The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 191: Courtship Duel

It has been 150 years since the establishment of the Dragonian Empire. The empire had a long trouble.

It is the succession issue of Emperor Carina Dragonia.

Yongje has reigned for a long time as the absolute power and transcendence of the empire, and has not aged at all in the 180 years since he arrived in this world, but the issue of succession has always been a problem that has no choice but to come to the fore.

In the meantime, Yongje has been rejecting the succession of his subjects and his wife with absolute power, but he is suddenly recruiting suitors.

The aristocrats, who had been bowing down and submitting under the absolute power of Yongje, rejoiced and tried to raise their sons and grandsons as candidates for their wives.

“The seed that Jim will sow must not be ordinary.”

“Your Majesty! How can you be so reckless…!”

“Our aristocratic lineage is noblest above all else, a gift from the gods—”

“To Jim, you’re no different from serfs pretending to be nobles. You’re not real. You don’t deserve respect.”

Despite the absurd verbal abuse and tyrannical authority, the nobles had no choice but to bow down.

Because the unchanging absolute force was impossible to oppose even with all the power and wealth combined.

“Your Majesty… how do you plan to elect your sire?”

The old god took an attitude of submission to the living incarnation who had lived more than twice as long as himself. It will just be as the Dragon Lord commands.

“The sire is selected by a duel. The strongest man in the world, except for Jim, will become Jim’s sire.”

Thus, the courtship duel to select Yongje’s sire began.

Brave warriors from all over the world took part in this courtship duel, and none of them met the conditions set by the dragon.

Three years passed like that.

* * * *

[Quest: National Spirit.]

Clear Condition: Successfully marry the Emperor of Dragonia, ‘Karina Dragonia’.

The passage between the gates was cracked due to the dragon’s interference, and hunters fell all over the place, but their privilege, the system window, did not consider the presence or absence of distance.

In other words, all hunters saw this quest.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a gate like this.”

Sir Graham, an S-class hunter from the British Gentlemen’s League, bought food at a fruit shop with a gentlemanly face. His dandy smile made the store owner blush.

“Above all, it’s so peaceful. I’ve been to and from the gate in my thirty years, but I’ve never been inside such a stable gate.”

“You mean the Duke of Cornwall too? Oh, let’s try some of these apple-like fruits. Even if you import them, you’ll get a pretty good price.”

It is a gate in a form that even Britain’s leading wizard Cornwall has never seen before… Well, if there had been a gate like this before, it would have been featured in global news.

“Usually in the world beyond the gate, there are many places where past battles or historical events have been reenacted. That’s why it’s easy to distinguish between gates with ‘survivors’.”

“It’s currently in progress, even if it’s a world that’s already been destroyed.”

There were many worlds beyond the gate.

Medieval fantasy world, martial arts world, punk future world or worlds that completely transcend common sense.

There were people from other worlds, orcs, people in the Middle Ages, and species completely different from humans, such as the Kirkiruk tribe.

Basically, there is one thing in common with each place with its own history.

“Destruction. It was always a fait accompli.”

Therefore, Earth scholars assumed that beyond the Gate was a world destroyed by demons, and that the world’s record, named the ‘Akashic Record’, appeared as a phenomenon called the Gate.

“It was the same in the world of survivors. If there’s a survivor who’s been hot lately, that Sir Spinner or Lion Heart… or Orcs.”

“Once there were people who survived, there were many places where the whole world was devastated. Orcs… but they are the people who survive anywhere, so even if they pass.”

That’s why it was the first time that the world was so perfect. No, beyond perfect…

“This is just… another world.”

A peaceful, different world where even the war against demons has ended. Why is that even possible?

“Is it the power of Dragon Lord Carina Dragonia?”

“With a high probability. You’ve seen that dragon in sub-space. If it’s a powerful being that can even intervene in the space between gates, it’s understandable that even the demons were defeated.”

Is it possible that there can be such a powerful power with only individual power?

Even just a year ago, they would have declared it nonsense. but······.

“Lion Heart King. Leon Dragonia Lionheart. The superhumans of their world are true monsters.”

“Anyone who has seen the fight with the Demon Sword of Wandering will think so.”

The sword splits the sea, and the aftermath of the battle causes a tsunami.

Even in Korea, Kang Jin-seong, an infinite swordsman, and Cheon Jin-soo, a lightsaber, are world rankers representing Korea.

Even they couldn’t use much power in the fight against the great supply demon Akasha.

“It will be difficult for even the top S-class hunters to counter the terrible debuffs possessed by demons with a large supply or more.”

“Yes, even an S-class commander can’t keep up with the debuffs in the amount of buffs. Just like the ‘peer’ of the dragon we encountered in subspace.”

It was because of the murderous debuffs that the hunters couldn’t even use their strength properly.

The oppression of transcendental species that go beyond the limits of living beings, who are degraded simply by existing.

Even during the chaos of demon grand duke Rakshaar, America’s leading S-class hunter Allen Taylor and Minuteman were helpless. But–

“Do you remember? The ones who didn’t care about that Dragon Fear.”

“You mean the knights?”

“Yes, and there are more.”


Except for the Lion Heart King and the Pantheon Knights, there were those who resisted Dragon Fear.

“Allen Taylor and Minuteman! They are the followers of the Maverick Guild’s pantheon.”

“Isn’t it amazing? Just serving a god gives you the strength to stand up to beings so terrifying.”

“Unexpectedly. I thought Mr. Cornwall wouldn’t like it.”

“Because I am a wizard? No, rather, it is. There is evidence in front of my eyes, so what is the reason to reject it?”

Wizards must be rational. Ever since the history of world magic began, Ong Cornwall has always analyzed phenomena and accepted them as they are.

“That’s why this quest is an opportunity.”

“A chance… you mean?”

“It’s about the national marriage with Dragon Emperor Karina Dragonia. You guessed it too, right?

“Leon ‘Dragonia’ Lionheart. It is certain that the Dragon Emperor is the Lion Heart King’s biological daughter or related by blood. Because that dragon knew the Lion Heart King.”

But why is that an opportunity? Ong Cornwall calmly explained to Lord Graham, who wanted a detailed explanation.

“From now on, the world will revolve around the pantheon. This will be the same even after the Gate incident is over.”

“Is that enough…? The United States and other great powers…”

“The pantheon takes the form of a religion, not a state. We in England already have over 300,000 followers. Do you understand? It’s not long before a borderless superpower is born.”

So, who has the most power in a world centered on the pantheon?

Lion Heart King, the religious leader, was natural, and Ong Cornwall talked about the next one.

“Lion Heart King’s blood relative. In other words, the person who becomes his son-in-law.”


If Carina Dragonia is the daughter of Leon Dragonia Lionheart, as Mr. Cornwall speculated, then… that alone is to have the religious pope who will rule the world in the future as her father-in-law.

“This quest… might decide the fate of England.”

“Princess Diane failed, so I should aim for the position of sire, not the queen.”

And at this moment, not one was thinking like Ong Cornwall and Sir Graham.

-I was an S-class hunter until yesterday, the son-in-law of the Lion Heart King?

-As long as the pantheon failed to attract France, if he could get that daughter as his bride…

“”This is a total dog profit.””

Everyone thought the same thing.

* * * *

Although the light has faded due to Manshinjeon’s participation in the attack on Washington Gate, the Korean national hunters who came to help the United States are not the only Manshinjeon.

Although Mansinjeon is Korean nationality, there are many flaws in the guild leader to see it as a pure Korean.

It is going to support a country that has long been a blood alliance, but it would damage the face of the country to fight after sending only foreign guilds.

“Haa~ I expected a fierce battle.”

“Well, it seems like the raid will end peacefully, so isn’t it okay?”

One of the 10 largest guilds in Korea. Lee Yong-wan, the head of the Phoenix Guild, and Yu-ri, the deputy guild leader, looked down at the arena from the stands that looked like a giant coliseum.

It was a structure reminiscent of the Roman era, but there are magical contrasts everywhere. Even the change of geographical features is exaggerated to the extent that it is reminiscent of a near-future fantasy.

“It took a long time. It’s already been over ten days since we arrived here.”

“I don’t see any signs of a dungeon break, so it seems okay, but…”

“Have you found the entrance to the gate? If at least you can find the Magician Queen…”

Hari shook her head at Lee Yong-wan’s question. The place where they fell was quite a periphery even in the Empire.

After reading the quest, he recklessly headed to the imperial capital to carry out the quest and joined the guild members who had similar thoughts.

When I finally arrived at the ecliptic, the hunters who arrived first were already participating in the ‘courtship duel’.

“By the way, it’s great. It’s a big event business. The solvent forces the officials to use their brains to keep the budget going.”

The frenzy of courtship for Dragon Emperor Carina Dragonia was a national event that took place throughout the empire.

The imperial family sold tickets to citizens, hosted restaurants, and operated a different world version of Toto to earn expensive fees in order to maintain the budget for this ongoing big event.

“What are the rules for this?”

“Challengers who have won tournaments in each region should challenge the ‘champion’ and win.”

“You’re talking about a strong suitor. What if you defeat that champion?”

“Then become the champion. And the champion is——”

You must succeed in a hundred defense battles.

There were many challengers for three years, and there were champions, but this was the reason they ultimately failed.

They ultimately failed in 100 champion defenses, and the champion who lasted the longest defended 44 times.

“No, then we can’t even take on the challenge?

“Legendarily, winning the local tournament is the priority, but there are exceptions. It seems that if you destroy the golem made by the dragon, you will be given the right to challenge for the system champion.”

“I see, those who are confident in their skills should just challenge themselves in the system.”

Then you won’t have to waste your time playing provincial tournaments and main tournaments.

“Well, it seems that there are sincere people who came up from the countryside without knowing that.”

At that moment, a magically amplified voice resounded in the courtship arena.

[Dear Imperial citizens! The long-awaited match for the championship begins now!]

“It’s finally starting.”

“We might have to challenge the current champion, so let’s keep an eye out.”

It was the reason they came here.

As in the example of the progenitor dragon witnessed in Yongje or subspace, there must be a strong one here as well.

Depending on how strong they are, the difficulty of the hunters’ quest success will be determined.

Of course, among the many hunters of the International Hunter Alliance, I wanted to win one champion.

[Please pay attention to the challenger first! Amazing powerhouses from the Naritan Regional Tournament are up today! The mighty men of a faraway country called Britain! they today! I challenged myself to become the champion!]

It was a familiar name.

Did they faithfully come back to win this last local tournament?

“I guess you didn’t know that if you destroy the golem, you’ll get a challenge.”

“It’s ten days, so there must be all sorts of cases. But if it’s England… are they like that?”

Challengers appear one after another following the introduction of the moderator. At the forefront is a knight in brilliant silver armor.

[Undefeated in the Naritan Tournament! No. 1 in the Naritan Tournament Ranking, won with an overwhelming undefeated road! Truly, the undefeated silver knight, Graham!]

Sir Graham, an S-rank hunter from Britain’s leading large guild, the Gentlemen’s League.

This genius prosecutor, who was awarded a knighthood by Queen Victoria at a young age, is evaluated as a talented person who will lead the next generation of England.

And a tall man walking side by side with Graham.

[Next, Naritan Ranking No. 2! The results are truly overwhelming! If it hadn’t been for a time-over decision by Silver Knight Sir Graham, this man might have been number one in the rankings! Invincible absolute defense! A living, breathing man like steel! Günther Nord eugh~~!!]

Günther Nord is considered the best tank in Germany and possibly the best tank in Europe. Even Sir Graham, the genius swordsman ranked number one, couldn’t break through the man’s defense and had to go for a decision victory.

[There is no doubt that both suitors are outstanding talents. But here, this man might be the one to be truly feared!]

At the introduction of the moderator, an elderly gentleman in a suit adjusted his thick silk hat.

[Despite being a wizard, he overpowered countless warriors and reached the semi-finals! However, when the 3rd place in the rankings was confirmed, the archmage Cornwall who was wrapped in a veil recorded a series of withdrawals.

“All right… there’s no need to waste energy needlessly.”

Nogu’s archmage was, in fact, the clear leader in this spot.

The pride of British magic.

The first archmage and recipient of the duchy.

The owner of the epic item Twelve Rings.

There are many, many words that modify him, but in the end they all refer to one thing.


sorted out with it

[Now then, the current champion who accepts the suitors’ challenge! The strongest champion in history who has overpowered all challengers until now——Now, wait a minute! What are you doing!]


“Oh, that person…”

Suddenly, it was the giant red armor that broke in, stealing the host’s amplifying magic tool.

Influencers have become so familiar to earthlings these days. Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus.

“Vulcanus! Vulcanus!”

“Vulcanus! Vulcanus!”

And the pantheon knights who support Vulcanus. Vulcan began to take the place of the host too proudly for an intruder.

[today! we will witness! Master of Myth! A knight among legendary knights!]

– Jerkjeokjeok!

[The one who is loved by the brilliance!]

[The one who embraces the flames of the battlefield!]

[The one who splits the sea and raises the waves!]

[Who is he! Who is he!!]

The spectators respond to this.

[[Living demigod!]]

[[The first knight of the goddess!]]

[[Manshin’s agent!]]

[Yes! Yes! Every couple! Best for everyone!!]

[[Ikki per thousand! Great power!]]]

[[Heaven and Heaven! Incomparable!!]]

[The most orc slayer among primates!]

[[The Horror of the Evil Species!!]]

[Demon Lord Slayer!]

[[Most demon slayer!!]]

[Deserved long-distance haters!]

[[The strongest assaulter on the ground!!]]

[Undefeated Holy Grail Guardian! Lion Heart King of the Great Lionheart!!]

[[Leon! Dragonia!! Lionheart~~~~~!!!!!]]

The golden Lion Heart King appears. Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri, who watched this, lost their words and froze.

And it was the same for the hunters who were courting Emperor Carina in order to complete the quest.

“······What is this.”

Bondi, to get married, you must pass the father-in-law’s test first.

“You guys will never cross this spot.”

The world’s most difficult test for father-in-law has begun.

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