The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 193 Father and Daughter

“How dare you claim to be Jim’s son-in-law with such skill!”

Indonesia’s S-class hunter Joko was killed. People knew for the first time that people could fly higher than the clouds.

“Ohhh! How can you marry my daughter if you can’t stand this much!”

Australia’s S-rank hunter Jerry McDowell was also smashed. He was beaten especially badly, probably at the stadium, ‘Artisan! It must be because he said, ‘Give me your daughter!’

“Lee Yong-wan, yes innoooum!!”

“I want to abstain.”

“You shouldn’t have to pretend that you’ve challenged other hunters…”

Lee Yong-wan, an S-class hunter from the Korean Firebird Guild, was also one of the challengers. Since I had already won the right to challenge, I couldn’t be bitten.

“Lung, Your Majesty! Wait! Little! Gently!”

“Where is the lowly jimja looking at!”

Perhaps it was because of his long-distance hatred, but Lee Yong-wan was more hurt and saddened to be beaten by Leon.

The twenty-seventh challenger was also terribly defeated and on the way back. They sighed and looked at each other.

“I don’t think so?”

“I think so.”

Everyone says it’s too early to give up, but I wondered if this really worked.

* * * *

It has already been 10 and 3 days since Leon became the champion and showed overwhelming defense results.

“Yes, yes~ Champion, if there is anything lacking, just tell me. We will prepare everything.”

“Prepare the bath water.”

In particular, he is a nobleman who will bring him even more money if he is Leon, who is said to have the highest chance of ‘successful courtship’ and overwhelms suitors unprecedentedly among all champions.

Of course, there can be no such thing as leon marrying his real daughter.


Leon beat up his suitors and tried to rest in the room. However, an old man approached him.

“Are you Leon Lionheart?”

Leon widened his eyes at him who left out Dragonia. Seeing that stern gaze, the old man lowered his head and said,

“Sorry, I can’t carelessly mention the name of His Majesty the Dragon Lord.”

old man. In charge of the imperial palace’s chamberlain, he cringed and tried not to incur Leon’s anger.

When he was an attendant in the imperial palace, he was an opponent that even the most high-ranking aristocrats could not treat carelessly, but the old man had to consider the fact that the person in front of him was a person claiming to be the father of His Majesty the Emperor.

Above all, Leon deserves respect for his own superhuman strength.

“Huh, it’s right that loyalty comes first to those you serve. It’s fortunate that you know that much reason at a young age.


Looking at his grandson’s admission to the academy this year, the chamberlain felt a subtle sense of alienation from the young man in his twenties in front of him.

Well, isn’t His Majesty the Emperor over 200 years old this year? The man in front of me looked younger than his majesty, but if he was really his majesty’s father, I couldn’t guess his age.

“Did Karina want to meet Jim?”

“······! That’s right!”

The chief chamberlain was horrified at the act of calling the emperor’s name, but he only followed what he was ordered to do.

“Eggplant. I’ve been waiting for you to call me, but it seems that you lack patience more than you think.”

“Mo, I’ll see you.”

Leon disapproved of the chief chamberlain’s attitude. My lord was lightly called, how could he not draw a dagger?

If the Lionheart had been treated carelessly in Lionheart, the knights under him would not have let him go.

‘Anyway, those who do not have proper faith.’

The king’s authority is given by God. The lightness of things that do not honor them should be improved through education and edification.

A wagon prepared under the guidance of the disapproving chief of staff. Leon clicked his tongue as he looked at the carriage.

“How can a wagon be so vulgar?”

The carriage was adorned with rich jewels and gold rims. Of course, when it comes to the wagons of high-ranking nobles, they should be compared to those of the common people. Especially if it’s royalty.

But I thought this was a bit excessive. But Leon persevered. Even until they arrived at the imperial palace. Even when entering the room allotted for him in the imperial palace.


Gorgeous. From the entrance, only one person was allowed to walk along the fishing road, which was decorated with gold molten into pure white marble, and everything from the roof to the tapestry to artwork was precious.

The rooms are also of the highest quality. It’s obvious that you spent a lot of money to make it look luxurious.


“Don’t you like it?”

“It’s an act that doesn’t understand what luxury is. It’s just decorated with expensive jewelry and gold. It’s not the nobles, but the upstarts who imitate the nobles.”

Leon saw the dark-haired woman who had been in this room from the beginning, waiting for Leon.

Carina Dragonia.

The legitimate grand duke of Dragonia and the owner of the imperial power called the Dragon Emperor in this world.

The daughter she lost 200 years ago.

Leon looked at the blue eyes resembling his own and the dark hair resembling hers.

“Because I couldn’t see it, my taste has become nasty.”

“As I got older, my eyes started to shine.”

“Don’t forget the golden curse. No, have you already suffered from that curse?”


Karina didn’t answer. Leon also found it difficult to answer.

He turned the subject he brought up himself.

“I looked around the empire. It’s quite developed. The commoners don’t know hunger, and the nobles manage to do their duty. Without the help of the gods, they’ve created a pretty impressive country.”

“Absolute power is a law that can be established somehow if absolute force exists. It wasn’t that difficult.”

“Yeah. Well, that’s okay.”

And stretched out his arms.

“Come here. Let’s hug each other.”

Karina approached Leon without saying a word. Leon spread his arms wider to make it easier for her to fall into his arms.

However, Karina did not fall into Leon’s arms. just face to face. It seems as if they are in opposition.

“Stop it.”


“To cut off the suitors.”

Leon let out a light sigh as he untied his outstretched arms.

“What’s wrong with being a father and choosing a son-in-law?”

“This is a major national project. It is a national policy to secure the proper seeds for the next emperor.”

“······Jim wants you to marry for love. Just as Jim and your mother did.”

“Your Majesty, do one of the two.”

Karina’s gaze turned to Leon. Her gaze is dry.

“Either the cogs of the kingdom, or the head of a warm family. Your Majesty has already chosen.”

Leon has already made his choice. He chose the kingdom over his wife.

“Your choice is absolutely right. That’s why the emperor’s national policy is also extremely right.”

She said that it was a conclusion she had made as the emperor of the Dragonian Empire, not as the Grand Duke of Dragonia or a blood relative of the Lion Heart King.

“Isn’t that why you’re doing this?”


At Leon’s point, Karina was silent. To this, Leon continued.

“The reason why you are urgently looking for suitors. I don’t think Jim knows. Jim was your predecessor, the Grand Duke of Dragonia.”

“So. What do you think the Lion Heart King will do?”

“Let’s share the burden with our father. The previous Grand Dukes always prepared for this.”

“I refuse.”

Karina turned down Leon’s offer. She coldly turned her back and opened the door.

“Stop it. This is not your kingdom. It is your empire. Everything that happens on this land is my responsibility, and it is my responsibility to question the legitimacy.”


She stopped at Leon’s cry. It was his father’s voice that he hadn’t heard in a very long time.

Recalling it with regret every day, Leon spoke honestly about his feelings.

“I gave birth to you out of love with Castile. I want you to have a love that shines like a star. That is my duty as your father.”

I will not abandon my responsibilities.

* * * *

“Woe, Your Majesty the Emperor!”

He passes by maids and attendants who find Karina and hastily bow their heads.

Karina walked silently without saying a word until she reached her office.

[Keukkeukkeu, it’s truly tearful fatherly love and filial piety.]

A muffled voice resounded from within. Karina’s eyebrows narrowed at that ridicule.


[Isn’t it the father I met after 200 years? It must be a long time for you dwarves.]

Why not enjoy the father-daughter reunion a little more?

Karina didn’t answer that.

As I said many times, Karina does not resent Leon.

I knew from the beginning that there was no wrong with that choice at that time.

But that and this are different.

[But it’s great. Did he finally overcome the army of so many evil people? That lord of wisdom was no ordinary guy. Surprisingly, that war might have been a war that tin cans could win.]

“No, that’s not it.”


Karina said to the empty space where no one else was. The bleak black aura in the air seemed to be snooping.

“There is a pantheon in the heart of the Lion Heart King. It is said that the spiritual cores of the gods are gathered. It must have been their last refuge.”

[Hoho, this is true… that’s right. Things like that have gone down the drain. Abandoning such a magnificent temple and digging into a cramped heart to seek survival.]

There was even joy in the voice of the black one. For such a long time, he competed with the gods and competed for world supremacy, so the downfall of his rival is bound to be pleasant.

[Karina, you should have accepted the man’s offer. That was your only way to survive.]

“I have enough strength to endure you.”

[Even your first ancestor couldn’t stand me and passed it on to my children, but the dwarfs still don’t understand my subject.]

The black, ‘dragon-shaped’ shadow laughed at Karina. Shall we call it truly tearful fatherhood and filial piety?

[No matter what, nothing changes. You guys must pay for the murder of Mystery. My curse will not end until your blood relatives are destroyed, and the moment you lose your heart, the disaster of mortals will begin.]

“It won’t happen.”

[Then what are you going to do? you don’t have much time And there is no other strong person in this world who can stand against that Lion Heart King other than me.]

“No, there is one.”

* * * *

On the other hand, the International Hunter Alliance was holding a lodging in the capital and was in the middle of a countermeasure meeting there.

“Mr. Lee! It’s here!”

The one who greeted Lee Yong-wan was Allen Taylor, an S-class hunter from the American Maverick Guild.

“Mister Taylor. What about the Minuteman?”

“That friend is out to earn lodging expenses. Didn’t Miss Ha go with you?”

“Yu, Yuri too?”

“Oooh~ Someone has to earn money for lodging.”

Thousands of international hunter allies gathered in the capital. Of course, there were expenses they needed to eat and sleep, and that was covered by the Hunters receiving jobs from the Dragonian Empire.

Until the courtship duel to complete the quest is over, you have to prepare for the living expenses in this way.

“It’s a big deal anyway. The courtship duel shows no signs of ending.”

“Because the Lion Heart King is holding on.”

The problem is that Leon is holding on to the road to court Yongje. Dozens of S-class hunters have already tried, but they were horribly broken and lost their fighting spirit.

“Unless it’s Daguri, you won’t be able to do anything with the Lion Heart King one on one.”

“I really agree. Even though the best hunters in the world are swarming here, I couldn’t even hurt the Lion Heart King.”

Lee Yong-wan recalled the green Holy Grail knight he encountered at the Jeju Island gate the other day.

Holy Grail Knight Geobrick.

Wasn’t that monster knight also unable to inflict a single wound even though the four S-class hunters attacked it in pincers?

If I were to count Lion Heart King and someone worthy of a fight, he would have to be at least that level.

‘It can’t be. Those Holy Grail Knights are the nobleman’s subordinates from the Lionheart of Sin.’

Magician Queen Beatrice.

Killing Machine Yakt Spinner.

Butcher Vulcanus.

The terrifying power of the Pantheon does not come from the power of just one Leon. Even his subordinates are monsters among monsters, with specs that are grotesque.

The only word that comes out is that they are outside the standard, and they have an existence that transcends common sense called God behind them.

“Then let’s start off soon.”

“You mean the arena? There won’t be any fighters on our side today?”

“Well, there might be other strong people in this world. Watching a fight is fun in itself.”

Was Allen Taylor next in line? I heard that he trained himself quite harshly after the battle against Rakshaar.

He was excited as if he was trying to learn something from the fight against a strong man far stronger than himself.

‘Well, in front of the Lion Heart King, everyone will be there.’

Lee Yong-wan did not expect much. Was it the 45th suitor today?

If we keep going like this, even if the 100th game comes, Leon will win easily.

“Who am I!”

A high-pitched voice resounding. The performance that could not be recognized as being human heated up the arena.


[[Decapitation Knight!]]

[[Cultist Slayer!]]


what. why?

“Who am I——!!”

[[Agent of Divine Punishment!]]

[[Warrider of Ruin!]]

-thud! thud! thud! thud!

A passionate voice filled the arena. The chunk of armor holding up both arms intoxicated with it is like a popular pro wrestling villain.

[iced coffee! What an enthusiastic response! Indeed, an overwhelming presence that can be understood! The monster, who is said to have wiped out not a single golem made by His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, but a hundred bodies in one blow, challenged the champion today! That name is right——]

The man in red armor draws out two holy swords. The blazing holy sword, in which both auspicious and violent energy coexist, seems to represent this man’s ferocity.


Why are you here?

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