gods… I wondered if it would be okay if I told you about them in an easy-to-understand way.

[By the way, Hari. Let’s check what that quest is.]

“Oh, that’s right. I was inside the gate here. It’s such a normal world that I forgot to check.”

I’ve seen many gates so far, but this one is a little different from the others.

If the existing gates were like fragments of a destroyed world, this place is something… should it be called a different world?

“Isn’t it just a reenactment of the past like Sir Geobrick’s time…? Anyway, the quest…”

A privilege given to Hunters who have awakened on Earth. Hari opened her golden eyes wide as she checked the system message floating in the air.

“Huh? Huh?!”

What the hell is this?!

* * * *

This world was invaded by demons.

More than 300 years ago, countless countries collapsed under the invasion of demons, and the world seemed to collapse at the hands of Meltimofol, the demon prince of lust.

But at some point, the invasion of demons lost momentum.

Their infinite life was still the same, but the number itself was reduced… Most of the most notorious demons of lust, Meltimofol and his archdemons, never appeared again.

Historians wondered at the void of this period, as the world was on the verge of destruction.

When the 100 years passed, when the erosion of the demons subsided, they returned again.

The Grand Duke of Rape Meltimofol, the nightmare of the world has returned.

“The kingdoms have not yet recovered their strength from the demonic invasion. Not only that, but now that the demons have retreated, they saw an opportunity to devour the weakened neighboring countries.”

“You’re stupid.”

“Yes, it was foolish.”

The old historian looked back on the history of the past, which was older than his own life, and helped himself. He continued to explain the history of the empire to this noble-looking person who came to visit him.

“But that day, demons weren’t the only ones who appeared in this world.”

Carina Dragonia.

She appeared in this world with tens of thousands of troops.

“They were strong. Even the demons feared them.”

At the time when the world was in despair at the reappearance of demons, this otherworldly legion began slaughtering demons.

They defended the city on behalf of the army that collapsed due to the appearance of demons, and marched nonstop even in winter… hunting demons like vengeful demons.

“Legion of dragons. It was a myth. Without a lot of cross-validation, it would be unbelievable.”

Also, because there was living evidence, the old historian acknowledged that it was real history, not a false myth or legend.

“However, humans were foolish. The kingdoms of the land feared the dragon legion.”

At first, they treated the legion and its commander, Carina Dragonia, lavishly. In order to secure her corps, each set out to enlist the knights and warriors under her command.

However, they were not seduced by any suggestion and just slaughtered the demons in silence.

that’s too much

Because it is unacceptably superhuman.

Ordinary people interpreted the intention differently.

After they hunt all the demons, who will be next?

It was a revolting incident that was caused by such suspicion.

At that time, the allied forces of the seven kingdoms raided the victorious dragon army after a long bloody battle with Grand Duke Gangyok.

On that day, most of the dragon legion, exhausted from fighting the demons, died—

“It was an incident in which 850,000 of the allied forces of the seven kingdoms were slaughtered.”

In normal warfare, casualties of more than 20% are rare, even if they are defeated.

Especially if it is a pre-modern war involving cold weapons.

However, on that day, most of the Kingdom Alliance forces that attacked the dragon army did not survive.

As if he couldn’t even think of running away… he was just slaughtered on the spot.

After that, the massacre continued.

The leaders of the betrayed kingdom. forces that are aligned with it.

All of them died at the hands of the surviving Dragon Legion and the Grand Duke of Dragonia.

“Seven kingdoms that were so foolish were destroyed, and a new empire was founded upon them.”

Dragonian Empire.

The most powerful empire in history that worships and worships the absolute power of Karina Dragonia like a god.

Thus, the reign of the Dragonian Emperor, which lasted for over 200 years, began.

“is it······.”

Leon regretted that she had repeated the history of exhausting battles like himself.

And I was relieved.

It means that the child is still alive and well despite the long neglect of the father.

That was what Leon was most grateful for, and it was a relief.

“Karina… where should I go to meet the Dragonian Emperor?”

“Oh, don’t talk like that. You could die if you visit the imperial palace recklessly.”

“What did you mean by that?”

“Your Majesty… No, where the hell are you from so you don’t even know this?”

“Just understand that you’ve come from afar, commoner. My time is not wasted trying to satisfy your curiosity.”


From the time the flower shop owner brought him, he knew that he was not an ordinary person, but the old historian had a hunch that this man was real.

That’s why I thought it was dangerous to ask about the situation of a high-ranking person, so I gave up my curiosity about Leon.

“His Majesty doesn’t usually come out of the imperial palace. The easiest way to see him… Well, these days that’s the best.”

“What is it?”

Here, Leon did not think of the undignified act of rushing into the imperial palace.

Even though it is a different world, Karina is clearly the emperor’s body here. Then he had to give her the emperor’s courtesy.

If he knocked on the imperial palace door unexpectedly, the faithful guards would quarrel, but if a commoner quarrels with the king, Leon has no choice but to punish the rudeness, even by beating him.

If so, it would be the case of beating the emperor’s guards, so Karina’s face would not be able to stand.

[If you look closely, my articles tend to be more boring than mine.]

‘Lion Heart King, this is the law to set an example for others.’

[Yes, yes.]

The lion heart king kept his stature at the goddess’s sarcasm, but according to the old historian’s words, he could not even keep his lofty stature.

“How about participating in His Majesty’s courtship duel? Thanks to that, the whole empire is buzzing.”

“What is it——?!”

[Quest: National Spirit.]

Clear Condition: Successfully marry the Emperor of Dragonia, ‘Karina Dragonia’.

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