The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 192: Father-in-law is too strong

– Kaang!

The skinny sound resounds loudly. What followed was the sound of scratching the dirt floor.


1 ranking in Japan. Takeda, the president of the newly established Japan Hunter Association, groaned full of frustration after the resignation of Chairman Kamiya, the undisputed power.

“Is this harder than I thought?”

Takeda stared at the large golem statue while holding on to the shaking of his legendary star iron sword.

A golem that Yongjae made himself. Takeda challenged the golem to get the tickets needed to challenge the champion of the courtship duel.

‘Strength itself is not a big deal. It’s as dull as a golem and doesn’t have any special abilities.’

But the ignorant defensive power that covers it. It’s not at the level of special iron, but it seems that the metal at the lower level has been put together as a whole.

“Takeda-san! Do your best!”

Takeda shrugged at the support of the Japanese hunters.

“A normal S-class hunter would have had a hard time, but…!”

Takeda’s star iron sword was enveloped in dazzling brilliance. A follower of Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, and a regular knight who calls Leon too Sir Takeda when he goes to the pantheon.

Seongbeop <Brilliant Blade>

A blade of light that cuts through demons. There is nothing this cannot cut!

– Kwajik!

The golem’s arm is severed. But it didn’t end there.

Takeda’s longsword slashed at the golem with a splendid dance. At the end of that series of attacks, the light in the longsword gradually diminished, but all that remained on the floor were the pieces of the golem that had been cut into 18 pieces.


“As expected, Takeda-san!

“Heh, that’s about it.”

Before Takeda’s joy at winning the championship challenge, he saw his star iron sword that shattered the golem and didn’t let go.

Only those who have received a knight-level title and have been recognized by the gods of the Pantheon can receive the original Star Iron Arms of the Pantheon.

However, their performance is drastically different. The basic star iron sword is at least unique and the highest quality, but the true value of a star iron weapon depends on whether or not God blesses the person who wears it.

Only the Night of Realm, who uses the Holy Law after faith and receives the blessings of the gods, can release the true power of Star Iron Arms.

‘amazing. I feel the goddess lending me strength.’

After the Magical Sword Incident of Wandering, Takeda was completely absorbed in the pantheon.

In Japan, the number of believers increased exponentially to the extent that there was a phenomenon called Pantheon Syndrome, but among them, those who received blessings directly from the gods by using the Holy Law were rare.

Takeda’s swordsmanship disciples were less than a dozen.

“Takeda-san! Thank you for your hard work!”

“Yes, it’s crazy. You should give it a try.”

“No, no, I’m overworked. I’m only an A-rank hunter now.”

“Hahaha, if it’s only your skills, it will be difficult. You’ll be knocked out before the golem. But aren’t you also a determined knight who has been blessed by the goddess? If you have the power of the Holy Law, you’re just a lump of scrap metal.”

“Is that so?”

Michida was puzzled when she saw the remains of a golem that was so powerful that Takeda struggled. The power of the Holy Law is definitely a cheat, but…

“By the way, the power of the solvent is amazing. To make ‘hundreds’ of golems like that. Isn’t it a real monster?”

ordeal. Even at a glance, there were hundreds of golems prepared to challenge for the title of champion.

For only one person to create a golem that is at least an A-class hunter or higher… isn’t it truly a one-man army?

“Lion Heart King and Sir Vulcanus… What the hell did the people of that world eat, so all of them…”

“These are the knights of the gods who have built up a history of struggle for hundreds of years. They must be different from us.”

It was then. Takeda, who was about to leave the exam hall, saw a new challenger appearing at the entrance.

“Is there anyone else besides us… Your Majesty?”

“Your Majesty the Lion Heart King!”

Takeda and the Japanese hunters ran to Leon and bowed their heads.

“As expected, you’re all right. Your Majesty, too, for the champion challenge…?”

While talking, Takeda realized that something was strange. Leon asked before he could even mention it.

“Are you also the one who participates in the courtship duel?”

“Yes? Ah, the quest is like that… Huh!”

Facing Leon’s gaze, Takeda felt breathless. A very disapproving look… Where did she go against his heart?

“Give me the golem.”

“First, sign the consent form in case you get injured by the golem—”

“Ugh! What a lot of words! If it’s me, I’ll come!”

Leon yells at the examiner who is following the procedure.

“Kkeuh… Anyway, the moment I came here, it was as if I agreed! Don’t blame me later!”

Soon, the golem appeared stomping in front of Leon. A golem that was three times as big as a human being was intimidating.

Even with that huge golem looking down at Leon, he didn’t budge a bit. rather–

“Even if it’s an inanimate thing, you dare to look down at the king. It’s atrocious!”

A bulging gaze penetrates the giant. In the next moment, something amazing happened.


Golem being crushed by something. Space fluctuates, and the ground where your feet touch is shaking.

Only the golem and its surroundings were weighed down by something.

[Strict New Law Article 1 Paragraph 1! Lion Heart King has the authority to represent the pantheon!]

The shape of a giant appears in the air, emitting intense sunlight and heat. What he holds in his right hand is a huge hammer, and what he holds in his left hand is the code of laws of the Holy Kingdom.

It differs in authority from that of the Constitution. A strict law given by the gods to the human world. It is the same as the mission of mortals to protect under any circumstances.

There are exceptions to the human law not to kill, such as self-defense, savages, and serfs, but the new law must be absolutely obeyed.

Tatar of the Sun and Judgment.

The stern guardian of the law judges the insult on behalf of the Lion Heart King.

Sexual Law <Crime: Insulting royalty. verdict: stampede>

The moment the hammer is lowered, the golem is forced to kneel. The golem couldn’t hold out for a moment longer and slammed its face into the ground, buried in a hollow crater.

“What, what…”

Inside the crater, the shape of a golem cut into small pieces is miserably neglected.

Leon approached the dumbfounded examiner, as if he had no interest in the smashed golem.

“I’ll challenge the champion right away. Get ready.”

“Ah, yes! Yes, yes!”

Leon immediately uses the right to challenge while destroying the golem. His gaze turned to Takeda.

“Are you a suitor too?”


I just gave up.

Taking the guess that Leon would become the champion, Takeda neatly gave up the challenge he had obtained.

“You are wise.”

Leon’s cold gaze toward Takeda softened a little. the place he left. Madden approached cautiously and asked.

“Why are you there?”

“······All fathers are like that.”


Mitch makes a wide-eyed expression as if asking him what he is talking about. Takeda realized that he was still young.

* * * *



Leon came out as the champion.

Hunters briefly thought about this fact, but it could be something.

-Because you have to maintain the champion to clear the quest.

-Your Majesty Leon will almost certainly be able to defend.

-It has been decided that this will marry the Dragon Emperor——huh?

Solvent Karina ‘Dragonia’.

Lionheart Leon ‘Dragonia’.

The gaze of the audience who realized the commonality becomes questionable. Especially since there were people who knew that Karina Dragonia was Leon’s real daughter.

-I heard about it in His Majesty Leon’s class! The name of the daughter born to the priestess of chastity, Queen Castile, must have been Karina!

-How did you get married when you are a priest of chastity?

-They said they made it before they protested because it was bossam in the temple.


In other words, Leon and Karina are related. It is also a direct blood relative.

-How did you get married? Father and daughter… I can’t believe it–

– How could that be!

– Then you die for contempt of the royal family!

In any case, since he was his biological father, Leon would never have thought of marrying Karina. Then, Leon’s purpose boils down to one.

“Kkeuh… Your Majesty. Are you sure you want to get rid of all the suitors?”

Cornwall, who faced Leon in the middle of the arena, confirmed his intentions.

“Why, why not?”

Really. Sir Graham, the silver knight of England, said politely and cautiously.

“Hey, Your Majesty… The quest we received was to ‘marry’ with His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, right?”


“Wouldn’t it be possible to attack the gate and get out only when the courtship is successful, no matter who it is?”


Leon’s shouts echoed throughout the arena.

“To treat the important affairs of the royal family as a mere mission!”

“No, how can the truth be like that…”

“You will never surpass me!”

Wrong. This nobleman is a father who has turned his eyes to the news of his daughter’s courtship.

“There’s no time to waste! All of you, come on! I’ll test your qualifications today!”

It was Germany’s S-class Hunter Günther who was furious at the words that touched his pride.

“Lion Heart King. His reputation is great in Europe, but isn’t it an overuse to fight the three of us alone?”

Sir Graham from the side said, “I think it will work…”, but he stopped expressing further by taking a step to the side.

“Huh? You bastard, what’s your name?”

“Günther Nord. Colonel of the Bundeswehr.”

“Keukkeuk… I see, you have the grit to claim to be a warrior.”

Leon shouted.


In the next moment, a white courser appears tearing through space. The Lion Heart King, riding on top of it, lifted a jousting spear.

“However, you are just a thief trying to steal the king’s treasure.”

“Is that guy who boasts of a mounted charge? I’ll take it.”

“Let’s go, Stallion!”

When Leon shouted, Stallion let out a roar like a beast and began kicking the ground.

“Heung… let’s just say it’s the speed a horse can produce.”

Günter raised his huge shield. A square shield bigger than most people. It is an object that symbolizes Germany… no, Europe’s best tanker.

‘It’s just that. It is now common knowledge that a hunter’s leg strength surpasses that of a horse. Horses without magical power were faster——’

– Hee hee!

‘hmm? Too fast?’

The distance between the two wasn’t that far, but Stallion’s charging momentum was so fierce and ferocious.

– Bang bang bang–!!

It wasn’t the sound of horses’ hooves, but the sound of a gigantic dinosaur weighing dozens of tons rushing forward to hunt.

The extremely developed lower body slammed the ground, creating a thump and vibration.

The momentum of that white horse was terrifyingly huge to be called a ‘horse’.

It has to be.

He is an allied friend who has been with the Lion Heart King for hundreds of years of history of war.

In terms of his level as a warrior, he is a warhorse that cannot be found equal to any other hunter on Earth.

Even more so, isn’t it a divine beast who awakens his old blood and circulates even the sky?

“Wow, the perfect guardian!”

That overwhelming presence forced Günter to use his skills hastily.

Why is he an iron wall? The tank skill ‘Perfect Protection’, which is even called absolute defense.

A unique cheat skill that offsets 90% of the opponent’s attack power for 30 seconds by consuming physical strength and magic power.

With this, he even blocked the S-rank boss’s special move. But–

“To Lion Heart——die!!”


【 Strongest Assaulter 】 x Lionheart Jousting Spear Tournament Deadly Lance Charging.

In the Lion Heart King’s youth, he defeated countless knights with it and won tournaments.


At the moment of shock, Günther couldn’t even hear the sound to the end.

Faster than sound, thanks to Gunther’s body being thrown farther away.


It is said that even a scream does not come out from an excessively powerful shock.

Putting aside the heavy shock, as if his hand had been crushed, Günther thought he was being sucked into somewhere.

‘The entrance to the arena?’

Günther’s model continues to fly. It is the way to go back the same way you entered.

Günter’s journey goes backwards.



There is no particular field loss in courtship duels, but Günther was clearly an outside field defeat.

bang! Kwak!

Sir Graham and Mr. Cornwall crossed their gazes with stunned expressions at the sound they heard.

“It looks like we touched the yoke.”

“······There are no options, right?”

Graham couldn’t give up even after seeing Günther fly away.

In addition to the United States and Japan, hunters from all over the world are gathered here.

You can’t show yourself and Cornwall, the two prides of British hunters, getting scared and stepping back.

‘Because it’s embarrassing.’

I don’t know if it’ll be less against that lion heart king, but… but he has his own sense of victory.

“That was close to instantaneous acceleration, but not to the point that I couldn’t cope.”

“As expected, the fastest knight. Did you follow that with your eyes?”

“If I were alone, I wouldn’t be able to compete, but if the Duke of Cornwall supported me.”

“Leave it to me.”

Ong Cornwall heard the Twelve Rings. His magical energy is injected and the power of epic items is displayed.

Twelve Chapters <The 9th Magic: Enhancement>

A miraculous epic item that uses twelve great magics. Its ninth ability strengthens all buff magic.

Instead of taking 20% of Cornwall’s mana, all buff magic he uses for 10 seconds has a triple effect.

And in order to exert the maximum effect, Ong Cornwall’s unique skill is activated.

Inherent Skill <High Speed Prophecy>

A self-buff skill that drastically reduces the activation time of magic. next–

“<Super Strength>, <Triple Attack>, <Perfect Invisibility>, <Magic Word>, <Time Alter>, <Greater Resistance>, <Greater Magic Shield>, <Ultimate Armor>.”

Buff magic poured like a rapid fire. The ultimate buffs, each of which is only available to the highest level wizards, are directed at a single person.

Originally, the ultimate buff magic that should be distributed to everyone in the party. It is poured on only one Graham.

“Extremely powerful… it just feels omnipotent. It can take down just about anything.”

“I poured more than half of my magical power. If you are now, you are at a level that surpasses that of an S-class hunter.”

“Please leave it to me.”

In the next moment, Graham’s model disappeared. Super speed that surpasses even Stallion’s charge.


Leon got off his horse, disarmed Stallion, and glanced over at Graham hovering around him.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the speed was truly lightning.

There is one reason why he hovers around Leon, stepping on the ground to the point that just by running, the arena is damaged.

‘The moment I show a gap, I’ll pierce it with the fastest and strongest blow!’

Graham watched Leon in the slow flow of time as even the internal time slowed down.

It is said that he obtained overwhelming strength with Cornwall’s buff magic, but the fact that Lion Heart King’s superhuman strength is widely known.

Do not be careless. Before the lion heart can respond to his speed, he will surely destroy it.

‘He won’t even see me.’

In fact, it was. Even Leon couldn’t see Graham’s appearance, which was made invisible by Perfect Invisibility.

“It’s noisy like a flying fly. Did you think you could avoid it if you got out of Jim’s sight?”

The next moment, Leon raised the holy sword high. It was too simplistic and inefficient to be considered a swordsman’s stance.

It’s more like trying to strike a hammer than swinging a sword.

“No matter how fast, as long as the earth goddess is with us, no one can escape the blessings of the earth without our permission.”


It was the two people in the crowd who held their breath.

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri. The two members of the Korean Firebird Guild sensed that Leon’s prepared posture resembled that of a certain knight.

An intangible energy that savagely swallows even the air and is sucked in. The moment Graham realizes that it is ‘dangerous’ and tries to attack——

Divine Punishment <Earthshattering>

The sword strikes like a hammer. As if the explosive shockwave was trapped and then released at once.


Shockwaves exploded in all directions, unavoidable.


Graham was unable to avoid the intangible omnidirectional shockwave and flew away. He gasped and looked at Leon with a tingling expression.

“What a monster…!”

However, the sword tip of the holy sword already pointed at Graham. Graham quickly raised his hand.

“Ha, surrender.”


Leon quickly looked down at Graham, who raised the white flag, disapprovingly, then turned to the old wizard.

“I, too, will surrender.”

“You don’t have any ambition. If you use that staff, you’ll be able to hold out a few more times.”

“I’m a little too old to fight a battle where victory or defeat is decided.”

“How old are you?”

“Are you over seventy this year?”

“What is it, isn’t it when you’re young?”


It’s new, but I realize that the blue young man in front of me is actually a 300-year-old old man.

“We defeated three today, so eighty-eight people to come. It’s tantalizing.”

Leon, who literally overwhelmed the three S-class hunters, shouted at the stunned audience.

“Listen to all the men who seek courtship from Dragon Lord Carina Dragonia!”

Leon declared to all the suitors present here.

“Wait until all 100 people are filled is a waste of time. Anyone is fine. It doesn’t matter how many people gather! Everyone, come on! If you have the courage to endure the wrath of this Lion Heart King!”

Leon transforms the tough one-hundred champion defense into an unlimited rule with no rules.

At that awkwardness, Ong Cornwall said.

“Lion Heart King, I know you’re strong, but isn’t that too absurd?”


“That’s right. Besides us, there are the best hunters from all over the world here. Dealing with them alone is—”

“Discussing the impossibility of Jim. Indeed, it is the spirit of a young man.”


The old gentleman who suddenly became a young man had no choice but to keep his mouth shut in front of a 300-year-old man. The old man showed another reason why he had no choice but to shut up.

-Quarreung! Bang!

Lightning strikes in the dry sky.


Waves pouring from the air without a sip of water.


A flame soaring as if it would cover the whole world.

“Look. Nothing is impossible to a king as beloved as I am.”

Leon’s holy sword pointed at the audience. It was a declaration of war.

“No one! No one! Anyone who has not surpassed this Lion Heart King! No one can claim to be the son-in-law of the royal family! No one!”

The Hunters who watched the scene thought.

Won’t I be able to complete the quest if I do this?

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